Divine Mother My Journal January 17, 2017 – Reuniting with old friends from behind the veil and what they are teaching us

Log Entry Earth Time January 17, 2017, 03:22.20 pm CET

Not long ago a friend asked me for several animal attunements he would like to receive through me. I knew I don’t had them among those I have received already and checked my sources for these. I found several and also a beautiful nine attunement package that I am offering now too. Three of my new attunements have been really touching for me and I reunited with two old friends from behind the veil. I will share my experiences here.

First the Eagle Vision where I was reconnecting with Gwalnir, a huge bald eagle:

copyright @ isabel henn

I closed my eyes when I was ready and a huge bald eagle appeared. He talked to me and told me to change form, to change into the form of an eagle as I have done so often already and to fly with him. We spread our wings and soared into the air. Higher and higher until we had been over the clouds and the storm that we had here. He asked me how I feel and I said I can feel the sun and her warmth on my feathers and in my face and he answered every time I would be cold I should shift into an eagle and soar over the clouds that the sun can warm me. We flew so high that we reached the end of the storm and he again asked, what do you see and I said ‘I see the earth and all on it is just like ants, so small’. He answered yes, and when it gets to turbulent for me on earth then to shift into the eagle form and soar to leave it all behind me and also to see it from a different perspective and angle. His next words have been ‘now send your love to all on earth, you are love, send it’ and I did and we made a full circle around our planet until she was surrounded with a big layer of pink light of love. He said, ‘never forget who you are, you are love and you are like the king of eagles and more, you are the highest among us all’. Then we flew back to earth where I shifted back to my human form. He told me he is my eagle guide and to call him whenever I want, need help or just want a companion to fly with. I embraced him and then I came back out of the vision.
Then I asked for his name and he gave it through the pendulum, his name is Gwalnir and it means ‘Wings of the Mother’. He is from Aeon and acts sometimes as a messenger for me. This is what Silverstar told me about him. He felt so familiar to me. Wow!
For all interested, Gwalnir is joining me when I attune others to this wonderful attunement.
The next one was the Wisdom of the Owl, that I received on last Friday:
8539_581952151825377_1349348361_nPicture source unknown
When I started I found myself in a forest under a clear night sky. An owl, obviously a snow owl came to me and talked to me. He said follow me and I did, through the forest and to an edge of a cliff. He told me to lay down and look down and asked me what I would see. I said: there is a small city but all is dark except a few street lanterns, no cars, no light in the houses and no people on the streets.
It seemed to be winter as there was snow all over. Then he told me to send a light spark and my love to this city. I did and it went from house to house, the snow melted and the light in the houses went on. People came out of the houses, rubbing their eyes like after a deep sleep and looking to the others on the street as if they would see them the first time. Smiles appeared and they begun to hug each other.
Then the owl told me to look further what happened with my spark and I could see it spreading far around and to all the other places, from village to village and to all towns and all became light there like in the first city.
The owl said ‘this is what light compared with love can do. You need only a spark to lighten the world and to melt the hearts of people like you could see it below. Look at me and tell me what you see.’
I said ‘You are a snow owl’ and he turned around that I could see his back with his spreaded wings. They looked like sparkling diamonds all over him and he said ‘I know you. I am Anira, the ‘Wisdom of the Mother’. I know also Gwalnir, the Lord of the Airs, he is my brother. I am your owl guide and whenever you need help or an advice you can call me. Or whenever you just want to talk with me.’
Then he flew away.
Only that Anira is not a he but a she. Anira will join me in this attunement.
The last one, I received yesterday and it is the Gaja Elephant Reiki. Gaja is Sanskrit and means Elephant. Here is my vision of it, somehow prophetic for me:
970338_460833947346894_1304949193_nPicture source unknown, I chose it as Gaja and Gaia are similar words except the letter ‘j’.

I was in a wilderness but can’t define where, much grass and also steppe. Out of the nowhere a white elephant appeared. I bowed in respect but then the elephant bowed too, as deep as he could. He said ‘I bow to you Mother, out of my deep respect and love for all you do’.

Then he asked me to climb on his back or better neck, first on his right front leg and with holding his ear I managed to sit on his back. It was comfortable. He began to walk and asked me what I would see.

I took a look around me and said ‘I see destruction everywhere, gigantic landfills, industries that are destroying all and polluting the air, ground and waters. It is everywhere and destruction is a big issue.’

He agreed and took a big leap through a portal or gateway. He was walking around and asked me again what I could see and it was amazing.

‘I can see greens and forests, flowers. The waters are clean and clear, the air is smelling wonderful. I can’t see any industrial complexes or fields. The sky is clean and blue. I can see small houses that look comfortable and have some gardens with vegetables and flowers in them. No big cities like we have now on Earth. There are children in all skin colors. They have good clothes and seem to be healthy, they are playing together peacefully and there are also adult people who are kind to each other. Is this Earth in 5th Dimension?’

He confirmed and walked some more. Then I could see lightships in different shapes and sizes and I think there were Sirian ships too. People came out of them, light beings from different stars and planets and they greeted us and walked away to groups of humans. They sat between them and I think the Galactics were teaching the Earthlings. I could feel only peace and love.

I asked the Elephant if all people had ascended and he said no, that not all had ascended but most had been transferred to Pan where they could live a better life than before. He walked through another portal and I could see a similar scenery like 5D Earth but somehow different. Children and adults were having arguments besides living peacefully. Some ‘separation’ like on 3D Earth but no destruction like on 3D Earth. Big cities but on a cleaner earth like planet. Definitely a better place than 3D Earth.

I asked him when the 5D Earth would happen and he answered that it would be very near. So to say around the corner and he told me not to lose hope, all would be well and I would soon be home.

After this he walked through the portal back to our current Earth in the dimension we are now perceiving. He let me carefully down to the ground and I asked him if he has a name how to call him. He nodded but also told me to just call him White Elephant, this would be enough. I hugged him and I believe he blessed me with his love.

This vision was so ‘real’, I think it is what we will experience in our future and according to White Elephant, it will be very soon, our soon. I am so looking forward to this. Later that day I talked with a friend about my vision and she told me she had talked with Ganesh, the Indian God with the elephant head and a human body. Immediately when she told me I thought that the elephant in my vision could be Ganesh masked as the White Elephant. I had the feeling I would know him too but he kept this as secret.

Why am I telling you all this? I think it might helpful to you, not only because I offer these attunements, but because I think that you can embrace the hope and vision I had. The vision of a much better life in 5D. To not give up hope. I know that not all of my children will ascend and why? There are so many young and baby souls on Earth who will need so much more lessons and growth. They will continue their growing on Pan, the new planet taht has been birthed in 2015. Without those who don’t have our best interest in their hearts, these young souls will have a much better start and life then they have now. They have a chance for a peaceful life where they can learn and evolve and if they should need all eternity for this. There is no need to worry for them.

My second vision I had with Anira the owl is teaching us that with love and light we can melt the ice, snow and hearts of people. We don’t need more than this. Unconditional love in the spark of light is enough as it will fly from heart to heart, from soul to soul, from village to village and from country to country all over the planet. It is like a snowball effect. People will wake up as the ice around their hearts is melting, they will rub their eyes, look around and see their neighbors like for the first time. But in joy and rediscovery of their own love and light, in rediscovery of the connection between us all, our being ONE with all that is. I am so thankful for Anira that she has shown me this and that I can tell you.

The vision I had with Gwalnir is similar as it is teaching us to love and to let our love flow freely, embracing the whole planet to bring peace. Not with violence or weapons but only with unconditional love. It is also telling us when we are overwhelmed by any situation to step back and look at it from the distance, from a higher perspective. We can then see or find out if this situation is really so important that it should rob us our calmness and peace of our soul. Is it really so important that we have to fight the other or the situation? Can’t it just be solved by looking at it from a higher view point and sending love into it? To see both sides from the distance and seeing that all are doing the for them right thing in this or any situation? I think this is possible, especially when we step back out of this situation. Ask Gwalnir to fly with you and help you see the bigger picture of all. When your heart is freezing ask Gwalnir to fly high with you, over the storm and clouds where you are nearer to the sun that she can melt the ice and warm your heart. Even physically as I have experienced too.

We can do this, all together, I know it, if you just decide for the vision I had of our new Earth. When you join me in sending our love and light to all who are here on Earth including those who don’t have our best interest at heart. In releasing all of our old energies that don’t serve us anymore. It is work, even hard work, but it is really promising.

I for my part have chosen to never incarnate again into such a life I am having now. I know I had chosen all of it to gain the most important growth and to learn my lessons I had written into my life contract. I am looking forward to my life with Silverstar and as I am also being EnnKa from Sirius to my wedding with SaLuSa. I know that I will visit Earth, the new Earth together with SaLuSa, there are so many places I haven’t seen yet and I love Gaia so much that she will remain to be a home for me, my third home, as Aeon is my first and Sirius my second home.

Silverstar: It is hard on my beloved at the moment. Since some weeks now the mergings have increased and Isabel is feeling very tired, her body has some troubles coping with all the merging energies and the tsunami of love she is sending since nearly three years has increased tremendously in its power and all flowing through her body too. We do what we can for her to ease it a bit and I would love to tell her how near she is to go home but I can’t. Not at this important moment in Earth’s history. All I can tell her and you is that it is truly near. Don’t worry for your loved ones who aren’t able or willing to ascend. We won’t rob our children the opportunity to grow. They will have all eternity for this on a safe place. I can’t also tell you how it will happen, only that it is happening. I’ll keep my secrets but you will have your surprise.

We are making good progress in cleaning your planet from those who don’t have your best interest at heart but you won’t hear it in your news and even in your alternate media until it is done. Your alternate media is not so much alternate as you would want it to be. Even they are penetrated by the dark ones who want you make believe their lies. So many of the messages and articles you are reading are originally from them, written for you to lead you astray. Don’t ask me who these ‘authors’ and ‘channelers’ are. This is something you have to figure out self. This is an excellent lesson in discernment for you that still so many of you haven’t learned yet. Go into your heart when you read such things. How does it feel? Does it make your stomach sick or are your hair staning on end? Is your heart crumpling when you read this stuff? Don’t believe all you are reading, this is my advice for you.

Btw, Arcturians are high evolved light beings who have only your best interest at heart and are existing in the 9th Dimension. There is some high disinformation spread by somebody who has already merged with my beloved, she will disappear soon from your earth plane as the body can’t go much further without soul.

All is well and I have all under my control. There is nothing to fear or to be afraid of.

Don’t worry, be happy!!! 🙂

Fly high with Gwalnir my beloved children over the rainbow and have joy and fun out there. You are living in a wondrous time and a wonderful world and it is becoming even more wonderful and beautiful. This is my promise to all of you.

Rejoice as the end of this nightmare as my beloved is calling it, is truly near.

We love you all so very much and bless you ❤ ❤ ❤

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your divine parents

Copyright © 2012 – 2017 by Maria Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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