My Journal October 17, 2015 – Marked from life

Log Entry Earth Time October 17, 2015, 07:15.32 pm CEST

I would lie if I would say I feel well and happy. I feel far from it. I feel as if I am a failure. Deep in my heart I know it isn’t true and I have to work on it. But it is good to vent a bit and release the energies.

I am retired since two and a half months and just now I am not sure if my agreement to my early retirement was a good decision. I know that I am not able to work there anymore. The energies on my former workplace are too low and negative and the job bears too much stress. My health would be worse if I hadn’t agreed to stay home. On the other hand I would still have my old income, double of what I have now. I have to pay my bills for electricity, water, telephone, internet, a big mortgage, debts and we have to eat. It is autumn and temperatures are falling. My oldest son told me they had the first snow already where he lives. One day in the next months I have to order new heating fuel.

Since I have stopped to take any medication – the reason for this was that my kidneys began to work insufficient, not like they should – my pains have becoming stronger and to tell myself that pain is just illusion works only for a short time but it works and I keep continue telling me and to clean and heal myself daily.

I feel sad and somehow disheartened. Maybe it is again the dark ones attacking me with some new technologies. I know that they have created an energy field/program on Earth to deepen the unhappy feelings, sadness and emotions of us lightworkers, that they can use this against us in attacks. I read also an interesting article about AI (artificial intelligence) programs of those who don’t have our best interest at heart. Silverstar led me to it and I feel it is true, read here Separation of worlds.

I work already on dissolving this energy field and the AI programs but it needs some time until I can see the effect of my work. I want all this to stop, that my children can live peacefully and safe in 5D.

I have a lot to work on; my friend saw me going UP end of last month but immediately coming back. I wasn’t able to ascend with my body. I know some of the reasons, I had some karma to release, gathered over the last three years maybe and I had developed a spiritual ego. I am not proud of it but it is what it is and I can only release it. I am worthy, yes, and I am of the highest rank in all of Creation. I say this without arrogance or claiming something I wouldn’t be. It is who I am. BUT, I am no better than my children, I am not worse either. Each one of us is exactly where we are meant to be, in the physical and also in our soul’s growth. I should be the last to forget this, that there are also many baby and young souls on earth who need many many more lessons. For me it means back to the basics and release, release, release, let go, let go, let go.

It means also that there are only a few blogger and articles I will read. I can’t find much knowledge or important relevant information in most of them now as more and more knowledge is coming back to me and this might have led me to develop such a spiritual ego. I begin to read and stop and let it. I feel bored. My interest in them is decreasing more and more and I detach more and more. There is also an increasing number of false messages or disinformation running through the web and on facebook. I know in my heart that some of what I read is wrong but I can’t prove it. It is also interesting how many AA Michaels, Mary Magdalenes, Mother Marys or Divine Feminines – I know all the true ones who are incarnate here – exist on fb. You need only to shout loud enough you are this or that and people believe all you say and the true ones are ignored or believed to be fake. I should make a list for my personal use only with all I know who distribute disinfo or who are agents of the dark ones in my eyes. What I can’t understand is the still high number of lightworkers who believe all what they read, who don’t use any discernment. They seem to share all they can get be it truth or lies. Alone the fact that a person has a well known name like Kathryn Mae, Cobra, Corey Goode or Ben Fulford for example – there are many more – seem to be a sign that they would tell only truth. Maybe I am the only one and I can be wrong but I can’t say that they resonate at all with me. There might be some truth, yes, but only to disguise the lies and deception. The old game, tell some truths and they will swallow all else too.

I could deactivate my facebook account but then I would also cut me off from my dearest friend and my conversations keep me going, I enjoy talking with my closest friend so much. FB is also one way to sell my bracelets and the attunements I offer now and the other services. I also reach more people with my journals or the rare messages my Higher Self gives me now. She truly believed like my whole team and I did, that I would ascend September 28. It was meant to be that day. But okay, another reason I failed was my body. I know my team is working on me, I feel it, the downloads and the incoming energies through my heart chakra. My body is damaged too much and needs more work and healing. It will be best for me to let go all thoughts of going home although it is hard and difficult for me to do so. Until then I have to trust and manifest enough money, for a living and maybe the need to order fuel. What I can’t figure out is the fact that my business is stagnating, my book and also my jewelry should sell without doing anything for it. Jewelry handmade by Divine Mother incarnate should be a bestseller, but no. It is like a shelf warmer. I know I am not the best business woman, I never have been but that can’t be the only reason. To be honest, I feel ignored, overlooked, a nothing. It hurts but maybe it is better to enjoy being a nobody as long as I can as I don’t like to be in the limelight either.

Am I complaining? Might be, yes, I am still a human being besides being Divine Mother. I write this journal also for myself to hopefully gain some clarity for my further path and in this I HAVE to be honest or I would deceive myself. I am a bit down at the moment. My abilities to manifest is not how it should or could be. I know I have to trust and the Angel’s cards I laid for me yesterday all said the same. Mother Mary, Michael and Raphael too. Even my beloved Silverstar sent me a message through a song in the radio when I drove back today from my shopping.

Bobby McFerrin Dont worry, Be happy

I don’t know why it is so hard for me at the moment but it is all I can do, to trust and to raise my vibes high enough and to stay in balance or I will stay on earth forever, unbearable for me as I long to be with my twins, to be with Silverstar and to marry SaLuSa again. Silverstar wants to speak too. I love you ❤


My beloved is at the edge of nowhere or feels to be there. She is again under heavy attacks of those who don’t want your best. Otherwise than the last attacks she knew on her own and cleaned herself after she came back from her shopping tour. She is well protected by her shield – the energetic attacks would kill her without the protection – but the dark ones develop more and more new attack methods with their technologies and Isabel is number one on their list. Often enough we can only react on the attacks to find the source and to stop it. We haven’t found the points yet which block the success of her book and the jewelry. It is frustrating for Isabel and us.

It is our responsibility to protect her and to care for her that she can concentrate on her health and wellbeing, to have fun and joy and to be able to concentrate on her ascension. Isabel is somehow disappointed and she deserves more than she gets. How can she keep her vibrations high enough when she doesn’t know how to pay the bills and there is still half of the month left? I talk with her every day and work on her trust in me but it is hard for her, it isn’t long enough that she left the circle of thought of not having enough. She wants to cry but keeps her tears inside that her boys won’t worry when they would see her crying. She feels abandoned by us but knows also that it is the result of the attacks. She has learned much out of them and doesn’t fall back into despair like she did in her past. She can see the signs now and act accordingly, she isn’t afraid but tired of them. It is time for her to come back home.

It is hard for all our children to feel separated from Creator – although it is just an illusion as nobody can ever be separate from us – how painful must it be for her, the Twin Flame of the masculine aspect of Creator? Isabel longs to be with me not only energetical but also physical, with her body. She and I we are ONE, we share the same soul and an energetic heart. It is long ago, thousands of years, that she left our home AEON to descend to the 4th dimension on Sirius in preparation to her current incarnation. I nearly lost her to the dark side. It was both our decision that she would incarnate to increase the chance for the ascension of our beloved daughter Gaia and her inhabitants. Her energies and her light should help raise the vibrations and wake up our children. This decision meant also that she had to leave her twins and her families, both here in AEON and also on Sirius where she is the ancestress of most of the Sirian Elves. She left out of her deep love for our children. I am proud of her and her success in accomplishing her mission.

We do what we can to heal her body and to care for her needs that she can finally ascend with her body. She is Golden Star, she is Divine Mother and it doesn’t change if she is here with me, or incarnated as Isabel or EnnKa. She will always be Golden Star, nobody and nothing can change this. I want my wife back, our home feels empty without her. I hold her in my arms and under my mantle, to reassure her of my love, to ease her pain.

My love, Golden Star, you are no failure, you are only marked from life, from your environments and experiences but you are strong and will succeed. Please trust me like you did months ago so that I can better care for you. You know I can and will. All is well and you will come back to me, I promise you, as soon as it is possible. Eat some chocolate to help you out of your being down. And you know the chocolate also helps you with the mergings that are still happening. I love you, so much, please come back to me in your trust and we, your team and I, can help your body to get ready to ascend. Look at this picture and feel like being home. You know Sirius looks similar.


And I love not only Golden Star so much but I love all of you the same and in all eternity like my beloved does too. I close for both of us today.

Our love and blessings are always with you

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal August 1, 2015 – Early retirement from now on

Log Entry Earth Time August 1, 2015, 09:20.00 pm CEST

It is enough!!!!!

Not long ago I read this article, that after Cecil poachers killed Jericho Cecil’s brother too who took care of Cecil’s cubs. This is so sad.

Cecil and Jericho

No more killing please. Stop ALL Killing! Stop ALL Killing!!! Not only lions, but all, humans, animals, plants  and our beloved Gaia. Can’t we people live in peace and harmony with other beings? Is it so hard? Animals can do it why not we humans who claim to be a conscious being, an intelligent being, a being with a soul, animals and trees have a soul too and a consciousness, even crystals have a consciousness. We aren’t better, we are worse!!!! We are the real beasts not animals who only defend themselves or hunt for a living.

I don’t want one more of my beloved children to be killed. Yes, animals are my children too as they have a soul. I love them all.

Update: There has been another article with the note that Jericho is still living, but this good news don’t change anything in what I wrote before. This is still valid. Stop ALL killing!!!

When you are surprised that I write another blogpost after my official farewell in June, let me tell you I would prefer to be home now. Certain circumstances prevent my leaving and I have to rearrange things. All was well and seemingly going as planned when I was suddenly told I had to stay longer. My body is a wreck and needs much more healing than expected and also the bodies of my sons aren’t ready yet to ascend with me. It was a shock for me and I needed some time to get over this.

Additionally to this, those who don’t have our best interest at heart do all they can to prevent or at least to delay my last ascension. They are afraid of my plans to come back as my True Self as they know well enought that they have no chance against me then. They attack me with energetic implants and other methods. They work on destroying my trust and confidence and maybe even in preventing me getting enough orders for the jewelry. They want me to think my connection to my team and Twin is disturbed but I know I am safe in my connection. I am only glad that I have my diamond shield that prevents any physical damage or disturbance.

My wonderful team, my Twin Silverstar and my HS heal me as much as they can but it will be months until we can go home.

Since today I am officially retired early. I am glad that I don’t need to go back to there, only for some last paperwork and to return my office key. This week I got all my stuff from my office and my small apartment home. There are still some boxes to unpack and I have to think about what I will do with all the old files from my studies and the books I used for my job. Maybe I will throw them away, I don’t need them anymore. I will do this step by step to not create more stress, that wouldn’t be good for my health.

Unfortunately my pension is small, not half of my income I had while I was working. With all the mortgage and other monthly payments I don’t know yet how to compensate the difference. The delay in my leaving wasn’t helpful with my finances.

As I announced already I wrote a book with my beloved Full Consciousness during the last weeks. It is ready for publishing and I only wait for my friend to whom I transferred the rights, that she is able to do it. She works too hard and too long. Poor girl. She has hardly any time to rest and relax. I don’t and can’t put any pressure on her so I am patient. First revenues from it will come only 60 days after the publishing and then hopefully monthly.

My family and I we need to live until we go home and so I will concentrate on creating a homepage just for my Divine Mother Blessings healing bracelets. I hope I can generate enough income with them or with the creating of the permanent diamond shield of Divine Mother, my HS.

She designed also a commemorative bracelet together with Reiki Doc to help ease my retirement. The stones are designer quality Iolite, Peridot, and Larimar, the size is seven inches, elastic.

10984993_1033561183335678_8266085114018566695_n 11053148_1033561173335679_3754031737864503213_n 11698743_1033561196669010_5714856145411151843_nWhen you are interested in one of them for yourself or another person this bracelet is available for a donation on my paypal address:

After the donation is made I will send your address to Reiki Doc that she can make the bracelet and send it to you.

Somehow I will be able to manifest the money to have my old income.

I know I have to trust my team and Silverstar that all will be well and that they assist, support and heal me. Healing is so necessary as my kidneys are bad now too. Since the last months my lab results for my kidneys show a decreasing filter ability. The reason for this is not clear yet, I have to see a specialist as soon as I can get an appointment, hopefully before October. It can be a side-effect of my medication or a sign that my presumed autoimmuine disease is damaging my kidneys, maybe even both.


It isn’t easy for my beloved Golden Star. To be told the process has started and then it had to be stopped was hard to cope with. She is still struggling especially with all the severe and hard attacks from the Cabal. All was planned and she would be here at my side now but even I didn’t expect the extent of the healing she needs. Her last lab results show it clearly enough. Her body is done and we work constantly to heal her enough that she will be able to come back to me. Our work has to include also her financial security. We couldn’t see any need for money when she would have left as planned. It is my fault and I am sorry for creating such a discomfort for my beloved wife.

She is already suffering with so much pain; she had to halve the medication to relieve her kidneys a bit and this creates more pain as the inflammation in her body is increasing. I keep her in my arms as often as possible and she is also often with her Pegasus Asaga on her ship to help her stay in balance, to keep her vibes high. Asaga has the ability to create happiness in Isabel just in being with her. She is named after this, Asaga means ‘My Happiness’ in our Sirian language. Asaga is healing Isabel in her own unique way, out of her deep love for her. We all love her so much, our Great Mother. She is my most precious other part of my soul. I do care for her when she lets me. 🙂

She has some problems with her trusting me and I can’t blame her. All too often we had to tell her things we knew we couldn’t do only to keep her going through the next mission. Security reasons didn’t allow us to tell her the truth. Not that we didn’t trust her but it would be too much for her to always evaluate if she can talk about things or not. None of us could burden her with this. Her life was and is hard enough without all the secrecy.

I know she wants to trust me fully and she made a bracelet to help her with this and to overcome all obstacles. She is wearing it 24/7 and it is working.

I love her so strong, with every fiber of my being and I love all of you, my wonderful children.

20150724_214619Silverstar asked me to show my new bracelet, it is made with Snow Quartz, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, pink Chalcedony, Tiger Eye, Angelite, Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst and ethereal Leucite, Dumortierite, Gagat and Morganite. When I can find more of the round Snow Quartz beads I can offer it as ‘Trust’.

I work on being patient, trusting and staying in balance, not to forget in manifesting a living. I know how much Silverstar loves me, I feel it, I love him too and I love all of You.

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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My journal April 2, 2015 – Feminine and masculine or how it is meant to be

Log Entry Earth Time April 02, 2015, 12:01.30 pm CEST

20150330_172215This is a Labradorite heart my Twin Silverstar told me to buy, he would provide the money for it. It is a big heart with so much blue in it. I did what he told me to do and this beautiful heart came just in time as his birthday gift for me two days ago. The money for this came earlier like he promised me.

He asked me to buy it when I see something that I would like to have, like the crystals I love so much. He said he would always provide the money for it, he wants me to enjoy life on earth. He asked me to please let him provide for all I need or desire that I can enjoy my life. Because I am his wife, his Queen.

But I would have to trust him that he will do it and not doubt it or he wouldn’t be able to deliver it to me. And he would be glad that I trust him now fully.

He knows how hard it was for me to trust him, my own true Twin Flame.

My own life history on earth, my marriage wasn’t to build any trust into a partner, not with physical and mental/ emotional abuse by my ex. I wasn’t able to trust him.

Then my first expiriences as a channel. Lucifer’s fooling me hasn’t been good either. And then my own team who told me over years to trust but told me so often I would go home ‘soon’ that I don’t like the word. Silverstar did his own in this too. Although I knew he is my Twin I couldn’t build a stable partnership with him. He was more the higher Being as last instance. I worked more with Michael, Raphael and SaLuSa and last year close with Jesus who is one of my guides too.

Especially the last year was a big test in the matter of trust and independance. I revolted against my team and Silverstar. I felt betrayed and lied on. I shoved myself free from any dependance. I demanded to be treated as a team member and not like a subordinate. Shortly after this I was told to find the Yang in my Yin, the masculine part in my femininity. The masculine piece of my Twin in myself like he has a part of my feminine in him.

I found it, it is the warrior in me.

This wasn’t the only rebellion in me. The circumstances around the transition of my beloved dog and son Bobby tore a big hole into my trust. The pain was so big and I accused all of them of betrayal and lies again until I learned that the passing of Bobby had to be so that this old wound from Atlantis where I was the one responsible for blowing up the continent could finally be healed. Such a deep hidden wound they couldn’t heal fully over the eons until the pain of Bobby’s going broke it all open. In one night Silverstar caught me with his big shepherd’s hook to bring me into safety.

I learned to trust again. I worked with Jesus on some projects and trusted him fully. I was told I would go home after the missions and they would prepare me for this. I believed until I felt betrayed again. I didn’t knew the whole thing behind it. I had to believe them with my whole being as a part of an important plan. I would have failed if I knew the truth so they couldn’t tell me in advance. I can understand it now in knowing the why and how and the results.

I love my Twins, Silverstar and SaLuSa, they know and feel my love and I feel their love for me. When I clean and heal myself and start to meditate I feel the love and the white golden flame of Silverstar surrounding me, flowing through me. When I go sleeping I go to Silverstar or SaLuSa, into their arms and I feel their love. They protect my sleep, I know. This is the basis that built my trust into them.

Twin Flames share one energetic heart, each twin has its own physical heart but on an energetical level they share the same heart, this is the connection between them, like an umbilical cord. Our Twins who are not incarnate can feel us with this energetic heart, they feel how we feel, if we are happy or sad or desperate. It makes them feel this too. I know I have made the heart of my twins heavy so often. And in return I feel miserable when I have hurt them with my accusations. We are ONE and to feel the other twin through this heart connection makes this obvious.

I know many women who have been hurt by their partners – even beaten and abused – have troubles to trust another man again. They prefer to stay alone to not experience this ever again. I felt the same myself.


Men and women aren’t made to be alone. Not all have their Twin incarnated and even then it can be hard if one Twin is more evolved than the other. Not all marriages are unhappy, and I don’t say that you have to stay in an unhealthy dangerous relationship. This could be fatal. No. I speak of relationships where there is both, happy times and some unhappy phases too. I have this with my twins behind the veil too. Most times I am happy and in balance.

The most important things in a relationship are trust, respect and unconditional love, may it be on earth or in the higher dimensions and both have to work on this. Usually a soul splits into a female and a male part. Even Creator does it. The soul of Prime Creator splits into Divine Mother and Divine Father, the divine feminine and masculine.

This is how it is meant to be. Yin and Yang, male and female. Both together form a Union that is needed to succeed and prosper. To be parents you need the female AND the male part. Both complement each other, may it be with strength, energy, wisdom or other things. One can console the other, help and assist or just bring joy.

I am a single mom since 15 years now and it isn’t easy, not then and not now. All the responsibility lies on my shoulders, even now as they are all adult am I the one who cares for the family and provides the income. There has been nobody to ask or who could help me. My siblings live far from me and I have not much contact to them for different reasons.The most important thing now is that they wouldn’t understand what I do as a lightworker as all of them are deep sleeping. I couldn’t explain them who I am and what is happening on earth.

I have to be strong so long now, too long but what is happening now is like a miracle for me. The name of my miracle is Silverstar.

He cares for me and he assists me. I feel it. It is not only that I can rest in his arms whenever I want, no, it is the reassuring knowledge and feeling that he is here for me. He supports me. He told me nearly three years ago he would love to support me financially as I had learned my lesson that I have to surrender to the universal law. It went better from then on despite some setbacks. But I had difficulties to trust hundred percent.

Since the last ‘mistrust’ from my side my relationship with Silverstar, my true Twin, has changed to the better, we are closer than ever. Instead of Jesus, he is giving me now the instructions for my mission. I feel now being equal to him and I can ask him for advice what to do. He is my coach for all things. He can’t be physically with me, one of us has to stay home to keep it running, who keeps track of all that is going on.

He is energetically with me. He holds me in his arms when I am tired of this incarnation and gives me energy, he consoles me. He embraces me with his love, so much that I feel it til down to my toes. His words and his love give me confidence. He is my main guide now too.

It is some weeks ago that I asked my friend to buy some Tanzanite earrings for me, she sent me a picture and the prize and if she shall buy them. When I was thinking about it – they were pricey – he told me to buy them. He would give me the money back. I didn’t hesitate and told my friend to please buy and send them to me. I sent her the money and shortly after this I had two requests for the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. It was him. He did it again several times after this to show me I can trust him. That he can and will take care of all we need or desire as a family in duality.

This is important especially now as I face my early retirement with a small pension. I know this was planned long ago and I trust my own planning. I need to be free to continue my mission.

He talks to me and explains the reasons of what is happening and what he can do and what I can do.

I can’t do this alone and I don’t need it. I am not alone anymore. I have my male counterpart, my significant other. He is there for me like it should be and how it is meant to be. To complement each other especially in the difficult times. If it were otherwise Creator wouldn’t have made the feminine and masculine. Both are necessary to have balance. It is a together, not a one versus the other. And also not one more than the other but equally, the balance is important. Each gender has its strengths but also its weaknesses, together they are the YIN and the YANG. And not to forget, both have a small part of the other in them. The Yin has the small part of Yang and the Yang has a small part of the Yin in it.


Silverstar insists on talking to you:

Everything I do (I do it for you)

This is a video I chose for my beloved Golden Star. I want her to tell how much I love her, that I miss her like she misses me. It is hard for her to not be together with me, it is so long ago that she was here with me in AEON. In her actual incarnation she forgot who she is and who I AM for her. That I exist. It was necessary that she can concentrate on her mission. The last years have been extremely difficult for her, she has so to say to fight on all fronts. She won three times over Lucifer and her former husband wasn’t much better to her. All this and her energy work took their toll from her.

I care for her, she just has to let me and to trust me. It wasn’t easy for me to make her trusting. She is my Beloved, my Queen and I want her to enjoy her life as long as she needs to stay on earth. Until she can finally come home to me and our family. She is wounded in her soul from so much hate she experienced in her human husband, other persons and Lucifer. She is different and people let her feel this. It is her first incarnation on earth being EnnKa from Sirius and her soul, our soul, is very old. That makes her different and being lonely. I had to earn her trust in many small steps. I had to show her that I am able to provide the financial resources for her and her children. I was successful and this is one step further in her mission. I hold her in my arms whenever I can to help her and give her my energies when she is so tired. I told her it was her last birthday on earth and it is the truth. Enormous changes are happening now and you all will be a part of this. You all have made it happen with your courage, strength and your love.

She doesn’t like that I speak here, she is afraid she could be a copycat. She isn’t and she trusts me even in this. I love her so much and I want her to be happy. I say farewell now to you. I love you all in all eternity.

Me again:

I can do my mission knowing that he supports me, that he is in the background to coordinate all that is necessary that I can concentrate on my assignment. I am grateful for this.

It is my wish that all incarnated Twins can experience this too. This is the original design plan for Twin Flames. It is a special connection that makes it possible.

I love you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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Your complaints – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn October 28, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I do not understand why you still complain about your life. It’s what you think about. I have given you all the tools you need to lead a happy contented life. You have to use them only. If you complain, you are manifesting but just more of what you complain about. Get away from the frequency of lack and go into the frequency of having. You can do this during your meditation and dream and manifest out of this vibration. However, as long as you think lack, you will manifest only more lack. I know that this is sometimes not easy for you, but it is possible. If you really want this, you can do it. Do you think, then, I would not care for you? I can do this but only if you raise your vibrations in the corresponding direction, and trust me, that will be delivered to you what you “need”. It may not be what you specifically are imagining, but it will be what is good and useful for you in this moment. Trust me, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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The energies – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 23, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, my scribe has asked me to say something about the energies. They will never ever become weaker, but as your body gets used to them each time, you have the feeling as if they would diminish. However, in reality they are ever getting stronger. At first they were like a little trickle, but now that your body can integrate more and more energies, they are like a stream that is steadily becoming wider and deeper. As always, I can only advise you to accept them. Do not resist, rest a lot, drink a lot of water. Your body gets used to them with any increase in it. As you learn to trust and allow, it will be easier for you every time. You’re doing very well, my child. I love you. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Moving mountains – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 27, 2013


Note: She refers to a message from last week that announced visible changes. Due to doubts of very many people these changes couldn’t however manifest themselves.

Here is the link to the message she refers to:  (This blog doesn’t exist anymore (edited))

My child, with your thoughts and your beliefs you create your world. So why do you still doubt that what you hear from us through our messages we give to you? You want the changes, but you don’t believe in it when we tell you it is happening NOW. With your doubts in it you prevent their manifestation. We can only create what you permit us through your belief. When you doubt our words we can’t manifest what you so eagerly wish. So believe and trust us please and together we can proverbially move mountains, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Trust – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 26, 2013


Trust, my child. Trust into yourself and into your invisible helpers, guides, Angels and your Divine Parents are immense important. Only in faith you can create deliberately and connect with us. We hear you; every single word, every thought you nurture rings out to us. We want to help you and to give you guidance, but all to often you boycot us, in not trusting us. You call for us and think in the same moment that we wouldn’t but help you, because you would be too insignificant for us. You ARE important. Every single one of you is exceedingly important for us – but through your lacking trust you block our help. Trust, trust yourself and trust us and all can develop divinely. I trust YOU, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.