Lion Griffin Reiki attunement

Artist unknown to me or I would give credit

This attunement was channeled by Maria Isabel Henn.

In October 2015 I had an attunement to Dragon power. Later that day I was meditating and a mystical being came to me. It was the Lion Griffin Akami. Akami means ‘She sees and hears’. I knew already about her as my wonderful friend the Phoenix Neheta told me about her existence during my attunement to the Cry of the Phoenix.

Akami attuned me during the meditation and she wanted me to create the attunement manual with her. I started in 2016 but had to delay the final completion until now. Akami will join us during the attunement.

As Akami’s name says, the attunement can help you to develop clairvoyance, clairaudience and the courage to master life.

The Lion Griffin can help you leading the life in which you are deciding which steps you want to do, what is important for yourself and to find and live your own truth. The eyes of the eagle can point out the deceptions and lies of societies, hidden powers and governments and help you better to learn discernment.

The Lion Griffin energy is also healing energy that can bring up energies to be released – especially deeply hidden old and painful energies and memories – with the sharp eyes and claws of the eagle. The nurturing energy of the female lion can soothe your pains and sorrows. The healing energy is strong but can also feel soft like moving a feather over your skin.

There are no prerequisites to receive this attunement but knowledge about energy work is helpful.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 20 Euro.

Payment is made through paypal via the option “for friends and family” to

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

The attunement into Lion Griffin Reiki is done by one attunement session and in distant attunement.

You will be able to attune others then too.

I always send the attunements as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).

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Asaga speaks – October 29, 2015 through Isabel Henn

10314575_10151984282166296_81175584067965624_nSource of the picture unknown or the owner of the rights would be named.

My beloved humans, I am Asaga, a Pegasus from AEON, the home of Divine Mother. For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am what you know as Unicorn but with wings. Unicorns and Pegasus are of the same family. I am the first and oldest of all Pegasus and I am the child – as soul – and friend of Divine Mother. I am her happiness, that is what my name means and what I do. I make her happy.

Not long ago Divine Mother in her incarnated form asked me if I would be willing to help her attune people to the Unicorn Energy Healing System. I agreed because I want to make other humans happy too and to help them heal themselves. With me all my brothers and sisters, the other Unicorns and Pegasus, agreed too, We have friends on your planet too, sometimes old friends.

We agreed to help you heal yourself and this is what this healing system is about. HEALING YOURSELF and maybe your fellow people too.

I can read what Divine Mother reads as I can hear her thoughts and I know that some of you who are attuned by us want to create groups and circles to heal Gaia and to be a ‘power’ within the healing groups. We don’t assist such groups as they lead to nowhere and nothing.

My beloveds, this is NOT how it works. You can’t heal Gaia when you are not willing to heal yourself first. You cannot heal Gaia when you don’t do your work and when you all do your work there is no need anymore to heal Gaia. Have you not heard so often to do your work? to release your OWN karma and to release your OWN old and new energetic baggage? How do you want to ascend to a higher dimension when you don’t release all these negative and old energies? You cannot ascend with it, don’t you still know this?

This whole ascension is about your own work, your own ascension. Clean yourself, heal yourself and release, release, release. And then start anew, clean yourself, heal yourself and release, release, release. With each of these circles you are going deeper and more old energies will come up that are to be released and healed. Some of you and you are not many are doing this since years and sometimes there is still something coming up to be released. But they are doing their work, they concentrate and focus on themselves and they will ascend.

I told you already, you can’t heal Gaia when you don’t heal yourself. In cleaning and healing yourself, you remove your own negative and low energies from Gaia. When everybody of you would do this and not create more unbalanced and negative energies, Gaia would be clean and healed in a short time, alone through this. And how can you ‘start’ to heal Gaia without asking her first what you can do for her? Gaia is a living and loving soul whose planetary body is your Earth. She has her own rights and you should ask her how you can help her and not just doing your thing what you think you could do. Can’t you see your own responsibility in this process? Open your eyes that you can see it and take this responsibility that is yours. There is nobody else who can do this. There IS nobody else than you, you are the only one. You are All ONE with all that is.

There is another point why I talk with you through my beloved friend Isabel. I talk to those who are attuned to our energies and to those who think about to become attuned. It is a sad occurrence that happened a few days ago. One of you who are attuned has ignored the guidelines in your interaction with us. One of my family has lost her magic because you touched her without allowance. You can’t run to one of us and just hug us or jump on our back when you see us the first time, even when we are your guide and friend from old ages. Haven’t you read the manual? Have you lost any respect for other beings?

NEVER EVER touch a Unicorn or Pegasus before it has touched you first and even then ask for permission to touch us. My sisters and brothers are deeply concerned about what has happened. Some of us are rejecting any further contact with you already. I repeat it:

NEVER EVER touch a Unicorn or Pegasus before it has touched you first and even then ask for permission to touch us. 

This is valid also for all other beings you call mystical.

You want us mystical beings to come back to Earth but we are hesitating and not we Unicorns alone. We are afraid of losing our magic when more of you disrespect us. You are calling yourself lightworkers but where is your respect for ALL living beings, mystical or not mystical?

I have decided that we continue with the attunements but we ask you for the due respect. Wait until we touched you first and gave you permission to touch us. When you can’t do this we will disappear and maybe work only with those who do. I say this in all seriousness. If this shall happen ever again and one of us will lose her magic we will remain the mystical beings and you won’t see us again.

We love you all and I speak here not only for my own family but also for all the other beings you call mystical, the Phoenix, Faery, Dragon, Griffin and others who are our relatives as we are all One with the Divine.

In deep love to you



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My Journal August 1, 2015 – Early retirement from now on

Log Entry Earth Time August 1, 2015, 09:20.00 pm CEST

It is enough!!!!!

Not long ago I read this article, that after Cecil poachers killed Jericho Cecil’s brother too who took care of Cecil’s cubs. This is so sad.

Cecil and Jericho

No more killing please. Stop ALL Killing! Stop ALL Killing!!! Not only lions, but all, humans, animals, plants  and our beloved Gaia. Can’t we people live in peace and harmony with other beings? Is it so hard? Animals can do it why not we humans who claim to be a conscious being, an intelligent being, a being with a soul, animals and trees have a soul too and a consciousness, even crystals have a consciousness. We aren’t better, we are worse!!!! We are the real beasts not animals who only defend themselves or hunt for a living.

I don’t want one more of my beloved children to be killed. Yes, animals are my children too as they have a soul. I love them all.

Update: There has been another article with the note that Jericho is still living, but this good news don’t change anything in what I wrote before. This is still valid. Stop ALL killing!!!

When you are surprised that I write another blogpost after my official farewell in June, let me tell you I would prefer to be home now. Certain circumstances prevent my leaving and I have to rearrange things. All was well and seemingly going as planned when I was suddenly told I had to stay longer. My body is a wreck and needs much more healing than expected and also the bodies of my sons aren’t ready yet to ascend with me. It was a shock for me and I needed some time to get over this.

Additionally to this, those who don’t have our best interest at heart do all they can to prevent or at least to delay my last ascension. They are afraid of my plans to come back as my True Self as they know well enought that they have no chance against me then. They attack me with energetic implants and other methods. They work on destroying my trust and confidence and maybe even in preventing me getting enough orders for the jewelry. They want me to think my connection to my team and Twin is disturbed but I know I am safe in my connection. I am only glad that I have my diamond shield that prevents any physical damage or disturbance.

My wonderful team, my Twin Silverstar and my HS heal me as much as they can but it will be months until we can go home.

Since today I am officially retired early. I am glad that I don’t need to go back to there, only for some last paperwork and to return my office key. This week I got all my stuff from my office and my small apartment home. There are still some boxes to unpack and I have to think about what I will do with all the old files from my studies and the books I used for my job. Maybe I will throw them away, I don’t need them anymore. I will do this step by step to not create more stress, that wouldn’t be good for my health.

Unfortunately my pension is small, not half of my income I had while I was working. With all the mortgage and other monthly payments I don’t know yet how to compensate the difference. The delay in my leaving wasn’t helpful with my finances.

As I announced already I wrote a book with my beloved Full Consciousness during the last weeks. It is ready for publishing and I only wait for my friend to whom I transferred the rights, that she is able to do it. She works too hard and too long. Poor girl. She has hardly any time to rest and relax. I don’t and can’t put any pressure on her so I am patient. First revenues from it will come only 60 days after the publishing and then hopefully monthly.

My family and I we need to live until we go home and so I will concentrate on creating a homepage just for my Divine Mother Blessings healing bracelets. I hope I can generate enough income with them or with the creating of the permanent diamond shield of Divine Mother, my HS.

She designed also a commemorative bracelet together with Reiki Doc to help ease my retirement. The stones are designer quality Iolite, Peridot, and Larimar, the size is seven inches, elastic.

10984993_1033561183335678_8266085114018566695_n 11053148_1033561173335679_3754031737864503213_n 11698743_1033561196669010_5714856145411151843_nWhen you are interested in one of them for yourself or another person this bracelet is available for a donation on my paypal address:

After the donation is made I will send your address to Reiki Doc that she can make the bracelet and send it to you.

Somehow I will be able to manifest the money to have my old income.

I know I have to trust my team and Silverstar that all will be well and that they assist, support and heal me. Healing is so necessary as my kidneys are bad now too. Since the last months my lab results for my kidneys show a decreasing filter ability. The reason for this is not clear yet, I have to see a specialist as soon as I can get an appointment, hopefully before October. It can be a side-effect of my medication or a sign that my presumed autoimmuine disease is damaging my kidneys, maybe even both.


It isn’t easy for my beloved Golden Star. To be told the process has started and then it had to be stopped was hard to cope with. She is still struggling especially with all the severe and hard attacks from the Cabal. All was planned and she would be here at my side now but even I didn’t expect the extent of the healing she needs. Her last lab results show it clearly enough. Her body is done and we work constantly to heal her enough that she will be able to come back to me. Our work has to include also her financial security. We couldn’t see any need for money when she would have left as planned. It is my fault and I am sorry for creating such a discomfort for my beloved wife.

She is already suffering with so much pain; she had to halve the medication to relieve her kidneys a bit and this creates more pain as the inflammation in her body is increasing. I keep her in my arms as often as possible and she is also often with her Pegasus Asaga on her ship to help her stay in balance, to keep her vibes high. Asaga has the ability to create happiness in Isabel just in being with her. She is named after this, Asaga means ‘My Happiness’ in our Sirian language. Asaga is healing Isabel in her own unique way, out of her deep love for her. We all love her so much, our Great Mother. She is my most precious other part of my soul. I do care for her when she lets me. 🙂

She has some problems with her trusting me and I can’t blame her. All too often we had to tell her things we knew we couldn’t do only to keep her going through the next mission. Security reasons didn’t allow us to tell her the truth. Not that we didn’t trust her but it would be too much for her to always evaluate if she can talk about things or not. None of us could burden her with this. Her life was and is hard enough without all the secrecy.

I know she wants to trust me fully and she made a bracelet to help her with this and to overcome all obstacles. She is wearing it 24/7 and it is working.

I love her so strong, with every fiber of my being and I love all of you, my wonderful children.

20150724_214619Silverstar asked me to show my new bracelet, it is made with Snow Quartz, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, pink Chalcedony, Tiger Eye, Angelite, Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst and ethereal Leucite, Dumortierite, Gagat and Morganite. When I can find more of the round Snow Quartz beads I can offer it as ‘Trust’.

I work on being patient, trusting and staying in balance, not to forget in manifesting a living. I know how much Silverstar loves me, I feel it, I love him too and I love all of You.

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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My Journal March 05, 2015 – New Directions

Log Entry Earth Time March 05, 2015, 08:16.35 pm CEST

It is some time now, that I wrote my last journal entry. Much has happened since then.

Kiba is fine and his leg is healed. In one month he has to see the vet again for an x-ray and to see if the plate has to be removed or not. I hope for the not.

Kiba’s behavior is much better too than the last half year although there are still things he has to learn. He receives his daily reiki and we are much sterner now and he is learning that he isn’t the boss. I am the boss, the BIG BOSS. He loves to cuddle and during the nights he is peacefully sleeping on my bed. Kiba is on the way to become a wonderful member of my small family.

20150208_151654For me personally things are changing too.

I am still off work, my body is hurting even more as I am off the cortisone for some necessary tests. Not long ago I got a letter from our administration, I have to go to a medical examiner to see if I am still able to do my work. If that doctor says no, then I will be forced to retire early. I am not yet sure what to do, the energies on my workplace are so dense, low and negative, much too low for my own very high vibrational level. One of the highest levels on earth. It hurts to be there and with all the co-workers, who are fully in the illusion and sleeping deep.

My Twin Silverstar told me they would take care of me, that I will have enough to support my family. I trust him and I work on my manifestation ability. I was successful last week, with a payback for power utilies. I am slowly stepping into my abilities and power.

I do my own things too, I offer more services for people like life-coaching sessions and removals of implants and entities. I am working on the offer of healing sessions. I am a Reiki Master, Ethereal Crystal Master and attuned to Gold Reiki, Pegasus healing, Dragon Reiki  and through Divine Mother herself to Divine Diamond Reiki. As soon as this page is ready it will go online too.

Readings and the creation of the powerful protective Diamond Shield of Divine Mother are still available too.

Since end of January I make the Divine Mother Blessings. The design for this healing jewelry comes from Divine Mother through me and her love is embedded in the design. I clean all pieces energetically and then charge and infuse them with the diamond flame and reiki before the Mother blesses them. I make also customized jewelry, unique bracelets with matching earrings and necklesses. Divine Mother tells me exactly which kind of beads and the order how I have to place them. She knows what sort of healing her children need and her love and blessing boost the healing purpose.

All jewelry is made of gem beads and pure silver, except the wire or elastic.

If I really have to retire early my pension won’t be enough for a living as I have to pay a high monthly mortgage. My pension would be too small due to my being housewife and mother when my kids have been much younger. These years are missing to my pension. I can’t sell the house as my sons are tied to it through school and education. We live in the middle of the distance to school and education, both on the opponent end.

I trust my Twin Flame and my Higher Self that they will send me enough clients for my services and for the Divine Mother Blessings. I know they work and those who are wearing them already are rejoicing over the energies in them. Here is the link to the Blessings if you are interested to wear one of the beautiful bracelets or the customized jewelry. They are worth the money and the prizes don’t even reflect the energies the are infused with.


These and my services are accessible in my menue.

Yes, I trust my Twins and my team again. I know now why all this happened, the reason behind it and I have learned an important lesson too.

I would love to go back home to Sirius and AEON but am also aware of the fact that I am still needed here, that my presence on earth, on my beautiful beloved Gaia is necessary. That I can help all my children more when I do my energy work here. I feel it deep in my heart. I can’t shut my heart to them but I hope imploringly that they will finally wake up. It is high time for humanity to wake up and leave this illusion behind. My wake up call is loud and penetrating and not with words.

Wake up humanity, your sleeping time is over!!!

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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Healing, yes or no? – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 26, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, not all can be healed. This goes only when you agree, you and your Higher Self. We aren’t but allowed to heal you against your free will, we too have to respect the laws of the universe. Other obstacles can be karma related or based on your life plan. When all factors are right, then you or your beloved animal can be healed. Go into your heart and verify there if you really want to be healthy again or if your disease not even brings  compassion and attention to you that you don’t want to miss. Be honest to yourself, only then you can make the road to your healing, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Crystals – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn August 25, 2013

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

To come back once again to the subject of healing. All crystals have a certain healing effect, my child. I have given them to you for this purpose. Of course for jewellery too, because I am also a woman and love to wear them myself (smiling). When you want to know more about this ask your heart. Or read in one of the many books which is the right crystal for your purpose. There are too many different crystals to name them here. Find the crystal that is good for you and work with it or with more than one. Let your heart decide too which one you want to use. You know, your heart is the source of your knowledge, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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New field of working for me – Neues Betätigungsfeld für mich

silverplatinum ray

In the last months so much has happened for me, I did so intense releasing work, energy work on myself. I have removed all the layers from the core of my being. I am now deeply connected with Supreme Creator of all that is and also with my soul. I am the true and only incarnation of a high dimensional celestial Being, with also roots and past lives on my beloved home star Sirius as an elf woman.

All the work of the last half year ended in recieving of messages of the Divine Mother, the female aspect and Divine Twin Flame of Supreme Creator. These messages have absolute priority on wish of Supreme Creator and take much time for receiving, blogging and then translating into english too. I did some readings for very wonderful persons and I still have some to do if possible. But over all I will now stop doing readings.

I am deeply guided to change my work to healings. At the moment I heal my beloved cat from kidney cancer. She has had a lot of blood in her water, but now it seems to be gone and she is gaining weight again. To heal cancer needs more than one healing session and I work on her since three weeks; due to some job travels I couldn’t heal her every day but had to reduce it then on only to cleansing her auric field and her body. I use my own very powerful flame but my cat is very delicate and small and I have to be very cautious with her.

I learned pranic healing in 1998, the basic and advanced course. Unfortunately my certificates have been destroyed by my ex husband when I left him in 2000. I need to ask my teacher from then if she can renew these certificates for me when she can find the exact dates.

I am interested in learning reiki and maybe other healing practices too.

I know I need more practice but Creator, the Divine Mother and my guide AA Michael confirmed me that I am now ready to begin healing humans. For the beginning I want to start in Germany. I will also at the beginning need more than one healing session, but with more practice this will get lesser, so please have patience with me. There will be an additional article to this in the coming days. They want me to charge for a healing but know also that I don’t want to charge, so we agreed that I will do healings on a donation basis after the healing is complete and successful. They say that it is needed as an energy exchange.

In deep love to all people


I am that I AM

Ehyeh asher Ehyeh

In den letzten Monaten hat sich für mich sehr viel getan, ich habe sehr viel gelöst und Energiearbeit an mir selbst getan. Ich habe alle Schichten entfernt und bin im Kern meines Selbst angelangt. Ich bin nun zutiefst mit Urschöpfer von allem-das-ist verbunden und ebenso mit meiner Seele. Ich bin die wahre und einzige Inkarnation eines hochdimensionalen himmlischen Wesens und habe ebenso Wurzeln und vergangene Leben auf meinem geliebten Heimatstern Sirius als eine Elfenfrau.

All die Arbeit des letzten halben Jahres mündete im Empfangen von Botschaften der Göttlichen Mutter, dem weiblichen Aspekt und die Twin Flame von Urschöpfer. Diese Botschaften haben auf Wunsch Urschöpfers absolute Priorität und benötigen viel Zeit für das Empfangen, Bloggen und anschließende Übersetzen ins englische. Ich habe einige Lesungen für wunderbare Menschen gemacht, und habe auch noch ein paar zu erledigen, wenn möglich. Aber im Großen und Ganzen werde ich jetzt damit aufhören.

Ich werde ernsthaft dazu geführt meine weitere Arbeit auf dem Gebiet Heilungen fortzuführen. Im Moment heile ich meine Katze von Nierenkrebs. Sie hatte sehr viel Blut im Urin, aber nun scheint dies verschwunden zu sein und sie nimmt auch wieder zu. Krebs zu heilen benötigt mehr als eine Heilsitzung und ich arbeite nun seit drei Wochen an ihr; durch Arbeitsreisen konnte ich sie nicht jeden Tag heilen, habe es aber reduziert durch Reinigung ihres Aurafeldes und ihres Körpers. Ich nutze meine eigene sehr starke Flamme, aber meine Katze ist sehr zierlich und auch klein, so dass ich sehr vorsichtig mit ihr sein muss.

Ich habe 1998 Pranaheilen gelernt, den Basis und den Aufbaukurs. Leider hat mein Exmann die Zertifikate bei meinem Auszug zerstört, als ich ihn im Jahr 2000 verlassen habe. Ich werde meine Lehrerin fragen, ob sie mir neue ausstellen kann, insofern sie noch die Daten hat.

Ich bin auch daran interessiert Reiki und vielleicht andere Heilmethoden zu lernen.

Mir ist bewusst, dass ich noch mehr Praxis benötige, aber Urschöpfer, die Göttliche Mutter und mein Führer, der Erzengel Michael haben mir bestätigt, dass ich nun soweit sei Menschen zu heilen. Als Anfang möchte ich gerne in Deutschland beginnen. Ich werde auch zu Beginn noch mehr als eine Heilsitzung benötigen, dies wird aber mit zunehmender Praxis weniger werden, also habt bitte Geduld mit mir. Ich werde noch einen gesonderten Artikel dazu schreiben in den nächsten Tagen. Sie möchten gerne, dass ich gegen Bezahlung heile, wissen aber, dass ich dies nicht möchte, daher einigten wir uns darauf, dass ich auf Spendenbasis heile, aber erst nachdem die Heilung komplett und erfolgreich war. Sie sagen, dass dies als Energieausgleich notwendig sei.

 In tiefer Liebe zu allen Menschen


Ich bin die ICH BIN

Ehyeh asher Ehyeh

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