Divine Mother My Journal December 25, 2016 – Lord of the Rings – Not just a fantasy book

Log Entry Earth Time December 25, 2016, 03:44.00 pm CEST


14355681_10209736276710944_6652777363929187350_nYou all know by now that I am a huge Lord of the Rings (LOTR) lover and maybe also that these books and movies have a deeper meaning for me. It wasn’t this way my whole life, I remember that I started reading the trilogy in the early 80s but never came even to the second book. I lost it somewhere in Lothlorien. Some time after the movies were made I bought the first one as special extended edition. I started to watch it on a Christmas day when I was alone at home and my kids visiting their father. And even then I watched just the beginning with Gollum having the one ring. Only years later – my youngest loved to watch the movies already and I having glimpses of them when I was in his room – I started to watch them too and was fascinated. Legolas was my favorite character then, together with the Elves. My whole life I had a favor for them, in all computer games I was playing, I chose the Elf as character when I could. Watching a video about the different races on Sirius I asked SaLuSa if we are Elves there and he confirmed, this is the reason why I am so ‘in’ to the Elves, riddle solved.

I also bought the books as kindle version so that I could read wherever I am, it was the time in my last job where I had to travel so much and my tablet or kindle was always with me. I read it several times now and am already at the first book again.

One day after I had watched the movies the xth time my son told me I would be crazy to watch it nearly every day but I was and still am fascinated by the story and the characters, especially Legolas, Aragorn, Arwen and Frodo. I felt a connection to them that was unfathomable for me.

In my last journal Silverstar gave me that video to watch and analyse which I did. Another favorite song from the movie is ‘May it be’ sung by Enya, I post it here together with the lyrics:

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadows call
Will fly away
May it be you journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

This is for all us loveworkers and starseeds, that we have to light the night to bring back the day, we are far from home but there is the promise that we will find our way in the darkness back to our homes wherever they are in our Galaxy.

The darkness is what has been and remnants still somehow are on Earth, the cruelty, wars, terror, corruption, to name a few things and we are here to bring the light back with our love for all that is. To lighten the night to make it all to the day, to put out the darkness with our light that is LOVE.

I share the second song again he gave me two days ago together with the lyrics, this time by Annie Lennox who sung it in the movie.

Lay down your sweet and weary head
Night is falling. You have come to journey’s end.
Sleep now. Dream of the ones who came before.
They are calling from across a distant shore.
Why do you weep? What are these tears upon your face?
Soon you will see all of your fears will pass away.
Safe in my arms, you’re only sleeping.

What can you see on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea, a pale moon rises.
The ships have come to carry you home.
And all will turn to silver glass.
A light on the water, all souls pass.

Hope fades into the world of night
Through shadows falling out of memory and time.
Don’t say we have come now to the end.
White shores are calling. You and I will meet again.
And you’ll be here in my arms, just sleeping.

What can you see on the horizon?
Why do the white gulls call?
Across the sea, a pale moon rises.
The ships have come to carry you home.

And all will turn to silver glass
A light on the water, grey ships pass
Into the West.

Can you see the hope and promise in these lyrics from both songs? I can and it makes my heart rejoice.

I know since a while now that the LOTR is not just a fantasy book but more like a metapher for what is really happening on Earth. The fight of the free people against the dark Lord Sauron, this is our ‘fight’ to free Earth from those who don’t have our best interest at heart. The Elves, Man, Hobbits and Dwarves are we, us starseeds and loveworkers. The Orcs, Sauron, Saruman and the Southerners (Haradrim, Dunlendings and Corsairs)  are those who don’t want our best, the Illuminati or Cabal as you can name them too. Silverstar has often enough asked you to read the books or watch the movies and with good reason, namely to understand what is happening here and how things will be at the end, that the light will be successful as it is written already. The books are a storyline we can follow.

13241205_1743408459228387_379598832381257313_nI hadn’t thought that I would write the next journal so short after my last one but I had a conversation with Silverstar yesterday while cooking and what we were discussing might look as if I am going nuts as it is incredible and mind-boggling. I tell you that I am still sane and the more i think about it the more I am sure of its truth and what is more important for me it came out of my heart and my intuition. This is where I usually find my own truths.

I asked him about the meaning and if he has anything to do with the books. He confirmed and also said that before I was born he and I we inspired Tolkien to write the books and all that is connected with them, the Hobbit and the Silmarillion to name just these two.  We knew that it might be difficult for me to find my truth, being who I am I have sometimes still problems to accept and in darker hours I have bouts of doubts if this is really true. There is so much in the books that is reminding me of home, Lothlorien with the big trees and all the woods, the Elves as race in common, Valinor across the sea, there are so many parallels, too many to be just by chance. Tolkien has said that the story is no analogy and has nothing to do with the world wars, what he didn’t knew is that it has all to do with the situation on Earth. What I explained already, the fight light vs dark, us starseeds and loveworkers against those who don’t have our best interest at heart. Silverstar and maybe I too gave Tolkien visions and details how to describe the realms and the history of Middle Earth and the different races.

Silverstar: I am glad that Isabel finally made the connections and correlations. I gave her enough hints and she got it yesterday. She isn’t crazy but it is truth she knows from before her incarnation and her full consciousness gave it free for her to connect the dots. Although your movie industry is deep in the hands of those who don’t want your best I have means to get movies done for my purpose and they finance them 😀

I can’t do it always as you have to learn your lessons and also discernment and I would otherwise rob you of these possibilities.

I was careful with Peter Jackson to cast the right actors for the movies to help my beloved remember home and her twins. It is no coincident that Legolas looks similar to SaLuSa and there is some likeness of Aragorn with me but more the younger Aragorn. Isabel needed long to get familiar with Aragorn and I had to be patient, it has to do with her problems accepting who she is. I worked with the songwriters to have the songs and the music like I wanted, that I could show them to her when she needs her the most. When she is losing hope to ever be able to come home to us. Valinor, the undying lands, is equal to Aeon our home and Lothlorien with the wonderful trees and big forests has similarity in the appearance with Sirius where she has her life as EnnKa. It is not by chance that my beloved loves the books and movies so much, they are reminding her why she is incarnated and of her origins and families too.

But these books are not only written for her but for all the lightworkers and starseeds to help them remember their mission, to give them hope and the promise of a positive outcome. It is also to remind all the starseeds of their homes, Oh! How far you are from home but The ships have come to carry you home. They are already there since about over a year now, they are in your atmosphere watching over you and supervising what is happening on Earth and taking care of your and our wishes that the end is in our favor.

When you read the books and watch the movies with open eyes and open minds you might see the parallels too.

Where are we now in the story that is the story of my beloved daughter Gaia Sophia, the soul of your beautiful planet, too? The one ring is destroyed but there is so much to be tidied up before the big celebrations can begin. You are not in the midst of it but at the end of the clearing and we are already preparing our celebrations, the crowning and wedding of SaLuSa and EnnKa. This one won’t be on Earth but on Sirius and for this she has to return home. Your celebrations will be Peace on Earth and prosperity, a life in love, joy and happiness, without borders or division of any kind. Humanity is at the edge of the big festivities, the ‘Fourth Age’ has already begun without being noticed by the majority and they will wake up to start their own preparations for the big party. Gandalf might add some of his famous fireworks to it too 😀 😀

Isabel is part of the fellowship together with special chosen ones from Earth, Aeon and Sirius. Starseeds and lightworkers form the free people who are involved in the fights and battles like the Elves, the Dunedain, the Rohirrim, the Dwarves and the men from Gondor. This doesn’t mean that you have to fight with weapons, no, your light and your love are your ONLY weapons, nothing else.

14203156_1377152368966285_8926946890350347194_nYou see that I am still speaking in the metaphers of the books and the situation on Earth. With the destruction of the ring the power of Sauron/the dark forces on Earth is gone but there are still some places where Orcs and Southerners/bankers, politicians, lobbyists and other minions are left and they have to be removed from Earth. We are in this phase now and have accomplished much already. Therefore you can expect things to become better, problems will solve, inventions made public especially those who will free you from fossil fuels and conventional transportation. Your healthcare will change to a non invasive and truly healing care. Not the deadly and bloody methods you are using now. Your whole life will change for the better. There is so much you can look forward to and it is near. Not today or tomorrow, but near. You know by now that I don’t give any dates. It is depending on how you do your work, your mission and how you can spread the love that is you. There is no need to judge anybody or anything. Every soul on Earth has its lesson and is there to make experiences. You don’t know the lessons of the other and what this person has gone through as he doesn’t know yours. Everybody is acting on his best understanding to do the right thing. I don’t judge anybody but accept as I know every soul and love each soul unconditionally.

If you can’t love unconditionally I ask you to at least stop hating and fighting. Be more tolerant and open and never forget, you don’t know the reason why a person is acting how he or she is acting. You don’t know the backgrounds or even tragedies in these lives.

Be peaceful and careful in your thoughts, words and actions and visualize the world you want to have and which you are creating now.

My beloved Goldenstar, YOU are MY Evening Star and this song is for you. You have risen out of the darkness you had chosen to prepare yourself for this incarnation. I thought I had lost you forever but you came out of the darkness like a beautiful bright star.

My beloved children, I am always with you and my beloved Goldenstar too. We love you and I love her so very much.

Merry Christmas my beloveds and a Happy New Year

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your divine parents

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Divine Mother My Journal December 21, 2015 – Happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas!

Log Entry Earth Time December 21, 2015, 09:04.49 pm CET

It is a month now that I wrote my last journal and we are nearing us Winter Solstice 2015 in Germany. It is tonight, in the early hours of the 22 nd. Hard to believe that another year is gone. A year with so much energy work, health problems, life changes through early retirement and other things. I had several melt downs in my trust to my main Twin Silverstar, several attacks on me from those who don’t want us to thrive to prevent my physical ascension, I wrote my first book together with my Higher Self, I started to make gem beads bracelets with her and I do attunements as I have to compensate about 50 % of my former income but consistent expenses. It isn’t easy but we are still here and not starved. My trust into my Twin seems to work.

The next to last weekend was but horrible. It began on the night to Friday that our washing machine stopped working, my son who is a mechanic looked at it and tried to get it working again but to no avail. One of the motors broke and we couldn’t do anything but order a new one. The same time I had to look for the price of heating fuel as my fuel tanks were near empty. I found a new machine and ordered it, I thought I had 100 days delay in payment but when I looked at the bill I was shocked, nope, I have to pay within 14 days after delivery, the new machine costs over 470 Euro. On Saturday when I brushed my teeth an inlay fell out, I had to wait three hours to go to an emergency dentist and he told me he couldn’t do much only do some provisional filling as there would be some caries and I have to see a regular dentist. Nice third of Advent. My weekend was spoiled and I was so frustrated and angry, I was crying aloud and screaming to my Twins and team. I couldn’t understand why all this had to happen on one weekend. Was this another lesson, another test, another attack? I didn’t care if I failed. Together with other stuff like the usual delays for the revaluation and Nesara/Gesara I was fuming. I demanded immediate action and full assistance and support from my team or I would quit, I am already ascended and I didn’t care if I would ascend a last time with or without body. I was totally down. I only wanted to go home and refused also to talk with my team. I know I was lied on to some things and they told me it was for security reasons.

I am only glad for the support through my friends who kept me running and gave me new perspectives. What followed was a week full of work, I could offer some new attunements and received several too so more of these are coming. What helped me a lot is the Cosmic Blue Energy Flush that flushed out lots of energies so that I feel lighter now.

I filled my etsy shop with attunements, my diamond shield and the book but no sales yet. It is as if I am cursed to be unsuccessful, as if people are avoiding my shop or are prevented to find it. I know the dark ones have their hands in this too. Another reason might be that I am now vibrating so high that my energies and vibrations are kind of rejecting them. I can’t reach them so well now.

I won’t give up. On Wednesday I was calm enough that my Higher Self came through and gave me some explanations of what had happened. I can’t say that I am happy with what she told me as my biggest wish is to go home and be healed and come back with full consciousness and being only Golden Star in my body of Isabel. I don’t know how long it will take and I work on being patient and keeping my vibes as high as possible. I can feel my wings and also the now well known energy coming in through my heart chakra, it is a sign that I am back in my high vibrations as I was before the melt down.

I ordered 2000 l heating fuel on Thursday and they have been delivered today. Another 940 Euro I have to pay. When the winter stays mild we have chance that we can heat and make warm water with this fuel until early summer, if not I will need to order again. My youngest son can give me some money but I have to see that I’ll earn enough for the machine AND the fuel. Fortunately the oil prices are on a deep low like I haven’t seen since years, on Friday I filled the gas tank of my car for 1,199 Euro per liter, this is lower than in 2008 during the financial crisis. I can only hope it stays there as long as possible. It is really time for the changes to manifest now. With all my problems I know that there are people who have less, who are homeless and hungry. I want the changes for them too, I want disclosure to happen and then the landings. I want all my children who are sick and suffer to be healed and for all to live in abundance as is their birth right. No Being should live in poverty, without home, starving and with dirty water to drink. No Being should be made sick through vaccines, cancer treatments and poisonous food and air.

I want the changes now, I demand them as the Being I AM. As Divine Mother incarnate who is feeling the suffering of her children.

Until then I work on manifesting enough income for my small family, our fur babies and me. Plus a visit at my hairstylist when it is time for more color.

20151216_163802I pampered myself this week with fresh color and I feel better with it too.

 In three days we celebrate Christmas Eve in Germany, it is traditionally that the baby Jesus brings the presents in the afternoon or evening, this depends on how young the children are. The other two Christmas Days are usually spent visiting the families of both parents.

This year we will do none of it, my youngest son intended to visit his father over the holidays but he has a strong cold and prefers to stay home and my older son is working. There will be no tree, no cookies, no decoration, nothing. Our living room is still storage place for material for some renovation and we can’t use it. To be honest I don’t feel in the mood for Christmas, neither do my kids. We will have a peaceful time together without hectic or too much too eat. And we will enjoy it. The new washing machine and the heating fuel are our Christmas presents.


My beloved didn’t tell you the whole story about what happened to her. What her HS told her when she was calm again and able to listen without raging. 🙂

Isabel ascended fully with her physical body in the night from Friday to Saturday at that weekend and she had to come back. Her fallen out inlay is the result of the energetic differences between her ship Mesime and Earth. Her frustration and pain are the result of the necessity to go back. She couldn’t understand what had happened as her HS has blocked all the memories of it. Unconsciously she knew that something had happened but she associated it with the broken washing machine and the fallen out inlay and our for her unsatisfying reaction to her frustration. In her anger she refused to talk with me and so I couldn’t explain what had happened. I decided to let her rant until she calmed herself and was accessible again for us. To go back home to me and her family is the greatest wish of my beloved, and she had been here and to go back to Earth again.

Isabel has immense energies and a very high vibration. The moment she ascended and left Earth with her body she took these energies with her and the energy level on Earth fell much too low. We had only the opportunity to shortly embrace her and to decide that she had to go back to Earth. She agreed in love for our children but also disappointed. I have asked so much from her, no wonder she was angry with me not knowing why.

We are too near the changes to risk a failure now in keeping her with us. The dark ones would have rejoiced and all of your and our efforts had been in vain. We couldn’t give up any of you or Gaia and so we decided my beloved Golden Star had to go back with a heavy heart.

She has learned one important thing, that she was able to ascend with body and she can do this again. And so can you too. She was the first to do this and to come back not with her full consciousness yet but with a body that will transform now more and more and she will regain abilities, knowledge and power. Her aim is now to keep her vibrations high and her body in a condition that will allow her to ascend again when the energies on Earth are sufficiently high enough for her to leave finally.

I don’t think she will have to wait so much longer for this as plans will come to fruition to enable this. We need her here for some special projects only she can do as Golden Star, but she needs her full consciousness for this.

You celebrate the Solstice today and tomorrow, depending on where you live. For the Northern Hemisphere it means longer days from now on and these longer days bring with them the long awaited and expected changes. We had some unexpected problems that brought some delays but we work successfully in removing these obstacles. It isn’t long now and you will be able to see them, to feel them and you will be surprised. It is too early to tell more at this point, I don’t want to spoil the surprise and I also don’t want to tell those who don’t want you to thrive what they have to expect and when. I am sure you will understand this.There have been too many leaks and I don’t want to spoil anything so shortly before the distribution of your presents.

Happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas my beloveds!

Celebrate the last Christmas time in the old energies. And the Force is with you.

Who is the Force? It’s me, of course, and Golden Star and all the Archangels, Angels and your Galactic families. Enjoy and don’t forget your ‘Lord of the Rings’. The Ring is on its way down to the fires of Mount Doom. It is still in the air in the hand of Gollum but unreachable for anybody. That doesn’t mean you could stop releasing old energies and doing your energetic homework. This is work you still have to do but the conditions will be better when the Ring is destroyed and the might of the Dark Lord and he himself are gone.

You can’t take these old energies with you up here and you can’t go up with them. So release, release, release and be love, do love and accept what is, as all is perfect.

We love you all so very much, Isabel has to do some attunements and I have to go back to work now too, watching the wrapping of the presents 😉

They will be delivered no matter the gender, race, color, sexual preference, nationality or religion. All of our children are welcome if you believe it or not. We have no special chosen ones, all are chosen.

Jesus wasn’t our only son, we have many sons and daughters. All of you are our children too and we love you till the end of the world and in all eternity.

Golden Star and Silverstar

Your Divine Parents

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Divine Mother My Journal November 22, 2015 – Break out of your limitations, tear them down together with the walls around your hearts.

Log Entry Earth Time November 22, 2015, 10:37.20 pm CET

Silverstar asked me if I won’t love to write an new journal and I agreed although I don’t know yet what to write and how it will develop.

I am fine, my back is so much better and although I don’t take any medication – my doctor told me I could let them away – my body feels a bit more healthier than weeks or months before. I love my daily ginger tea with black pepper, turmeric, cocos oil and honey and I drink at least two cups of it. I also take baking soda and for the magnesium and protein I take hemp proteine with joghurt. I clean and heal myself energetically twice daily and slowly I can see some improvement. I am happy, in balance, content and in love.


This is a picture from another winter but it looks like today.

Winter is coming and since yesterday it is snowing, not much but it is visible. I don’t like winter and the cold, ice and snow but I accept it as it is. That doesn’t mean that I can’t desire a higher temperature. I work on manifesting this. I don’t complain and accept and this in itself is growing and mastery of self. Why arguing with what I can’t change at the moment, it lowers only my vibrations and my intention is to keep them as high as possible. This is not fatalism but acceptance and staying in the flow.

I trust and all is well. I feel the love of my Twins and I know they will provide me with what we need to make a living until we can go home. I don’t panic when there is nothing on my bank account left and the next bill is to be paid. I just trust and then the money comes in. I stop struggling and giving my energies away to struggle. What I resist persists.  I see and then let go. My whole life is calmer now and more in balance because I am calm and in balance, and in peace. What is within, so is without. I apologize for my english, sometimes it is a bit difficult for me to express, to sort out my thoughts. Writing it down is helping me to do this.

I am more and more in the flow, time is flying and an hour seems to be just half of it. I am in retirement since nearly four months now and it is just as if it was yesterday. A day, a week, a month is like nothing. On some days I don’t know which day it is in the week and only the weekends when my sons are home tell me that another week has gone. I don’t plan to do anything only a few things like paying bills, working on bracelets and attunements, doing this or doing that and then suddenly the day is gone, I did nothing of what I had intended to do and I go sleeping. Another day is done. Is it a kind of procrastination but also timelessness? Maybe. I don’t know and I don’t care anymore. Somehow things will be done but they left their importance. It has a touch of living in eternity. I think I am leaving 3D and the veil is thinning for me.

I work intensely on my spiritual growth, I am releasing daily old energies, energetic baggage and feel much lighter now. I don’t know if there is something to release left but I will continue doing it to keep my slate clean when all will be done someday.

Last night something happened. A few weeks ago a Unicorn lost her magic because it was touched by a woman in her exitement before the Unicorn could touch the woman first. The woman had been freshly attuned to the Unicorn energies and forgot the respect we need to have for each being. I want to be respected by other beings so I have to respect other beings too and Unicorns are vulnerable in their being who they are especially in such a meditation related to an attunement or in a healing.

I had asked my Full Consciousness if I could do anything to help the Unicorn and she told me I could give her the magic back but I had to be physically with her, just my intention alone and my healing would not work. I visted the Unicorn several times and did some healing for her. Last night I visited her again with Pegasus Asaga. I touched her and started to heal and then I stated my intention to give her the magic back and suddenly it made a noise like a bling and the horn was shining like those of the other Unicorns. I felt such a joy and happiness from her and all the Unicorns and Asaga and my own happiness and I asked my HS if the Unicorn was really healed. She was. My HS said she was surprised as she hadn’t thought of this to be possible, lol, my stubborness was stronger. I had refused to take this ‘no’ as a no and had broken my limitations with this.

From now on I will refuse any limitations. I am Creator, a limitless being, so why should I accept any limitations only because I am incarnated? No,no! This is one of my goals now, to break all my self made and taught limitations. I am free to do all I want as long as I don’t harm anybody or anything! To harm anybody is not my intention as I know and feel that I only harm myself with such an action as I am one with all. I am all-that-is.


My beloved Isabel has made a big leap forward last night. None of us here in the higher realms had thought she could heal the Unicorn. As Divine Mother she gave the magic to the Unicorns and Pegasus and other beautiful beings. She is the only one who can give the once lost magic back, but through the limitations of the illusion we thought it to be impossible. Tonight she was only there with her consciousness and her strong intention, her compassion for the Unicorn created the miracle. It was also a kind of a test for her, if she would stay with the no or if she would try instead the thought impossible. She passed with flying colors and I am proud of her. Her trust in her abilities will grow much faster now after this success. She knows it too.

My beloved is growing and growing, she has released so much and what is more important, she is now more and more who she truly is. She is again shedding layer after layer to only be her true Self; that nothing is left that is not her true divine being, that is not the love and light she is. With each day passing, Isabel is thinking and acting more as the One she is, as her true Self as Divine Mother. She is it and it is seen and felt more and more now. Her light is shining stronger and brighter than ever and can’t be dimmed much longer.

The dark ones are afraid of her and of what is resurfacing in her now. Her energies and abilities are growing too and with her energy work she is deconstructing and threatening them on all fronts. There might be more attacks and attempts to discredit her but she knows this too will pass as the dark ones are on their way out. Isabel is unreachable for them, she is too well protected and her trust in me and her team is unbreakable now. It is a matter of months only or weeks and the situation on your planet should improve massively, I am cautious with all that is ‘time’ related and other factors are playing a role too, so please don’t nail me on this. 😀  All the big ones are already out and their souls have merged with Isabel, they are no threat anymore, there are some smaller ones but they too are on their way out. They are like small children who throw tantrum after tantrum because they refuse to go sleeping.

The events in Paris are part of these tantrums and I can only ask you to stay calm and in love. Don’t fight against them in any kind, don’t take notice of the unrest, don’t give your energies to them. Help when directly affected and if not then send love instead and to all, not only those who are affected but also to those who are just puppets of the dark, who are the pawns on the chessboard meant to be sacrificed when they aren’t needed any longer. Stay in your hearts my beloved children and have compassion with all beings who suffer. Send your beautiful love out to all who share your planet with you.

Read all messages and articles with your heart, there might appear more false messages and channelers to try to stop the fall of those who don’t have your best interest at heart. Use your discernment and don’t believe all you read. You don’t need to believe either what I tell you. Like SaLuSa told you in his last message through my beloved, you have all the knowledge and wisdom in yourself, you have it in your heart and the key to it is your love, for yourself and others. So go into your heart when you have questions and you should be able to find the answer, but you have to listen.

And don’t take a ‘no’ for a no anymore. Break out of your limitations, tear them down together with the walls around your hearts. Our beloved son Jesus told you once that all HE can do, YOU can do too. Aren’t you divine beings, aren’t you our beloved children and limitless like we are too? You can do all you want but you will also see and feel that when you harm anybody else you only harm yourself with this. Treat other beings with the respect and kindness you want for yourself. Do what gives you joy, what makes you happy and share it with your fellow people. Share the joy and happiness to light up the world and to make the life of those who have less than you more bearable. The moment will arrive that all beings on Earth will have more than enough for a comfortable living and this moment is near. It is not tomorrow, you would cry for joy I know, but I can see it already rising behind the horizon.

For those of you who know their LOTR, it is the moment when Frodo is running to the entrance of Mount Doom and Sam is following him. It is near, isn’t it?

Stay strong a while longer, my beloveds, it is nearly done and the Queen of Heavens will return and may the times that follow be blessed.

We love and bless you all without exception. We love you in all eternity and without limits.

Golden Star and Silverstar

Your Divine Parents

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