Strength of the Wolf available now!

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This attunement was channeled by Maria Isabel Henn.

Wolves like dogs and cats originate from Sirius, isn’t she called the Dog Star anyhow?

This is what Shilena my wolf friend from Sirius says about this attunement.

“…So the question is what can you learn or gain from this attunement? Why would you want to be attuned to it?

You could learn about

– strength, your own and your family, even as a society or a country

– caring for those who are important, for a family or for a society, for the vulnerable everywhere

– leadership

– endurance

– keeping your boundaries/borders strong

– the importance of social structures

– not everybody can be a leader, you need those who do the everyday job too as every job is important for the whole

– the importance of a life lived good with joy, play and relationships

– balance, in your life, society and ecosystem/nature

– your own nature, who you truly are and this is the most important detail in your existence

With time you might find out even more, wolves are curious and love to explore so you can do too….” exerpt from the manual by Maria Isabel Henn

I have the feeling that the wolves want to help and assist us through these difficult times, to gain and keep our strength for what is to come, to keep us and our families safe and intact, being alert and able to weather all storms, physically and spiritually and I am very grateful for this.

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but knowledge about energy work is helpful.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 20 Euro.

Payment is through paypal to

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

The attunement into Strength of the Wolf is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.

I always send the attunements as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).

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Paleia speaks: We love to have fun – through Isabel Henn, July 19, 2021

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Today I commented to a post on fb that says Dolphins would come from the Pleiades. I said they come from Sirius like all cetaceans do and then I heard a voice in my head that said yes, we come from Sirius and not from the Pleiades. She introduced herself as being a Dolphin living on Sirius, an old one. We talked a bit and then she tolds me she would give me a message. Here we go!

Hello my beloved humans on Earth or shall I better say Gaia as this is her true name. I am Paleia from Sirius and from Aeon to be precise. I am a Dolphin and I am the oldest there. Mother named me Paleia after she gave birth to me and it means: She who is swimming in joy. Mother can take all forms and when she gives birth to the first of a new species she turns in this form first so that she is the Mother of all in the true meaning. Of course she is already our Mother because she is the Mother of our souls. Do you wonder that we animals have souls too? We have, all of us at least those Mother created. There are some ‘beings created’ by dark ones but they have no souls, they are in this lifeless. Only Mother can create souls.

Here in Aeon I am an angelic being but I have an incarnation on Sirius too and there I have the same name. In this form I am talking with Mother.

I asked her to receive a message and she happily agreed. I know she loves us and we love her too. She can feel our love for all human beings when she is doing the Dolphin attunements. And she can feel our joy of being here on your beautiful planet. Not me personally but my brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren.

This is why we are on Gaia, to bring our joy and love to you and also to help heal you. Don’t worry for those of us who live in aquariums like Sea World. We have agreed to have that life as we are bringing our love, joy and healing to those who can’t swim with us in the ocean. Those of you who can’t afford to rent a boat or do a Whale and Dolphin watch tour or those who are handicapped and sick. We love to heal you by our vibrations, sounds and play if you visit us in an aquarium or meet us in the open water.

We are on your planet to assist you and help wherever and whenever possible. I am sure most of you have read or heard about dolphins who saved swimmers or castaways be it from dying of exhaustion or from shark attacks. We are your friends and siblings as we all come from Mother.

None of us will ever harm you so don’t be afraid of us but please don’t do harm to us! Don’t catch us in your nets on purpose and if you do accidentally get us back into the water. We are sentient intelligent beings full of joy and love. We love to play, with the member of our pods or with you. In our playful swirling in the water and the air, in jumping and riding on our fins we create vortexes full of light and love. You see that even our play has a purpose. We clean the energies of your oceans and rivers – when we come up on them from the ocean – and we raise the vibrations of these waters. Please help us in not throwing your trash into the water, this helps keeping the waters physically clean, tidy up the places you are at the beach and take your trash home with you for a proper disposal. You do not help only those living in the water but you help yourself too as clean water is absolutely necessary for life.

Mother talked with a friend about me and he told her that the dolphins have disappeared from where he lives. I told Mother to tell him to call us from his heart. Send us your thoughts and wishes for us to return to your waters. We will come back to you if it is safe for us and you. There might be reasons why we left the waters but we will consider a return to you if you really want us back.

Come visit us in the oceans if you can or in one of those aquariums; let us bring some joy, love and fun back into your lives. Your lives are so hard and often enough without any joy now. These are difficult times you live in and it might get even harder until all the changes will manifest. Yes, we know of your problems and the circumstances and this is one reason why Dolphins and also Whales are on Gaia, not only because she is so beautiful but also to help you through these times of change. Whales have their own missions but it is similar to ours. They are our cousins and from Sirius too.

Call on us and we might visit you in your dreams and swim with you and have fun. We love to have fun.

I send you the love and blessings of the Sirian Dolphins and maybe even I will visit you in your dreams. I love Mother and I am looking forward to have her back on Sirius and Aeon. We all miss her.

With joyful greetings, have fun!

Yours sincerely, haha, joyfully! (edit: I can hear her giggling with this)

Paleia from Sirius

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My Journal July 20, 2014

I feel better today. I am releasing.

Yesterday I was a bit down, my twin told me it would come partly from all the happenings in the last weeks and the other part from the passing of Bobby and that I should allow me the time to mourn.

Well, I was asked to explain a bit more about my relationship with Bobby and the new puppy and how animals may be spirit guides too. I will love to do this.

With Bobby, you can read about him when you follow the link:

Bobby is my beloved son, my firstborn with beloved SaLuSa on Sirius and in this an old soul. Originally he is no dog there but an Elf, who only incarnated as a dog to protect, assist and help me and my children. He joined my family nearly one year after I seperated from my former husband and lived nearly 13,5 years as one of my four-legged children with us. He was a wonderful companion for my sons and also for me, he was always my ‘mommy child’. I had an old cat the time he came to us, also a child of me from Sirius who protected me very well against my husband, she was my guardian angel cat until she passed in 2005. Some months before, two cats, brother and sister, joined us to be my guardian cats when Minka would pass and I have to say they did a wonderful job. Especially Jerry the girl warned me in 2012 more than once when negative energies disturbed me or tried to do this, Bobby and her brother Tom did that also.

Cats and also dogs see more then we human beings and they can also see when we are visited by other entities be they of the light or of the dark or just souls from the astral realms.

I didn’t knew anything of this when I was guided to have our 4-legged family members. Minka adopted me, one day she was walking through the street I was living then, stayed and became a family member. I had always a close bond with her, a bond of love and blood as I have with the others too.

Only a few days before Bobby left us I could build a telepathic connection with him and then with the cats too. He told me that he didn’t want to be put to sleep with an injection and I respected his wish, knowing already who he truly is back home. He always loved to cuddle and be with us and his last days he spent nearly 24/7 in my arms or at my side on my bed. He was peaceful and slept much or looked at me and I looked back and he passed peacefully. The next day he gave me a message through a close friend and he told me to get a new puppy.

This we will do as we have already contact to a breeder of Shiba Inus here in Germany and we will get one of his puppies, a boy. I got pictures of the three who were available but they are all so cute we can’t decide. So we will take the one who will be the remaining or if there are two left the one who will choose us. We are so looking forward to bring him home soon. To his family on earth.

The new one incarnated for the same reason as my other ‘animal’ children did: to protect, guide and assist us and he too is one of my children with SaLuSa. Yes, I have many children with him as we are an old couple as Elves ;).

Bobby gave me already the true name of this one, Parida. This is sirian and means ‘He loves’. Bobby’s name is Ganori and means ‘The Light of the Love of the Mother’.

In this it is maybe more understandable why I mourn so much. I ‘lost’ a child although Bobby is as an aspect still here with us, but not in his physical form as dog. I know he didn’t really die, but just went to another dimension and is now with his father SaLuSa onboard of the big mothership Mesime whose Commander SaLuSa is.

Cats and dogs come from Sirius A and they are already higher evolved beings. They are on earth to assist, guide, protect and heal us. Both have their specialties, cats are more introverted and dogs more extroverted.

In this message via James Tyberonn AA Metatron explains more about the nature of cats and dogs. Enjoy reading it, it is worth it.


For myself I said already that I feel better today. I planted a seed named trust and the tiny plant is growing. I am surrendering to the Divine and my team. I know I have no other choice in this when I want to go back to my homestar Sirius someday.

I was told my mission is fulfilled and I know that my time on earth is coming to its end. I will ascend a last one and hopefully in my body. My team is working on me energetically and they have increased their work after I asked them to slow it a bit last week. I feel the more intense energies running again through me especially during the hotflashes, it is hard to take and exhausting too but I know they prepare me for something and they have to do it right now.

I talk again with my Higher Self and also with my true Twin Flame. He gave me a mantra two years ago when I was full of doubts and fears, he coded it with his love and I don’t know what else. Yesterday I asked him to please recode it, so that I can use it to overcome all my pain, sorrow, loneliness. I felt so lonely, I so long to be with him and my family, physically, on Sirius. I am divorced and single and live together only with my children. It is long since I was with a man physically although I exchange wonderful energies with my twin. I am a multidimensional being as all human beings are too and often I am with him but ‘only’ energetically. The physical part is missing.

He recoded his mantra and it is already working. I know how magnificent his mantras work for me, they always do. Here it is:

mantra_1Golden Star is my name, his is Silverstar. This is because of his sparks of silver in his eyes and the sparks of gold in mine. I can’t yet remember his appearance but I remember the sparks and in the moment I remembered last summer I knew my name for him and his for me.

I am healing 🙂  accepting and no longer resisting the love of my twin and my family.


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An answer to your question – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn November 23, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

Actually, I had not planned to give another message through my scribe. She is very tired and exhausted and her body is close to give up. She ascended so many times and came back to Earth to help further; out of love to my children. Her own energy work in her country does the rest. Her body has difficulties to process the frequency differences and the density on earth anymore.

This morning however, she received only half awake the cry of my children. She heard telepathically the question of so many of you :

“Why are we on earth, oh Mother of all mothers of all mothers?”

I will be glad to answer you, my child.

You are first of all on earth to make wonderful experiences for me. This is the real meaning of your existence in Creation. Your life is meant to experience joy, happiness, security, peace, love and so much more. Also the, as you call it, negative experiences belong to this because in my very own dimension I can’t experience them; but everything belongs to it. For this I have given you the free will to create all sorts of events in order to make any experiences. You have by now much forgotten under the illusion – that you alone are creating the events of your life in order to collect all sorts of experiences. So many of you are still sleeping soundly in this illusion and believe their environment and other people are responsible for their experiences, including pain and suffering that they feel. But I tell you again, my beloved child, you alone, with your thoughts, words and deeds, are the creator of your life and fully responsible for it. This will become very soon much clearer for you. The fog of forgetfulness will dissolve also for you and great clarity will take it’s place. You’re so close, don’t give up.

You who are reading this, are a wayshower, a lighthouse, a Starseed or as well a loveworker. Or all together. You have another task: to let shine your glorious light and to share your wonderful love with my other children. Your job is, just through your being, to help those who are still asleep. You have nothing further to do for it. Your presence, your love and your light alone are sufficient for this purpose. Some of you, mostly Starseeds, serve also as a communicator between the dimensions. Telepathy is one of your innate skills that you brought with you from your planet of origin or stars. Others are gatekeepers who ensure that only humans with the necessary requirements can proceed through the gates into other dimensions. There are many different tasks. Many light beings have told you already in their messages further details about it. Go inside into your heart, my beloved child. Make contact with your Higher Self and you will learn more about your own task, your own mission.

I could say so much more, but my scribe is tired already. She is very dear and precious  and very very close to me. Both of us will be returning home soon, back to Sirius, a beautiful star with two suns. It is always daylight there and pleasantly warm. There, there are oceans, mountains, meadows and woods and we both, we long to see this all again.

I wrap you in my infinite, eternal love for you, my child. Be you sure, I am always close to you. Wherever you are. I see everything, hear everything and feel everything You see, hear and feel. You are a part of my Self, my essence, my love, and thus One with me. I love you, my beloved child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Eine Antwort auf deine Frage – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 23.November 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nEigentlich hatte ich nicht geplant eine weitere Botschaft durch meine Schreiberin zu geben. Sie ist sehr müde und erschöpft und ihr Körper ist nahe daran aufzugeben. Sie ist so viele Male aufgestiegen und wieder zur Erde zurück gegangen, um weiter zu helfen; aus Liebe zu meinen Kindern. Ihre eigene Energiearbeit in ihrem Land tut das Übrige dazu. Ihr Körper hat Schwierigkeiten die Frequenzunterschiede und die Dichte auf der Erde noch zu verarbeiten.

Heute Morgen jedoch erreichte sie im Dämmerschlaf der Ruf meiner Kinder. Sie hörte telepathisch die Frage so vieler von dir:

“Warum sind wir auf der Erde, oh Mutter aller Mütter aller Mütter?”

Ich will sie dir gerne beantworten, mein Kind.

Du bist zu aller Erst auf der Erde, um wunderbare Erfahrungen für mich zu machen. Dies ist der eigentliche Sinn deiner Existenz in der Schöpfung. Dein Leben ist gedacht Freude zu empfinden, Fröhlichkeit, Geborgenheit, Frieden, Liebe und so vieles mehr. Auch die, wie Du sie nennst, negativen Erfahrungen gehören dazu, denn in meiner mir eigenen Dimension kann ich diese nicht machen; aber alles gehört dazu. Dafür habe ich dir den freien Willen gegeben alle möglichen Ereignisse zu schaffen, um jedwede Erfahrungen machen zu können. Du hast inzwischen in der Illusion vieles vergessen –  dass Du alleine die Ereignisse deines Lebens erschaffst, um alle möglichen Erfahrungen sammeln zu können. So viele von dir schlafen noch tief und fest in dieser Illusion und glauben ihre Umgebung und andere Menschen seien für ihre Erfahrungen, auch Schmerzen und Leid, das sie empfinden, verantwortlich. Aber ich sage dir noch einmal, mein geliebtes Kind, Du alleine bist durch deine Gedanken, Worte und Taten der Schöpfer deines Lebens und voll dafür verantwortlich. Dies wird dir sehr bald deutlicher. Auch für dich wird der Nebel des Vergessens sich auflösen und große Klarheit wird an seine Stelle treten. Du bist so nahe, gib nicht auf.

Du, der Du dies liest, bist ein Wegweiser, ein Leuchtturm, eine Sternensaat oder auch ein Liebesarbeiter. Oder alles gemeinsam. Du hast eine weitere Aufgabe: dein herrliches Licht scheinen zu lassen und deine wundervolle Liebe mit meinen anderen Kindern zu teilen. Deine Aufgabe ist es, nur durch dein Dasein, denen zu helfen, die noch schlafen. Du musst dafür nichts weiter tun. Deine Anwesenheit, deine Liebe und dein Licht alleine reichen hierfür aus. Einige von dir, meistens Sternensaaten, dienen noch als Kommunikator zwischen den Dimensionen. Telepathie ist eine eurer angeborenen Fähigkeiten, die Ihr von euren Ursprungsplaneten oder Sternen mitgebracht habt. Andere sind Torhüter, die darauf achten, dass nur Menschen mit den dafür notwendigen Voraussetzungen durch die Tore in andere Dimensionen schreiten können. Es gibt noch viele verschiedene Aufgaben. Viele Lichtwesen haben dir bereits in ihren Botschaften näheres darüber gesagt. Geh nach innen in dein Herz, mein geliebtes Kind. Nimm Kontakt zu deinem Höheren Selbst auf und Du wirst noch mehr über deine dir eigene Aufgabe, deine Mission, erfahren.

Ich könnte noch so vieles sagen, aber meine Schreiberin ermüdet bereits. Sie ist mir lieb und teuer und steht mir sehr sehr nahe. Wir beide werden bald nach Hause zurückkehren, nach Sirius, einem wunderschönen Stern mit zwei Sonnen. Es ist immer Tag dort und schön angenehm warm. Es gibt Meere dort, Berge, Wiesen und Wälder und wir beide sehnen uns danach dies alles wieder zu sehen.

Ich hülle dich ein, mein Kind, in meine unendliche, ewige Liebe zu dir. Sei dir sicher, ich bin immer in deiner Nähe. Wo Du auch bist. Ich sehe alles, höre alles und fühle alles was Du siehst, hörst und fühlst. Du bist Teil meines Selbst, meiner Essenz, meiner Liebe und damit Eins mit mir. Ich liebe dich, mein geliebtes Kind. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Starseeds – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn October 25, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, you are, like all human beings on earth, ultimately a Starseed (Starseed). Man as Such was created from genetic material from people of other planets and stars, and brought to Earth eons ago. Especially the Pleiadians and Sirians were decisively involved in this. A few ages ago this genetic material was refreshed and supplemented with selected features of humanoid beings. You see to it that you are not alone in the universe as a human being. This also explains your longing when you look at the starry sky at night. Your cells know that their origin is originally from outer space. There are old starseeds incarnating on earth since time immemorial, Starseeds incarnating for only a few thousands of years, or relatively young ones, which have few or just one single incarnation on earth. However, this says nothing about the age of the soul. One day you will unite with your stellan family again, and that day is fast approaching. You are loved, my child, from them and from me. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Sternensaaten – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 25.Oktober 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein Kind, Du bist, wie alle Menschen auf der Erde, letztendlich ein Starseed (Sternensaat). Der Mensch als Solches wurde aus Genmaterial von Menschen anderer Planeten und Sterne erschaffen und vor Äonen auf die Erde gebracht. Vor allem die Pleiadianer und Sirianer waren maßgeblich daran beteiligt. Vor einigen Zeitaltern wurde dieses Genmaterial aufgefrischt und mit ausgesuchten Eigenschaften humanoider Wesen ergänzt. Du siehst daran, dass Du als Mensch nicht alleine bist im Universum. Dies erklärt auch deine Sehnsucht, wenn Du nachts den Sternenhimmel anschaust. Deine Zellen wissen, dass ihre Herkunft ursprünglich aus dem Weltall stammt. Es gibt alte Sternensaaten, die seit Urzeiten auf der Erde inkarnieren, Starseeds, die erst seit ein paar Tausenden von Jahren inkarnieren oder relativ Junge, die nur wenige oder eine einzige Inkarnation auf der Erde haben. Dies sagt jedoch nichts aus über das Alter der Seele. Eines Tages wirst Du dich mit deiner stellaren Familie wieder vereinen, und dieser Tag rückt immer näher. Du wirst geliebt, mein Kind, von ihnen und von mir. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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