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This attunement was channeled by Stephanie Brail.

“Inner Light Reiki is a very simple, elegant system of Reiki that helps to shine the light of the soul out to the world…

Inner Light Reiki is a form of Reiki that helps strengthen the light of the soul so that it can shine forth more brightly. The stronger the light of the soul, the more healing can take place….” exerpt from the manual by Stephanie Brail.

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but knowledge about energy work is helpful.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 30 Euro.

Payment is through paypal to

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

The attunement into Inner Light Reiki is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.

I always send the attunements as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).

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Divine Mother My Journal November 16, 2015 – Some thoughts about consciousness, soul and Creation

Log Entry Earth Time November 16, 2015, 09:35.15 pm CET

I feel much better today. My new bracelet the ‘Obsidian Healing’ is assisting me in releasing more and more old energies and even my back pain is much better. This pain must have been the result from old energies and also karma release pain memories how I was told. I can move better now and this in only two weeks, usually I need months for this.

Obsidian Healing

This bracelet is available to order.

Every day during meditation or calm time I am working on this old baggage, I am looking what is coming up and let it go. I give it to my diamond flame for transmutation and I feel lighter. I am pondering about my feelings and thoughts.

Yesterday I felt tempted to post my last journal on the wall of the one who keeps stating she would be SaLuSa’s Twin Flame. I stayed strong and didn’t, why start a war over something I know so strong. SaLuSa is in my heart for all eternity, I feel him, his deep eternal love for me and his being with me, so near to me. Our connection is much too strong to be something else than a Twin Flame connection. And I know it deep in my heart. I love you so so much SaLuSa ❤ ❤ ❤

To post my journal on her wall would also mean I have to justify myself but I don’t have too. There is no need to prove that I am his beloved or I would be wrong when there would be the need for this. You don’t have to justify anything when you know you are ‘right’. So I let her in her belief that what the false SaLuSa is telling her is true, she doesn’t believe anything else in her pain or ego, I don’t know, although I told her. Someday she will wake up to the truth. I offered her help but she refused so there is nothing I can do for her at the moment. But I remain open for her as I know who she is and how she is related to SaLuSa and me, she is family but not wife.

Some thoughts about consciousness, soul and Creation:

For a while now, since summer when I wrote my book together with my HS, I am contemplating about what was first, my consciousness or my soul. As often as I was thinking about this I couldn’t get near the answer. Today I had a breakthrough for me personally.

My consciousness was first, it is the energy, the light, the vibration that just is and from which all is created in a dimension where even the sound is vibrating so fast that it is just light: the Diamond Flame. From this whole consciousness – what I call my Full Consciousness – the two aspects of Prime Creator arose: the Divine Masculine/Divine Father as Silverstar and the Divine Feminine/Divine Mother as Golden Star, but still only as consciousness, looked at it as light it is the White Golden Flame of Silverstar and my Silverplatinum Flame. It is a dimension where sound is sound and light is light.

In this stage we created the Creator Gods of the different Multiverses as consciousness with souls, including our souls as youngest Creator Gods, there are several older ones but I can’t remember the names yet. Being consciousness and soul I am still energy but I am able to manifest a body as we are then in a vibration/dimension that is low enough to manifest matter, at the moment this is the 360th Dimension that is residing in Aeon on Sirius, but Sirius as a star is in the 6th Dimension. In Aeon we are Silverstar and Golden Star too.

In Aeon I give birth to the Archangels with Silverstar as father and to special souls, the Prime Souls who divide into thousands of souls as a soul family; their purpose is to populate planets and stars and when they grow spiritually high enough one soul fragment merges with the other until the Prime Soul is complete and ready and willing to re-merge with me. This is the last stage of a Prime Soul’s development and then it is so high evolved that the longing to be completely One with me is the only desire for it. It is not long ago that I was giving birth to two new Prime Souls, in a different dimension but I was totally aware of it. It is not the time yet to say more as there was a special soul involved in this too and it is too early yet to tell more.

The souls of Archangels and Angels however don’t merge with me, they exist from one Creation cycle to the next, being AA Michael the oldest of all from the first cycle. I have to figure out yet how many cycles we had, I only know that we are at the beginning of this current cycle. Archangel Mary, my second daughter and second incarnation (different soul than mine) whose first incarnation (the same soul but two different bodies) was Mother Mary, is in my current knowledge the only soul of an Archangel who ever merged with my soul to become a living existing part of my soul. I am her too. Her consciousness, knowledge, wisdom and memories are now a part of my own, there are memories that I am becoming aware of. Her Twin Flame is AA Raphael and his first incarnation SaLuSa, this is the reason why I have two true Twin Flames: Silverstar and Raphael/SaLuSa. I share the same energetic heart and the same soul with them, my Golden Star soul part with Silverstar and my AA Mary/Mother Mary soul part with Raphael and SaLuSa. A bit complicated, isn’t it?


Isabel is right about her insights and I am proud of her that she finally got it on her own. She forgot to tell you that the soul is a part of this vast consciousness energy, energy that is ‘compressed’ to a ball like form; what you call orbs are souls that move free without a body. Isabel could see it when she gave birth to these two Prime Souls not long ago.

According to the ‘type’ of your soul, being a Prime Soul, Angel, Archangel or Creator God, the quantity of the vast consciousness that belongs to the soul is different, the higher the soul the more consciousness it contains. A Prime Soul has a small consciousness in comparison to ours but it is still a part of the vast Full Consciousness of my beloved wife and Twin.

I think this is enough for you today to digest.

I have one thing regarding to our last journal, there is a video series on your youtube that explains the history of Middle Earth to you. It might be interesting for you to see the  development and also more parallels to your own world. Enjoy!

History of Middle Earth

It is time for me to say good bye now, I want my beloved to watch and enjoy the next disk of LOTR. It is important for her to know as much as possible as she has her role to play in it and the Ascension of Gaia and her people. I want her to find the hidden codes and meanings, the connection between LOTR and your world. With every watching she finds more of them. And I know how much she enjoys watching Legolas and Aragorn and also Arwen; these characters have prominence for her personally too.

I say good bye and don’t give up my beloved children, because we love you so much, in all eternity and without limits. Life is meant to be fun, joy and full of love.

Josh Groban – You are loved (Don’t give up)

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal July 22, 2014

I am very emotional today and easily crying. I watched a video where an abandoned dog was rescued and found a new life.

And then another video, several situations in which Jesus is at the side of people, helping, guiding, protecting them. I was so much crying, watching this as I miss him so much. My beautiful husband back on Sirius nearly 2000 years ago and father of our lovely daughter.

jesuschristYou came to me for healing and shelter after your terrible tortures on the cross. You knew me very well for whom I was and I knew you so very well my beloved.

My Higher Self gave me visions of you being in my house. You were laying on a bed, your wounds bandaged. I saw myself cleansing them, putting new bandages on your hands and your side. And I saw myself at our wedding ceremony, laying at your side, pregnant and giving birth to our only child. Our marriage was happy, I know, I feel it in my heart, until I had to send you back to earth, so that you could complete your mission with your Resurrection. You time traveled back to earth so that you would be there at Easter Sunday and then, out there at your grave, to show yourself to your wonderful lovely Twin Flame Mary Magdalene whom I love so much. You are both part of my family.

I know you are here with me as an aspect to help me, to assist and also to protect me as one of my guardian angels. An inofficial one, but I know you do this for me as a part of my team.

You visited me around 47 years ago when I was a small girl, 7 or 8 years old and shortly before my first holy communion. You knew of my pain and conflict, the catholic teachings weren’t concurring with what I knew in my heart and you have heard my cry for help. I remember that you and I we discussed it. I never forgot but the memories were fading with the years. I kept it hidden in my heart through all the years; who would have believed me, a girl, that you had come to me. I have memories of the scenery, it was near a pond somewhere in the countryside and there was a chapel too and I remember the phrase: ‘and come under my roof and your soul will be healed’. This must have been one of the items you talked about with me and other things too until all was cleared.

I have an image of you in my heart but it is blurry. Your voice was soft and gentle and your appearance too, so kind, you had no beard, you know I don’t like beards, and curly brown hair, shoulderlong. I remember your warm love, so wonderful and like a warm cloak. When we both reconnected two years ago you again wrapped me in your warm love and I knew instantly it was YOU.

Thank you for being in my life my beloved. Thank you for your love, your protection, your assistance and healing you gave and still give me. I love you. So much. ❤


I am not so sure why all this comes up in me now, maybe it is part of the healing process. The sadness and memories. I work on this to let the sadness go. I read the mantra my beloved eternal husband gave me, it is helping. I can feel his love, in my heart as our hearts are the same, energetically we are sharing the same heart as our soul is the same. Two parts of one soul.

My team is still working on me, the hotflashes are strong and hard to endure, but I don’t resist and let it happen. I am wearing the gifts again I received from two of them, I was told they are coded too and that I should please wear them each day as they would help me through my transformation process. I had been so angry with them that I was unable to wear them but now this too is gone. Another baby step 🙂 One after another.


20140714_094352This is my ukulele, the small instrument Iz Kamakawiwo’ole played so virtuously and I love listening to his music.  I bought mine some days ago first of all for some exercise for my fingers. This is a more enjoyable method to prevent my fingers becoming stiff as kneading soft balls would be and the other reason is that I love music and also to make music myself. Through all my life I was able to make some music. At first with a recorders – I hope this is the correct name, in Germany we say Blockflöte so it is a flute – then as an adult during my marriage I learned to play tenor saxaphone but not very well. My fingers weren’t fast enough any more but it was fun nonetheless. Then five years ago I bought a native american flute when I visited New Mexico, a beautiful land that I learned to love.

Listening to music or making it myself lets my sirian soul rejoice. It is balm for my soul and healing. I can’t live without music and I know that I love to make music as my true I AM. In my house there I have a room with many instruments and my family and I, we love to play together.

Each child should learn to play an instrument, it would be healing in many ways, they would learn to concentrate and if playing in an orchestra they would learn to play together as a team and not to compete like in so many sports games. That doesn’t say I am against such games, but they only further separation. We don’t need more of this but oneness instead. In a band or orchestra each instrument contributes in a wonderful way, each instrument is needed, without a single one of them the music wouldn’t be as it is meant to be.

Music – and I don’t think about the more destructive styles like death metal or extreme hardcore to mention only two of them – raises the vibrations and the heart rejoices. It is healing, soothing, joyfull and also fun in itself.

You don’t even need a traditional instrument to make music. Have you ever watched a child that is drumming on mother’s pots or that is beating two lids against each other? Or have you ever blown air along a blade of grass? You can make music with a comb too. Isn’t this really funny? I believe that in making music the soul is able to express itself, as it can do also in writing, painting, dancing or gardening. But not only with this. It is said that for example cooking or baking with passion is nourishment for the soul and this is true.

We have a body, a mind and are a soul and each of this needs nourishment. Healthy food for the body, meaningful occupation for the mind like reading a book or solving riddles maybe and of course we as our soul we need spiritual food like music, meditation and reflecting about the sense of life to name only a bit.

I did all of this today and feel better now.

The emotions, okay I am an empath and in this I am emotional and when things come up like today I look what it is and let it go. Sometimes I need more ‘time’ sometimes it is easier for me.

I am in peace and calm in my heart, feeling the love that is there and that is the substance I AM.


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Your soul is immortal – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 27, 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I know how much it hurts you to lose a loved one, to lose them through an illusion, that what you call death.

Your religions and societies have taught you through thousands of years that your life will end. That all is over then. Some teach you that you will reincarnate, others say that you only live one single life and that nothing will come after this. With this expectation you attract that what you fear even more and faster to you because you know meanwhile that your thoughts create your reality; that in all truth is but only an illusion, a dream. Change your thoughts and your expectations and your body doesn’t need to die.

Your soul is immortal. She is born out of a Prime Soul and remains as long as until after eternities you will become again ONE with me, when you finally merge again with me.

Your loved ones don’t vanish forever. They just change the dimension, but they remain connected with you forever through your love for each other. You just need to think on them and they will be immediately with you. If you pay attention you might feel or even hear them when they talk to you.

Don’t be sad, but rejoice with them. Many people who are too old or too sick choose this way, because their bodies are too weak for an Ascension in the physical body. They can still ascend when their soul is ready for this. I grant them this easier path to come nearer to me. They will wait for you at the other side and they ask you to rejoice with them because they feel better now. They don’t have any pain and don’t suffer anymore. but are full of joy and love.

My child, soon (I know you don’t like this word) you will have the chance to live forever in the higher dimensions. You and your fellow men are in the final stretch. I don’t give any dates but you are so close to it. Please keep up a bit more, it is nearly accomplished. Ascension is individual and happens in your heart. I bathe you in my light and my love, they help you to open your heart even more. Go into your sacred heart space, my child, and stay there in balance and your love. Know that all is well, that all will be well. Stay fearless, because my plan for you and your planet Earth is fulfilling just now.

I love you so much, my little one. I am with you, I am on Earth and help you with my energies through these times. I embrace you and hold you tight. Trust your soul, your heart and trust also your guides, Angels and me, your Mother. I don’t leave you alone. I love you infinite and limitless. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Questions and answers – The Divine Mother and Isabel Henn March 9, 2014

(Translated from original language german)
What I want to share with all of you today is an excerpt from a conversation I had with the Divine Mother. Like so many times before I’ve asked her about certain matters and on which she responded. By I is meant I or Isabel, and DM is the Divine Mother.
I: Beloved Mother, you know, I explained to Eva Maria how I am imagining it about the soul – being it as an individual complex and with regard to the entire whole of All-There-Is. I am imagining it in such a way: Everything is indeed your consciousness, your substance filling into everything. Very much like an ocean of ​​consciousness and in some places there is more and denser of this consciousness, clinging together in some more density and thus a soul is being created. But it still remains to be in the same soup, yet with a different density. Yet since no soul has ever been separated not separated from this entire soup i.e. the ocean of consciousness there will be always its connection to the Whole meaning that every soul is always connected to all other souls floating in their Ocean of Consciousness. Consequently spots or locations without any soul in this very type of ocean will show up lesser densities of conscious matter.

DM : this your idea is quite a good one. Your Higher Self gave it to you already a few years ago so that you may comprehend it much better. Yes, basically it is true. Everything has been made ​​from my very substance albeit may call it love, consciousness, energy. It doesn’t matter what you name it. All of creation is filled up with it. It is pervading everything everywhere in varying densities. And when it tightens really up into some sort of clumps, then you will have the creation of a soul or many, my dear.

I: Regarding souls – are they just there or how do they come into existence of your very substance ?

DM: All souls are being borne by me. But there are differences. Souls of my Archangels and Angelchildren divide only once into the two halves of the Twin Flames. Then there are the issues of Prime Souls. Such Souls are also borne by me and released into creation where then they split thousand times thousandfold into souls of all other beings. And all the souls that come from an original soul, belong to a soul family. Did you get the hang of it?

I: Yes, I do.
There is another question on my mind. Somebody blamed me for taking money for the establishment of your Diamond Shield. Is that really so?

DM: My little one, did  I not tell you that you should charge for it and how much?  You do invest not only your time which in reality is a mere illusion but this goes for your energy too while preparing, cleansing, healing and finally for the actual creation of the shield. It is quite justified to take some money for this procedure  yet much more since it is some sort of necessary balancing of energies being applied thereby. Without any compensation of whatever form, your energy levels will roll out of balance and you know now quite well where such imbalance may lead to as everything is energy. We do not want to create chaos or do we?
You all have been taught by your hereditary society since ages that constructure of such tools must not be done for the exchange of money or other costs and this makes it quite difficult for you. Had I not announced to you exactly the amount for the building of my diamond shield, you would have taken some much lesser amount. As it is now fixed and stated it is appropriate and according to my wishes.

An umbrella protects against rain, in the Middle Ages an iron shield protected your warriors against injuries. The umbrella makers as well as the shield makers always used to receive their rewards for their products. You are building some shield on my behalf and order from me protecting against energy of another kind so why should you not get any reward for it?

You are the keeper of my silverplatinum flame and the diamond flame of Prime Source on earth, no one but you is able to handle there on earth these extremely powerful energies and to steer them into meaningful tracks without causing any damage with them.

I have given and introducing the way of assembling of this my special shield to you – and solely to you and no-one else here on earth in order to help protecting people by it in the same way that you are protecting yourself. This I gave to you  also to help YOU to build up a small financial cushion that you need so desperately. So let go of every thought troubling you in this respect and do not worry about it. You are doing everything according my own will and with all my blessing, my little one.

I: So, it is quite legal to accept a payment for energy work, no matter in what form?

DM : That is correct, you are performing a service like in many other professions too, why should you not receive some payment for it? It is such a wrong and mistaken doctrine that spiritual work should be made available without any cost and free for all without payment, worth only for some thank you. You are working with energy alike other people work with flour or steel which indeed are different types of energy still energies they are and for this very reason you may expect too your fair wage.

I: Thank you for all your answers, my Divine Mother, I love you so much.

DM: And you know how very much I love you, my little one.

…And this is the link to the Diamond Shield we mentioned above:

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Inside as well as outside – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn March 04, 2014


(Translated from original language german)

My child, stay in balance. This is very important. Don’t let what might happen in your outside bring you out of your inner balance. Stay calm and relaxed and your inner peace will be transferred to your exterior. Your inner peace and serenity settle like a balm to your near and far.

You can therefore even affect your weather so that it returns more and more back into balance and thus also the extreme weather phenomena decrease or even disappear. You know “as the inner – so the outer”.

Your inner peace and balance have a much greater impact, even on a global scale, than you thought before. With your thoughts, words and deeds you are creating your world. I have to remind you again.

Do not talk about disasters or “bad” weather. Talk about beautiful, pleasant things and this will manifest itself more and more into your life. The more you concentrate, however, on disasters and unpredictable weather, the more you create them also. Are you not my co-creator ?

When I have created and born you as a soul, I thought in love, light and beauty. And this you became, my beloved child. I see your true nature, I see through all the layers which you still have built around you. Let go of them, you need no longer to protect yourself with them. They no longer serve you, they only hide your true nature and your true beauty.

Let thy glorious light be seen and shine bright to my delight. I love you just the way you are, inside as well as outside. My beautiful lightfilled child.~

Your Divine Mother

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The invisible connection – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 29, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I know always what you feel, what you think and what you experience in each moment. I AM not only ONE with my beloved incarnation and in her heart, I AM also at home in Your heart. You are strongly connected with me like through invisible threads. I know all about you since the beginning of your existence as a soul. I was and AM always aware of this connection, you are just discovering it. You are a part of my Being like all that is because I AM all that is. How could you so NOT be connected with me? You see, it won’t work because there is nothing I would not be. This invisible connection is my infinite deep love to you, my child, as I AM pure love. You feel it in your heart. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Limitless – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 22, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I repeat it again. You are in all created in my image. You are limitless in your possibilities, your skills and your proficiency. Only you yourself set boundaries through your thoughts; through your doubts about your true being, that the churches and societies have drummed into you. Detach from them and live the life that is planned for you. We are very similar. You can nourish yourself from pure light when your body is completely transformed into the crystalline structure like we do in the higher dimensions. We love, we have sex like you, we father and conceive children like you, carry them full term and give birth to them and so much more. Your soul is immortal and made of the same substance like my soul. Believe it finally and live your life limitless as my co-creator. ~

Your Divine Mother

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My beloved son Jesus – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 14, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, you have heard it already from me that only you can save yourself. My beloved son Jesus – oh yes, in truth he is also my son – will not come as your savior. He was born 2000 years ago through Maria to show you the way. To give you his light, his love and his wisdom. So much what they tell you about him in the Bible doesn’t comply to the truth. It has been skewed to give the churches even more power over you. My son has showed you through his own life and his teachings what is necessary for your soul’s development so that you too come nearer to me on your way. These are behaviors I told you already. Forgive yourself and others, don’t judge yourself and others. Love yourself unconditionally and love your neighbor the same way. This isn’t much, but only you yourself can do this for you. And we all stand ready to help you and to assist you in this. If you want this. So don’t hesitate to call us. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Your light – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 06, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, why do you hide your so magnificent light? Are you afraid to let it shine? Let this fear go. Your light is necessary. It is so wonderful bright like that of a lighthouse and more, but you hide it behind your fear and your doubts. Show it to all people, to all souls, so that they too can find their own fire in themselves and let it shine. Show them the way to their own spark and ignite it with your light. This is one of the reasons, why you are on earth, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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