My Journal June 17, 2015 – Time to say Goodbye

Log Entry Earth Time June 17, 2015, 09:20.06 pm CEST

My team told me to write a last journal entry as it would be time to say farewell. Maybe this should be a confirmation for me that I am really going.

I feel strange since days now but I can also not much progress. There is an increasing dizzyness and also vertigo, I am very tired even when it is time to leave bed because Kiba needs to go for a walk. When I go sleeping I can’t fall asleep and lie in my bed for one or two hours turning from one side to the other. I feel very absent minded and as if I am not in my body but standing besides me. Concentrating on something isn’t always easy and I lose interest in almost all things. Two persons told me they would feel my energies fading away.

This should be a sign for me that I am really leaving but it is so slow that doubt is coming up.

Anyhow, I hope it will be soon as the decision has been made and the process started by my HS. It isn’t stoppable now and I work on staying calm and relaxed. She knows very well that I would stay a bit longer, as long as possible to do my energy work but my twin and she too told me my body is dying and not in months or weeks. They don’t want me to go that way or that my kids will watch me dying.

I would also stay to be here for my closest friend, it is so hard for her to know I go and to let me go. I wish I could take her with me. I can only come back as the Being I AM and work like a whirlwind to bring things into the right order. Things I never could do as the human Isabel. Work that shall help speed up the changes on Earth. So that she and her family can go home too. That people can finally ascend, those who are ready and life on Gaia in 5D can thrive.

I have to work on some things for me personally, erase the doubts and stay in love and my heart.

And to say Sayonara



My beloved has to go, she does with a laughing and a crying eye. The laughing because she is happy to be finally home with us, the crying because she wants to do her energy work and to be there for her friend. She can feel the pain of her friend but knows she can’t stay. Her body can’t hold the energies of this soul anymore. Normally a body can hold the energies of an infinite soul only for a few years. Isabel’s soul is THE infinite soul and we created a very robust and solid body for her as we knew it should have to host her for at least 5 decades. Life hasn’t be easy for my beloved and the many years under heavy stress and life threats haven’t be supportive to her body. Additionally to this and her energy work she has cleared nearly all of her country and wherever she has been in her life from low and negative energies, all this flowing through her body to be released and transmuted. As a result her strong body is damaged too much now. It is literally dying and therefore her HS has started the process of her last Ascension within her body. As long as it is still possible.

We assist her in this as much as we can and we protect her. Isabel has mentioned her doubts and she has learned through a friend that these are not her own energies but implanted into her environment to stall or even to prevent her leaving. Those who have not your best interest in their hearts don’t want her to go, they want to destroy her as they knew who she is. This is not their first attempt.

Those of you who still have no clue, read the last message she received through her HS. Isabel will insert the link to it here. She posted this message only on her wall as she is still hesitating to disclose who she is. And she would love to throw at least a cream pie at me for this, hopefully with lemon, I love lemon. 😉

Maybe she will throw one at me when I tell her that I expect her to post this in all her groups.

I don’t know why women always have to throw cream pie at their men when they are upset (he is shaking his head but smiling — ed), I try to understand.

 Isabel will leave soon, it is not to be stopped, by anybody. She will come back to continue her work. In the body of Isabel, or as EnnKa her Sirian being or as my beloved Golden Star? This is a surprise for all of you, even for her.

Did you know that Mother Mary was the incarnation of my beloved? Isabel’s first name is not by chance Maria, this helped her to stay close to her greatest incarnation of earth, the Mother of our beloved son Yeshua.

Ave Maria

When I chose the Ave Maria, I chose it for her to express my love and respect for all she does and did, for her courage to incarnate as a human being in these important times, to experience joy and happiness, friendship, love, loss, hardship, suffering and pain, betrayal and mistrust, the whole gamut of human emotions and situations. I am honest, I couldn’t do it. I am glad to be here in our heavenly home. She is the stronger and more courageous one of us twins. I adore her and love her more than anything else.

This is our last journal and now it is time for Isabel and me to say Goodbye

It doesn’t mean that we leave you, you can never be separated from us. You are a part of us, our beloved children and we are in your hearts as you are in our hearts. You are for all eternity inseparable connected to us.

Our love for you is unconditional, limitless and eternal.

Your divine twins and parents

Silverstar and Isabel who is also known as Golden Star and

EnnKa, Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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