My Journal May 6, 2021 – An update on what is

Log Entry Earth Time May 6, 2021, 04:16.10 pm CEST

Winter was long, longer than usual and we had lots of snow even in April. I saw a statistics that said we had the most snow in April since the 1980s in Germany this year. Spring is hesitating although the trees have beautiful green leaves and are blossoming. It is too cool and at nights the temperatures are still low and partly near freezing. We had a strong storm the last days and rain since yesterday. At the moment it is only 7°C (44°F). For Sunday they predict 26°C and then again down to about 13°C. In my eyes this is weather manipulation and has nothing to do with the so called climate change which is a hoax.

But how am I physically and how is my soul and my relationship with my twin Silverstar?

I try some new stuff to help my body, I brew my own quinine and I can find some improvement like having less aches in my feet. I will continue it and also add some iodine (Lugol’s Solution), selen, borax and other things. Sometimes I think my body has lost all capability to function properly, maybe from all the medicine I took years ago for my autoimmune disease. I decided to go more natural now. It can’t get worse only better. I had lost some weight but it is mostly back, I might lose some of it with the iodine as my thyroid isn’t working properly. No surgery for me as I have to many muscle cramps and a history of severe reactions having life-threatening cramps after surgeries in my life.

My soul and my relationship? I feel better after I lost it totally with January 20. I lost my trust into my husband and twin and was fighting him for months. And then my beloved friend T the cat who still visits me every night came to my rescue and asked me some questions and I was thinking ands answering him honestly. This helped me to see clearer and I knew it wasn’t so much a blockade but my soul protecting myself from more pain. It was like a wall I had built to prevent further hurt. Those who read my blog and my earlier journals know that I had some fights with my husband before I left our home eons ago and the fights and words had hurt me deeply. After this Q&A with T he took me to my ship and my twin was there.

Silverstar held me firmly but gentle in his arms and brought me to our house in Aeon. Finally I could feel his love again and he gave me some instructions how I can always feel his love when I am not sure. We are working together now as it is meant to be.

I have asked him what happened on the 20th and he told me that the other team came with something so horrible that all plans for that day had to stop. The risk for innocent people and humanity was to big. He is also telling me that further similar actions will be prevented as the other team is even more monitored. They tried some other dirty thing last week but this could be prevented and they know they are defeated and that all further similar actions won’t be possible. I pray it is true. I am allowed to write this because they know they lost. What I don’t know and he can’t tell me is how long it will be until we are truly free and until we can see real perceptible changes. A few days ago he said good things are coming for us all.

There was an anonymous message a while ago from some group of maybe extraterrestrials who said if we want them to land just say yes. I read this too and there were a few things that made me stumble over them and I felt that this message is a trap. A trap to call them in and when they are here and superimposing their laws and conditons on humanity they could always tell us that we had called them, acting out our free will. This was confirmed to me from several different Beings. I asked SaLuSa and the GFL to prevent this message from going viral and to stop all interference of those who don’t have our best interest at heart. I think they did as I haven’t seen it since then.

I know that landings are a no go at this moment as much as I would love to see our ships in the sky especially my own scoutship Meramis with SaLuSa on her. For safety reasons it is just not possible, not for the safety of the GFL ships but for our safety. Team dark would try to take advantage and do one of their dark projects like Project Bluebeam and wreaking havoc with too many beings.

SaLuSa: You know me from all the messages I gave Mike Quinsey and a few others including Isabel. I am waiting for her, my EnnKa, she is my love and my bride. I would prefer to land and finally marry her but as she already said it is too risky, too dangerous for Gaia and all that is on her. We know that team dark has some evil plans in case they would be able to land or we would have the go to land. None is acceptable and so we have to wait.
What we can do and are doing is to show more of our ships in your skies. Not always in a visible form as lightships but more often as cloudships too. We are in your atmosphere since years and we are staying and doing what is allowed to help you. We are monitoring even more closely since January 20 to prevent all plans that could create bombs exploding, to say it openly. It was a small dirty bomb that was meant to detonate if certain people would be arrested and we couldn’t detect where it was. I apologize in the name of the GFL for this, we work hard that it will not happen again. But you can imagine what team dark could do if we would land now. They would try to take as many of you with them if WE try to take them out. But don’t lose hope, the divine plan is still being carried out. Good things are coming for you. and now I give it back to Isabel.

Me: These are 2 out of many pictures of cloudships I made. I trust SaLuSa with my life and I know the GFL is very careful to protect our lives and Gaia. We are in good hands.

The incoming energies are very strong and they will continue and increase. With some necessary adjustment and resting pauses for us or our bodies, as it is already hard for us. What can we do? Rest as much as you can, drink lots of clear pure water, meditate, go out into nature and be gentle with yourself and others. Cry if you must, when it is overwhelming; ground and be loving and kind to yourself and your fellow people. Even in our weakness we are strong enough top put one foot in front of the other, take it step by step and every step will bring you and us to a better world.

I don’t know how long it will take for us to see and feel it and I don’t know what is coming but I trust. I found my trust again. Will there be riots and upheavals? It is possible especially when people learn about the truth and the depth about the lies and corruption of our politicians, business people, so called stars and VIPs, bankers, pharma et. etc. All we can do then is keeping our vibrations as high as possible and to send love to humanity and our beloved Gaia. Stay safe and out of crowds and big cities would be my advice. I trust my Guardian Angels, I know I have the best of the best, and I trust my team to keep me secure and all else is by my own doing and not doing. I am lucky enough to live in a more or less rural region.

Silverstar: Yes, we do all we can to keep you all safe. Some things but have to come out, into the light that people can see and hear, know and understand what has happened since eons on your beautiful place in this Universe. How will you prevent the endless repeating of your current situation when you don’t understand why it has happened and who is responsible for it? It HAS to perform but we won’t let the worst happen. All those who die from that certain jab that is so recommended now and heavily advertised that persons who got it are showing it like a banner for all else, all those who die from the virus itself due to withheld treatments, they won’t die in vain but serve to wake some more people up. They have agreed to this on soul level. Try to avoid the shot if possible – you would call it stuff made by the devil – we aren’t able yet to neutralize the implications, our scientists are working very hard on a solution. Don’t live in fears of it though. What you can do to help your body, if you got the shot or are near someone who had it, is to work with the violet flame. Let it run through your bodies on a daily basis to help transmute it or at least to weaken the reactions. And even I am not sure yet if it will work, I am honest with you, but at least it is a possibility that might work until we have found the antidote, a cure.

Truth will come out and it is already slowly trickling and working through the dam that is trying to keep it hidden, until this dam is bursting. Be prepared and stay calm and in love, it could come suddenly.

I owe a big thank you to the cat T. I know him well, he is one of my grandchildren, an angel and a Sirian scientist and warrior. His current form as a cat is just a disguise, a way to help his people and family on Earth, he has a big family on Earth and not all are human. It was his own idea to ask my beloved what is nagging her so much and why she couldn’t trust me. He has a brilliant mind and a great heart.

This is enough for today. Know that there is a Divine Plan being carried out and it is all under my control. Possible delays only show us where to find our aims, our targets, they are revealing themselves with every action. Our teams and those in the GFL who are appointed for this great plan are working overtime to assure the success and a success it will be. So enjoy the performance, the show, that is starting now. You know we have no time so bear with me when it takes what is necessary to manifest.

We love you both and I close for my beloved.

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your Divine Parents

Ps.: I have to edit this journal. There is a possibilioty that I will have one in my home who will have to get the shot to keep his job and I asked Silverstar and my Higher Self if I should use the violet flame or in my case the diamond flame as the strongest energy available to work on neutralizing the implications and both said yes. Better this than doing nothing. And I might suggest that all those who have the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother AND are attuned to the Diamond Flame Healing Flush shall use it once daily when they had to get the jab or are near somebody who got it.

If you are interested to get both, here are the links:

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My Journal June 3, 2020 – Some talk between twins about some important things

Log Entry Earth Time June 3, 2020, 3:27.00 am CEST

This late morning I was watching a video about an ‘ancient technique’ someone had sent me.

The ANCIENT Technique To Making Tough Decisions | Gregg Braden | TRY IT NOW!! 

When I had finished it I said that all is well and my twin told me yes, all is well and to not worry, they have all under control and that he want to talk with me and I shoulds write it down in a blog post. I was busy that time and tired and had to had a nap before I could anyhting in this direction. Now, after a short nap, I am ready, so here we go.

“Silverstar, you told me you have all under control and you want to talk about it,. am I correct?”

Silverstar: Yes, my beloved. I know that many people are worrying about the riots that started after the ‘death’ of George Floyd and they are afraid of a new civil war. There is absolutely no need to worry. As I said earlier, we have all under complete control and I mean this literally. My agents, and yes, we too have agents in your dimension, have gathered so many informations during the last centuries, we know what is happening and we know who and how they want to act.

Before you ask me why we let all this happen please consider, that it is Your world and Your reality. It is foremost Your responsibility to clear your energies and to raise your vibrations. We can’t do this for you although we assist you. There is a divine plan active to help and assist Gaia and her humanity out of the third dimension, it is an old plan, old from your perspective.

The other reason is you live on a planet with absolutely free will and even we in the heavenly realm can’t override this free will. Humanity as a whole or at least a good part of humanity has to wish to rise and to free themselves from the ASSC. This wish has been expressed and we are able to help and support. You know this my sweet one but I say this for your readers too.

There are still many who are – in your words – ‘sleeping’ or in denial and who refuse to wake up to the truth. Do you really believe we could run them down and present them with a mission fulfilled not knowing why and what had happened? Of course, we could do just this, one short move from our forces and the ASSC would be done with. But do you think it would be desirable or even a good idea to do this?

Me: No, I don’t think so because they wouldn’t understand why and what the ASSC are and the crimes they did to humanity.

Silverstar: Exactly! People wouldn’t understand, at least the masses. Their celebrities, their trusted politicians, religious leaders, bankers, economic elite, their wealthy and ‘royal’ ones, all or many of them criminals? They would say no, that cannot be and ask for them to be released.

There are some very highly qualified lightworkers amongst the starseeds on your planet, system busters, healers, angels and archangels and you too, my beloved. All or at least most of you have been working for decades to find informations, working themselves into the appropriate positions, becoming healers, guides; you have released and transformed much negative and old energies, some more, some less and trust me I know exactly who has done what. All this work has contributed to wake people up to the horrific crimes that have been done since thousands of years. Not all unfortunately but we can’t force people.

The vibrations and energies on Gaia are so high as they haven’t been since very long. You and many others can feel it and also feel it in the air that times have changed and something is in the ether so to speak. It is happening now, right before your eyes.

And! We have to let the ASSC run the show, we must the ASSC show and unmask themselves. They are afraid, they fear for their existence and they are dangerous, yes, they are, but still! We have all under absolute control. The dark forces on and around Gaia are showing their true face and they do it in the open now that even those who are asleep are rubbing their eyes in surprise about what they are seeing, what is developing. This is the only way that people will see, believe and understand what is transpiring. And even then people will feel taken by surprise but they will also see the real danger and real threat they have been under for so long. It is the only and gentliest way this can happen, that they can comprehend. And with a few excemptions, all of you have contributed in one way or the other to have let these crimes on humanity happen.

My love, without your blowing up of Atlantis at the very end your world would have been in a much more serious and worse condition as it is now. The destruction of their base has fortunately delayed their plans for thousands of years, you couldn’t completely destroy them but at least you gave humanity a breather and now you are all in a much better position.

Me: I know I had my fingers in this, so I did it on purpose? And not out of lunacy or megalomania?

Silverstar: NO, my beloved, you knew what you did and it was the only option you had to hinder them in their dark plans. You died, you drowned, enclosed in the laboratory you were working and this is the true reason for your claustrophobia.

But to come back to the current events. You see that we have to seemingly let them play their games but they play into our hands. They don’t know what we know, if we know what they will do next and who is involved. They are frightened and do what they do best, creating havoc and in this unmasking themselves and their dark agenda.

I have positioned my teams and am monitoring the whole situtation and you too when you are with us during the night, when you apparently are sleeping. You are the head of this whole operation as it was your plan from the beginning.

I know but can’t tell you when the last blow, the last strike will be exercised, it could be tomorrow, next week, next month, within the next six months just to name some dates. I would be a bad commander-in-chief if I would lay my cards open in this phase of the operation. I am not stupid (he is smiling-ed.).

So trust, trust that all is developing and it is developing in a most excellent way. Don’t worry about the casualties, these brave souls have agreed to this before they incarnated. They are warriors who have done this before and they are highly valued for this. When you ask me about Floyd and Chauvin, no, they aren’t these warriors, and I won’t disclose if they are alive or not. Time will tell the truth.

We know their movements and what they are planning and I can’t tell more about this, only that we know. Let them run the show, let them deliver the criminal evidence themselves before we can hit them in the mark, knowing that we are in control and that at the end Gaia and her people will really be free and rebuilding can begin in all earnest. Know also that we protect those very well who are vitally important and involved in the positive outcome.

Don’t worry and now my beloved, you know much better why I told you this in your morning.

Me: Yes and thank you so much for the explanation and I think others will understand too why you ‘let this happen’.

Silverstar: I think so and this is why I said to make it a blog post. It will help them keeping their vibes high.

I love you all so much and I sign out for us both



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My Journal June 2, 2020 – Musings about privileges and other stuff

Log Entry Earth Time June 2, 2020, 11:30.00 am CEST

(When I started to write this down it was only meant to become a short post but it developed and I thought I could make a new blog post out of it.)

I hear so much about white privileges and I was thinking about them. If I have them and how the situation is in my country.

I am white but not an US citizen. I am European, German.

Let me tell you how I experience white privileges in my own country that has millions of so called refugees, asylum seekers. They are usually the only people with a different color and no I am not a racist whatever you might think.

When I need to go to a store to buy my groceries or other stuff I need for a living I have to wear a mask. Asylum seekers of any color don’t have to, they can enter the store without and nobody can do anything against it.

My son was over years riding his bicycle to go to work and so often the police stopped him and asked him why he is riding a bicycle and if it is his own, an asylum seeker won’t be stopped on his bike.

I am retired 10 years too early for health reasons with a small pension after I did my civil service for my country. Nobody was asking or acknowledging why and that

I got sick doing my service or if I can support my family and myself with the smaller income. I am not qualified for disability and don’t get other financial support from my country I served for, for over 25 years. An asylum seeker here has enough money for himself and his family without having worked one day and he has no worries about making a living. He goes to a doctor if he is sick and all amenities are already paid for, electricity, rent, heating, water etc. I can see a doctor too, of course, but I have to pay for the bill, I get some state subsidy, 70 % of the doctor’s bills, and have health insurance but I don’t send the bill to my insurance because I hope to get some money back when I don’t send them the bills so that I am able to pay for other necessary insurances that come up at that time of the year.

Many of the refugees that came with the Syria crisis – and not all came from Syria – are wearing good clothes, drive a good car and even lead a life without worries about finances, they can even go eating in restaurants, because they get the money from government.

My car is 12 years old, will be 13 in September and needs some new tires, last time I ate in a restaurant was, oh I forgot, it is too long ago.

No, I am no racist anyhow but I believe that I should be able to lead a good life too and I am even in a better situation like most of our pensioners who have worked their whole lives and live under the social minimum, white Germans, old Germans. Germans, those who are born here and whose ancestors have ever been German and lived here for centuries and millennia are slowly becoming a suppressed people because my government believes that refugees and other ‘asylum seekers’ have all the rights, they can rape our women without implications, they have money more than they need for a living without working a second for it. They have all amenities without paying for it. There are quarters in certain German towns now you can’t enter as a German because your life is in danger because there are too many refugees and asylum seekers living there and they don’t have any respect for those who pay the taxes from which all these amenities, subsidies and funding are paid for.

Am I a racist for what I think? No, I love humanity but I believe that those who are coming to my country should respect those who live here since millennia, that those who come here should respect our traditions, culture, religion and values, our families, women and children. I have friends worldwide from every color and I love each and every one of them.

It isn’t the color, it is the behavior of some people that makes me wonder if I am in the wrong movie.

I want people to live a good life and a safe life but each in the country they originate from so that my family, myself and my people can have a safe life too. I want peace and abundance everywhere so that people can stay in their countries to where they belong. I want an end to all the disrespecting, the exploitation of whole continents just for more profit for the extreme wealthy 1%. I want an honest and fair trade, a healthy health system, governments who work FOR the people and not against, police forces who protect people and don’t threaten them or kill them whatever color they are. I want the freedom to speak about truth and my beliefs without being marked a conspiracy theorist and I want this for all people everywhere. I want more tolerance and respect for life and nature and our beautiful planet. I want so much more than I can express here. I want an end of all the hate and I want more love to be present everywhere. And an end of divide and conquer and an end of people seeing themselves as special and better than others. To have a different color is a beautiful sign of the diversity on our planet. Wouldn’t it be boring if we would all have the same color, wear the same clothing, eat the same food, listen to the same music, drive the same car model, live in the same type of house and you can go on with this. It is the diversity that makes life interesting and look at all the different colors in your box of crayons!!!

It is the different colors that makes all so beautiful and vibrant!

And do I have white privileges or privileges at all? I am not sure if I have them in my own country.

What I am sure of is that only love can make our planet and all who live on her healthy and safe again. Love for ALL beings and all colors, may they be 2-legged, 4-legged, winged ones, crawling ones, in the water or air, trees and all other plants, minerals or any other elements. Don’t forget that this diversity is the treasure of our beautiful planet, a diversity other planets in our Universum would love to have.

pictures by me made in NM 2008

Can we not just love each other and end all the riots? Can’t we just end the separation and division only the ASSC is profiting from and nobody else?

The minute we let go our fears, anger and hate, the minute humanity loves and unites as ONE human race this nightmare and stupid game of the ASSC will be over, the healing will truly begin and our planet can be again the paradise she was meant to be from the beginning.

I am tired and I so want to go back to my true home, to my husband and twin, the one being I love most in my whole soul’s existence, my other half of my soul and energetic heart. I want to go home to my people and family and just rest.

I love you

All of you

Ineta, Goldenstar

Silverstar wants to talk too, so here he goes

Silverstar: my beloved is tired and I feel it in every cell of her body. It is not only lack of sleep but exhaustion of body, mind and soul due to her neverending energetic work. I am proud of her and adore her, for her courage to go back to Earth every morning to continue her work for our children. I let her go because I know her too well that she won’t stop it until it is done and our children are free again, free from the ASSC and those who work for them, knowingly and unknowingly. Why do I say unknowingly? Because too many people are still in deep program mode, they don’t know or refuse to acknowledge. They believe all is good and what their government officials and media are telling them is trustworthy. I don’t judge them, I love them instead the more because this is the cure and answer to what they need the most.

Isabel and I, we had some big relationship problems arising from when I tried to keep her back at home eons ago, out of my love for her but in the wrong way. I am so sorry for the words I spoke to her, making it all worse. I thought I had lost her forever when she left. I remember the pain in her face, the horror I had created, me, who I love her more than anybody else. We both have worked through it and are healing. I do my best to support her, heal and love her. In some moments her trust in me is a bit wavering but just for moments and how could I judge her for it? There is still some work to do in our relationship but we are on a very good way and this can wait until she can return to me. It won’t be too long now although I wish I could tell her more. I am avoiding any dates as in the past this has led to much confusion and misunderstanding. I am learning too.

From our end we are doing what is possible to assist and support you, but we are limited by your free will and your responsibility. You and with this I address all of humanity, you must wish to end this game, you have to work on this and unite in love and respect for each other. It is so close now even from your perspective, don’t give up now so shortly before the finish line.

I let my beloved go back to Earth every day as I know I can’t hold her and I have learned this lessons but I want her back and be able to stay with me in all eternity, to have her back in her rightful position as my Queen. We are with you and work behind the curtains to help you. Stay strong in your love for each other. And if you don’t do anything else than love, it would be enough because LOVE in itself is all there is and all that needs to be done to free yourself from the ASSC. For those who are new to thsi blog or her friend’s blog who created this term: the ASSC is the Anti-Social Social Club, former known as Those Who Don’t Have Your Best Interest At Heart TWDHYBIAH aka illuminaau-tghi, caba-aal etc. I vary the words a bit to avoid possible reprisals for my beloved.

You are all made from love, all made from the same energy of Source herself and truly ONE with her. Once you all have recognized this and can see this in each and everyone of you, you are free. There is only ONE of you, in a truly beautiful diversity of life.

Hasn’t one of my sons told you that what you do to another you do to yourself? He was and still is right with this because he knows that we are all ONE.

I love you, more than you know or can imagine



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My Journal January 30, 2020 – Update, Musings and a Rant

Log Entry Earth Time January 30, 2020, 01:00.00 pm CET


I think it is time for a new log entry, the last one is over 2 years ago.

Much has happened since then, not all of it was good but big healing has occurred from it too.

My trust into my twin Silverstar was shattered to the ground, literally and I learned what has happened when I left my home Aeon eons ago. He didn’t want me to leave and go to the dark side to make some experiences and for some other things. He refused to let me go and we fought. We fought a hard, cruel and bitter fight, he said he hurt me but maybe I hurt him too and with this I mean physically. I remember wounds on my body but the most hurt came from his words: When you leave now I don’t want you to ever come back.

I left him instantly the pain was too big and it influenced my whole existence. I lost all hope and thought he stopped loving me. I stayed at the dark side longer than I had originally intended. I lost myself there until some tragic event woke me up that I changed sides again. It is described in my book and also in my life review in August 2014. You can read it there.

This pain had its effect also in my current life. My choice for my husband was pretty bad although I know the choice was made before I incarnated and I know my team told me to choose another partner. My ex abused me – mentally and sexually – and the mental abuse was the worst. It took out most of my life force and if I hadn’t left him I would be dead now. He thought he could destroy me as his soul could see who I am but I am stronger than he thought. Lucifer made the same error some years ago.

I know now that so much of my lives and I think of my past lives too have been greatly and negatively influenced by his words. I wasn’t able to trust him anymore. I was so angry at him. And I still loved him and this made it the more painful. I had a lot of work to do and told him I need his help if I ever would be able to go back to him. We had long talks and he explained me that he regretted his words the moment he spoke them, he thought he could keep me as he was afraid of what could happen when I switched sides and I think he knows that he made it worse. I still don’t know why I switched sides, who gave me that idea, the memories are still blocked and I have to wait until I am back home and then I will see what I have to do.

I know he still loves me and wants me back, we did a lot of healing the last months, a lot of discussing and I see immense progress, he knows he is in too to help me, to rebuild my trust into him. This is nothing I can do alone, he was part of what happened and for this he has to be part of the healing. I can trust him more now and I am sure I will be welcome once I can stay home.

There is happening so much energetically on all levels. Many souls who refuse to heal chose and still are choosing to merge. To digest these energies is hard work for my body and exhausting but one day it is done. I do much more than I can talk about here, most of it has to stay secret until the veil is lifted and I pray it will be soon. Something is approaching, something big, I feel it but can’t grasp it yet. The energies are becoming stronger and stronger with an increase in vibrations, in frequency. I know and feel as I am part of this increasing energies.

There is so much coming to the surface with these energies, it can’t be hidden anymore and it just has to come up for all to be seen. All the cruelty, abuse and despise team dark – or how a friend calls them now the Antisocial-Social club (ASSC) – has for us, it must all come out that humanity can learn and understand what and why it happened. Only then will they be able to rebuild society and life on our beautiful planet.

So many, too many, are still sleeping and hitting the snooze button every time the alarm is ringing. Their ‘sleeping pill’ is working extremely good and they need some extra wake-up call and maybe a spiritual bucket with cold water to get them out of deep sleep. Interesting deep state and deep sleep are both DS. The first influencing the latter?

Interesting for me also what I read yesterday on fatzenbook (it is safer to change the pronunciation for some ‘things’). There was a post of a young woman who complains about too many posts about a certain death, that people could be so heartless about it and the family and spreading lies and she would be an empath and has to stay away from said fatzenbook because she couldn’t bear it anymore. She is in denial of the truth or even don’t know the truth like so many. It will be a hard awakening for so many people even in my own family.

I am an empath too and I feel in my body and soul when people are angry, sad, confused, happy etc. It has to do with who I am. I think this girl who claims to be a lightworker is refusing her mission. She is hiding behind her being ’empath’ and unable to face atrocities. What the fuck? And I experienced it last year in a group with people who claim to be of Archangel Michael’s Blue Ray. Never ever are they from his Blue Ray or they would behave like one. His Blue Rays aren’t pussies, they are strong and courageous warriors. Yes, they are empaths but they use this to do what is necessary and they don’t hide behind their being empath and ‘not able to face what is going on in this world’. No! We feel and see and go to work! We walk the talk!

I can see the reason why people are acting like this. It is the New Age Movement and this new age bulls*t is an offspring from the killumantis. Read the book ‘The New World Order’ by A. Ralph Epperson and you will know the truth and I can also recommend the books of Kerth Barker. You can find them on amazon.

This new age movement was created to catch all those slowly waking up to the truth, to catch all those slipping through their nets of deception. They knew that when people are waking up they would be searching for truth and spirituality and so they created a false movement with false prophets and ‘ascended masters’ like Sananda and the Kumaras to seduce, sedate and keep them at bay. They are telling you it is enough to light candles and ring bells and say om and these things. And oh yes, there will be the savior and galactics that will rescue us all without the need of doing our spiritual homework. That we don’t have to release our karma and all the energetic baggage from so many lives. No, just sit there and chant om is enough and wear dreadlocks and sandals. And if you did some researches and workshops chance is high you develop some spiritual ego because oh yeah, you did this exclusive workshop and you are better than those who didn’t. No, you aren’t. Nobody is better or more worth than anybody else. It is some heavy brainwashing that you must feel somehow superior or just need to be somebody ( and likely somebody special and spiritual and archangel and ascended master and mother god). You ARE already somebody!!! You are a beloved child of the Divine Parents. Each Single One Of You! Without exception.

They even brought up some persons as ‘channels’ with pieces of truth and once established with increasing lies. And why do you think we have so many people who claim to be an archangel or ascended master or gaia gophia and mother and father god. Mother and Father God, oh how I dislike this term. There are too many of them and in increasing numbers.

Today I read a post actually two where people ask if reiki and yoga are satanic? No, they aren’t. In its origin reiki is just channeling divine healing energy through you to the recipient, nothing else; it has nothing to do with satan, lucifer or not being christian when I practice it. The same goes for yoga. Both are helping you leading a healthy life and for this it is demonized by those aka the ASSC who don’t want you to be healthy and happy.

Some might be genuine or really believing they are who they claim to be but the greater part is just disinformation and confusion for those who are new and even for some who are a bit longer in this. I could publish a list of all those fake ones I have encountered in the last 10 years and more. You would be surprised who is on it.

I feel it and I know it when I find one who isn’t genuine, who is faking a being they aren’t. My soul knows and my Higher Self, my full consciousness gives me the nudges too. She of all knows the real truth and the only truth and she is helping me to find the fake ones.

There are also some people, renowned as energy workers, ascension coaches and others who tell people they don’t need any protection because if they have high energy and are vibrating high enough they won’t need any. No harm could come to them, no evil being could attack them. This is wrong!!! I don’t say this because I want to sell my shield, I say this because I am safe due to my shield. I know I am under constant attacks from the ASSC and it never ceases, they only come up with new things from time to time and then my HS let the shield a bit loose that I can feel it and adapt the shield for the new threats. This is why this shield is always up-to-date. I know many people who are vibrating high and who are under attack, how matches this with the statement that a high vibrating human being can’t be attacked? Tell me! It is brainwashing by so called spiritual people. As I said before I am doing energy work I can’t talk about yet and it includes working on some nasty beings, Reptilians and demons and places they sojourn. They would kill me if I wouldn’t shield myself and all the attacks would have destroyed my body if I hadn’t my shield. 5G is nothing but a part of the attacks and my shield is protecting me against it all. And believe me, I am not low vibrational but one of those who vibrate the highest here.

There is some positive to say, my best friend published my book as hardcopy too as an early Christmas gift. It is available on amazon here. If you have read it already and liked it please do me a favor and write a customer review. It might help others in deciding whether to buy it or not and also me in providing some living for my family with every sold book.

I did some manifestation work too, we have a new heater, the old one couldn’t heat anymore just make warm water and only in a certain operating mode that did cost us a lot of heating fuel. Energy is expensive in Germany, we have nearly the highest energy cost in the world, heating fuel, gas and electricity and our government is raising it even more with their laws. It is high time for some changes. Now I am working on manifesting some more money for groceries and heating fuel and my car needs a new battery too. Being on half of my former income isn’t that easy to handle. I have to strengthen my manifestation abilities and one day I will be successful like with the new heater.

And I think for today it is enough update, musing and rant. I don’t know if there will be more log entries. It depends on my mood and what is happening. Maybe, maybe not.

But what is sure is that I bless and love you all ❤ ❤ ❤



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Divine Mother My Journal January 17, 2017 – Reuniting with old friends from behind the veil and what they are teaching us

Log Entry Earth Time January 17, 2017, 03:22.20 pm CET

Not long ago a friend asked me for several animal attunements he would like to receive through me. I knew I don’t had them among those I have received already and checked my sources for these. I found several and also a beautiful nine attunement package that I am offering now too. Three of my new attunements have been really touching for me and I reunited with two old friends from behind the veil. I will share my experiences here.

First the Eagle Vision where I was reconnecting with Gwalnir, a huge bald eagle:

copyright @ isabel henn

I closed my eyes when I was ready and a huge bald eagle appeared. He talked to me and told me to change form, to change into the form of an eagle as I have done so often already and to fly with him. We spread our wings and soared into the air. Higher and higher until we had been over the clouds and the storm that we had here. He asked me how I feel and I said I can feel the sun and her warmth on my feathers and in my face and he answered every time I would be cold I should shift into an eagle and soar over the clouds that the sun can warm me. We flew so high that we reached the end of the storm and he again asked, what do you see and I said ‘I see the earth and all on it is just like ants, so small’. He answered yes, and when it gets to turbulent for me on earth then to shift into the eagle form and soar to leave it all behind me and also to see it from a different perspective and angle. His next words have been ‘now send your love to all on earth, you are love, send it’ and I did and we made a full circle around our planet until she was surrounded with a big layer of pink light of love. He said, ‘never forget who you are, you are love and you are like the king of eagles and more, you are the highest among us all’. Then we flew back to earth where I shifted back to my human form. He told me he is my eagle guide and to call him whenever I want, need help or just want a companion to fly with. I embraced him and then I came back out of the vision.
Then I asked for his name and he gave it through the pendulum, his name is Gwalnir and it means ‘Wings of the Mother’. He is from Aeon and acts sometimes as a messenger for me. This is what Silverstar told me about him. He felt so familiar to me. Wow!
For all interested, Gwalnir is joining me when I attune others to this wonderful attunement.
The next one was the Wisdom of the Owl, that I received on last Friday:
8539_581952151825377_1349348361_nPicture source unknown
When I started I found myself in a forest under a clear night sky. An owl, obviously a snow owl came to me and talked to me. He said follow me and I did, through the forest and to an edge of a cliff. He told me to lay down and look down and asked me what I would see. I said: there is a small city but all is dark except a few street lanterns, no cars, no light in the houses and no people on the streets.
It seemed to be winter as there was snow all over. Then he told me to send a light spark and my love to this city. I did and it went from house to house, the snow melted and the light in the houses went on. People came out of the houses, rubbing their eyes like after a deep sleep and looking to the others on the street as if they would see them the first time. Smiles appeared and they begun to hug each other.
Then the owl told me to look further what happened with my spark and I could see it spreading far around and to all the other places, from village to village and to all towns and all became light there like in the first city.
The owl said ‘this is what light compared with love can do. You need only a spark to lighten the world and to melt the hearts of people like you could see it below. Look at me and tell me what you see.’
I said ‘You are a snow owl’ and he turned around that I could see his back with his spreaded wings. They looked like sparkling diamonds all over him and he said ‘I know you. I am Anira, the ‘Wisdom of the Mother’. I know also Gwalnir, the Lord of the Airs, he is my brother. I am your owl guide and whenever you need help or an advice you can call me. Or whenever you just want to talk with me.’
Then he flew away.
Only that Anira is not a he but a she. Anira will join me in this attunement.
The last one, I received yesterday and it is the Gaja Elephant Reiki. Gaja is Sanskrit and means Elephant. Here is my vision of it, somehow prophetic for me:
970338_460833947346894_1304949193_nPicture source unknown, I chose it as Gaja and Gaia are similar words except the letter ‘j’.

I was in a wilderness but can’t define where, much grass and also steppe. Out of the nowhere a white elephant appeared. I bowed in respect but then the elephant bowed too, as deep as he could. He said ‘I bow to you Mother, out of my deep respect and love for all you do’.

Then he asked me to climb on his back or better neck, first on his right front leg and with holding his ear I managed to sit on his back. It was comfortable. He began to walk and asked me what I would see.

I took a look around me and said ‘I see destruction everywhere, gigantic landfills, industries that are destroying all and polluting the air, ground and waters. It is everywhere and destruction is a big issue.’

He agreed and took a big leap through a portal or gateway. He was walking around and asked me again what I could see and it was amazing.

‘I can see greens and forests, flowers. The waters are clean and clear, the air is smelling wonderful. I can’t see any industrial complexes or fields. The sky is clean and blue. I can see small houses that look comfortable and have some gardens with vegetables and flowers in them. No big cities like we have now on Earth. There are children in all skin colors. They have good clothes and seem to be healthy, they are playing together peacefully and there are also adult people who are kind to each other. Is this Earth in 5th Dimension?’

He confirmed and walked some more. Then I could see lightships in different shapes and sizes and I think there were Sirian ships too. People came out of them, light beings from different stars and planets and they greeted us and walked away to groups of humans. They sat between them and I think the Galactics were teaching the Earthlings. I could feel only peace and love.

I asked the Elephant if all people had ascended and he said no, that not all had ascended but most had been transferred to Pan where they could live a better life than before. He walked through another portal and I could see a similar scenery like 5D Earth but somehow different. Children and adults were having arguments besides living peacefully. Some ‘separation’ like on 3D Earth but no destruction like on 3D Earth. Big cities but on a cleaner earth like planet. Definitely a better place than 3D Earth.

I asked him when the 5D Earth would happen and he answered that it would be very near. So to say around the corner and he told me not to lose hope, all would be well and I would soon be home.

After this he walked through the portal back to our current Earth in the dimension we are now perceiving. He let me carefully down to the ground and I asked him if he has a name how to call him. He nodded but also told me to just call him White Elephant, this would be enough. I hugged him and I believe he blessed me with his love.

This vision was so ‘real’, I think it is what we will experience in our future and according to White Elephant, it will be very soon, our soon. I am so looking forward to this. Later that day I talked with a friend about my vision and she told me she had talked with Ganesh, the Indian God with the elephant head and a human body. Immediately when she told me I thought that the elephant in my vision could be Ganesh masked as the White Elephant. I had the feeling I would know him too but he kept this as secret.

Why am I telling you all this? I think it might helpful to you, not only because I offer these attunements, but because I think that you can embrace the hope and vision I had. The vision of a much better life in 5D. To not give up hope. I know that not all of my children will ascend and why? There are so many young and baby souls on Earth who will need so much more lessons and growth. They will continue their growing on Pan, the new planet taht has been birthed in 2015. Without those who don’t have our best interest in their hearts, these young souls will have a much better start and life then they have now. They have a chance for a peaceful life where they can learn and evolve and if they should need all eternity for this. There is no need to worry for them.

My second vision I had with Anira the owl is teaching us that with love and light we can melt the ice, snow and hearts of people. We don’t need more than this. Unconditional love in the spark of light is enough as it will fly from heart to heart, from soul to soul, from village to village and from country to country all over the planet. It is like a snowball effect. People will wake up as the ice around their hearts is melting, they will rub their eyes, look around and see their neighbors like for the first time. But in joy and rediscovery of their own love and light, in rediscovery of the connection between us all, our being ONE with all that is. I am so thankful for Anira that she has shown me this and that I can tell you.

The vision I had with Gwalnir is similar as it is teaching us to love and to let our love flow freely, embracing the whole planet to bring peace. Not with violence or weapons but only with unconditional love. It is also telling us when we are overwhelmed by any situation to step back and look at it from the distance, from a higher perspective. We can then see or find out if this situation is really so important that it should rob us our calmness and peace of our soul. Is it really so important that we have to fight the other or the situation? Can’t it just be solved by looking at it from a higher view point and sending love into it? To see both sides from the distance and seeing that all are doing the for them right thing in this or any situation? I think this is possible, especially when we step back out of this situation. Ask Gwalnir to fly with you and help you see the bigger picture of all. When your heart is freezing ask Gwalnir to fly high with you, over the storm and clouds where you are nearer to the sun that she can melt the ice and warm your heart. Even physically as I have experienced too.

We can do this, all together, I know it, if you just decide for the vision I had of our new Earth. When you join me in sending our love and light to all who are here on Earth including those who don’t have our best interest at heart. In releasing all of our old energies that don’t serve us anymore. It is work, even hard work, but it is really promising.

I for my part have chosen to never incarnate again into such a life I am having now. I know I had chosen all of it to gain the most important growth and to learn my lessons I had written into my life contract. I am looking forward to my life with Silverstar and as I am also being EnnKa from Sirius to my wedding with SaLuSa. I know that I will visit Earth, the new Earth together with SaLuSa, there are so many places I haven’t seen yet and I love Gaia so much that she will remain to be a home for me, my third home, as Aeon is my first and Sirius my second home.

Silverstar: It is hard on my beloved at the moment. Since some weeks now the mergings have increased and Isabel is feeling very tired, her body has some troubles coping with all the merging energies and the tsunami of love she is sending since nearly three years has increased tremendously in its power and all flowing through her body too. We do what we can for her to ease it a bit and I would love to tell her how near she is to go home but I can’t. Not at this important moment in Earth’s history. All I can tell her and you is that it is truly near. Don’t worry for your loved ones who aren’t able or willing to ascend. We won’t rob our children the opportunity to grow. They will have all eternity for this on a safe place. I can’t also tell you how it will happen, only that it is happening. I’ll keep my secrets but you will have your surprise.

We are making good progress in cleaning your planet from those who don’t have your best interest at heart but you won’t hear it in your news and even in your alternate media until it is done. Your alternate media is not so much alternate as you would want it to be. Even they are penetrated by the dark ones who want you make believe their lies. So many of the messages and articles you are reading are originally from them, written for you to lead you astray. Don’t ask me who these ‘authors’ and ‘channelers’ are. This is something you have to figure out self. This is an excellent lesson in discernment for you that still so many of you haven’t learned yet. Go into your heart when you read such things. How does it feel? Does it make your stomach sick or are your hair staning on end? Is your heart crumpling when you read this stuff? Don’t believe all you are reading, this is my advice for you.

Btw, Arcturians are high evolved light beings who have only your best interest at heart and are existing in the 9th Dimension. There is some high disinformation spread by somebody who has already merged with my beloved, she will disappear soon from your earth plane as the body can’t go much further without soul.

All is well and I have all under my control. There is nothing to fear or to be afraid of.

Don’t worry, be happy!!! 🙂

Fly high with Gwalnir my beloved children over the rainbow and have joy and fun out there. You are living in a wondrous time and a wonderful world and it is becoming even more wonderful and beautiful. This is my promise to all of you.

Rejoice as the end of this nightmare as my beloved is calling it, is truly near.

We love you all so very much and bless you ❤ ❤ ❤

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your divine parents

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Divine Mother My Journal December 25, 2016 – Lord of the Rings – Not just a fantasy book

Log Entry Earth Time December 25, 2016, 03:44.00 pm CEST


14355681_10209736276710944_6652777363929187350_nYou all know by now that I am a huge Lord of the Rings (LOTR) lover and maybe also that these books and movies have a deeper meaning for me. It wasn’t this way my whole life, I remember that I started reading the trilogy in the early 80s but never came even to the second book. I lost it somewhere in Lothlorien. Some time after the movies were made I bought the first one as special extended edition. I started to watch it on a Christmas day when I was alone at home and my kids visiting their father. And even then I watched just the beginning with Gollum having the one ring. Only years later – my youngest loved to watch the movies already and I having glimpses of them when I was in his room – I started to watch them too and was fascinated. Legolas was my favorite character then, together with the Elves. My whole life I had a favor for them, in all computer games I was playing, I chose the Elf as character when I could. Watching a video about the different races on Sirius I asked SaLuSa if we are Elves there and he confirmed, this is the reason why I am so ‘in’ to the Elves, riddle solved.

I also bought the books as kindle version so that I could read wherever I am, it was the time in my last job where I had to travel so much and my tablet or kindle was always with me. I read it several times now and am already at the first book again.

One day after I had watched the movies the xth time my son told me I would be crazy to watch it nearly every day but I was and still am fascinated by the story and the characters, especially Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen and Frodo. I felt a connection to them that was unfathomable for me.

In my last journal Silverstar gave me that video to watch and analyse which I did. Another favorite song from the movie is ‘May it be’ sung by Enya, I post it here together with the lyrics:

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadows call
Will fly away
May it be you journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

This is for all us loveworkers and starseeds, that we have to light the night to bring back the day, we are far from home but there is the promise that we will find our way in the darkness back to our homes wherever they are in our Galaxy.

The darkness is what has been and remnants still somehow are on Earth, the cruelty, wars, terror, corruption, to name a few things and we are here to bring the light back with our love for all that is. To lighten the night to make it all to the day, to put out the darkness with our light that is LOVE.

I share the second song again he gave me two days ago together with the lyrics, this time by Annie Lennox who sung it in the movie.

Lay down your sweet and weary head
Night is falling. You have come to journey’s end.
Sleep now. Dream of the ones who came before.
They are calling from across a distant shore.
Why do you weep? What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see all of your fears will pass away.
Safe in my arms, you’re only sleeping.

What can you see on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea, a pale moon rises.
The ships have come to carry you home.
And all will turn to silver glass.
A light on the water, all souls pass.

Hope fades into the world of night
Through shadows falling out of memory and time.
Don’t say we have come now to the end.
White shores are calling. You and I will meet again.
And you’ll be here in my arms, just sleeping.

What can you see on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea, a pale moon rises.
The ships have come to carry you home.

And all will turn to silver glass
A light on the water, grey ships pass
Into the West.

Can you see the hope and promise in these lyrics from both songs? I can and it makes my heart rejoice.

I know since a while now that the LOTR is not just a fantasy book but more like a metapher for what is really happening on Earth. The fight of the free people against the dark Lord Sauron, this is our ‘fight’ to free Earth from those who don’t have our best interest at heart. The Elves, Man, Hobbits and Dwarves are we, us starseeds and loveworkers. The Orcs, Sauron, Saruman and the Southerners (Haradrim, Dunlendings and Corsairs)  are those who don’t want our best, the Illuminati or Cabal as you can name them too. Silverstar has often enough asked you to read the books or watch the movies and with good reason, namely to understand what is happening here and how things will be at the end, that the light will be successful as it is written already. The books are a storyline we can follow.

13241205_1743408459228387_379598832381257313_nI hadn’t thought that I would write the next journal so short after my last one but I had a conversation with Silverstar yesterday while cooking and what we were discussing might look as if I am going nuts as it is incredible and mind-boggling. I tell you that I am still sane and the more i think about it the more I am sure of its truth and what is more important for me it came out of my heart and my intuition. This is where I usually find my own truths.

I asked him about the meaning and if he has anything to do with the books. He confirmed and also said that before I was born he and I we inspired Tolkien to write the books and all that is connected with them, the Hobbit and the Silmarillion to name just these two.  We knew that it might be difficult for me to find my truth, being who I am I have sometimes still problems to accept and in darker hours I have bouts of doubts if this is really true. There is so much in the books that is reminding me of home, Lothlorien with the big trees and all the woods, the Elves as race in common, Valinor across the sea, there are so many parallels, too many to be just by chance. Tolkien has said that the story is no analogy and has nothing to do with the world wars, what he didn’t knew is that it has all to do with the situation on Earth. What I explained already, the fight light vs dark, us starseeds and loveworkers against those who don’t have our best interest at heart. Silverstar and maybe I too gave Tolkien visions and details how to describe the realms and the history of Middle Earth and the different races.

Silverstar: I am glad that Isabel finally made the connections and correlations. I gave her enough hints and she got it yesterday. She isn’t crazy but it is truth she knows from before her incarnation and her full consciousness gave it free for her to connect the dots. Although your movie industry is deep in the hands of those who don’t want your best I have means to get movies done for my purpose and they finance them 😀

I can’t do it always as you have to learn your lessons and also discernment and I would otherwise rob you of these possibilities.

I was careful with Peter Jackson to cast the right actors for the movies to help my beloved remember home and her twins. It is no coincident that Legolas looks similar to SaLuSa and there is some likeness of Aragorn with me but more the younger Aragorn. Isabel needed long to get familiar with Aragorn and I had to be patient, it has to do with her problems accepting who she is. I worked with the songwriters to have the songs and the music like I wanted, that I could show them to her when she needs her the most. When she is losing hope to ever be able to come home to us. Valinor, the undying lands, is equal to Aeon our home and Lothlorien with the wonderful trees and big forests has similarity in the appearance with Sirius where she has her life as EnnKa. It is not by chance that my beloved loves the books and movies so much, they are reminding her why she is incarnated and of her origins and families too.

But these books are not only written for her but for all the lightworkers and starseeds to help them remember their mission, to give them hope and the promise of a positive outcome. It is also to remind all the starseeds of their homes, Oh! How far you are from home but The ships have come to carry you home. They are already there since about over a year now, they are in your atmosphere watching over you and supervising what is happening on Earth and taking care of your and our wishes that the end is in our favor.

When you read the books and watch the movies with open eyes and open minds you might see the parallels too.

Where are we now in the story that is the story of my beloved daughter Gaia Sophia, the soul of your beautiful planet, too? The one ring is destroyed but there is so much to be tidied up before the big celebrations can begin. You are not in the midst of it but at the end of the clearing and we are already preparing our celebrations, the crowning and wedding of SaLuSa and EnnKa. This one won’t be on Earth but on Sirius and for this she has to return home. Your celebrations will be Peace on Earth and prosperity, a life in love, joy and happiness, without borders or division of any kind. Humanity is at the edge of the big festivities, the ‘Fourth Age’ has already begun without being noticed by the majority and they will wake up to start their own preparations for the big party. Gandalf might add some of his famous fireworks to it too 😀 😀

Isabel is part of the fellowship together with special chosen ones from Earth, Aeon and Sirius. Starseeds and lightworkers form the free people who are involved in the fights and battles like the Elves, the Dunedain, the Rohirrim, the Dwarves and the men from Gondor. This doesn’t mean that you have to fight with weapons, no, your light and your love are your ONLY weapons, nothing else.

14203156_1377152368966285_8926946890350347194_nYou see that I am still speaking in the metaphers of the books and the situation on Earth. With the destruction of the ring the power of Sauron/the dark forces on Earth is gone but there are still some places where Orcs and Southerners/bankers, politicians, lobbyists and other minions are left and they have to be removed from Earth. We are in this phase now and have accomplished much already. Therefore you can expect things to become better, problems will solve, inventions made public especially those who will free you from fossil fuels and conventional transportation. Your healthcare will change to a non invasive and truly healing care. Not the deadly and bloody methods you are using now. Your whole life will change for the better. There is so much you can look forward to and it is near. Not today or tomorrow, but near. You know by now that I don’t give any dates. It is depending on how you do your work, your mission and how you can spread the love that is you. There is no need to judge anybody or anything. Every soul on Earth has its lesson and is there to make experiences. You don’t know the lessons of the other and what this person has gone through as he doesn’t know yours. Everybody is acting on his best understanding to do the right thing. I don’t judge anybody but accept as I know every soul and love each soul unconditionally.

If you can’t love unconditionally I ask you to at least stop hating and fighting. Be more tolerant and open and never forget, you don’t know the reason why a person is acting how he or she is acting. You don’t know the backgrounds or even tragedies in these lives.

Be peaceful and careful in your thoughts, words and actions and visualize the world you want to have and which you are creating now.

My beloved Goldenstar, YOU are MY Evening Star and this song is for you. You have risen out of the darkness you had chosen to prepare yourself for this incarnation. I thought I had lost you forever but you came out of the darkness like a beautiful bright star.

My beloved children, I am always with you and my beloved Goldenstar too. We love you and I love her so very much.

Merry Christmas my beloveds and a Happy New Year

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your divine parents

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Divine Mother My Journal December 23, 2016 – Christmas, it is all about love, nothing else

Log Entry Earth Time December 23, 2016, 04:10.15 pm CEST


Merry Christmas to all my readers and may they feel only love and joy

I wish also a Happy New Year as I think I will write only from time to time

Thank you also for all of you who supported me and my family with donations and orders for jewelry, shields and/or attunements or just your love

I love and bless you, all of you

May the love be with you


I am in love. I am listening to beautiful Christmas carols and I feel so much love and peace in my heart that I want to embrace the whole world. It is this season where I am the most emotional and a simple Christmas song can move me so much that it brings tears up into my eyes.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of my beloved son. It is not really the correct day as he was born in early spring, this is what he told me some years ago. I have some memories of his birth but these are the memories of Mary’s soul in my soul; being in the house of friends and not in a barn and in the caring hands of an experienced midwife. History is not telling the truth in this.

It doesn’t matter if the day is correct, it is the meaning behind it. My beloved son incarnated to teach humanity about unconditional love, to teach people through his own unconditional love for humanity.

It is not about comsumerism and partying and who gives the most presents or has the biggest tree or the most lights around and in the house. It is all about love, nothing else.

I like this picture of Jesus and Vishnu sitting on the cloud discussing who will go next.

15589853_1342849942426212_1592314911194679495_nNone of them is going down this time as it is Mom’s turn. They didn’t fail, no, it is the opposite, they laid most important foundation stones for what is happening now. It was planned long ago, eons ago, that I would incarnate in this time. This Ascension thing is too important and none of us want it to fail.

Btw the exact and complete plan is known only by Silverstar, my own memories of it are blocked completely and unaccessible by my Full Consciousness for security reasons. I could endanger the success if I would tell anything that has to be kept strictly secret. I can’t remember anything. This article by someone who calls himself ‘One who believes’ is circling around and was published on a for me obscure site named dinarchronicles. I think this is a site either from those who don’t have our best in their hearts or those who want to gain profit by people who trust them with the RV. But I don’t judge them as everybody is making experiences and has to discern on their own. This is the article

The author is in my eyes speculating with some seeds of truth that are obvious. It is at least spiritual ego to claim he/she knows the whole plan. Do I judge him? NO, it is his responsibility to tell the truth but one thing I know for sure: I can’t remember and Silverstar would never talk about it with others, not even with me. Only those who need to know a detail will be told what is necessary. Silverstar isn’t stupid.

There is still so much hate and division on Earth and I don’t know how long we’ll need to not only see the changes but have them actually in all our lives and this includes all those who are suffering and fighting for survival, those who don’t know what to eat or where to sleep, those who live in fears, war and terror.

The current energy wave so many people are discussing, is my energy in increasing strength. It will continue to rise until people are waking up, those who are still sleeping deep and without knowing what is happening. Their awakening might be truly eye-opening but there is nothing to be afraid of. My beloved twin Silverstar told me that he has all under control and all is well. I trust him.

The last months have been hard and I had to relearn to trust him. Finances haven’t been good for me since August and I am slowly recovering from it and hopefully paying the last bills soon.There are still some setbacks but all in all it is getting better. I hope we will survive until Nesara/Gesara.

Silverstar promised me today it would be my last Christmas, either way although it could mean I have to stay until December 2017, not a desirable prospect. I am so looking forward to be reunited with him. It is hurting more and more to not be able to be physically with him and my family. I work on being patient and visualizing love, peace, health, freedom, sovereignty and prosperity on this beautiful planet we call home, a living soul called Gaia. A beautiful loving Being who is giving freely all we need to live, she is nourishing and caring for us like a mother and I lovingly call her Mami Gaia in full respect.

Until then I will continue with my usual energy work and also with jewelry making, attunements and diamond shields. Just now I have several orders and will work on them the coming days.

I love all of my children and it doesn’t matter if they are loving or not loving. I want them all to heal and to come back to love. I will create shields also for those from the dark ones who want to heal, who want to return to the light. They will receive a cleaning and a healing with this shield. But I can tell you one thing: the person receiving my shield has to stay in love to keep it. People who get one and go back and stay in negativity will dissolve my shield. My diamond flame is highly intelligent and doesn’t support any negative behavior but only those who work on being and acting love. So don’t worry about the possibility of negative beings receiving my shield. The truly dark ones are rejected by the energy and high vibration and it would be like Kryptonite to them. It is a chance for those who want to go back to the light but if they do tricks and believe they could continue in their negative and low attitudes they will soon lose this protection.

It is their free will to either be healed or to merge with me and this will be the end of their existence as a soul.

Hehe, Silverstar is asking me if he can have the word now so I will let him speak.


My beloveds, there will be no more war and no catastrophic event except some necessary adjustments by Gaia herself. As soon as we have knowledge of dark operations from those who don’t have your best interest at heart we do what is possible and allowable. We still have to respect life contracts and karmic lessons in this but no life will be harmed out of this. There is much doom and gloom running through the media but believe me, I have all under my full control. I can’t tell you more than this because we have still some operations running and which commander would tell his ‘enemy’ about his plans and strategies. I am the commander-in-chief as long as my beloved is incarnate and my lips are sealed 🙂

Isabel has felt the mixed energies related to the election in the USA. Her shield can’t protect her against this as all of humanity are like cells of her body but she stayed in love and calm, she knows and the energies affected more or less only her body. There are still many mergings of souls with her, those who refuse to go back to love and her body has a hard time. We would both prefer that they would choose the healing as we love these souls too and can see their souls behind the mask, souls who are made of the essence, the love of my Twin. But even they have free will but it is now restricted to healing or merging. There might be those who say how could she create such a powerful shield for those who want our demise but I can reassure you like she did. This shield is supporting only those who can maintain a certain vibration and energy and it can last into all eternity but if this is not given anymore it will just dissolve. Isabel loves all her children and she believes that with a clearing and healing, chances are that the person receiving her shield might come back and stay in the light. She won’t give up on her children, never ever. She is strong and gives everybody a chance, a choice for a life in love and light. I am so proud of her. I love her so very much and am so looking forward to keep her in my arms and I won’t let her go for another adventure of this sort. It is time for her to come home to her family but I know her well enough that she will do this only when her goal is reached. When the vibrations and energies on Earth are high enough without her being incarnate. It is soon but as always I can’t give any date, not to rise any expectations to see them torn down through delays that might be necessary to keep you and the whole process safe.

Stay in your heart and your love my beloved children, this season and the celebration of the birth of our son are supporting our efforts. Stop the hate and the division, are you not all our children whom we love? Each and everyone of you despite any race, gender, color or belief? You are all made of the love of my wife and twin Goldenstar, my Isabel as you know her now. You are all worthy and deserve the love and the life we have meant for you.

Love is the cure and answer for all and everything.

My beloved Isabel, this song is for you and it has a deeper meaning, not only because it is from the LOTR but the meaning behind it. Can you see it?

Me: I think so. The grey ships are our lightships, maybe my own personal scoutship Meramis among them with SaLuSa onboard or even you. The journey comes to an end with the Ascension and parting of the worlds happening. I dream of the ones who came before, those who lived in Lemuria, the Elves from Sirius, my beloved Sirians. They are calling me from home and from Mesime. My tears will pass away because I am home and can heal finally. I am only sleeping in the illusion and I will wake up from this nightmare. The white gulls call me home, to come back to my people from Sirius. It is said in the LOTR trilogy that Elves who listen to the sea gulls yearn to go home and can’t find peace until they set sail to Valinor. For me Valinor is Aeon and Sirius. The rising pale moon could be Mesime from where the grey ships come to carry us home, me and the starseeds and incarnated Archangels and Angels. All souls will reach their destiny, Ascension or the transfer to Pan where they can grow in peace and freedom. We have come now to the end means it is nigh and we both will meet again finally and I will be in your arms just sleeping to rest and heal from my exhaustion, safe in your arms. I have troubles to see the horizon but I trust that it is my further life with you and my other twins, across the sea is home and the sea the dimensions that lie between us and also the distance between Earth and Mesime. Mesime, the ‘Light of God’ is made of my own energy, she is a part of me, of my light and when the veil is removed we might see her as a big light shining onto Earth. When I can watch Sirius I can see her (Sirius) moving from the East to the West before she is falling, night is falling and the sun will rise again, the long dark night and the suffering of my children is ending.

Silverstar: This is an excellent interpretation my love and true, although we still don’t know if we will carry you back to Mesime on your Meramis or if you will just stay onboard one night in your near future. I can only ask you to not lose hope, I am watching over every step you take and we are healing you constantly so that you can come home with flying sails and flying colors. Please keep up and don’t give up my sweetheart. I am with you, holding and sustaining you. I love you so very much and adore you for all you do for our children.

I sign out for us.

We love you and a Merry Christmas from me too 

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your divine parents


Copyright © 2012 – 2017 by Maria Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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Divine Mother My Journal August 01, 2016 – How much longer? I don’t know

Log Entry Earth Time August 01, 2016, 04:02.15 pm CEST



So much time has passed since I wrote my last journal in February, so much has happened and seemingly nothing at all. I am still here with you and have so much questions to my twins.

Today it is one year that I had to retire early, too early to have a good income but I trust that my family and I are provided with all we need for a living. There are good days and there are not so good days where I have to work on not being afraid we could one day be without a cent left. When such moments arise I always look back and tell myself that we are still here in our house without having had one day going to bed hungry. I know I have to order some heating fuel again soon and my car needs some repair done at the brakes and the two year technical inspection is due end of September. Somehow it will be done and I trust Silverstar that I’ll have the money for it. This is a big trust thing and it is important to stay out of fear when we want to manifest that what we want in our life and not the lack. To focus and concentrate on the outcome we want to have and not what we are afraid of.

I know why this is a lesson for me. From where I come in Aeon and on Sirius, there is no money and no lack. I chose this lesson to be able to understand all those who experience lack in their lives. Another lesson I learned is that not all people who are overweight are in this condition because they just ate too much. Often enough there is a disease hidden from our eyes that makes them gain too much weight. Seven years ago I was lean and physically fit, I did my sports and enjoyed being able to run without having problems. Then my back problems started and after I was told to stop jogging I started to gain a bit weight. But the big thing happened when my body began to make troubles. The stress I had on my new work place, the energy work I do since my birth, some energetic attacks on me from those who don’t have our best interest at heart and my rising energy had their effects on me. Medications that made me nauseous so that I had to eat to keep my stomach busy and high dosage of cortisone for a longer period, pain in my whole body especially in my joints and muscles, all this contributed to my overweight. Chances are that I won’t lose anything of it or I might fly away like Silverstar loves to tell me because of my high vibrations. Now you get it. This is not meant as a complaint or to raise some pity in others. No, far from it. It is just an explanation, an expression of why and how I feel that way.

I can’t look at ‘fat’ people anymore and think ‘stop eating so much and you will lose weight’, I know now and accept that there is and can be more involved in an overweight body. All my pride of my good locking and lean body is gone but this lesson is learned.

When I wrote my last journal I had thought I would stay soon onboard of my beautiful ship Mesime, but now I am bit losing hope that I will ever be able to stay there. I am not sure yet if it is my own decision as soul or from my Full Consciousness or if it is a decision made by my twin. I think it is all of it out of necessity. My energies are still needed on Earth and I can’t leave when I don’t want this whole ascension thing abandoned.

I am in an inner conflict and I know it too well. I love Gaia and my children so much and don’t want them to go through this alone or worse, that the vibes and energies would go down and the big plan would fail, would be a fiasco. On the other side is my wish to be finally reunited with my twins, my families and people on Sirius. Life on Earth is getting harder every day for me, my body seems to break down in bits and pieces, slowly but constantly. The mergings of those – I don’t know how many but maybe millions of –  ‘dark’ souls with me who prefer the end of their individuality as soul over the healing and love. I feel it when these mergings are happening, as a big wave of sudden tiredness is hitting me then like an avalanche and is felt for days.

The dark ones are leaving our planet, this is sure as they are merging with me but how many are still here? I made a request and not only once, that all those who don’t want our best have to be removed finally, immediately from Gaia. I put my prominence into it.

Every second one of my children be they human, animal or plant, every second, one of them is still suffering is one second too long, one second too much. It is unbearable to feel their pain, their suffering. I was crying looking at this picture of a small boy protecting his little sister.


Note: I don’t know the credits for this picture and where it comes from or if it is true, but I know and feel that it is showing suffering children.


This boy and his sister are only two out of billions who are suffering, and even if it would be only ONE, it would be one too much. How much longer shall this be going on? I don’t know but I do what I can to stop it.. All the mergings with me, all the energy work and my daily blasts of all that is in and on and around our planet must finally have an effect on our situation. It must finally show any results.

I was so near to be able to stay on my ship and then Silverstar told me that my presence is still necessary to balance the energies and to keep a kind of calmness. I know I agreed to stay but how much longer? With this body falling apart. I can’t look forward in joy, I have lost it somewhere, I can only make one step after a step after a step, hoping it will finally be over.

Silverstar, I request it again and again:

Every second one of our children is suffering on Earth is one second too much. I request immediate help, assistance and more involvement of the Galactic Federation and our angelic children. Not in weeks, months or years but immediately, in this second. All those who don’t have our best interest at heart have to be removed immediately from our planet. All the promised changes like new governments and Nesara/Gesara have to be installed now. Start with it this second. Our children and I, we want it now. We can’t wait longer or more people will suffer. Enough is enough!!! Period!!!

Silverstar: My beloved, we are working hard for it and it is evolving. You know it and you feel it. I can feel your pain and disappointment, how could I not as your twin. You know I monitor you very closely to be able to act at everything.

The failed coup in Turkey was the beginning and more will come, it failed yes, but people are waking up to all the injustice and cruelty that is happening. And please don’t forget that the mass media is still in the hand of the cabal and most changes are going unreported by them.

Me: Why don’t you put the dark ones out of the mass media? How much longer shall they be able to tell lies and to brainwash our children? How much longer shall this ‘game’ them versus us continue? It is enough and I tell you: STOP IT!!! I tell you as the One that I AM. And I tell you and ask in the name of all those who suffer and all of our children. Stop it!

And I tell you and ask you as a human being on Earth as long as I am incarnate: Stop it!!! Too much is too much, I can’t bear it any longer, the pain and suffering of my children. I feel it and it is horrible. They suffer!!! Stop it!!!

S: It will end my love. It is soon and this is all I can tell you although I wish I could give you a date. Please don’t cry, all is getting well because all IS already well. It is the end of the world how you know it and the birth of the new world, it is like the birthing pain you are experiencing now. You remember the hardest and most painful part of labour is the head to go through the birth canal and then all else will follow easily and fast. You and all the other true lightworkers are in the last phase of birthing, the pushing, the pressing out of the child’s head. We are assisting and supporting as much as we can do despite all perceptions that might tell you we would just observe. Haven’t you not wondered about why SaLuSa, Raphael and myself are so quiet? We are very busy, involved in the success of your plan my darling. I know it is hard on you but isn’t it worth it?

Me: It is worth it but I will never do this again.

S: There will be no need to do this again. And I won’t let you leave us again, we miss you here, you know? Aeon is not the home it has been before you left. It is time you come back home to us and we are all working overtime to help you with the final decision to stay with us. We know very well that you won’t come back as long as our children aren’t free to live the life that is meant for them, a life in love, health and abundance. Until then we are healing you constantly that you can finally stay here with your human body. This is still of some importance and we don’t have much time left before your body is shutting down. And it isn’t long either that our children can live a good life in freedom, peace and love. What you can see now is the last upheaval, the release of the last old energies, the last rising up of those who don’t have your best interest at heart against the developing changes. They can see and feel it too but all protesting, all preventing the changes is futile. It is two years now that you pushed the red button and the changes you have requested and ordered two years ago are now developing right under your nose. They are not ‘coming’ anymore, they are already there and developing, blossoming like a bud, like the rose you are in my eyes. And the night is arriving now that you can stay on beautiful Mesime without any regrets, remorses or feelings of having abandoned your children. The night when you will know that all is in good order and no dark forces will be able to disturb the bright and wonderful future of our children. You know it in your heart that this is the biggest point of why you are still on Earth.

Me: I know. It is my fears I would forsake my children when they need my most when I would go now.

S: Yes, my darling, it is the biggest hurdle you have to take and I understand you so well (he is holding me in his arms energetically to soothe me — ed.). It isn’t long now, really, but you have been long enough in your Air Force to know of the importance of keeping knowledge classified. I don’t have to tell you. Secrecy and surprise are our advantage. We don’t want to spoil anything. One night, and this night is near, you will wake up on Mesime and be and stay fully conscious with us. You will need to stay in your healing light chamber but you are doing so already every night when you are here with us and after a few days your body should be healthy again, without the overweight too that is preventing you now from floating in the air. I love you so dearly, I long to be with you and I promise you, the night is near that I can finally hold you in my arms and you can stay with me. I am so looking forward to this. Until this day my love, please don’t be afraid of anything. I’ll see that you have enough money to care for you and your family and don’t forget to play. You know that you are fighting the dark ones on a different level and dimension too although it is still hard to understand. You feel it but and I wouldn’t tell you to play if it wouldn’t be effective and you know it brings at least a bit joy to your life too.

I may quote what our beloved son told your best friend today “Our Father and our Divine Mother are stronger than all this. And the situation is in the best and most capable hands–our star families Michael (the rest of him who is not incarnate), Raphael (who is also the ‘real thing’ up here with me),  Raziel (who you know both on earth and in Heaven, both his forms), Merlin (yes he exists up here in the higher realms, and no, he is not incarnate!),  and many more–especially Adama and SaLuSa and EhaSa.

Everything is going to be fine.”    (

Stay strong and patient my love, I am with you always and all ways and your other twins too.

I love you and I sign out for us  ❤

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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Divine Mother My Journal February 08, 2016 – The last resistance

Log Entry Earth Time February 08, 2016, 08:24.15 pm CET



I might have had a breakthrough last night. In the late evening I experienced a big sudden tiredness. From my experiences over the last year I knew that more mergings were happening, big ones. I wasn’t able to do much and decided to lay down for a nap. I was dozing a bit and then contemplating about my situation. When I woke up yesterday I felt again a big sadness but obviously not all my own. Before I became so tired I did some more releasing during some flushes and empowerments. They were helping and when I was in my bed and thinking, the sadness was gone, I could feel only love and lightness in my heart.

Then I read the new Saul message via John Smallman: Love always forgives errors.
Suddenly I knew there was more for me to release, more feelings of guilt. That I left my beloved twin SaLuSa, EHaSa and my Sirian family and people, that I left Raphael and my family in Aeon and most of all my wonderful first Twin Silverstar, my love of my life, the other part of my soul. How could they want me back when I did this to them? To leave them for so long, thousands of years. How could they still love me? Reading the message made me clear they still love me and they want me back the way I am, with all my flaws and aches, with a body that is becoming ever heavier to keep me from flying. I released these feelings because they were unnecessary. Nobody back home is offended by my leaving. They know I did it out of my love for Gaia and my children. Nothing done out of love is wrong. My fears of being rejected when I stay on my ship are released or most of it.

I know now I am welcome and that their arms are open for me when I am finally ready and able to stay. There might be more hidden stuff to be released until I can stay but I work on it. This afternoon I did a long meditation where I released more emotions, fears and feelings of guilt towards my small family that I could take them out of their lives but I know it is in their life contracts to go with me, guilt towards lightworkers and humanity who might think I abandon them and I would give up my work. This isn’t true but my work on Gaia is done, my missions completed and the next one waiting for me.

I might even drag them up with me when I can stay on my ship, as I release my own guilts and fears I release these for them too as I am all that is and we are connected. There could be some draft in the chimney like we say in Germany.

How much there is still hidden to release, I can’t say. I am still feeling some resistance and that is telling me there is more. I trust that it will rise to be released. My Higher Self is helping me in this and Silverstar too. It is wonderful to be in his arms, I have been the whole night at least energetically. What is still a mystery for me is how much there is still to release in me although I do this work since years. It is not that I just started, no, I am very strong in this since long. Maybe it will never end but I hope it will, I want to go home and be with my Twins, my family and my people. They are waiting for me I know. In 2014 I received a message from my Sirian Elves through my friend where they told me they want me back, they were asking me to come home.

I want this, I want to be home again, Gaia will remain to be a home for me but my origin is somewhere else, it is Aeon and Sirius, but I will visit Gaia. And I want to come back as Golden Star in my current body. There is still much work to do but I know deep in my heart that I can do it better with full consciousness and all my abilities. I won’t draw my back to Gaia when I am on my ship. I promise this. And I think she knows ❤


Isabel is on a good way and in the last two days she has released so much that is holding her back. She is right, there is still some resistance in her but I know her too well, she will finally release all and the next moment she can be here with me. I can’t tell her more as it is her last lesson, I am with her and assist her as much as I am allowed. I long for her and I am not alone in this. Her raging and her anger that came up in her were the result of her feeling guilty and the fears of being rejected and unwanted. She can be very stubborn but now she is releasing and she is starting to see herself like I do. I love her, adore her and am so proud of her growth. She had fallen so deep when she decided to switch sides and now she is nearly back to where she belongs. I was never angry with her about her decision as I knew her reasons and her love for our human children and Gaia. I wasn’t able to hold her back. It is one last step, a last hurdle, the last energetic remnant that is holding her back, that is forcing her to go back to Earth every night. I am sure she will do this step. She has my full support. I don’t give up on her and I don’t give up on any one of you.

You are our beloved children, all of you and there is no need to be afraid or feeling guilty that you sought separation from us to experience yourself as third dimensional beings. The same way I will welcome my beloved and hold her in my arms we will welcome you when you have decided to come back to us. We aren’t angry with you, not one bit as in all truth you have never left us. It is only the illusion that makes you believe you are separated from us. You are oh so welcome my children. Please never forget how much we love you, you are already safe in our arms, all else is illusion and you will remember in the near future.

We love you ❤

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar


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Divine Mother My Journal February 06, 2016 – Setting sails to the Undying Lands

Log Entry Earth Time February 06, 2016, 08:58.55 pm CET



Nearly one month has passed and although I am still here some changes for me happened. My consciousness is increasing again and I had a difficult week. From time to time they change the energies, lowering or raising them to give especially those sleeping or newly awakened the chance to adapt to the energies. I feel these lows and I feel very uncomfortable with them. My body is adapting more and more to the energies of Mesime, my ship, who are very high. These differences between the ship and Earth are tearing on my body when I am returning to Earth every night.

This last week was extreme and I know the reason now. I felt horrible, a big sadness, off track, unloved, abandoned, betrayed and the whole gamut of emotions. I was angry with my team and my twins, accusing them to not doing enough and not wanting me back. I apologize as I know better now. What has changed for me is that I can feel all the emotions of humanity, the whole bandwidth. As Divine Mother it is normal for me and my Higher Self doesn’t suffer. It is the same like with all the sickness and diseases of my children that affect my body and make me sick too. Humanity are like cells in my body and when one cell gets sick I might not feel it, but when more and more are sick at one point the whole body gets sick. I can’t shield myself from it as it is part of my being all that is. I am learning now how to tune out these emotions that are not me. Since I know the reason for my sadness and that I don’t own it, I feel better. I am back in balance and calm now.

More things became clearer for me when I was talking with my best friend last night. I want to go home to my ship and still it is my own decision to return to Earth every night. I am not forced to go only by myself. There is also no need to suffer or to miss any fun or joy like I do since a while. Don’t ask me I can’t tell you when I lost the joy in my life. It is a feeling of guilt that keeps me here, guilt that I might could have prevented the descent of my beloved daughter Gaia and her people. Have I neglected something? Was I just unobservant? I don’t know as too many memories are still blocked. What I can feel and my friend is correct, I feel guilty and responsible and this is the reason why I incarnated and took all the stress and danger of my dark period and this life on myself to help Gaia and her inhabitants with ascension. My still low self-esteem and inadequate self-love do their own to my current situation. Yes, my body is one pain now but I work on ignoring the pain. Pain is illusion, I have to repeat it again and again. There is no need to suffer because of it.

In my overwhelming wish to stay onboard I lost my way, my happiness and joy. I enjoy to attune people to reiki, animal and other energies, I love it and I know that the recipients enjoy their attunements too. All the attunements I do are filled with my love and blessings and the Atlantian Dolphin attunements are also filled with the playfulness and joy of the dolphins and my own joy. But besides that and my chats with my best friend there is not much joy left. I want to find it again and I will.

Since our chat from tonight I am reflecting and contemplating and also working on myself. I received so many attunements for myself that I can use now to help me clear blockages, guilt and other stuff. I have mantras that will help me too. The biggest point is but my feeling of guilt that I have to release and that it is okay when I stay on my ship. I can transfer my energies to humanity from there too. This guilt that tries to make me responsible for the success of this whole process in staying here until all have ascended. This is not necessary and I have done my share to it in this incarnation. It doesn’t mean that I would stop working for it, no, it only means that I am not bound anymore to be on Earth during the whole process. I can allow myself to go home to continue my work from there and to come back with full consciousness and all my power and abilities after my body is healed.

I don’t know how much time I need for this as it is so deep ingrained in my soul and I don’t know how fast I can release whatever is holding me back. It could be overnight but also take days or weeks but I will learn this last lesson.

Until I am able to stay on my ship I will continue my daily energy work, the cleansings and healings, the daily reiki I send to all my loved ones, all requests, healers, all who are affected by storms, snow, earthquakes, floodings, volcanoes and similar happenings and to all my children on and in this wonderful planet. And I will continue to blast all negativity and other stuff with my diamond flame to cleanse Gaia from all that is unwanted and/or harmful to her and the souls on her. And of course I will do attunements, make bracelets and create diamond shields of protection when they are ordered.

Silverstar wants to talk ❤


My beloved has gone through much the last weeks, her body is stressed to exhaustion by the different energy levels. She always thought we would send her back but we would love that she stays with us. I feel her pain in my heart, we are connected energetically and I monitor her closely to assist her. With the opening to all the emotions she shut down her heart and refused to listen to me, I don’t blame her for this as in some points she is correct. We didn’t always tell her the truth but it was due to the secrecy of the mission. One wrong word and she could reveal too much and risk the whole operation.

20141103_182511You think I am exaggerating? Look at the picture. It is a triskelion and it has several meanings but always the meaning of three. The Trinity, mother, father and child, past, presence and future, body, mind and soul and the triple Goddess and others. It is also the sign of my beloved. She is no nobody and her Higher Self knows all the details of our Divine Plan. One unguarded remark could risk so much. This is the reason why her HS is blocking all memories from her visits and her work during her sleeptime even the memory of our embracing her. I wasn’t lucky with her decision to switch sides to the dark ones for her preparation but I support her and will welcome her back when her soul has made the decision to stay. I am not angry with her or that she accused us and threw cream cakes at us. I could feel her pain and frustration. I love her and want her back. All of us do.

I am confident she will learn this last lesson. She is already working with me again, she is listening to what we tell her, her HS and I. She is open again for our guidance. Her amnesia is slowly lifting and it brings with it not only joy but also pain. She believes it was her fault that Gaia descended, that she wasn’t careful enough in her watching over our daughter. Even Prime Creator and your Divine Parents are still learning and growing and we too make our experiences together with you. I know Isabel would give her body to help you but this isn’t necessary. Energies on Gaia have raised and I am sure we can compensate Isabel’s energies when she is ready to stay with us. It is now her decision, her soul must finally decide to stay. She wants to be with me but her soul has the last word. Only when she has released all that is holding her back will she be able to stay here. We support her fully in this.

One thing she did in her meditation today was to throw her ‘ring of guilt’ into the fires of Mount Doom, she was hesitating and it wasn’t easy for her to let go but finally she did and she took her inner child and went out of Mount Doom. She had released the darkness and shadows in her being – don’t forget, she spent thousands of years on the dark side – and found a green land. Together with her inner child she will set sail to the Undying Lands as soon as she arrives in the Grey Havens. Her ship is already waiting for her.

When you ask me now why I so often talk about the Lord of the Rings then I can only answer you that my beloved is deeply linked to this story you only see as a fairy tale, a mere fiction. Isabel knows her roles in it and yes, she has more than one. It is not yet the time to disclose it but she might do when all the riddles are solved and peace and freedom are finally installed. LOTR and all books and stories that are connected to it, are no fiction but the story of your planet, your history, a metapher of what was and is happening and why you are on Earth and doing what you came there to do. It is the metapher of the war between dark and light not only on your planet but also in your Galaxy. I know that this war on your planet is already won but it has to manifest before your eyes yet. This too is now happening. As the One Ring has been destroyed it is just a matter of time that all shadows, Goblins, Trolls, pirates and Haradrims are gone too. We are removing the last of those who don’t have your best interest at heart and their minions from Gaia, they have the choice between healing or merging with my beloved and I think most of them will choose the merging as they are too afraid of love.

Stay strong my beloved children, the end of your suffering is near. We are already preparing the big party to welcome you back out of the illusion.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar


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