My Journal October 06, 2014 – Thoughts about winter

Log Entry Earth Time October 06, 2014, 07:22.45 pm CEST

Now we are in the last quarter of 2014, in October, and it is getting colder outside and we approach also the foggy time in the year. I live near the river Lech in South Bavaria in South Germany and that means we have often fog when the temperature falls in the evening and night. November is a real sad and dull month; leaves are falling by the shipload, days are getting shorter and maybe white frost is the morning joy for all the car owners without garage. Add to all the fog, rain and clouded skies those commemoration days like All Saints Day, German National Day of Mourning and Sunday before Advent on which the dead are commemorated and you know why for me November is the worst month of the year.

After November is December and with this winter begins. I don’t like winter.

I grew up in our German highlands in West Germany and stayed most of my life in such a region. The small town I was born has an altitude of around 600 m (1800 feet) above sea level and 50 years ago we had winters there. I remember that we had always snow at the latest that it began at the afternoon of Christmas Eve when we were decorating the tree. Usually we had snow until March.

I got my first skis when I was 5 years old and learned by trial and error, in just standing on them and doing, unimpressed of falling down. We had a nice hillside near our house and I enjoyed skiiing. I also used glide shoes as the roads were all snow covered.

Yes, as a child I enjoyed winter.

I grew up and moved and moved, married and become a mother of three who stayed at home to raise the children. I still lived in the highlands, another ones than in my childhood, we have more than one of these in Germany.

In being home my husband told me I would have enough time to shovel all the snow during the day so that he would have nothing to do with this when he returned home in the afternoon. My children were still small and needed full attention but I had to shovel snow. In some winters we had much snow and I was busy for an hour to clean the paths. Snow can be very heavy when wet and I am not tall or strong so that my body was aching after that work. Winter became unloved by me, maybe understandable under these conditions.

We need winter tires in Germany as the roads can be icy or full of snow or just covered with slush. An old saying is that you need winter tires from October until after Eastern. Living most of my life in higher regions I am used to drive over snowy roads, only the first days with snow are a bit tricky until we are used again to this.


When I chose my new workplace after my divorce only Bavaria was attractive enough and also available for me. But living in Bavaria means more snow in winter. My house is at the altitude of 554 m (around 1600 ft). My former workplace was over 20 miles away and I had to drive each day early in the morning until the afternoon. For some years I had a ride sharing with co-workers who lived near me and we had the same way. Usually we started at 6 am. It is still dark then during winter and in this early hour and often enough the snow plow wasn’t out yet to clean our way. Our way was over land only a few villages to drive through; much open land and some woods.

It is a beautiful countryside and on clear days I can see the Alps, our highest mountains in Germany. Our way to our workplace lies high and mostly open and on windy or stormy days we have to be careful when driving. Especially in winter when it is snowing. So often in the morning when the wind is blowing strong and snow is falling we could only see white. Land and road snow covered and then due to strong wind the snow is not only falling from above but also from the side. The only hint to where the road is are the road poles and your knowledge of the way. Fortunately there are not many cars on the road at this hour and you can drive like with less danger. Difficulties come up on those places were the land is so open, there you have usually snow drifts. Road services place each winter snow fences along these places to hold snow back but there is always much snow drifting through these fences. After some years you know where the most thick drifts are. Instead of a good half an hour we needed often enough over an hour to drive back and fro from our work.

I am honest and I prefer to drive over fresh snow rather than slush. It is easier and less dangerous as slush means slippery and even icy roads.

In February 2013 I had to change my workplace, my old unit was to be closed in Summer 2013. My new work was, oh no, more in the South and in the mountains. It was the only job available for me and I had to accept it. During the weeks I live there in a small appartment and am only home at the weekends.

My first day there started bad. It had snowed and the road to the barracks is very steep, I think it is 17 % upward slope. On the way to my former work there is also a place with that slope but my speed is then already higher and I can drive without difficulties even in winter. In Sonthofen where the new workplace is, that slope is in the town, first you have to go through a circle, then directly after this there is a sharp right turn and a left turn. Other than my former way with the steep rise where my car usually runs at 60 or 80 km/h (maybe 40 mph) on this road the speed of my car is nearly zero due to the circle and the turns prevent a fast speeding up that is necessary to climb that hill.

My car was heavy loaded that day with all that I needed for a week away from home and I could watch the speed decrease more and more and I wasn’t even half way up. My winter tires weren’t good enough for that road and I was afraid I would come to a halt and then slide back uncontrollably. My only thought was I needed help and I cried out loud: ‘Michael help me, Michael help me!!!’ My beloved AA Michael heard me and he and maybe my whole team gave a push to my car and we were up without any difficulties. I was so grateful for their help and assistance.

I needed their help another morning. The first two weeks I lived in a guest-house until I found my appartment and the way from that guest-house to my work led me over another steep road. One morning after more snow the road was icy and I had to be very careful. The road was tricky and I needed 20 minutes for 500 meter, working with my speed, brakes and my steering, to gain centimeter after centimeter. I knew that I had to drive and wasn’t allowed to stop or I would slide down the icy road, a small narrow road without any possibility to turn the car or to be able to sidestep another car. My beloved team worked with me and we managed to get me to my work. Pooh! I was glad when I arrived. The next winter I had new tires 🙂

I am a skilled driver and used to drive in ice and snow and this was my luck AND the assistance of my beloved team of Archangels.

They love to help and assist, we only have to ask for this and it doesn’t matter how we ask, even a short cry like I did is enough.

I am NOT looking forward to spend another winter on earth and I only hope that I leave before it is getting really cold and uncomfortable. It is better for me and my children like in the last years as we have money to buy enough heating fuel. Winter has not only negative sides, it has positives too.


I love it when the whole land is white with snow, fresh snow, when the sky is blue and the sun is shining. The mountains look so beautiful with all the snow, more beautiful than in summer when there are only the grey stones so high on top. Look at the snow how it sparkles in the sunlight, like billions of diamonds. Isn’t that wonderful, amazing? From this I know how the Diamond Ray of Creator, the flame of which I am the keeper, looks like. I have seen it often enough in my life with the sun on the snow. Walking in deep frost over snow, when with each step the snow is crunching underfoot. The air is cleaner then and so refreshing even in the cold. After such a walk how comforting is a cup of tea, coffee or chocolate in the warm house? You feel so wonderful alive.

Winter is in itself a season for resting and calmness. Mother Earth and nature are resting, some animals are hibernating and nature is sleeping in the colder climate zones. Here where we have winter. Not so much anymore like forty or fifty years ago but still enough to make it nasty outside. Our modern civilization forces us to live against the rhythm of nature. Workplaces are often far away and we can’t reach them by foot. Our employers don’t show any consideration of weather or traffic related problems. People have to be on their jobs by time and they can be lucky when they have flexible worktime like I have. But even then the stress and weight can be enormous and it doesn’t wonder why so many people have heart attacks or other illnessess due to this stress. Goods have to be transported nearly each day as warehousing is decreased to a minimum. Delivery by time as it is needed to keep the storage as small as possible. Roads are as full in winter as they are in other seasons. This way of living is totally unnatural.

Our ancestors knew how to care for the cold season. Towns were small and most people lived on the countryside in small villages. Each house had a garden where they grew fruits and vegetables and potatoes. There was no need to buy this. Lucky people had a pig and/or chicken. Some had a cow or a goat for milk. After the last harvest and the preparation of the fields for the next year the time for a slowdown set in.

Nets were mended and the implements for agriculture or gardening too. During these time the grains were flailed and then milled in the next water or wind mill.

In the evening families were sitting together at the fireplace; women were busy with spinning yarn or weaving and telling tales to the children. Men were carving or crafting. Our ancestors had a family life not like today where both parents have to work to earn a living and are so tired and exhausted in the evening that they can’t care enough for the children. Some have more then one job to be able to keep the family alive. Children are forced to go to school where they learn to be obedient to the system but not how to live a meaningful life. Todays children are stressed enormously, way too much and playtime is often rare. Society tells us we have to be busy 24/7/365 with job, sports and hobbies. There is no time for relaxation or to go within, to do nothing or just to BE. The system doesn’t want this as they know that people who go within will wake up and find the truth about real life and the life the system is imposing on us.

Life in the old times may have been hard and with many austerities, but in many ways with more life and resting times. Our ancestors prepared themselves for the hardships of the cold season and we need to learn this again.

We don’t need to go back to life as it was centuries ago. Modern life has its amenities. Electricity, flowing warm and cold water, central heating, internet, household utensils are fine.


We have to combine them with the natural flow of the seasons and some of the art of living of our ancestors. Providing and preparing for cold seasons and enough time for the family where all sit together and also enough time for relaxation, hobbies and alone time for meditation. With no need to go outside into harsh weather, storms, ice or snow. With no need to leave the house when it is still dark or dark again.

We have to change how we live because at the moment too many people don’t live, they only exist but can’t enjoy life as it is meant to be. Our current society needs more free time and less hard working. Money, as long as it is needed to get food, fuel, clothes. electricity and water, needs to be distributed fair, wages have to be fair and high enough. Exploitation of us people has to be stopped as it only serves the powers that were, those who don’t have our best interest at heart. But the most important thing we have to change is our behaviour against ourselves, others and nature.

We must love ourselves, our fellow men and Mother Earth unconditionally. We are made in love, out of love, for love and we ARE Love. Love is what is most needed in our societies. Love in the way the Divine Mother, Divine Father and all Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and our galactic families love us.

Unconditional love as I love you all, infinite, without measure and in all eternity!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the IAM

I am love, I am light, I am life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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Nobody has given you the rights over an other person – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn March 29, 2014

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I have never taught you to use violence, no matter in what form or against whom or whatsoever. Your societies and religions teach you that the man would be superior to the woman and that he can reprimand, punish, maltreat, abuse or kill her on his own discretion.

This is NOT true. Each form of life, be it human, animal or nature is sacred and to be protected.

Hasn’t my beloved son Jesus told you that you should love your neighbor as you love yourself? This excludes indisputable all physical, mental and emotional castigation or torture. This is NOT Love.

You cut the foreskin of little boys and mutilate the clitoris of young girls and this even without any anesthesia and all this with the justification it would be healthy or desirable.

No, in mutilating these young girls you take away with full intent their chance for sexual fulfillment. With what right do you do this? Nobody has given you these rights over an other person than you yourself.

It is and was my clear desire that not only each man, but also each woman can and should lead a sexual fulfilled life. For this reason I have created the human body as it is; in my own and the image of my Divine Husband. It is good as it is and serves you for all purposes. It doesn’t need any changes through you.

You should shelve these inhumane rites, my beloved child, because they are not of love.

And to tell you confidentially, the foreskin of my beloved husband and of my angels, who prefer the male form, are just as intact as are my clitoris and that of my angels who prefer the female form, if we then take human form.

These are honest and open words that may surprise you but you should take them by heart when you want to go into the next dimension, when you want to come a step nearer to me.

I love you with all my heart and will be very pleased about when you can finally take this step. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Give and take – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 27, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, it is important that you also accept. You can not always just give and give and not receive. This interrupts the flow of energy and just blocks everything. So please, the next time when life gives you something, in whatever form, take it. Be grateful for what you get and rejoice in it. How then can the universe provide you with something, if you just say no and always close the door? How can it then deliver your goods for you? It is called ‘give and take’, not give, give, give. In your own interest, for your own good, accept what life wants to give you. If you order something at your merchant you take it, too, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Workout plan – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn September 02, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I give you in my messages pieces of advice and information about how your universe and the life therein really works. It is now alone on yourself to implement them into your life. Nobody can take away this responsibility and the work on this from you. What use has a workout plan in sports for you when you ignore it? None. I give you a workout plan for your life to your disposal; it is your free will to follow it or not. You have but asked for it and what you do with it is in your own responsibility my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Equanimity – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 14, 2013


Stay calm, my child, there is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing on earth that you should fear. Your wonderful soul is immortal. Nothing on earth can destroy or affect it. So stay calm and live your life. Only you yourself can accelerate or delay the development of your soul. Through the choice of your thoughts and your attitudes you decide yourself for a soul growth or a stagnation. It is your own choice. But one thing is absolute sure, one day you too will again come back to me and become One with me, merge with me. When that will be, is alone your decision. So enjoy your life in all equanimity and ease. For this I have given it to you, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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