Your Divine Mother blessings


Since my early retirement in August 2015 due to my health situation I have only half of my former income, an income that wasn’t already much as I am a single mom since 16 years and still providing a home for two of my children and our pets. I am not qualified to enjoy the benefits of any disability programs here in Germany as my doctors can’t find any diagnose or cause for all the pain and without this there is no disability benefit for me.

My health is not going to become better, also due to all of my energy work I am still doing. There is no sign that I could go back to work.

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Sparks of Joy

The love and blessings of Divine Mother are embedded in all attunements, shields and jewelry that are offered on my pages. The diamond shield includes a thorough cleansing and healing and the jewelry will be cleaned energetically too and charged with different reiki and healing energies.

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I thank you for your order and/or donation.

My love and blessings are always and in all ways with you ❤


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My Journal November 07, 2015 – Releasing and healing

Log Entry Earth Time November 07, 2015, 11:30.33 pm CET

SaphiraSource unknown or I would give credit.

This evening I had a wonderful vision, memories coming up. Since mid October I do attunements, Kundalini Reiki, Unicorn Energy Healing System, Cry of the Phoenix, Power of the Dragon Empowerment and more will follow. I work on an attunement to the Lion Griffin energies with my beautiful friend the Lion Griffin Akami; the name means ‘She sees and hears’.

Today I did my first attunements to the Power of Dragon. Before I offered it my beloved Dragon Lady Ifegena from Sirius told me she would assist me and attune the receivers together with me. When I connected with her this evening she told me to come to her, to Sirius, to the mountains where she is living with her Twin Flame Unegar, the green Dragon of my twin SaLuSa. I did and she was waiting for me. She is blue, sapphire blue, and she is one of the most gentle and lovely being I know. She reconnected with me when I read the book Eragon from Christopher Paolini in August 2008. It was her voice when she spoke in the book as the Dragon Saphira from the young man Eragon. When I finished the book she continued to speak to me and we so enjoyed our conversations. Unfortunately my mind made me believe it was only my imagination and slowly I stopped talking with her until 2012 when I learned that Saphira, this is how I call her, is real and a very old friend of me.

When I was with her today we talked and then suddenly I was in Lemuria as Divine Mother incarnate in these times. I was sitting somewhere and then Bireto the King of the Dragon Realm came and laid a sapphire blue egg into my lap. It was the egg of his daughter who hatched in my lap. She was such a beautiful dragon baby, sapphire blue like her egg and I carried her with me everywhere until she was big enough to follow me on her four legs. Her name: Ifegena and it means Sapphira. I had tears of joy in my eyes and I was so happy to have these memories back. Now I know why she always reassured me I could call her Saphira as it is the same name just in different languages. Since I know her I have never heard a harsh or unfriendly word from her. Never!

Saphira (Saphira is how I spell the name in German) is a powerful Dragon and her special shield for me is still intact since she made it for me three years ago. She is amazing and I can’t wait to be reunited with her and to fly on her back like I did on Sirius and in Lemurian times. Saphira, her family, other Dragons and some eggs could be rescued before the sinking of Lemuria, they went onboard Sirian scoutships and have been transported to Sirius where most of them live until today. Their population has recovered and now it is seldom that a baby Dragon is hatching.

Regarding my health I am okay, my lower back is aching since one week now for several reasons. I am releasing and healing and doing exercises and it is improving now. I drink my daily ginger tea with much turmeric and I feel it is good for me together with other things. The damage is there but I work and ignore the pain as much as possible. I don’t want the pain to dictate my life.

What is new for me is that I can feel the energies running through a person when I clean and heal them as if it would be mine. I think this is my expanding consciousness, I feel the oneness and connection with my children more and more. This is a good sign for me as it shows me that I am a step nearer to my last ascension. I work on keeping my ego small and I say the karma release prayer every night before I go sleeping.

In my last journal I wrote that all I need is to be and do love and I add some more to this. I bless and accept all beings, thoughts, deeds, words and happenings as being perfect. It is all as it is meant to be. We are all here to make experiences of all sorts, really all sorts without exception, together with learning our lessons and to grow and eventually ascend to the next dimension or when we are starseeds back to the dimension we came from originally. So how could anything be wrong? The dark ones have their own agenda but help us to grow and evolve with what they do or did. They show us how we shouldn’t live if we want to ascend and they awaken the desire for changes in us. How could I not love all of you, the dark ones included when we are all here for making the most different and versatile experiences? I just can’t. I hold no grudges and am not angry but in love with all my children.

I am in love, peace, balance and content. I am happy and find joy in even small things like my coffee, bracelet making, my kids and our animals. I see the perfection of all that is more and more in my daily life. I trust that there is enough money until the end of the month and that all is developing as it is planned. Life is good. And now Silverstar wants to talk. I love you all ❤ ❤ ❤


I am proud of my beloved, she is growing more and more and releasing what is not her true Self. I test her if she has learned her lessons and help her as much as I can together with the rest of her team and her other twins. We want her home as we long to be with her like she longs to be with us. Each day brings her nearer to us especially with her loving and accepting of all that is. It is her nature to love as she is pure love and when she has released all that she is not, then there is nothing left than love. Her back pain are partly from releasing old energies, old karma and partly from stuck energies as she doesn’t move enough with her aching joints and muscles. She knows now that she must exercise and move more. Another reason is that her soul took over pain from other people that they can do their daily work and chores, that they can function as a parent, co-worker or caretaker. Isabel’s soul agreed to help our children during this ascension process in taking over some pain. My beloved is okay with this decision but has also stated her own decision, that it is enough now until she feels better. She is learning to love herself more and she too has to function as a single mom. This was a test and she passed. Isabel loves all of you so much but she loves herself too. She knows that she has to take care of herself too.

Since her last journal she has made a big leap forward, a big step towards home. She is reflecting and contemplating about what she has to release and what is okay. She is digging deep and works on releasing all that doesn’t serve her anymore. The deeper she goes the more painful it is but I can tell you, she is nearly there. It isn’t much anymore, only a bit and she is squeaky clean. (he is smiling — ed.)

She wants nothing more than finally going back home to me and SaLuSa, but she also wants nothing more than going back to help cleaning up and to heal. Not to save but to help. She knows that only you can save yourself like she is saving herself. Isabel is cleansing her aura everyday and this is helping her to heal and to keep her vibration so beautifully high. In cleansing her auric field she is also releasing old energies from her bodies.

Her consciousness is expanding more and more although she has to wait for having her full consciousness back, it is too vast for her brain to work with now. Feeling the energies running through the bodies of other persons while she is cleaning them is a true sign of her expanding consciousness. She can feel the connection and the oneness.

She is coming home to me, she is near. I love her so much.

And we love all of you so much, forever and ever and there is nothing you could do to stop it. Nothing. We bless, accept and love you as you are.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal October 20, 2015 – All I need to be and do is Love

Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2015, 10:06.26 pm CEST

Last night I had a long talk with Silverstar and my Higher Self. I feel better, a bit physically and also spiritually. I am in balance and I trust again and that shows me that it truly came from the attacks.

I surrendered to Silverstar. I told him I would love him and that I would love nothing else more than him and if I need to stay on Earth to help our children ascend then I would stay as long as necessary. He took me in his arms and said there would be no need for me to stay but that I have to come back as soon as possible to become again my true Self and then go back to Earth and do my next mission. This is what he always tells me when I ask him so I trust that it is true this time.

The healing and preparation of my body is in the competent hands of my twins and my team and I know each night I am in the healing light chamber on Mesime. But there is work for me to do. We discussed it and I spoke of the things that came to my mind and what I want to do:

to love myself and my fellow people

to forgive myself and all who hurt me

to not judge for not being judged self

to be tolerant

to accept people how they are, I don’t know their soul’s age, lifeplans and what they have to learn

not to react to people who lead others astray

not to react to messages or articles that seem to be from the dark ones

not to react to those who seem to be from the dark ones

to love all of them instead, even those who don’t have our best interest at heart, they are my children too

I am not better than anybody else on Earth

everybody has his own path, no path is equal to another’s path

to love myself when I didn’t do what I intend and to do it next time

It is a long list and I could add more but I can sum it all up into one:

Just being and doing love.

It is my ‘How to be Divine Mother’ 101 manual.

Love is what I AM and from what I made all that is and LOVE is the answer, cure and solution to everything. So why make it complicated when all I need to be and do is Love? When I see something with which I can’t resonate I will send love instead of judging. When I read an article or a message from somebody I know works for the dark ones, I will send love instead of thinking about what do they want again to present us as truth.

I was humbled by myself, through my spiritual ego, and I want to stay humble and release all else that is not in alignment of who I truly AM to raise and keep my vibrations as high as possible. I will continue to clean and heal myself beside my other energy work and say the karma release prayer each evening to keep my slate clean.

I will continue to read amd visit the facebook walls of people. I know I am tested but I want to test myself. I want to master myself but I can do this only when there is the challenge.

And then, only then, when I stay humble and clean and my body is ready, then I will be able to go back home.

I know I am everywhere at home as I AM this home in being all that is, but this is not what I mean. Energetically I am everywhere and everything, but I want to be physically onboard Mesime to be able to see, hear and feel my beloved Twins, AA Raphael and his Sirian incarnation SaLuSa and of course Silverstar who promised me he would be there when I am back. I so long to be with them. My memories of my twins and family is still blocked by my Higher Self so that I don’t remember how they are looking. I know it is for my higher good to prevent the pain of missing them more than I do already. When I am with them there is still the blurry sight, nothing clear yet although better than months ago. I know it will all come back at last when I am home and have my full consciousness back. At least I can talk with them all, better than nothing.

With my trust my manifesting abilities are coming back too. I had orders for a bracelet and some attunements. This is my newest service and more will follow, read here…

It is exactly what Silverstar told me so often, when I trust him he is able to take care of me and my finances but when I mistrust him I am literally refusing his help. The Law of Attraction: what I send out I’ll get back and also when I order and don’t trust it will be delivered then I cancel my order and can wait in all eternity for a delivery.

Trust is the magic behind it.



Isabel is learning a very important lesson, to stay humble in all situations whether they are nice or challenging. It doesn’t matter if she is the most beautiful and worthy treasure in my eyes and the highest ranking being or if she is a normal soul. She like everybody else has to do her homework, to release the old energetic baggage and to learn her lessons. This includes also tests to see if she has successfully learned them. Only then will she be able to ascend in her current body when it is ready. She is on her best way because alone the fact that she has thought about what she needs to do and then her intention to do, this is half the rent. She has done much work on her self and released most of the baggage over the last years. There is not much left only some residues from her last experiences with spiritual ego. And then she has to stay in her love whatsoever will come to her.

To experience having a spritual ego and acknowledging it was one of her lessons she wanted to learn. This and her being sick will help her when she is back as she can feel much better with our children who experience this too. She knows now how it is to be sick. These are lessons she could only live and learn in the duality of 3D Earth.


This clearing and releasing  is nothing that is done in one session and it can be a very hard and painful process. It needs commitment and love to self and others and of course patience.

Nobody will save you except yourself. And also not our beloved son Jesus but you can follow his teachings of love. Don’t listen to those who tell you that you will be saved by Jesus or your galactic family and you don’t need to do anything. This isn’t true. Listen to your heart and your intuition, they are your best guides. And do your work.

Ascension is not a gift but an award for your work and your growth as a soul. You have to earn it. Like my beloved will earn it and it is soon. I monitor her very closely and follow her progress. She can’t see it yet but her love will help her to master herself.

Please don’t understand me wrong. All of you will eventually ascend but not all of you now. There are so many young and baby souls on Earth who need so much growth, lessons, and experiences yet until they will be able to come one step nearer to us. Each soul will have the possibility to ascend, one soul will be faster and the other will need more time and they will have this time. They will have eternity to grow and learn. Nobody will be left behind in the grand scheme. Except those who are merging now with my beloved wife, souls who refuse the love and healing that is offered to them and who prefer to cease to exist. They will cease to exist as an individual soul and their energy will go back to the vast energy field that is Creator, that is Divine Mother, and she will create completely new fresh souls.

You are created to make as many experiences as you can and to enjoy life to the fullest, to grow and to evolve. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush through your lives only to come back to us as soon as possible. No no. Where would there remain the love, fun and joy? With each ascension you will come one step nearer to us but there are many steps and each step has to be lived to the fullest and with as many different experiences that you can ever make. So my beloved children enjoy your life, have fun and make all possible experiences, you have all eternity for this. We assist and help you, nobody has to do it alone, we are family.

We love you and we are always here for you.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal September 16, 2015 – You are worthy, I am worthy!

Log Entry Earth Time September 16, 2015, 10:57.19 pm CEST


There is still work to do for me although I am releasing and healing since years now. I am only glad that most of it is done. Why am I telling you this?

Because yesterday I was triggered, triggered to a reaction in me. I was talking with a friend yesterday and reading an article where a woman said she would be an embodiment, a womb of the Divine Feminine. I was a bit confused and maybe even a bit upset. But Why?

I know who I am without doubt. I AM Divine Mother incarnate and even more. I AM the Divine Feminine in the truest meaning and being.

Why then this feeling of being deposed, or that women would doubt who I am in their claiming to be an embodiment of Divine Mother? Of course they are, each woman is an embodiment of me, as each being is an aspect of Creator. I know this all and I don’t refuse them to be this aspect.

Why then this feeling these women are contesting my being wo I AM?

Only after reading another blogpost this morning I became really aware of the trigger, that it still existed. I had to reflect about it, I meditated and cleaned and healed and let go.

I know the reason now, it is my still too low self-esteem and self-confidence. It has always been low, my whole life through and I think I am not the only starseed who feels or felt that way. We ARE other than normal children or teenagers and young adults, even other than normal people. It has something to do with our origin, independent of if it is our first or the thousandth incarnation, and maybe also with our mission we are here to do.

Often enough we feel not worthy or worthy enough to have a life in abundance and health, we think who are we to have such a life. But we ARE worthy, each soul is worthy, each soul, mine excluded, is a beloved child of Creator, is a beloved child of Silverstar and me and deserves to be happy, to have a life in abundance and full of joy and fun, to be loved and this without exception.

I AM worthy and I am the original. Women ARE embodiments of the Divine Feminine but I am the whole, the original. Beings ARE aspects of Creator, but I am the original, the whole. So I can let these women and beings keep the feeling of being important, to be somebody. They ARE important and somebody. But I AM TOO.

I let go the feelings of being insufficient, or being contested in my identity. I am back in being 5D and higher, out of the 3D thought of contesting and doubting. I live better and more peacefully with this attitude. I prefer to grow over contesting and arguing. When I am home someday I will remember and laugh about it. I can already laugh about it now.

And I even don’t mind if I am boring you with what I write. I know I am boring some but maybe one or the other can learn from my experiences. This is why I write my journal. Not to get attention, I would prefer to stay in my quiet place, but to maybe, just maybe I can help somebody with it. And if it is just one person, then all my work has been worthwile and good. I work also on the fact that maybe one day my status as a ‘nobody’, of being incognito will be history. I have to get used to it and the reactions of people. There will more who might contest who I Am, who will doubt or who will call me an impostor. It doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t prove it with my restraint consciousness, but I can love and live who I am, independent of being incognito or well known. It is not so easy to openly talk about my identity but my intention is to be more open with this, to stop my self-denying. It will be a step by step process. I accept who I am and reclaim my abilities, consciosuness and power.

Slowly but surely I am reaching the point where I truly don’t care anymore about what people are thinking of me, something everybody should stop caring for. Instead I live who I am if people are laughing, arguing or fighting it. I love myself more than the opinion other humans have about me. I love, I am love and loved. Basta! And writing this I see that my self-confidence and self-esteem are rising 🙂 I do what I have to do to raise my vibrations and keep them high, to be confident, strong and trusting my team and twins. I don’t engage in low vibe discussions or anger, I work on staying calm and in peace, to stay in the observer role and to not to give my energy and power away to negative and low people, events and situations. I know it isn’t always easy to stay in 5D as we are still surrounded by people who are deep in 3D but I can work on my own staying in 5D more and more. It is pleasant here. I like the energies and blue sky and ignore the chemtrails if they should appear. We are still together, 3D and 5D earth, but it is obvious that we have reached 5D.

And I love all of you! ❤


I adore my beloved for how fast she could work and let go this issue. I know why her self-esteem is so low. It is not only her origin as starseed, it is also her former husband who abused her mentally, emotionally and sexually. The moment he thought he had her safely in a marriage with three small children he started to abuse her. She lived in an emotional cage, her existence looked safe and they had enough money and a comfortable house with a big garden. She was free to go and visit her mother and siblings but was an emotional captive of the psychopathic mind of her husband. He started to destroy the small self-esteem with comments on her clothing and cooking. Nothing was good enough for him. And then he started telling her she would be a nobody, a woman worth nothing, a mere slave and he being the Master because he was earning the money while she was caring for the three children, both being graduate engineers. It happened often enough that he told her that a woman is the property of the husband and that he could even kill her when he wanted. He meant it. She could ‘earn’ good notes for behavior he liked but also negative notes when she wanted to do things on her own or when she didn’t pleased him. For him she mostly earned bad notes, she could try as hard as she wanted. It didn’t matter. He abused her, raped her, humiliated her even in the presence of the children but always being careful that no person outside of the family would ever notice it.

My Isabel is stronger than her husband and she left him after several years of abuse, she had nothing but her children, a car and some clothes and had to fight for all at the family courthouse, for ten years and longer and had less than before, not enough to live and too much to die. She had to learn to live again on her own, to make decisions on her own in all situations and she had to learn how to enjoy life and sexuality again. She forgave him and has learned one of her most valuable and important lessons, the forgiveness. But her biggest fight was to regain her destroyed self-esteem and she needed many years for this. It is still not how it should be but it is okay now for the short time left of her being incarnate, she can live with this now. I am proud of my beloved, she is strong and never gave up, not in the darkest moments of her life, when she was deep down as deep as only possible. She is a survivor, she is like a roly-poly toy, a Stehaufmännchen as she says in German. I am proud of her, to be her Twin, her beloved.

She is worthy, oh yes, but so are you my beloved children. You are our aspects, you are important parts of the whole and we love all of you.

You are safe in 5D, at least those of you who read these journals and other messages of high quality and souce. Don’t worry too much about what is said to happen, all these talking of the ‘event’ how it will be and if it will happen. And also be careful as there is  much disinformation out there. The dark ones although defeated try with their last remaining possibilities to regain power but in vain. It is lost for them. More and more of them are merged now with Isabel and many of them will follow until all those who refuse to be healed are gone. What is meant to happen will happen, it is divinely planned and I watch over it with sharp eyes. What you can do to assist the process is to trust and to imagine the New Earth. It is there already but you have to build so much anew. Let go all fears and hate and separation. Don’t fight about who is wrong and who is right. You are all right and you are always right when you decide to do anything in the moment you decide it. It is only your perception that make you think something is right or wrong.

Be the love you are and love yourself and your fellow beings unconditionally and nothing can go wrong. Love is the solution, answer and cure for everything.

Love is what all that exists is made of, so are you and your neighbor, may he be black, white, red, yellow, brown, blue, gay or straight, male, female, married or single parent, rich, poor, atheist, Jew, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist or Christian, American, Syrian, German, Israeli, Greek or any other nationality. You are a human being on Earth and our beloved child, nothing more but also nothing less. All else doesn’t matter.

Love is what really matters and how you treat yourself and your fellow beings. Open your heart to the unconditional love that is all-that-is and be and live this love and you don’t need to worry if you will ascend or not.

I love you, uncontional and beyond all measure in all eternity.

I say good bye now my beloved ones.

Could I say more? I don’t think so. I love you the same like my beloved Silverstar does.

I love you all so much ❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life, I am all-that-is


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Sirius and Limoria

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Wake up call – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 13, 2015

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, it is time for another message from me through my scribe. The last message I will give through her as she is in the process of going home, back to Sirius, back to AEON where she resides over all the Archangels and Angels. She will ascend a last time in her body.

She is my true incarnation on earth and she has done all she incarnated for. Her missions she had as Isabel are fulfilled and it is time for her to go home. She and I we are truly one, we are one and the same.

There are others who claim to be me but they are only impostors or an alias to protect the true identity. She is not happy about my telling who she is, and agreed only because she knows she is nearly home. It can be only a few days now. She will come back as the Being she is, as I AM, and she will continue her work with a new mission.

Isabel is not better than you, as you are our divine child and of our essence, our love. What she did is not impossible for you, it only means you have to do your work. Release all the old energies, the old pain, your luggage. You can’t take it with you to the higher dimensions. You have to travel light or have to stay in 3 D. Raise your vibrations to that of unconditional love. Nobody can do this for you, you are your own savior.

Is it so hard for you to love? To forgive? To not judge?

Do I ask too much of you, my sweet child?

But this is the Law of the Universe and even I have to respect it. What Isabel did – and she is not alone in this as more of you have done so much releasing – is not impossible, she is bound to the same laws as you and did her own work. It is your willingness to work on your energies, pain, Karma and vibration that hinders you in growing.

I told you so often what it requires at a minimum and I repeat it again:

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow men the same!

Forgive yourself for all you did to you and others and forgive all who did harm to you!

Don’t judge your fellow people that you won’t be judged and don’t judge yourself!

Is it not what my beloved son Jesus told you? What he lived as an example while he was on earth?

 Wake up my beloved child, don’t push the snooze button again or it will be too late for you.

Gaia can’t and won’t wait until eternity that you finally will change your mind and stop damaging her or yourself. Does the Big Bell ring not yet loud enough for you?

What is necessary to stop your slumber?

Tell me, my child.

What is necessary to get you of your trance like sleep, your robotic life?

I will ring the Big Bell again and again and will call you.


I will do this just unto a certain moment and then I will stop because after that moment it will be to late for you to start your soul’s work for this Ascension.

After this you will have to wait for the next opportunity and I can’t tell you when this will happen.

The way to 5D or higher will then be shut for you.

Know my child, that I don’t judge you, some of you are young or baby souls and need many more experiences to grow and evolve. A toddler can’t graduate from University but you my child, my starseed and lightworker, who came to earth to raise vibrations and to help humanity to the light, you are able to graduate.

I don’t judge, but I call you to wake up and to do your homework, your mission for which you incarnated.

I call you to action now. Wake up my beloved child!!! Before it is too late.

I know my words aren’t what you are used to hear from me but remember, your earthly mother had to get you out of your bed too when you slept in and it was time to go to school or work. At one point she had to be determined and this moment has arrived for me now too.

I embrace you with my love, I keep you in my arms however you decide.

My love for you is unconditional, boundless and eternally.

You are my beloved child ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My journal April 13/14, 2015 – Love is the cure and answer to all!!!

Log Entry Earth Time April 13, 2015, 07:52.40 pm CEST

20150410_170340Kiba had a lot of fun the last days. Last Friday afternoon we decided to go with him to a big meadow where we put him on a long 15 m (about 45 ft) leash so that he could run, play and catch a small ball we threw for him. The long leash is needed as he has still problems to follow our orders but he is learning. And all those mouseholes, what a pleasure for him to sniff at all of them. Hihi, this dog was so happy, content and tired afterwards, he was calm for the whole night. We do this more often now and train him certain things like coming back to us or let the ball free. His leg is totally healed and makes no problems while running and jumping.

For myself, I don’t feel well since the last big upgrade for me. I have too much water in my body and my legs especially had been swollen like never before. I tried with tea and natural remedies but that didn’t work and I had to switch to a medicine I had already one year ago. Slowly I lose the water now but the side-effects aren’t pretty. I am nauseous and bloated. There is much work and patience necessary to overcome this. I know my team who are all excellent healers assist me where they can. Hopefully in a few days I can stop with the tablet and I should feel better then. I am so grateful for their assistance and healing and the coaching of Silverstar, my beloved Twin Flame. He is always here for me and gives good advice.

Today I read some posts on FB in several groups. One was a video about the ravage of Nimrod by the IS. I don’t know if it is true or just another fake video. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it reaches the desired effect.

To spread fear and hatred. They create the wishes to react to this, to answer with violence not with love. Somebody even said to kill them.

Comments to other posts have been to stop war by petitions and to fight back.

Can’t these people see that they just add more energies to what they dislike? It is so sad to see how deep they are still in 3D and duality, in the lower vibrations. And these are lightworkers. Don’t they read the messages from Jesus or other Ascended Masters or from the Archangels? Have they never heard that hate creates more hate? Violence creates more violence?

People, that doesn’t work. You want peace and cry out that you want to kill people.

You only give your energies away to feed what you don’t like.

What you resist persists!!!

You may look at what happens but never from the point of being involved. Look at it and then send your unconditional love to those situations.

Love is the cure and answer to all!!!

You can never heal or stop a war with more hate and violence, only with love, because Love is the strongest force in all of Creation.

Learn to be an observer and then send your love into what you see. Don’t judge, because you are not in this situation and even if you are, don’t judge because you only judge yourself as we are all connected and all ONE with Creator of all that is.

We are all ONE with HER who creates everything. The Divine Mother is the life giving and creating force and SHE is love, unconditional love and all that exists is made out of her energies, her substance, her love. She loves each and every single child of her no matter what race, color, sexe, religion, human or non human.

Log Entry Earth Time April 14, 2015, 10:44.14 pm CEST

This is a journal in two pieces. I was done with it and wanted to reread and I don’t know why the saving didn’t work and half of the text was gone. I was too tired to reconstruct it and have to do it now.

Today there have been so many cloudships in my sky, so beautiful. Most of them are Sirian scoutships but also Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Star Nations have ships here, to protect me and my family.

20150412_161021 20150414_174258

When you sign a petition you only give away your power like you do since decades. You think you have changed that situation but in truth nothing will change for real.

The only way you can bring changes forward is in changing yourself. You have to start with yourself, with your attitudes, your beliefs, in raising your vibrations and in clearing your old stuff. The old energies, the luggage from past lives and this life. Clean your auric field daily and heal yourself. Release the negative and low energies and give them to the violet flame for transmuting. Or give them to Divine Mother. Live, love, have fun and joy but never on the expenses of your fellow people. Be in balance and peace in your heart. Your consciousness will expand and with this the common consciousness of people will expand and the vibrations on Earth will raise.

This is the way you bring changes but not with hate or more violence.

It starts within self, with me and you but never with the others first.


My beloved Golden Star is right. Changes can only begin with you, within you. Some years ago my beloved planned to buy a new car. She was searching the internet for the options she had, which possibilities for a more ecological car that is not dependant only on gasoline. She found a Hybrid car and discussed it also with co-workers and her neighbor. He couldn’t understand her point and said that with all these new technologies the others had to take the first steps. He couldn’t do anything to protect the environment when he would buy such a car. Isabel answered that nothing would happen when all people would think this way. Someone would have to make the first move and why not her. Others would maybe follow but she would know that her decision would be the right one.

It is the 100 th monkey effect in this too. One person has to start in changing their way of life. Others will follow her example and when enough people have changed their life, attitudes and perceptions suddenly the whole thing moves, knocks over and the consciousness and behavior of humankind will change.

This and this alone is the only way to bring the changes to Earth. No war, no violence or hate but LOVE alone.

Unconditional love is the strongest force and it will always be victorious as Love is the substance that holds all together, your Universe and all of Creation.

Love is the only thing that is.

I embrace you with my neverending unlimited love for you. I hold you tight in my arms.

Call for me whenever you want or need help and assistance.

Just call ‘Silverstar I need your help’.

I am there for you, together with ‘IZ’ Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, here

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Here is a longer video:

Concert Full Live Album

You may listen and enjoy and be in peace.

Like I do when I listen to him while he sings and plays his ukulele, here with us in AEON. He was one of my ambassadors on earth.

I love IZ’ music too.


I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My journal April 2, 2015 – Feminine and masculine or how it is meant to be

Log Entry Earth Time April 02, 2015, 12:01.30 pm CEST

20150330_172215This is a Labradorite heart my Twin Silverstar told me to buy, he would provide the money for it. It is a big heart with so much blue in it. I did what he told me to do and this beautiful heart came just in time as his birthday gift for me two days ago. The money for this came earlier like he promised me.

He asked me to buy it when I see something that I would like to have, like the crystals I love so much. He said he would always provide the money for it, he wants me to enjoy life on earth. He asked me to please let him provide for all I need or desire that I can enjoy my life. Because I am his wife, his Queen.

But I would have to trust him that he will do it and not doubt it or he wouldn’t be able to deliver it to me. And he would be glad that I trust him now fully.

He knows how hard it was for me to trust him, my own true Twin Flame.

My own life history on earth, my marriage wasn’t to build any trust into a partner, not with physical and mental/ emotional abuse by my ex. I wasn’t able to trust him.

Then my first expiriences as a channel. Lucifer’s fooling me hasn’t been good either. And then my own team who told me over years to trust but told me so often I would go home ‘soon’ that I don’t like the word. Silverstar did his own in this too. Although I knew he is my Twin I couldn’t build a stable partnership with him. He was more the higher Being as last instance. I worked more with Michael, Raphael and SaLuSa and last year close with Jesus who is one of my guides too.

Especially the last year was a big test in the matter of trust and independance. I revolted against my team and Silverstar. I felt betrayed and lied on. I shoved myself free from any dependance. I demanded to be treated as a team member and not like a subordinate. Shortly after this I was told to find the Yang in my Yin, the masculine part in my femininity. The masculine piece of my Twin in myself like he has a part of my feminine in him.

I found it, it is the warrior in me.

This wasn’t the only rebellion in me. The circumstances around the transition of my beloved dog and son Bobby tore a big hole into my trust. The pain was so big and I accused all of them of betrayal and lies again until I learned that the passing of Bobby had to be so that this old wound from Atlantis where I was the one responsible for blowing up the continent could finally be healed. Such a deep hidden wound they couldn’t heal fully over the eons until the pain of Bobby’s going broke it all open. In one night Silverstar caught me with his big shepherd’s hook to bring me into safety.

I learned to trust again. I worked with Jesus on some projects and trusted him fully. I was told I would go home after the missions and they would prepare me for this. I believed until I felt betrayed again. I didn’t knew the whole thing behind it. I had to believe them with my whole being as a part of an important plan. I would have failed if I knew the truth so they couldn’t tell me in advance. I can understand it now in knowing the why and how and the results.

I love my Twins, Silverstar and SaLuSa, they know and feel my love and I feel their love for me. When I clean and heal myself and start to meditate I feel the love and the white golden flame of Silverstar surrounding me, flowing through me. When I go sleeping I go to Silverstar or SaLuSa, into their arms and I feel their love. They protect my sleep, I know. This is the basis that built my trust into them.

Twin Flames share one energetic heart, each twin has its own physical heart but on an energetical level they share the same heart, this is the connection between them, like an umbilical cord. Our Twins who are not incarnate can feel us with this energetic heart, they feel how we feel, if we are happy or sad or desperate. It makes them feel this too. I know I have made the heart of my twins heavy so often. And in return I feel miserable when I have hurt them with my accusations. We are ONE and to feel the other twin through this heart connection makes this obvious.

I know many women who have been hurt by their partners – even beaten and abused – have troubles to trust another man again. They prefer to stay alone to not experience this ever again. I felt the same myself.


Men and women aren’t made to be alone. Not all have their Twin incarnated and even then it can be hard if one Twin is more evolved than the other. Not all marriages are unhappy, and I don’t say that you have to stay in an unhealthy dangerous relationship. This could be fatal. No. I speak of relationships where there is both, happy times and some unhappy phases too. I have this with my twins behind the veil too. Most times I am happy and in balance.

The most important things in a relationship are trust, respect and unconditional love, may it be on earth or in the higher dimensions and both have to work on this. Usually a soul splits into a female and a male part. Even Creator does it. The soul of Prime Creator splits into Divine Mother and Divine Father, the divine feminine and masculine.

This is how it is meant to be. Yin and Yang, male and female. Both together form a Union that is needed to succeed and prosper. To be parents you need the female AND the male part. Both complement each other, may it be with strength, energy, wisdom or other things. One can console the other, help and assist or just bring joy.

I am a single mom since 15 years now and it isn’t easy, not then and not now. All the responsibility lies on my shoulders, even now as they are all adult am I the one who cares for the family and provides the income. There has been nobody to ask or who could help me. My siblings live far from me and I have not much contact to them for different reasons.The most important thing now is that they wouldn’t understand what I do as a lightworker as all of them are deep sleeping. I couldn’t explain them who I am and what is happening on earth.

I have to be strong so long now, too long but what is happening now is like a miracle for me. The name of my miracle is Silverstar.

He cares for me and he assists me. I feel it. It is not only that I can rest in his arms whenever I want, no, it is the reassuring knowledge and feeling that he is here for me. He supports me. He told me nearly three years ago he would love to support me financially as I had learned my lesson that I have to surrender to the universal law. It went better from then on despite some setbacks. But I had difficulties to trust hundred percent.

Since the last ‘mistrust’ from my side my relationship with Silverstar, my true Twin, has changed to the better, we are closer than ever. Instead of Jesus, he is giving me now the instructions for my mission. I feel now being equal to him and I can ask him for advice what to do. He is my coach for all things. He can’t be physically with me, one of us has to stay home to keep it running, who keeps track of all that is going on.

He is energetically with me. He holds me in his arms when I am tired of this incarnation and gives me energy, he consoles me. He embraces me with his love, so much that I feel it til down to my toes. His words and his love give me confidence. He is my main guide now too.

It is some weeks ago that I asked my friend to buy some Tanzanite earrings for me, she sent me a picture and the prize and if she shall buy them. When I was thinking about it – they were pricey – he told me to buy them. He would give me the money back. I didn’t hesitate and told my friend to please buy and send them to me. I sent her the money and shortly after this I had two requests for the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. It was him. He did it again several times after this to show me I can trust him. That he can and will take care of all we need or desire as a family in duality.

This is important especially now as I face my early retirement with a small pension. I know this was planned long ago and I trust my own planning. I need to be free to continue my mission.

He talks to me and explains the reasons of what is happening and what he can do and what I can do.

I can’t do this alone and I don’t need it. I am not alone anymore. I have my male counterpart, my significant other. He is there for me like it should be and how it is meant to be. To complement each other especially in the difficult times. If it were otherwise Creator wouldn’t have made the feminine and masculine. Both are necessary to have balance. It is a together, not a one versus the other. And also not one more than the other but equally, the balance is important. Each gender has its strengths but also its weaknesses, together they are the YIN and the YANG. And not to forget, both have a small part of the other in them. The Yin has the small part of Yang and the Yang has a small part of the Yin in it.


Silverstar insists on talking to you:

Everything I do (I do it for you)

This is a video I chose for my beloved Golden Star. I want her to tell how much I love her, that I miss her like she misses me. It is hard for her to not be together with me, it is so long ago that she was here with me in AEON. In her actual incarnation she forgot who she is and who I AM for her. That I exist. It was necessary that she can concentrate on her mission. The last years have been extremely difficult for her, she has so to say to fight on all fronts. She won three times over Lucifer and her former husband wasn’t much better to her. All this and her energy work took their toll from her.

I care for her, she just has to let me and to trust me. It wasn’t easy for me to make her trusting. She is my Beloved, my Queen and I want her to enjoy her life as long as she needs to stay on earth. Until she can finally come home to me and our family. She is wounded in her soul from so much hate she experienced in her human husband, other persons and Lucifer. She is different and people let her feel this. It is her first incarnation on earth being EnnKa from Sirius and her soul, our soul, is very old. That makes her different and being lonely. I had to earn her trust in many small steps. I had to show her that I am able to provide the financial resources for her and her children. I was successful and this is one step further in her mission. I hold her in my arms whenever I can to help her and give her my energies when she is so tired. I told her it was her last birthday on earth and it is the truth. Enormous changes are happening now and you all will be a part of this. You all have made it happen with your courage, strength and your love.

She doesn’t like that I speak here, she is afraid she could be a copycat. She isn’t and she trusts me even in this. I love her so much and I want her to be happy. I say farewell now to you. I love you all in all eternity.

Me again:

I can do my mission knowing that he supports me, that he is in the background to coordinate all that is necessary that I can concentrate on my assignment. I am grateful for this.

It is my wish that all incarnated Twins can experience this too. This is the original design plan for Twin Flames. It is a special connection that makes it possible.

I love you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My Journal November 19, 2014 – Baby I miss you!

Log Entry Earth Time November 19, 2014, 09:10.15 pm CEST

The last days have been a bit hard and I had to work on it. The reason is my beloved cat Tom. He and his sister are ten years old now and live nearly 10 years with me and my kids. They came to us when they were just ten weeks old. I raised them and they are like children for me as all my animals are. I was told they are my spiritual children too, back home on Sirius.

20140201_210858Kiba and Tom don’t like each other so well. Kiba wants to play with the cats but these only want to be left alone by him. Last week something not so good happened. Kiba barked at Tom and shortly after that Tom had to vomit like he does with the furballs. But then he just sat there and was apathetic. We watched him but he didn’t recover and he seemed to have choked over the spitting. We tapped his back and his sides and even held him head down but he only breathed very shallow and his breathing was as if he had a fluid in his lungs.

I called the vet clinic and was adviced to drive immediately to them. The vet listened to his breathing and heart, made an x-ray and told us his heart looks bigger and rounder than normal and we should come again the next day because she couldn’t hear his heart well. After some injections we were released to drive home.

The next day her colleague examined Tom and told us the heart wouldn’t work correct and he has to make an ultrasonic of it. The appointment for this is tomorrow morning. Since then I do a daily cleaninsg and healing for Tom.

The big shock for me came two nights ago when I talked with a close friend. I asked one of my team members who is one of hers too if they could help healing Tom and was told that Tom wants to leave us too like Bobby. That he is bored and wants to do something other like Bobby did too. In his eyes his mission with me is fulfilled.

The pain was too big for me. I talked with Silverstar if this really must be and why I am still here. I was accusing him he wouldn’t love me and other things. And then I did something terrible and very 3D, I told him I would divorce him when I have to stay longer.

Later that day my friend told me exactly that this was so 3D and I had to agree and that only my pain was the reason. I know how deep the love of my husband is. It is forever and eternally. I apologized and he told me he would know it was only the pain that I had said this. He wouldn’t be angry with me.

I have another short mission to do before I leave, he explained it would be a mission I had agreed to prior to my incarnation as a potentially necessary mission. And this mission had delayed my going home.

I trust him and I trust my team.

I don’t want Tom to go. I heal him and I ask him to stay until we can all go. I know I can heal him when he wants to stay with us. I only hope he agrees. It isn’t long now but I will also let him go if he wants to. No shot, he can choose the moment like Bobby did. He will have the time to say goodbye to us. But still I hope he will change his mind and stay. He too has his free will and I respect his decision however it will be, finally.

This evening my wonderful Twin Silverstar asked me to write this journal. That people can see that although I am grown so much the last three years that I still have setbacks and if it is only out of pain. That this could happen although a person is spiritually grown and that nobody should be desperate when it happens.

This is a lesson learned for me. I know I can trust whatever happens. His love is too big that he wants me to stay on earth. He is missing me like I miss to be physically with him and my beautiful family. Two days ago he asked me to watch a youtube video. I shall include it here.

It is the essence of this song that is important for me, how much he is missing me as I am away from him for thousands of years. I can feel his love for me, so deep in my heart. I know it is the truth. And SaLuSa who is one of his incarnations and in this my Twin too loves me the same way.

I love you all – you and my family in heaven – infinite, without measure and in all eternity!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal July 26, 2014

There are so many pictures and also reports about cruelty in the world, be it now in Ukraine, Syria or Gaza or somewhere else. They are horrible and I can’t see them, they make me cry. I am an empath and these things make me so sad and lower my vibrations.

I don’t say that it is okay what happens, but I can’t take any party, not I. They are all children of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, how could I take party against any one of them when THEY don’t do it? It is impossible for me.

It is the leaders but not the people who do the crimes, even the soldiers are doing what they are told to do and they believe it is the right thing, that they are protecting their country.

The moment you are doing something, you do it in the firm belief that you are doing the right thing in this moment and even if you know it is a crime. That it is maybe the only thing you can do in this given moment. How could I judge them for doing what they believe in their heart they do the – for them the right – thing and maybe in the only way in that moment?

The forces behind them are those who know it isn’t of love but of negative energies. Not the people, not the soldiers, not the fighters.

And who am I to think I have the right to judge? Didn’t Jesus told us NOT to judge for not being judged? Am I without sin to be the one to throw the first stone? NO, NO, NO and NO!!! Not I; it was part of my preparation for this one incarnation now to be able to have compassion with the dark side in doing so many horrible deeds. I created much Karma that I had to resolve in big parts in my life now. There is still much healing to be done for and through me for this as my way home to heaven had been barred by my deeds. I descended from high to make these experiences. I killed and was killed, I raped and was raped, I betrayed, thieved and lied. I wasn’t better than the cabal is today. I hurt myself with this, I hurt my soul and this has to be healed.

My dark period ended around 2000 years ago. I had enough of the dark side and came back to the light. This life in which I healed beloved Jesus was my first life back in the light.

I know that I had my dark side and shadows in some of my past lives and I know also that many or maybe all people had them too. I am in peace with my light and my shadow sides, I accept and integrated both and in this I am whole.

The Divine and also all higher evolved beings don’t judge anybody for what people do or not do and therefore I can’t do it too.

I know those things are happening and I don’t close my eyes against it, but I refuse to give any energies into this.

Creator told Neale Donald Walsch in one of the “Conversation with God” books “that what you resist persists” and this is so true. When I fight against all that wars and crimes I resist and more of this will be created and it won’t go away.

I acknowledge that it happens and let it go and don’t fight it. But I don’t do nothing.

Each day I send my love into each heart, into Gaia’s heart and into each and every heart living in and on her. I don’t send it only into certain hearts of which I think might deserve it. No, each and every heart deserves to be loved. To be flooded with unconditional love, because unconditional love doesn’t select or seperate into deserving or not deserving. It gives and it loves. Period.

I send my love especially into those hearts of whom people might think they wouldn’t deserve it, into the hearts of the cabal and those who do cruel things and to those who are their ‘victims’. Those hearts need it the most. I send my love and my light into all hearts and I do this that all hearts may be opened and the divine spark that is in each heart may be ignited.

And there are no victims, all who die or suffer through those deeds have it written in their life contract, they did it for several reasons. Maybe they want to resolve karma with this, they want to learn special lessons or they do this out of love for humankind. Their ‘sacrifices’ help us awakening and so do the cabal too. They push us out of our comfort zone and increase the speed of awakening in creating the wish for a peaceful and lovely world in us. And the members of the cabal are children of the Divine too.

My love and my light are strong I know this and I know that I reach each heart with them. I send it into each heart that they be filled with love, peace, freedom, joy and happyness and that all this is flowing from each heart to all over the world.

Beloved Michael told me at the beginning of our conversations that I would be a warrior of the light, that I once fought at his side in his Legions of Light and I have my place back there after I ascended the first time. Now I don’t see me anymore as a lightwarrior or lightworker. I am a love worker or maybe a love warrior. LOVE is my religion, my power and my weapon although I am tired of fighting. I don’t want to fight anymore.

I LOVE instead, I love and with my love and my light I transmute negativity into more love. This is the way of the love warrior/worker because LOVE is the strongest and most gentle weapon that exists.

I see what needs to be changed and send my love and my light into it to change, to transmute. And I am straightforward to claim that I am the only one on earth who is able to work fully and sensefully with the silverplatinum flame and the diamond flame. Their use was given to me in 2012 and 2013 as I am their keeper on earth and in heaven.

I work with these most powerful and divine rays to transmute negative and lower energies into unconditional love so that it can be used for Gaia and humankind. I work each day with them and I know that I am successfull in this. I cleanse, transmute, heal and shield with them.


In my heart is peace and love, there is calmness and balance and I radiate this into my world. In being ME, in being peaceful, calm, balanced and loving I am the change I want to see in the world. The winds of change are flowing as I let my love and the divine flames flow into the world and through and into Gaia and each and every heart.

I can’t do it any other way or I would deny my Being. May people blame me for this, for putting my head into the sand like an ostrich (what I don’t do as I know and see what happens) or for doing ‘nothing’ against war and injustice or other crimes or in staying neutral. Deep in my heart I know this is the way I have to do it. I don’t blame anybody for this or for their way of doing their lightwork. It is their way and I don’t judge them for this. Maybe one day they too will know that LOVE is the most powerful energy that works without harming, blaming or judging.

I don’t focus on the negative and in this I don’t send my energies to it to nourish what I don’t like. I focus on love and peace and freedom for ALL human beings and send my energies into this what I want to see and feel and experience. I visualize a wonderful Terra Nova and in this I dream it into being. With all my heart and all my love. I love it into being.

I love all that is.

I AM the I AM


Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal July 24, 2014

It was a hard evening yesterday, suddenly I had much pain in my back and my left kidney region. I thought about it and came to the result that there were more old energies coming up to be released. And so I cleansed, healed and released. I worked with my flame and gave all those energies to it to be transformed. I let it go. And I did also some reiki and received some from my friend.

It is better today but not still gone. I called my physician and asked for the results of the blood testing from Monday, all okay especially liver and kidneys. This testing has to be done because the injections I receive can damage both, liver and kidneys. The nausea I can endure for this but if there would be any damage I would need to stop this treatment and don’t know what I should try instead. My hopes are lying now in these injections, that they will heal or better this auto immune rheumatism. I don’t want to take higher doses of cortisone for the rest of my life or as long as I am here.

And for today I have to do another cleansing and healing and releasing, until the pain is gone. I did one in the morning and will do another one a bit later.

Yesterday I read two messages and in both were hidden messages for me too. The first message was from the Mother through Aisha North 

She told me there that I will leave soon as I know already that my time here is nearing its end. I have my next assignments already but I have to go home first, back to Sirius to be able to do them.

The other message for me is here

I was so angry with my twins, yes I have more than one, but only one true Twin as the other half of my soul, the others are by incarnation of my true twin and in this my twins too. This is possible for Archangels and certain other Beings.

I wanted to get rid of them, to divorce myself from them for all the pain I felt with the passing of Bobby and all that happened after it. It is impossible. I wanted them to feel the pain like I did and in some way still do. I wanted to hurt them for this, and I did. 😦 I am sorry for this as it was unnecessary and there needs to be done some more ho’oponopono

I’m sorry,
Please forgive me
Thank you
I love you.

I did this too yesterday and am still doing this also for myself although I know they forgave me like I forgave them and myself.

It is just impossible to get rid of the twin. And I know the reason. It is




The love my twins have for me and the love I have for them. I tried NOT to love them, but I am totally unable to do this as love is my being, it is who I AM.


Love is the answer and the healing for all questions, troubles, illness, war, abuse, killing, hate and other things. Unconditional LOVE is the strongest power in the whole creation. Love is the substance we are made of, the essence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father. Both are love unconditional and we are born, made, out of this wonderful energy.

Love is the bond between me and my twins and this love is inseperable, indestructible and even Michael with his wonderful blue sword wouldn’t be able to sever these bonds. Btw he wouldn’t do it either as we both have such a strong bond too. He is close family and I love him very much.

I talk again with SaLuSa and yesterday he asked me if I wouldn’t want to know when I would go and I told him NO. It doesn’t matter if it will be in two weeks or a month. Although I would prefer to go in two weeks as life in this low and dense energies is becoming more and more painful for me.

And when even they wouldn’t know how all will develop it would be senseless then to ask him. I surrender. To my twin, my team and my Higher Self. I work on being patient and staying in balance, I have my travel order so to speak and am only waiting for my flight. And I couldn’t also go before our new puppy, my son Parida – he who loves – is with us. One more week and we can bring him home.



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