My Journal March 05, 2015 – New Directions

Log Entry Earth Time March 05, 2015, 08:16.35 pm CEST

It is some time now, that I wrote my last journal entry. Much has happened since then.

Kiba is fine and his leg is healed. In one month he has to see the vet again for an x-ray and to see if the plate has to be removed or not. I hope for the not.

Kiba’s behavior is much better too than the last half year although there are still things he has to learn. He receives his daily reiki and we are much sterner now and he is learning that he isn’t the boss. I am the boss, the BIG BOSS. He loves to cuddle and during the nights he is peacefully sleeping on my bed. Kiba is on the way to become a wonderful member of my small family.

20150208_151654For me personally things are changing too.

I am still off work, my body is hurting even more as I am off the cortisone for some necessary tests. Not long ago I got a letter from our administration, I have to go to a medical examiner to see if I am still able to do my work. If that doctor says no, then I will be forced to retire early. I am not yet sure what to do, the energies on my workplace are so dense, low and negative, much too low for my own very high vibrational level. One of the highest levels on earth. It hurts to be there and with all the co-workers, who are fully in the illusion and sleeping deep.

My Twin Silverstar told me they would take care of me, that I will have enough to support my family. I trust him and I work on my manifestation ability. I was successful last week, with a payback for power utilies. I am slowly stepping into my abilities and power.

I do my own things too, I offer more services for people like life-coaching sessions and removals of implants and entities. I am working on the offer of healing sessions. I am a Reiki Master, Ethereal Crystal Master and attuned to Gold Reiki, Pegasus healing, Dragon Reiki  and through Divine Mother herself to Divine Diamond Reiki. As soon as this page is ready it will go online too.

Readings and the creation of the powerful protective Diamond Shield of Divine Mother are still available too.

Since end of January I make the Divine Mother Blessings. The design for this healing jewelry comes from Divine Mother through me and her love is embedded in the design. I clean all pieces energetically and then charge and infuse them with the diamond flame and reiki before the Mother blesses them. I make also customized jewelry, unique bracelets with matching earrings and necklesses. Divine Mother tells me exactly which kind of beads and the order how I have to place them. She knows what sort of healing her children need and her love and blessing boost the healing purpose.

All jewelry is made of gem beads and pure silver, except the wire or elastic.

If I really have to retire early my pension won’t be enough for a living as I have to pay a high monthly mortgage. My pension would be too small due to my being housewife and mother when my kids have been much younger. These years are missing to my pension. I can’t sell the house as my sons are tied to it through school and education. We live in the middle of the distance to school and education, both on the opponent end.

I trust my Twin Flame and my Higher Self that they will send me enough clients for my services and for the Divine Mother Blessings. I know they work and those who are wearing them already are rejoicing over the energies in them. Here is the link to the Blessings if you are interested to wear one of the beautiful bracelets or the customized jewelry. They are worth the money and the prizes don’t even reflect the energies the are infused with.


These and my services are accessible in my menue.

Yes, I trust my Twins and my team again. I know now why all this happened, the reason behind it and I have learned an important lesson too.

I would love to go back home to Sirius and AEON but am also aware of the fact that I am still needed here, that my presence on earth, on my beautiful beloved Gaia is necessary. That I can help all my children more when I do my energy work here. I feel it deep in my heart. I can’t shut my heart to them but I hope imploringly that they will finally wake up. It is high time for humanity to wake up and leave this illusion behind. My wake up call is loud and penetrating and not with words.

Wake up humanity, your sleeping time is over!!!

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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