Golden Flame Reiki of Divine Father available now!

art by Isabel Henn

This attunement was channeled by Isabel Henn directly from Divine Father.

“… The White Golden or in short Golden Flame is addressing the masculinity. You know the Yin and Yang symbol with the bit of the other color in each one of them, the Yin has a small part of Yang and the Yang has a small part of Yin. Like the Yin-Yang every man has a part of feminine energy in them and every woman has a part of masculine energy in them. It might be just a small part but both have to be recognized, acknowledged and balanced within a human being or this human being becomes sick, fast or slowly. Human beings are energy beings by nature and whenever the energies are unbalanced and stay for a longer time unbalanced it will cause illness in a variety of forms….

…The Golden Flame Reiki is a tool for both, women and men, to rebalance their feminine and masculine energies to a healthy level and to keep them in balance…” exerpt from the manual by Isabel Henn.

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but knowledge about energy work is helpful.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 25 Euro.

Payment is through paypal to

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

The attunement into the Golden Flame Reiki is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.

I always send the attunements as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).

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