Diamond Shield of Divine Mother for animals

This offer is for all pet owners and lovers no matter if your pets are dogs, cats, turtles, birds, snakes or horses.

Since 2020 I know for sure that our animals can be attacked by dark forces and demons too. Many dogs and cats are in truth beings from the higher dimensions and not always a dog or a cat but maybe humanoid like the Sirians. Mine are for sure Sirians. Often they are relatives or friends from the other side and they incarnate to help us with our missions here on Earth and/or to protect us and our homes. Those who don’t have our best interest at heart know this and so they attack our beloved pets for several reasons.

The last months and year these attacks have increased.

Without their protection we are more prone for energetic attacks or visits of demons and our pets often enough give their health and lives to keep us safe.

In this article from 2020 I explain more and I am still friend with the cat T. He told me not long ago that he is strong again and with the protection through his shield he is able to protect my friend and his wife. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/2020/08/04/the-cat-t-talked-with-me-about-energetic-attacks-august-4-2020/

When your pet gets suddenly sick without any reason it might be that it is under attack and it needs help. The diamond shield and the healing that goes with it can save lives.

Of course you can be pro active anactive and protect your pet before it is under attack.

A shield for an animal has the same quality as the shield for a person but I love animals too much to have them not protected. They are here for us, giving us all their love, protecting us and they are such innocent beings so the energy exchange for a shield is only 40 €.

To learn more about the shield read here please!

What do I need from you together with the energy exchange? A picture of your pet and the name. This will enable me to visualize the necessary cleansing of your pet first followed by a healing and the creation of its protective shield.

Usually within 24 hours after you have sent me the amount due per PayPal e-mail-address: hillybilly1@gmx.de I shall proceed with the creation of the required shield except for weekends. If it is an emergency I will create the shield as fast as possible.

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Christmas Special during November 2021- Extended now until December 20!!!

I am aware that especially in the USA there is a shortage of many things due to ships not being unloaded in some ports. People are already panicking that they wouldn’t be able to buy gifts for their loved ones for Christmas.

So why not gifting something real special that will stay with the soul of the receiver for all eternity? The protective Diamond Shield of Divine Mother can be such a gift and for this I offer a Christmas Special for the whole month of November. Of course, you can gift this to yourself as well or your loved ones who have passed already.

I want to give more people the opportunity to order this as a gift so I extend my offer to December 20!!!

The diamond shield – including a removal of old and unwanted energies and a healing with different healing energies and Reiki – will be only 100 Euro per person until end of November 2021. You will also receive a digital certificate which you can print out and give the recipient wrapped as a gift. This special is only for the shield including the removal!

I need only the full name and a recent picture of the person that shall receive the shield.

After payment via paypal to hillybilly1@gmx.de I will inform you when you can expect the shield to be made.

You might also check my other services here if you only want a shield without removal.

I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday and Christmas season

Isabel Henn

The cat T talked with me about energetic attacks – August 4, 2020

Since a few days I am healing a sick cat, his name is T(only the initials to keep his privacy). He has diabetes and also kidney problems. His owner told me that T was so sick he was afraid he would have to let him sleep forever and that he believes it comes from energy attacks. I know that this man loves his cat and I told him to please let me work on T. I did and started talking with T too, I cleaned his auric field carefully and gave him healing together with the Diamond Flame Healing Flush. When I was creating his shield T asked me if I could attune him to the Diamond Flame Healing Flush and I did. Since then I am healing him three times daily and he is spending some time with me, cuddling with me and also talking. Yes, this is possible although he lives in the USA and me in Germany, he is visiting me energetically. Two nights ago when we were talking and visiting my ship Mesime together he showed me his true nature, he is a Sirian Elf and Asaga the Pegasus who knows him well told me T is a crewmember on my ship. She healed him last night too.

This morning I asked him why his kidneys got sick and he told me it comes from the energetic attacks. He tries to protect my friend and his wife from the demons who come to his house and they also attack him as they know who he is, a brave and strong Sirian warrior. He tolds me also that the female cat of my friend’s wife who died on cancer was his sister and she got attacked too for protecting the family. Her body wasn’t strong enough anymore and so she didn’t survive the attacks.

T wants me to tell people that their pets especially the dogs and cats are under attack too. Dogs and cats can see the invisible beings, the demons and negative beings and they work hard to protect their families or owners. Some people don’t even know their pets give their health and lives to keep their families safe and that people please learn about this and that their pets can be protected/shielded too like he and his family is now. Even their house is now shielded. His work will be easier now and he can conentrate on his healing. I love this wonderful soul ❤

This is no story to just make people order my shield although I would be happy to create shields to protect them, their families, pets and houses. There is more behind the attacks than is visible. Our world is run by a dark elite who tries with all they can to stay in power. They are off world and here on our planet. They run dark programs on people and even children, they abuse and kill in satanic lucifee ri an rituals.

One method is to give their victims pets, a dog or a cat, and then after the victim – mostly a child – has bonded with the pet they kill this animal brutally in front of their victim to show them what would happen if the person isn’t complying with their instructions.

They also attack the animals to create pain and fear in their owners or to get rid of those who are protecting their owners and families. People who are in pain over the loss of a beloved pet are more easily to control and be manipulated than people who are happy and protected by their pets and/or shields. The energies of pain and fear are food for the evil and negative beings. I want them to starve. And I want that no beloved pet or other animal has to die because they are being attacked. And also not harmed and no people too.

These beings will eventually have to take full responsibility for their evil deeds. Until then protect yourself and protect your family, your pets, your house, your car. It is possible.

I give the links to the shields I offer, they are permanent and will stay with those who have it until eternity or as long as a house or a car exists. You can find all information there. The more people and animals are protected the less energy the evil beings can consume.







Take good care of yourself and others. Stay safe!

Love and blessings

Isabel and T


Diamond Shield of Divine Mother for protection of flights

note: Ich arbeite gerade an der deutschen Version, sie wird in den nächsten Tagen zur Verfügung stehen.

I started to create shields for my car, house or even aircrafts when I know I am flying to another place. Since 2014 I am able to create the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother and uses it also to create non permanent shields when my friend is flying. I know it is very protective and I had never a bad flight, turbulences or other problems. Neither had my friend. The Diamond Flame is repelling all negativity, low energies and more. This shield can’t interfere with life lessons but it will provide a safe flight within the scope of your life contract.

If you should experience turbulences during a flight protected by a shield remember: without shield it would have been so much the worse or most fatal.

For this reason I offer now the same shield for a flight for everybody who wants or needs one.

The shield is entirely made of the diamond flame and has the love and blessing of Divine Mother. It will last the whole flight one way including layovers, from your departure until you land safely on your destination airport. If there should be a change in your flight data it will automatically protect the new flight.

You will need another shield when you fly back.

Energy exchange for this type of non permanent shield is 20 Euro.

The shield is also including family members or fellow passengers of that flight.

I will need your name and the flight data – that is name of the airline, flight number, date and time, departure and destination airport. All information are kept strictly confidential of course. These data are needed 24 hours prior to the planned departure.

For very urgent cases within the timeframe there will be an extra charge of 5 Euro.

Please regard the different timezone as I live in Germany (UTC +1). You will understand that I can’t create a shield when I am already sleeping.

You will receive a confirmation via email that the Diamond Shield is created.

Payment is made in advance via paypal to my address hillybilly1@gmx.de


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For those who want a strong permanent protective shield:


My book ‘Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth’ is available in the kindle edition here. The paperback version will follow. If you haven’t already the free kindle app for your pc, smartphone or tablet, you can download it on the same site.

The Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother

My Special Offer of Protection against all Negative Intruders and Spirits

Since some time I have shielded myself for protection first with a shield out of the silverplatinum ray and then with a wonderful and strong shield made from the diamond flame of Prime Source.

After some happenings around Christmas last year I created it for some close friends too.

I used to renew it daily but this is a time- and energy-consuming method and that is why the Divine Mother gave me a permanent shield to last as long as the person concerned wants it to stay active.

To give you some further explanation:

The diamond flame is the flame of Prime Source, the Reunited Soul of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father who are the first and Divine Twin Flames.

It consists of the whitegolden ray of the Divine Father and the silverplatinum ray of the Divine Mother and it is the strongest energy ever in Creation.

No negative being and no negative energy is able to pervade through this divine energy if not the protected person will issue some invitation to do so.

Since I myself have been protected with this shields for one and a half year I know how excellent and effective these shields are working.

I never had problems any longer again with negative energies or negative beings since I first used it.

No energetic attack whatsoever is able to penetrate through them and I am safe and secure.

Yesterday the Divine Mother asked me to offer this shield to those who want or are in need of a strong protection and we modified it a bit for this.

The Diamond Shield of the Divine Mother includes a severing of any unwanted strings, a thorough cleansing of your bodies and auric field and a transmission of healing energies and is followed then by the creation of the Diamond Shield.

I noticed several times now that I remove even implants or an occupation by lower entities during the cleansing.

It is thus now a permanent shield that will last as long as you want it to stay and need only once to be done.

The Divine Mother told me that nobody else on earth would be able to create this very her shield.

So this is a really unique gift I received from her and I am very grateful to her for the receipt of it.

And to share it with all of you I am making the following offer to you:

It is such a unique shield – especially created by the Divine Mother and myself of long life (respecting your Personal Free Will as long you want to retain it for yourself when received once) – with 120,00 Euro I believe this is an adequate price to pay for it since it has to be done all by myself and entails quite a lot of energetical work.

In case of arising interest to attain such protection I propose the following procedure:

1) Send me an e-mail to isabelhenn@gmx.de with your real name and attach some photo of yours … this will enable me to visualize the necessary cleansing of you first followed by the creation of your protective shield. It is a matter of course that neither nor name nor photos will be revealed to anybody else being kept strictly confidential.

2) Usually within 24 hours after you have pressed the “Donation Button” or sent me the amount due per PayPal e-mail-address: hillybilly1@gmx.de I shall proceed with the creation of the required shield.

3) On receipt of your payment I shall contact you that your Shield of Protection has been affiliated to you for as long as you wish to retain it.

I shall be very glad if you consider to be protected by this very unique shield offered to all of us by our Divine Mother. Please, keep in mind that paying for such a great protection is not to be considered in the sense of some commercial dealings under the former 3-D-Matrix but on basis of balancing our energies to each other and this with the approval of the Divine Mother too.

Don’t be shy to tell me if there are financial issues, because the Divine Mother will give me instructions what to do in such a case.

With all unconditional Love and Compassion from me to all of you.


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Don’t be afraid – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 09, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

Don’t be afraid of fear, my child, fear is only an illusion and an illusion can do nothing to you. Look behind the fear. What has triggered the fear? What are you afraid of? Look at it and then laugh at it. Laughter raises your vibrations and is stronger than fear, stronger than the illusion that is just only an imagination. Nothing really existing. Look at it, laugh at it and then let it go. That simple. There is nothing, but really NOTHING that you should be afraid of. You are surrounded by Angels and Light who protect you as far as it is allowed to them and they don’t infringe your life plan. Don’t give energy to fear anymore, then it will leave your life. I am with you, my child, and I help you with pleasure if you wish it. I too spread my hands and my arms protecting around you. Who or what could be stronger than I, when I am all that is? So trust yourself and me and all is well. ~

Your Divine Mother

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