Divine Mother My Journal February 06, 2016 – Setting sails to the Undying Lands

Log Entry Earth Time February 06, 2016, 08:58.55 pm CET



Nearly one month has passed and although I am still here some changes for me happened. My consciousness is increasing again and I had a difficult week. From time to time they change the energies, lowering or raising them to give especially those sleeping or newly awakened the chance to adapt to the energies. I feel these lows and I feel very uncomfortable with them. My body is adapting more and more to the energies of Mesime, my ship, who are very high. These differences between the ship and Earth are tearing on my body when I am returning to Earth every night.

This last week was extreme and I know the reason now. I felt horrible, a big sadness, off track, unloved, abandoned, betrayed and the whole gamut of emotions. I was angry with my team and my twins, accusing them to not doing enough and not wanting me back. I apologize as I know better now. What has changed for me is that I can feel all the emotions of humanity, the whole bandwidth. As Divine Mother it is normal for me and my Higher Self doesn’t suffer. It is the same like with all the sickness and diseases of my children that affect my body and make me sick too. Humanity are like cells in my body and when one cell gets sick I might not feel it, but when more and more are sick at one point the whole body gets sick. I can’t shield myself from it as it is part of my being all that is. I am learning now how to tune out these emotions that are not me. Since I know the reason for my sadness and that I don’t own it, I feel better. I am back in balance and calm now.

More things became clearer for me when I was talking with my best friend last night. I want to go home to my ship and still it is my own decision to return to Earth every night. I am not forced to go only by myself. There is also no need to suffer or to miss any fun or joy like I do since a while. Don’t ask me I can’t tell you when I lost the joy in my life. It is a feeling of guilt that keeps me here, guilt that I might could have prevented the descent of my beloved daughter Gaia and her people. Have I neglected something? Was I just unobservant? I don’t know as too many memories are still blocked. What I can feel and my friend is correct, I feel guilty and responsible and this is the reason why I incarnated and took all the stress and danger of my dark period and this life on myself to help Gaia and her inhabitants with ascension. My still low self-esteem and inadequate self-love do their own to my current situation. Yes, my body is one pain now but I work on ignoring the pain. Pain is illusion, I have to repeat it again and again. There is no need to suffer because of it.

In my overwhelming wish to stay onboard I lost my way, my happiness and joy. I enjoy to attune people to reiki, animal and other energies, I love it and I know that the recipients enjoy their attunements too. All the attunements I do are filled with my love and blessings and the Atlantian Dolphin attunements are also filled with the playfulness and joy of the dolphins and my own joy. But besides that and my chats with my best friend there is not much joy left. I want to find it again and I will.

Since our chat from tonight I am reflecting and contemplating and also working on myself. I received so many attunements for myself that I can use now to help me clear blockages, guilt and other stuff. I have mantras that will help me too. The biggest point is but my feeling of guilt that I have to release and that it is okay when I stay on my ship. I can transfer my energies to humanity from there too. This guilt that tries to make me responsible for the success of this whole process in staying here until all have ascended. This is not necessary and I have done my share to it in this incarnation. It doesn’t mean that I would stop working for it, no, it only means that I am not bound anymore to be on Earth during the whole process. I can allow myself to go home to continue my work from there and to come back with full consciousness and all my power and abilities after my body is healed.

I don’t know how much time I need for this as it is so deep ingrained in my soul and I don’t know how fast I can release whatever is holding me back. It could be overnight but also take days or weeks but I will learn this last lesson.

Until I am able to stay on my ship I will continue my daily energy work, the cleansings and healings, the daily reiki I send to all my loved ones, all requests, healers, all who are affected by storms, snow, earthquakes, floodings, volcanoes and similar happenings and to all my children on and in this wonderful planet. And I will continue to blast all negativity and other stuff with my diamond flame to cleanse Gaia from all that is unwanted and/or harmful to her and the souls on her. And of course I will do attunements, make bracelets and create diamond shields of protection when they are ordered.

Silverstar wants to talk ❤


My beloved has gone through much the last weeks, her body is stressed to exhaustion by the different energy levels. She always thought we would send her back but we would love that she stays with us. I feel her pain in my heart, we are connected energetically and I monitor her closely to assist her. With the opening to all the emotions she shut down her heart and refused to listen to me, I don’t blame her for this as in some points she is correct. We didn’t always tell her the truth but it was due to the secrecy of the mission. One wrong word and she could reveal too much and risk the whole operation.

20141103_182511You think I am exaggerating? Look at the picture. It is a triskelion and it has several meanings but always the meaning of three. The Trinity, mother, father and child, past, presence and future, body, mind and soul and the triple Goddess and others. It is also the sign of my beloved. She is no nobody and her Higher Self knows all the details of our Divine Plan. One unguarded remark could risk so much. This is the reason why her HS is blocking all memories from her visits and her work during her sleeptime even the memory of our embracing her. I wasn’t lucky with her decision to switch sides to the dark ones for her preparation but I support her and will welcome her back when her soul has made the decision to stay. I am not angry with her or that she accused us and threw cream cakes at us. I could feel her pain and frustration. I love her and want her back. All of us do.

I am confident she will learn this last lesson. She is already working with me again, she is listening to what we tell her, her HS and I. She is open again for our guidance. Her amnesia is slowly lifting and it brings with it not only joy but also pain. She believes it was her fault that Gaia descended, that she wasn’t careful enough in her watching over our daughter. Even Prime Creator and your Divine Parents are still learning and growing and we too make our experiences together with you. I know Isabel would give her body to help you but this isn’t necessary. Energies on Gaia have raised and I am sure we can compensate Isabel’s energies when she is ready to stay with us. It is now her decision, her soul must finally decide to stay. She wants to be with me but her soul has the last word. Only when she has released all that is holding her back will she be able to stay here. We support her fully in this.

One thing she did in her meditation today was to throw her ‘ring of guilt’ into the fires of Mount Doom, she was hesitating and it wasn’t easy for her to let go but finally she did and she took her inner child and went out of Mount Doom. She had released the darkness and shadows in her being – don’t forget, she spent thousands of years on the dark side – and found a green land. Together with her inner child she will set sail to the Undying Lands as soon as she arrives in the Grey Havens. Her ship is already waiting for her.

When you ask me now why I so often talk about the Lord of the Rings then I can only answer you that my beloved is deeply linked to this story you only see as a fairy tale, a mere fiction. Isabel knows her roles in it and yes, she has more than one. It is not yet the time to disclose it but she might do when all the riddles are solved and peace and freedom are finally installed. LOTR and all books and stories that are connected to it, are no fiction but the story of your planet, your history, a metapher of what was and is happening and why you are on Earth and doing what you came there to do. It is the metapher of the war between dark and light not only on your planet but also in your Galaxy. I know that this war on your planet is already won but it has to manifest before your eyes yet. This too is now happening. As the One Ring has been destroyed it is just a matter of time that all shadows, Goblins, Trolls, pirates and Haradrims are gone too. We are removing the last of those who don’t have your best interest at heart and their minions from Gaia, they have the choice between healing or merging with my beloved and I think most of them will choose the merging as they are too afraid of love.

Stay strong my beloved children, the end of your suffering is near. We are already preparing the big party to welcome you back out of the illusion.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar


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Divine Mother My Journal January 09, 2016 – Some incidents, …and be the love and peace you want to see on Earth

Log Entry Earth Time January 09, 2016, 09:02.55 pm CET

My dearest family, friends and readers – to be honest, you are all of this, you are all my family – I wish you a belated Happy New Year 2016. I can tell you, it will be a wondrous one, you will never forget. This is something I can feel in my heart, I know, as I work for it together with all of you and others.

Things are changing like the weather. Usually by now we have winter here in South Bavaria in Germany with ice and snow and freezing temperatures. At this moment we have still plus 6°C and we had some rain today. All the last weeks we had only a bit frost and I think two days where it was snowing a bit. I love it. I love the higher temperatures and hope it will stay until March and then to have spring.


This nice weather is good for Gaia as we have to heat lesser than with freezing temps, there is less salt on the roads and the mountains have not enough snow for those who love skiing. Nature can recover a bit with this current mild winter. Skiing is fun, I know, I did it myself too and enjoyed it but it is a big stress factor for nature, all these ski slopes that have to be built including the lifts, the machines that produce snow, all the trees that have to be cut and the eroding of the ground due all of this. Not to forget all the traffic to those regions that offer skiing in winter. It is a whole industry connected with this and that means money, BIG money.

I have to be careful, lol, with what I say or I will be killed by a fanatic skier. You think I am joking? Maybe, but several things have occurred this week that make me wondering.

Only a few days ago I unfriended a man on fb who said openly he wants to kill all meat eaters because they would kill animals. He refused to accept any reasons why people eat meat, he even accused those who live traditionally from other animals like the Inuit and carnivorous animals. He has removed that post meanwhile maybe he received too many responses on his violent post. Isn’t this strange to intend to kill people because of their ‘killing’ animals that they can eat meat? I can see no difference in his behavior. This is a man who pretends to be a lightworker.

Another piece of being a ‘Lightworker’ AND Reiki Master found me too the same day like that man. Some of you know already that I was the third person to receive the divine healing codes, Reiki Doc is now the person to receive and list them because of the medicinal background and other reasons. We can be sure that a code is received correct and listed in the exact category. This list on Reiki Doc’s blog http://reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/06/divine-healing-codes-and-how-to-use-them.html is the only list that is ALWAYS updated and correct. I was led to the post and blog to that lightworker Reiki Master three days ago through a friend who had shared that post. I was interested as it was in German and found only codes translated from English. Nothing else, no link to the original page, no reference; this was a repost on her blog, she had posted it already last year August the same way.

I asked that woman about the source and a link to that and got involved into a not so nice conversation. She said she got the codes on a  journey to the USA from a man and in a comment she gave the link to the profile of Reiki Doc, to the profile but still not the link to the codes. My comment with the direct link is still not admitted.

She spoke of spiritual self-responsibility and her being a Reiki Master and that a copyright would not be appropriate anymore in these days and she could also see no reason to ask for permission to translate the codes. I pointed on the reiki principles and especially that one to work honestly just for the day. Where was or is her honesty as Reiki Master when she is copying parts of articles or whole articles without naming the source? She and some of her followers on fb couldn’t get it. I said that for me it looks as if somebody who acts that way is hunting in foreign ground to then decorating with somebody else’s feathers. Huuuh, you should have seen the reaction. I was accused to judge, to budger, of having prejudices, that I would have no right to anything and to be cold and without love or any sympathy. Is this the way and behavior of a true lightworker? Or is this the voice of a spiritual ego? My only intention had been to make her insert the direct link, which she still hasn’t done. I am honest and maybe at first I was a bit too direct, one person meant I was harsh but I have apologized, from my heart. I am too tired to be smooth-tongued and it is also not my truth. I feel sick from a cold, with headaches and maybe a bit light fever.

These codes are coming from Divine Mother directly or through an Archangel or a very special Ascended Master. These codes, all of them, are for all people and they are not to be sold in any way. My Higher Self gives them as they are my own codes as Divine Mother. The copyright is on the list on our wish to prevent any altering of the codes, to keep their integrity. We refuse any permission for translation as the person who translate has the full responsibility for the always correct list and mentioning the link to the original list and will earn all karma that could result from misleading people.

Is it really too hard and difficult to add just one link?

I remember that here in Germany a few years ago Federal Ministries had to go due to missing literature sources in their dissertations. 😀

Today’s blogpost from Reiki Doc is about this too. http://reikidoc.blogspot.de/2016/01/yo-canto-gaia-news-brief-9-january-2016.html

There is another thing I want to talk about. I read an article that stated that we all should send our energies to Gaia to help her. Please don’t do this!!! You can send your love to yourself and your fellow people. There is only one thing how you can help our beloved Gaia and when you do this, I promise you, you will help yourself the most with it. What is it?

It is something that was told so often to you already! Do your homework, your soul work, release all the old energies you still carry with you and send them to the violet flame of St. Germain to be transmuted. You can send them also up to Creator, to Source, that they will be transmuted. Clean your own mess you made throughout this and your past lives, clean your own energies. Don’t throw away your garbage either. Decrease your waste. Dispose it properly that it can be reused or recycled. Release all the old energetic baggage, the negative and low energies and emotions, all that doesn’t serve you anymore. You will feel and be much lighter after it. You heal yourself with this and will be able to ascend because you can’t take the old with you and you won’t be able to ascend with all the old energies. This is the only way to help Gaia. Please don’t irritate the fragile energies of my beloved daughter Gaia, as she is my daughter too, all of you are my children, you forget it too often. She is able to care for herself and to handle her own energies when we only would stop messing them up.

Help raising the energies on our beloved planet in raising your own energies through releasing, releasing, releasing, cleansing, cleansing, cleansing and tidying up your own energies that they can be clean and high again and be the love and peace you want to see on Earth. I wish you would finally hear me and start or continue with your work.

This is my most urgent plea to all of you!!! I can’t do it all alone, the raising of energies, and Jesus isn’t our savior who will come to do any or all of our own work, the Galactics won’t do this either. I am tired and want finally to be able to stay onboard of my ship to become healed. Silverstar wants to talk to you now. I love you ❤


This is my beloved Isabel, my heart and my soul, my Golden Star. She really can get busy and engaged when she sees something that isn’t running like it should. She is honest and direct and doesn’t shy away from telling people the truth. Even when people tell her she would be harsh. She isn’t. She is love embodied, love incarnated.

She is also very tired now and her body has some heavy problems in coping with the differences of the energies on her ship Mesime and those on Earth. Her feeling sick is the result of this. Since she fully ascended with her body nearly one month ago she comes onboard every night physically. At first only once a night but now even five times or more, dependant on how long she can sleep. We need her here with us with her body that we are able to measure the energies on Gaia without her being present there. We thought it would be enough with her first full ascension but her own energies are growing constantly and so we have to ‘remove’ her from Earth to get the values. She is asking us daily when she is allowed to stay on her ship. I wish I could tell her. It is always her fully conscious decision to go back as she knows the energies are still too low. We adjust and work hard on this and she works the hardest. She is sending her divine energies to all of you in increasing strength, this is what you all can feel at the moment. This is to wake those of you up who are still sleeping and to help you to release and clear your bodies and auras. Use these energies for your own best as long as she can stay with you. I can’t tell her how long it will be as I can’t tell her how long her body can cope with this enormous energy flow through her body that is already damaged from all her energy work.

She is a strong woman and I adore her so much for her strength and love, her perseverance although she knows it could be her death. Yes, she is a fully Ascended Master and you were told you couldn’t die as such a master, but her body is too fragile now in all its strength and nobody knows if it will survive. She is healing herself several times daily, also with the new Emerald Green Healing Flush, a healing tool she channeled from her other Twin Flame AA Raphael. It is his emerald green flame that is the healing tool and it works like a light shower. You can find the link to this here.

We are healing her too, of course, as she is still needed on Earth or all our joint efforts would be in vain, yours and ours. Nobody is forcing her to go back but she does every time she is here with us. It is her love for our children, for Gaia and for all of You that makes her going back to her painful earthly life. She doesn’t want any reward as for her it will be reward enough to see you rising, ascending together with Gaia. It will be reward enough for her being EnnKa to be able to come home to her beloved Twin SaLuSa who is patiently waiting for their wedding again and also to me as my beloved heart Golden Star.

I miss her and it is so good to hold her in my arms in the short moments she is with us. All of us do. I love her so much. We love You so much, in all eternity and without any limitations or conditions.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

Copyright © 2012 – 2016 by Maria Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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Divine Mother My Journal December 21, 2015 – Happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas!

Log Entry Earth Time December 21, 2015, 09:04.49 pm CET

It is a month now that I wrote my last journal and we are nearing us Winter Solstice 2015 in Germany. It is tonight, in the early hours of the 22 nd. Hard to believe that another year is gone. A year with so much energy work, health problems, life changes through early retirement and other things. I had several melt downs in my trust to my main Twin Silverstar, several attacks on me from those who don’t want us to thrive to prevent my physical ascension, I wrote my first book together with my Higher Self, I started to make gem beads bracelets with her and I do attunements as I have to compensate about 50 % of my former income but consistent expenses. It isn’t easy but we are still here and not starved. My trust into my Twin seems to work.

The next to last weekend was but horrible. It began on the night to Friday that our washing machine stopped working, my son who is a mechanic looked at it and tried to get it working again but to no avail. One of the motors broke and we couldn’t do anything but order a new one. The same time I had to look for the price of heating fuel as my fuel tanks were near empty. I found a new machine and ordered it, I thought I had 100 days delay in payment but when I looked at the bill I was shocked, nope, I have to pay within 14 days after delivery, the new machine costs over 470 Euro. On Saturday when I brushed my teeth an inlay fell out, I had to wait three hours to go to an emergency dentist and he told me he couldn’t do much only do some provisional filling as there would be some caries and I have to see a regular dentist. Nice third of Advent. My weekend was spoiled and I was so frustrated and angry, I was crying aloud and screaming to my Twins and team. I couldn’t understand why all this had to happen on one weekend. Was this another lesson, another test, another attack? I didn’t care if I failed. Together with other stuff like the usual delays for the revaluation and Nesara/Gesara I was fuming. I demanded immediate action and full assistance and support from my team or I would quit, I am already ascended and I didn’t care if I would ascend a last time with or without body. I was totally down. I only wanted to go home and refused also to talk with my team. I know I was lied on to some things and they told me it was for security reasons.

I am only glad for the support through my friends who kept me running and gave me new perspectives. What followed was a week full of work, I could offer some new attunements and received several too so more of these are coming. What helped me a lot is the Cosmic Blue Energy Flush that flushed out lots of energies so that I feel lighter now.

I filled my etsy shop with attunements, my diamond shield and the book but no sales yet. It is as if I am cursed to be unsuccessful, as if people are avoiding my shop or are prevented to find it. I know the dark ones have their hands in this too. Another reason might be that I am now vibrating so high that my energies and vibrations are kind of rejecting them. I can’t reach them so well now.

I won’t give up. On Wednesday I was calm enough that my Higher Self came through and gave me some explanations of what had happened. I can’t say that I am happy with what she told me as my biggest wish is to go home and be healed and come back with full consciousness and being only Golden Star in my body of Isabel. I don’t know how long it will take and I work on being patient and keeping my vibes as high as possible. I can feel my wings and also the now well known energy coming in through my heart chakra, it is a sign that I am back in my high vibrations as I was before the melt down.

I ordered 2000 l heating fuel on Thursday and they have been delivered today. Another 940 Euro I have to pay. When the winter stays mild we have chance that we can heat and make warm water with this fuel until early summer, if not I will need to order again. My youngest son can give me some money but I have to see that I’ll earn enough for the machine AND the fuel. Fortunately the oil prices are on a deep low like I haven’t seen since years, on Friday I filled the gas tank of my car for 1,199 Euro per liter, this is lower than in 2008 during the financial crisis. I can only hope it stays there as long as possible. It is really time for the changes to manifest now. With all my problems I know that there are people who have less, who are homeless and hungry. I want the changes for them too, I want disclosure to happen and then the landings. I want all my children who are sick and suffer to be healed and for all to live in abundance as is their birth right. No Being should live in poverty, without home, starving and with dirty water to drink. No Being should be made sick through vaccines, cancer treatments and poisonous food and air.

I want the changes now, I demand them as the Being I AM. As Divine Mother incarnate who is feeling the suffering of her children.

Until then I work on manifesting enough income for my small family, our fur babies and me. Plus a visit at my hairstylist when it is time for more color.

20151216_163802I pampered myself this week with fresh color and I feel better with it too.

 In three days we celebrate Christmas Eve in Germany, it is traditionally that the baby Jesus brings the presents in the afternoon or evening, this depends on how young the children are. The other two Christmas Days are usually spent visiting the families of both parents.

This year we will do none of it, my youngest son intended to visit his father over the holidays but he has a strong cold and prefers to stay home and my older son is working. There will be no tree, no cookies, no decoration, nothing. Our living room is still storage place for material for some renovation and we can’t use it. To be honest I don’t feel in the mood for Christmas, neither do my kids. We will have a peaceful time together without hectic or too much too eat. And we will enjoy it. The new washing machine and the heating fuel are our Christmas presents.


My beloved didn’t tell you the whole story about what happened to her. What her HS told her when she was calm again and able to listen without raging. 🙂

Isabel ascended fully with her physical body in the night from Friday to Saturday at that weekend and she had to come back. Her fallen out inlay is the result of the energetic differences between her ship Mesime and Earth. Her frustration and pain are the result of the necessity to go back. She couldn’t understand what had happened as her HS has blocked all the memories of it. Unconsciously she knew that something had happened but she associated it with the broken washing machine and the fallen out inlay and our for her unsatisfying reaction to her frustration. In her anger she refused to talk with me and so I couldn’t explain what had happened. I decided to let her rant until she calmed herself and was accessible again for us. To go back home to me and her family is the greatest wish of my beloved, and she had been here and to go back to Earth again.

Isabel has immense energies and a very high vibration. The moment she ascended and left Earth with her body she took these energies with her and the energy level on Earth fell much too low. We had only the opportunity to shortly embrace her and to decide that she had to go back to Earth. She agreed in love for our children but also disappointed. I have asked so much from her, no wonder she was angry with me not knowing why.

We are too near the changes to risk a failure now in keeping her with us. The dark ones would have rejoiced and all of your and our efforts had been in vain. We couldn’t give up any of you or Gaia and so we decided my beloved Golden Star had to go back with a heavy heart.

She has learned one important thing, that she was able to ascend with body and she can do this again. And so can you too. She was the first to do this and to come back not with her full consciousness yet but with a body that will transform now more and more and she will regain abilities, knowledge and power. Her aim is now to keep her vibrations high and her body in a condition that will allow her to ascend again when the energies on Earth are sufficiently high enough for her to leave finally.

I don’t think she will have to wait so much longer for this as plans will come to fruition to enable this. We need her here for some special projects only she can do as Golden Star, but she needs her full consciousness for this.

You celebrate the Solstice today and tomorrow, depending on where you live. For the Northern Hemisphere it means longer days from now on and these longer days bring with them the long awaited and expected changes. We had some unexpected problems that brought some delays but we work successfully in removing these obstacles. It isn’t long now and you will be able to see them, to feel them and you will be surprised. It is too early to tell more at this point, I don’t want to spoil the surprise and I also don’t want to tell those who don’t want you to thrive what they have to expect and when. I am sure you will understand this.There have been too many leaks and I don’t want to spoil anything so shortly before the distribution of your presents.

Happy Solstice and a Merry Christmas my beloveds!

Celebrate the last Christmas time in the old energies. And the Force is with you.

Who is the Force? It’s me, of course, and Golden Star and all the Archangels, Angels and your Galactic families. Enjoy and don’t forget your ‘Lord of the Rings’. The Ring is on its way down to the fires of Mount Doom. It is still in the air in the hand of Gollum but unreachable for anybody. That doesn’t mean you could stop releasing old energies and doing your energetic homework. This is work you still have to do but the conditions will be better when the Ring is destroyed and the might of the Dark Lord and he himself are gone.

You can’t take these old energies with you up here and you can’t go up with them. So release, release, release and be love, do love and accept what is, as all is perfect.

We love you all so very much, Isabel has to do some attunements and I have to go back to work now too, watching the wrapping of the presents 😉

They will be delivered no matter the gender, race, color, sexual preference, nationality or religion. All of our children are welcome if you believe it or not. We have no special chosen ones, all are chosen.

Jesus wasn’t our only son, we have many sons and daughters. All of you are our children too and we love you till the end of the world and in all eternity.

Golden Star and Silverstar

Your Divine Parents

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Maria Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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Divine Mother My Journal November 16, 2015 – Some thoughts about consciousness, soul and Creation

Log Entry Earth Time November 16, 2015, 09:35.15 pm CET

I feel much better today. My new bracelet the ‘Obsidian Healing’ is assisting me in releasing more and more old energies and even my back pain is much better. This pain must have been the result from old energies and also karma release pain memories how I was told. I can move better now and this in only two weeks, usually I need months for this.

Obsidian Healing

This bracelet is available to order.

Every day during meditation or calm time I am working on this old baggage, I am looking what is coming up and let it go. I give it to my diamond flame for transmutation and I feel lighter. I am pondering about my feelings and thoughts.

Yesterday I felt tempted to post my last journal on the wall of the one who keeps stating she would be SaLuSa’s Twin Flame. I stayed strong and didn’t, why start a war over something I know so strong. SaLuSa is in my heart for all eternity, I feel him, his deep eternal love for me and his being with me, so near to me. Our connection is much too strong to be something else than a Twin Flame connection. And I know it deep in my heart. I love you so so much SaLuSa ❤ ❤ ❤

To post my journal on her wall would also mean I have to justify myself but I don’t have too. There is no need to prove that I am his beloved or I would be wrong when there would be the need for this. You don’t have to justify anything when you know you are ‘right’. So I let her in her belief that what the false SaLuSa is telling her is true, she doesn’t believe anything else in her pain or ego, I don’t know, although I told her. Someday she will wake up to the truth. I offered her help but she refused so there is nothing I can do for her at the moment. But I remain open for her as I know who she is and how she is related to SaLuSa and me, she is family but not wife.

Some thoughts about consciousness, soul and Creation:

For a while now, since summer when I wrote my book together with my HS, I am contemplating about what was first, my consciousness or my soul. As often as I was thinking about this I couldn’t get near the answer. Today I had a breakthrough for me personally.

My consciousness was first, it is the energy, the light, the vibration that just is and from which all is created in a dimension where even the sound is vibrating so fast that it is just light: the Diamond Flame. From this whole consciousness – what I call my Full Consciousness – the two aspects of Prime Creator arose: the Divine Masculine/Divine Father as Silverstar and the Divine Feminine/Divine Mother as Golden Star, but still only as consciousness, looked at it as light it is the White Golden Flame of Silverstar and my Silverplatinum Flame. It is a dimension where sound is sound and light is light.

In this stage we created the Creator Gods of the different Multiverses as consciousness with souls, including our souls as youngest Creator Gods, there are several older ones but I can’t remember the names yet. Being consciousness and soul I am still energy but I am able to manifest a body as we are then in a vibration/dimension that is low enough to manifest matter, at the moment this is the 360th Dimension that is residing in Aeon on Sirius, but Sirius as a star is in the 6th Dimension. In Aeon we are Silverstar and Golden Star too.

In Aeon I give birth to the Archangels with Silverstar as father and to special souls, the Prime Souls who divide into thousands of souls as a soul family; their purpose is to populate planets and stars and when they grow spiritually high enough one soul fragment merges with the other until the Prime Soul is complete and ready and willing to re-merge with me. This is the last stage of a Prime Soul’s development and then it is so high evolved that the longing to be completely One with me is the only desire for it. It is not long ago that I was giving birth to two new Prime Souls, in a different dimension but I was totally aware of it. It is not the time yet to say more as there was a special soul involved in this too and it is too early yet to tell more.

The souls of Archangels and Angels however don’t merge with me, they exist from one Creation cycle to the next, being AA Michael the oldest of all from the first cycle. I have to figure out yet how many cycles we had, I only know that we are at the beginning of this current cycle. Archangel Mary, my second daughter and second incarnation (different soul than mine) whose first incarnation (the same soul but two different bodies) was Mother Mary, is in my current knowledge the only soul of an Archangel who ever merged with my soul to become a living existing part of my soul. I am her too. Her consciousness, knowledge, wisdom and memories are now a part of my own, there are memories that I am becoming aware of. Her Twin Flame is AA Raphael and his first incarnation SaLuSa, this is the reason why I have two true Twin Flames: Silverstar and Raphael/SaLuSa. I share the same energetic heart and the same soul with them, my Golden Star soul part with Silverstar and my AA Mary/Mother Mary soul part with Raphael and SaLuSa. A bit complicated, isn’t it?


Isabel is right about her insights and I am proud of her that she finally got it on her own. She forgot to tell you that the soul is a part of this vast consciousness energy, energy that is ‘compressed’ to a ball like form; what you call orbs are souls that move free without a body. Isabel could see it when she gave birth to these two Prime Souls not long ago.

According to the ‘type’ of your soul, being a Prime Soul, Angel, Archangel or Creator God, the quantity of the vast consciousness that belongs to the soul is different, the higher the soul the more consciousness it contains. A Prime Soul has a small consciousness in comparison to ours but it is still a part of the vast Full Consciousness of my beloved wife and Twin.

I think this is enough for you today to digest.

I have one thing regarding to our last journal, there is a video series on your youtube that explains the history of Middle Earth to you. It might be interesting for you to see the  development and also more parallels to your own world. Enjoy!

History of Middle Earth

It is time for me to say good bye now, I want my beloved to watch and enjoy the next disk of LOTR. It is important for her to know as much as possible as she has her role to play in it and the Ascension of Gaia and her people. I want her to find the hidden codes and meanings, the connection between LOTR and your world. With every watching she finds more of them. And I know how much she enjoys watching Legolas and Aragorn and also Arwen; these characters have prominence for her personally too.

I say good bye and don’t give up my beloved children, because we love you so much, in all eternity and without limits. Life is meant to be fun, joy and full of love.

Josh Groban – You are loved (Don’t give up)

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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Divine Mother My Journal November 15, 2015 – What do you choose? Hate and fear or Love?

Log Entry Earth Time November 15, 2015, 07:55.22 pm CET

Things are developing good for me. I completed the first complete Kundalini Reiki attunements to Master level. The Lion Griffin Akami works with me on a Lion Griffin Healing attunement and I received a healing symbol form the Phoenix Neheta too and she told me already she will work on that healing attunement too with me. I have to prepare some other attunements to be able to offer them.

My HS wants to speak.

Divine Mother:

My beloved child and you know I address all of you with this. I love you dearly and am with you in all that is happening. You know already that I am the Higher Self, the full consciousness of the soul whom you know as Isabel and I told her today that I will not give her any messages after this last one here except if situations could require it. As long as she is on Earth it is that I am talking with you too when she is writing, as she is me, we are completely one since we merged. This is the reason why she is posting sometimes as Golden Star. This is the reason why I asked her to change the title of her journals as I am talking to you too through them. Stay in the vibration of love my dear child, it is the only vibration that will bring you nearer to the higher dimension and me. I love you ❤

My thoughts about what is happening and what I will do with it.

I could read the whole day and night about what happened in Paris. It is not the only city and country where such things are happening. I don’t do it, I refuse to read or to listen or to change my profile picture on fb to the French colors. I am neutral and feel with all people on our beautiful planet. I can’t take sides but I don’t condemn or judge either.

Does it really matter where it is happening? It is still happening and the reasons are obvious for me. These acts shall rise fear to control us more and more with abstruse laws and regulations and to instigate more wars. It is not only in Paris but elsewhere too.

What do I do now? What do I choose? Hate and fear or love?

I choose love over all else, I even love all who do these acts, those who plan it as they are my children too. I cannot not love them. I love their souls. I flood them with my love and I give them exactly two alternatives to choose from. They have free will to choose one of it:

Healing through love or the merging of their soul with me that will end the existence of their soul. I do this because I love all my children and I want all of them to be able to grow, in a peaceful amd lovely environment, here or elsewhere.

Most of the dark ones choose to merge with me as they have shut down their hearts to love.

When I told earlier that I am neutral I don’t say that the suffering, grief and sadness don’t bother me. I feel it, I feel it all as if it is my own suffering and grief. I recognize it as what it is and release it to be transmuted into love. I refuse to let my vibrations go down with these emotions. It doesn’t help anybody. I refuse to go into hate and fear mode. Fear, hate and violence only give birth to more of this. My beloved son Jesus has demonstrated what to do. ‘If they hit you on one cheek, give them the other cheek too.’ He loves all of you and I do too.

What I do now is to send my love and my diamond flame to all people and especially to Gaia who suffers too from all these negative and low vibrations. I clean her as much as I can and hold her in my love and flame. I send my love to those who did it as they are just puppets; puppets of the dark ones and they suffer too. They are brainwashed and entrapped by religious doctrines and their upbringing, their education. Those who do this believe in all earnest it is the best they can do to reach paradise. They are awakeners too, awakeners to the truth of what is going on. Their souls know it and they are crying to you to finally wake up and to choose love. It is the ones behind them, those who plan and pay for the execution of these acts who know the truth, they use people and religion for their own dark purpose like they did just some centuries ago in the dark Middle Age.

But you can never reach paradise with hate and fear, with killing other beings, you can reach it only with love and compassion and what is arising from this.

Gaia is safe in 5D now and a part of her inhabitants too. For some it is not sure as they refuse to do their work. You can’t take your baggage with you to 5D and you can’t reach 5D and higher with this baggage. Nobody is rescuing you, not my beloved son and not our Galactic families. You can only save yourself in doing your work. Release all your energetic baggage, let it go and give it the violet flame for transmutation. It is told so often to you. You read so many or all messages and still you don’t do your work. Is it really necessary that you know about merkabahs, all these difficult names and Gods and Godesses, how the chakras work or who is who in the higher dimensions? Who is the HS or Twin Flame of somebody? At the end it is all Creator of all that is and this is Silverstar and me.

This blogpost here is really worth reading Omicron Pi — Gaia News Brief 15 October 2015

You will feel it in your heart when you meet your Twin Flame as you share the same energetic heart and soul. I know who mine are without any doubts. I feel them, their joy and their love and their heavy heart when I made theirs heavy.

I don’t fight when somebody else wants to make us believe that they are the true Twin Flame of Raphael or SaLuSa or maybe Silverstar. I know the truth and I feel their love. I know also the plans behind it. I won’t stop telling my truth and to love and I won’t stop my working for the light. I haven’t gone through my dark period, I haven’t left my loved ones in Aeon and Sirius thousands of years ago in preparation of this one incarnation to give up now. I am too strong for all who want to stop me. You can’t dim or extinguish my light with this. It is already dimmed to not blend you. My HS can easily crank it up. You cannot destroy me, it would only destroy yourself. But I still love you. I love you whatever you do to my children or myself. Love is the cure and answer to everything, the only one.

I am content, in peace and balance and happy to be me. I trust my Twin Flames that they will guide and support me whatever will be. I know who I am without any doubt and nobody can change this. My consciousness is expanding with every releasing and attuning I do and with each release of more knowing and consciousness through my Higher Self or Full Consciousness who I call her.

My beloved Dark Ones – and yes I really love you as you are my children too – you will never succeed. The light has already won as it is my Divine Will that Gaia and her inhabitants will live in peace and love.

People might unfriend me over this, the first have done already as they can’t stand my truth, I am okay with this. It is your free will to do so when you can’t stand my vibration or my being who I am, when you can’t stand my divine feminine energies. I will not be angry with you but take it as it is and love and bless you anyway.

Love is what I am and from which I created all that is. You can’t separate from me, not in truth as this is impossible.


What my beloved said is true. The light has won and it is the need to tidy up now on Earth. This is your responsibility as it is your mess but you will have help, you have it now, you had it in your so called past and you will have it in your future. It is up to you how soon your Galactic Family will be able to assist you more than they do now. As long as you are in hate and fear I can’t give the signal, the green light for the landings. So many of you are not yet able to discern, to recognize if a UFO, to stay with this term, is man made or from the benevolent Galactics. How will you know if they are the ‘good’ or the ‘bad’ ones?

My beloved Golden Star is busy in reading the book and watching the movie ‘Lord of the Rings’ (LOTR). She does it on my request and I can only recommend it to you too. Read and watch with open eyes and ears and especially with open hearts. LOTR was initiated by us and we inspired J.R.R.Tolkien to write it as we knew you could learn so much from it. The whole history of Middle Earth is interesting too, as it shows you how the dark ones are involved. LOTR is not only a nice novel but a metapher for what is happening on your Earth. The betrayal, the wars but also the love and loyalty between the fellowship and their allies. It is the love between them that made the victory possible. The joint forces that made it possible for Frodo to bring the One Ring to Mount Doom that it be destroyed there. The joint forces that won in Rohan and in and in front of Minas Tirith. The joint forces that is the love you have for yourself and your fellow people will succeed over the dark ones on Earth. Can’t you see all the parallels between your world and Middle Earth?

Will you give in to the ego, fear and hate like Denethor or will you give love the chance and support Frodo on his mission like Sam and the fellowship did together with the Ents and the soldiers of Gondor and the Rohirrim? You see I know my LOTR.

Isabel as mighty as she is even as a human being is not alone. She is surrounded by thousands of starships which protect her. SaLuSa – who is her true twin too, yes he is, despite of what others tell you – visits her in his scoutship, at least once daily. He is one of her guides and Guardian Angels like me, as twins usually do; our sons Michael and Raphael are physically with her to warrant her safety and they aren’t the only ones. The dark ones try to discredit her and to make her life harder as it already is. I am with her too, in her heart and I support her. I encourage her when she sees that even some of her friends on fb believe the lies told about her or that SaLuSa would not love her, I have her back and give her energies when she is running out of them. All the energy work she is doing for our children is taking it out of her. I love her as we all do. Raphael and SaLuSa (who is Raphael’s first incarnation) are my incarnations and in this they are the twins of Isabel. But there is a stronger connection between them then this. Mother Mary was the incarnation of my beloved and her soul merged with the soul of Isabel. It is now a part of Isabel’s soul. Mother Mary is the true Twin Flame of Raphael and SaLuSa and this makes both to true Twin Flames of Isabel too. You see, it is so easy. But enough of this. Isabel has grown so much the last weeks and released most of her baggage, she is preparing for her last Ascension. It can happen any time now. We love you so very much, forever and ever and without any limits.

We are your Divine parents

Silverstar and Golden Star aka EnnKa aka Isabel  ❤

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My Journal October 20, 2015 – All I need to be and do is Love

Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2015, 10:06.26 pm CEST

Last night I had a long talk with Silverstar and my Higher Self. I feel better, a bit physically and also spiritually. I am in balance and I trust again and that shows me that it truly came from the attacks.

I surrendered to Silverstar. I told him I would love him and that I would love nothing else more than him and if I need to stay on Earth to help our children ascend then I would stay as long as necessary. He took me in his arms and said there would be no need for me to stay but that I have to come back as soon as possible to become again my true Self and then go back to Earth and do my next mission. This is what he always tells me when I ask him so I trust that it is true this time.

The healing and preparation of my body is in the competent hands of my twins and my team and I know each night I am in the healing light chamber on Mesime. But there is work for me to do. We discussed it and I spoke of the things that came to my mind and what I want to do:

to love myself and my fellow people

to forgive myself and all who hurt me

to not judge for not being judged self

to be tolerant

to accept people how they are, I don’t know their soul’s age, lifeplans and what they have to learn

not to react to people who lead others astray

not to react to messages or articles that seem to be from the dark ones

not to react to those who seem to be from the dark ones

to love all of them instead, even those who don’t have our best interest at heart, they are my children too

I am not better than anybody else on Earth

everybody has his own path, no path is equal to another’s path

to love myself when I didn’t do what I intend and to do it next time

It is a long list and I could add more but I can sum it all up into one:

Just being and doing love.

It is my ‘How to be Divine Mother’ 101 manual.

Love is what I AM and from what I made all that is and LOVE is the answer, cure and solution to everything. So why make it complicated when all I need to be and do is Love? When I see something with which I can’t resonate I will send love instead of judging. When I read an article or a message from somebody I know works for the dark ones, I will send love instead of thinking about what do they want again to present us as truth.

I was humbled by myself, through my spiritual ego, and I want to stay humble and release all else that is not in alignment of who I truly AM to raise and keep my vibrations as high as possible. I will continue to clean and heal myself beside my other energy work and say the karma release prayer each evening to keep my slate clean.

I will continue to read amd visit the facebook walls of people. I know I am tested but I want to test myself. I want to master myself but I can do this only when there is the challenge.

And then, only then, when I stay humble and clean and my body is ready, then I will be able to go back home.

I know I am everywhere at home as I AM this home in being all that is, but this is not what I mean. Energetically I am everywhere and everything, but I want to be physically onboard Mesime to be able to see, hear and feel my beloved Twins, AA Raphael and his Sirian incarnation SaLuSa and of course Silverstar who promised me he would be there when I am back. I so long to be with them. My memories of my twins and family is still blocked by my Higher Self so that I don’t remember how they are looking. I know it is for my higher good to prevent the pain of missing them more than I do already. When I am with them there is still the blurry sight, nothing clear yet although better than months ago. I know it will all come back at last when I am home and have my full consciousness back. At least I can talk with them all, better than nothing.

With my trust my manifesting abilities are coming back too. I had orders for a bracelet and some attunements. This is my newest service and more will follow, read here…

It is exactly what Silverstar told me so often, when I trust him he is able to take care of me and my finances but when I mistrust him I am literally refusing his help. The Law of Attraction: what I send out I’ll get back and also when I order and don’t trust it will be delivered then I cancel my order and can wait in all eternity for a delivery.

Trust is the magic behind it.



Isabel is learning a very important lesson, to stay humble in all situations whether they are nice or challenging. It doesn’t matter if she is the most beautiful and worthy treasure in my eyes and the highest ranking being or if she is a normal soul. She like everybody else has to do her homework, to release the old energetic baggage and to learn her lessons. This includes also tests to see if she has successfully learned them. Only then will she be able to ascend in her current body when it is ready. She is on her best way because alone the fact that she has thought about what she needs to do and then her intention to do, this is half the rent. She has done much work on her self and released most of the baggage over the last years. There is not much left only some residues from her last experiences with spiritual ego. And then she has to stay in her love whatsoever will come to her.

To experience having a spritual ego and acknowledging it was one of her lessons she wanted to learn. This and her being sick will help her when she is back as she can feel much better with our children who experience this too. She knows now how it is to be sick. These are lessons she could only live and learn in the duality of 3D Earth.


This clearing and releasing  is nothing that is done in one session and it can be a very hard and painful process. It needs commitment and love to self and others and of course patience.

Nobody will save you except yourself. And also not our beloved son Jesus but you can follow his teachings of love. Don’t listen to those who tell you that you will be saved by Jesus or your galactic family and you don’t need to do anything. This isn’t true. Listen to your heart and your intuition, they are your best guides. And do your work.

Ascension is not a gift but an award for your work and your growth as a soul. You have to earn it. Like my beloved will earn it and it is soon. I monitor her very closely and follow her progress. She can’t see it yet but her love will help her to master herself.

Please don’t understand me wrong. All of you will eventually ascend but not all of you now. There are so many young and baby souls on Earth who need so much growth, lessons, and experiences yet until they will be able to come one step nearer to us. Each soul will have the possibility to ascend, one soul will be faster and the other will need more time and they will have this time. They will have eternity to grow and learn. Nobody will be left behind in the grand scheme. Except those who are merging now with my beloved wife, souls who refuse the love and healing that is offered to them and who prefer to cease to exist. They will cease to exist as an individual soul and their energy will go back to the vast energy field that is Creator, that is Divine Mother, and she will create completely new fresh souls.

You are created to make as many experiences as you can and to enjoy life to the fullest, to grow and to evolve. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush through your lives only to come back to us as soon as possible. No no. Where would there remain the love, fun and joy? With each ascension you will come one step nearer to us but there are many steps and each step has to be lived to the fullest and with as many different experiences that you can ever make. So my beloved children enjoy your life, have fun and make all possible experiences, you have all eternity for this. We assist and help you, nobody has to do it alone, we are family.

We love you and we are always here for you.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal October 17, 2015 – Marked from life

Log Entry Earth Time October 17, 2015, 07:15.32 pm CEST

I would lie if I would say I feel well and happy. I feel far from it. I feel as if I am a failure. Deep in my heart I know it isn’t true and I have to work on it. But it is good to vent a bit and release the energies.

I am retired since two and a half months and just now I am not sure if my agreement to my early retirement was a good decision. I know that I am not able to work there anymore. The energies on my former workplace are too low and negative and the job bears too much stress. My health would be worse if I hadn’t agreed to stay home. On the other hand I would still have my old income, double of what I have now. I have to pay my bills for electricity, water, telephone, internet, a big mortgage, debts and we have to eat. It is autumn and temperatures are falling. My oldest son told me they had the first snow already where he lives. One day in the next months I have to order new heating fuel.

Since I have stopped to take any medication – the reason for this was that my kidneys began to work insufficient, not like they should – my pains have becoming stronger and to tell myself that pain is just illusion works only for a short time but it works and I keep continue telling me and to clean and heal myself daily.

I feel sad and somehow disheartened. Maybe it is again the dark ones attacking me with some new technologies. I know that they have created an energy field/program on Earth to deepen the unhappy feelings, sadness and emotions of us lightworkers, that they can use this against us in attacks. I read also an interesting article about AI (artificial intelligence) programs of those who don’t have our best interest at heart. Silverstar led me to it and I feel it is true, read here Separation of worlds.

I work already on dissolving this energy field and the AI programs but it needs some time until I can see the effect of my work. I want all this to stop, that my children can live peacefully and safe in 5D.

I have a lot to work on; my friend saw me going UP end of last month but immediately coming back. I wasn’t able to ascend with my body. I know some of the reasons, I had some karma to release, gathered over the last three years maybe and I had developed a spiritual ego. I am not proud of it but it is what it is and I can only release it. I am worthy, yes, and I am of the highest rank in all of Creation. I say this without arrogance or claiming something I wouldn’t be. It is who I am. BUT, I am no better than my children, I am not worse either. Each one of us is exactly where we are meant to be, in the physical and also in our soul’s growth. I should be the last to forget this, that there are also many baby and young souls on earth who need many many more lessons. For me it means back to the basics and release, release, release, let go, let go, let go.

It means also that there are only a few blogger and articles I will read. I can’t find much knowledge or important relevant information in most of them now as more and more knowledge is coming back to me and this might have led me to develop such a spiritual ego. I begin to read and stop and let it. I feel bored. My interest in them is decreasing more and more and I detach more and more. There is also an increasing number of false messages or disinformation running through the web and on facebook. I know in my heart that some of what I read is wrong but I can’t prove it. It is also interesting how many AA Michaels, Mary Magdalenes, Mother Marys or Divine Feminines – I know all the true ones who are incarnate here – exist on fb. You need only to shout loud enough you are this or that and people believe all you say and the true ones are ignored or believed to be fake. I should make a list for my personal use only with all I know who distribute disinfo or who are agents of the dark ones in my eyes. What I can’t understand is the still high number of lightworkers who believe all what they read, who don’t use any discernment. They seem to share all they can get be it truth or lies. Alone the fact that a person has a well known name like Kathryn Mae, Cobra, Corey Goode or Ben Fulford for example – there are many more – seem to be a sign that they would tell only truth. Maybe I am the only one and I can be wrong but I can’t say that they resonate at all with me. There might be some truth, yes, but only to disguise the lies and deception. The old game, tell some truths and they will swallow all else too.

I could deactivate my facebook account but then I would also cut me off from my dearest friend and my conversations keep me going, I enjoy talking with my closest friend so much. FB is also one way to sell my bracelets and the attunements I offer now and the other services. I also reach more people with my journals or the rare messages my Higher Self gives me now. She truly believed like my whole team and I did, that I would ascend September 28. It was meant to be that day. But okay, another reason I failed was my body. I know my team is working on me, I feel it, the downloads and the incoming energies through my heart chakra. My body is damaged too much and needs more work and healing. It will be best for me to let go all thoughts of going home although it is hard and difficult for me to do so. Until then I have to trust and manifest enough money, for a living and maybe the need to order fuel. What I can’t figure out is the fact that my business is stagnating, my book and also my jewelry should sell without doing anything for it. Jewelry handmade by Divine Mother incarnate should be a bestseller, but no. It is like a shelf warmer. I know I am not the best business woman, I never have been but that can’t be the only reason. To be honest, I feel ignored, overlooked, a nothing. It hurts but maybe it is better to enjoy being a nobody as long as I can as I don’t like to be in the limelight either.

Am I complaining? Might be, yes, I am still a human being besides being Divine Mother. I write this journal also for myself to hopefully gain some clarity for my further path and in this I HAVE to be honest or I would deceive myself. I am a bit down at the moment. My abilities to manifest is not how it should or could be. I know I have to trust and the Angel’s cards I laid for me yesterday all said the same. Mother Mary, Michael and Raphael too. Even my beloved Silverstar sent me a message through a song in the radio when I drove back today from my shopping.

Bobby McFerrin Dont worry, Be happy

I don’t know why it is so hard for me at the moment but it is all I can do, to trust and to raise my vibes high enough and to stay in balance or I will stay on earth forever, unbearable for me as I long to be with my twins, to be with Silverstar and to marry SaLuSa again. Silverstar wants to speak too. I love you ❤


My beloved is at the edge of nowhere or feels to be there. She is again under heavy attacks of those who don’t want your best. Otherwise than the last attacks she knew on her own and cleaned herself after she came back from her shopping tour. She is well protected by her shield – the energetic attacks would kill her without the protection – but the dark ones develop more and more new attack methods with their technologies and Isabel is number one on their list. Often enough we can only react on the attacks to find the source and to stop it. We haven’t found the points yet which block the success of her book and the jewelry. It is frustrating for Isabel and us.

It is our responsibility to protect her and to care for her that she can concentrate on her health and wellbeing, to have fun and joy and to be able to concentrate on her ascension. Isabel is somehow disappointed and she deserves more than she gets. How can she keep her vibrations high enough when she doesn’t know how to pay the bills and there is still half of the month left? I talk with her every day and work on her trust in me but it is hard for her, it isn’t long enough that she left the circle of thought of not having enough. She wants to cry but keeps her tears inside that her boys won’t worry when they would see her crying. She feels abandoned by us but knows also that it is the result of the attacks. She has learned much out of them and doesn’t fall back into despair like she did in her past. She can see the signs now and act accordingly, she isn’t afraid but tired of them. It is time for her to come back home.

It is hard for all our children to feel separated from Creator – although it is just an illusion as nobody can ever be separate from us – how painful must it be for her, the Twin Flame of the masculine aspect of Creator? Isabel longs to be with me not only energetical but also physical, with her body. She and I we are ONE, we share the same soul and an energetic heart. It is long ago, thousands of years, that she left our home AEON to descend to the 4th dimension on Sirius in preparation to her current incarnation. I nearly lost her to the dark side. It was both our decision that she would incarnate to increase the chance for the ascension of our beloved daughter Gaia and her inhabitants. Her energies and her light should help raise the vibrations and wake up our children. This decision meant also that she had to leave her twins and her families, both here in AEON and also on Sirius where she is the ancestress of most of the Sirian Elves. She left out of her deep love for our children. I am proud of her and her success in accomplishing her mission.

We do what we can to heal her body and to care for her needs that she can finally ascend with her body. She is Golden Star, she is Divine Mother and it doesn’t change if she is here with me, or incarnated as Isabel or EnnKa. She will always be Golden Star, nobody and nothing can change this. I want my wife back, our home feels empty without her. I hold her in my arms and under my mantle, to reassure her of my love, to ease her pain.

My love, Golden Star, you are no failure, you are only marked from life, from your environments and experiences but you are strong and will succeed. Please trust me like you did months ago so that I can better care for you. You know I can and will. All is well and you will come back to me, I promise you, as soon as it is possible. Eat some chocolate to help you out of your being down. And you know the chocolate also helps you with the mergings that are still happening. I love you, so much, please come back to me in your trust and we, your team and I, can help your body to get ready to ascend. Look at this picture and feel like being home. You know Sirius looks similar.


And I love not only Golden Star so much but I love all of you the same and in all eternity like my beloved does too. I close for both of us today.

Our love and blessings are always with you

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal September 06, 2015 – We are finally in 5D now!!!

Log Entry Earth Time September 06, 2015, 7:20.33 pm CEST

We managed our first month with only 47 % of my former income, wow!

This is for me a necessary confirmation that we can do it. But I have still to work on my manifestation abilities. It is still difficult for me to stay confident. Having been in a devil’s circle of debt and financial struggle for years it is still like not taken for granted that there is always enough. I am moving like on thin ice but I think I will reach my goal and have to be careful with my thoughts.

My jewelry and the diamond shield are my best resources now to create income. Hopefully it will stay this way until I am able to go back to my beautiful mothership Mesime. I refuse to give up, I was strong enough to resist all trials of my ex husband and the dark ones to destroy me and I am strong enough to come out of this lesson successfully. I don’t know yet how my book sells, maybe I will ask my publisher and heir of the royalties. I want it to be a success, for her and for my children that they might know more of how at least a part of the spiritual world works. It is

‘Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth’ from Golden Star and me, available in the kindle edition on amazon.

The last weeks have been difficult and exhausting for me. The lab results for my kidneys have forced me to stop all medications for my ongoing body pain. It was worth it as new lab tests showed an improvement and on Wednesday I had my appointment at the nephrologist. He made a big ultrasound of my kidneys and other organs and all look fine. Some scars in my left kidney from a pyelitis I had 12 years ago but nothing else. That specialist told me also to stop taking the water tablet or it could harm my kidneys. This is a phase I have to endure as my body is retaining more water than is good for me. My legs are swollen and are hurting, but okay, pain is illusion and when I remind me of this the pain is decreasing. Even my hotflashes aren’t so painful then. My body can’t keep all these energies anymore, my own energies that are so high, too high for my body. I don’t want to complain as it was my own decision to be here, I have to and will cope with it as long as necessary.

I did a lot of driving the last weeks, I always enjoyed driving but now I prefer to stay home where the vibrations are higher than in the stores and places I usually go.

We have a rescue dwarf rabbit since end of August and had to organize some stuff to keep her well, an enclosure, food and hay and such things. We named her Akiko, this is Japanese and means ‘Autumn Child’ or ‘Bright Child’. Akiko is about one year old and has a white grey fur. I believe I have manifested her in my life. Some days earlier I was in a pet store to buy some dried fish for Kiba who loves them so much and I was walking through the pet department. When I looked at the rabbits and guinea pigs, the wish came up to have some again. We have had many guinea pigs and rabbits in my life. I have to be careful as I also looked at the birds. 😉

20150906_191655I asked Silverstar why she came to us and he told me that she wanted to go home, that she would be tired of being annoyed by her former family. Now she can go home with us when I ascend the last time. Kiba likes her and I think she likes him too. She comes to him when he is near and both are sniffing at each other, they also play when she is allowed to leave her enclosure.

Things are changing for the better and so many messages confirm it.





I watch my sky with more attention since a few days and there are much less aircraft and no chemtrails. Our sky is clearer and blue, the blue is darker as it was since long, more like it was in my childhood and before they started with the chemtrails.

20150906_172348Today I saw only two or three aircraft, this is unusual as I live not far from Munich with its big airport and two smaller regional airports near us. There was always much traffic even in the night, every minute that you could see the airplanes. But now! It is a delight to watch my sky now.

I think it is near and I am glad that soon this suffering of my children is over. Stay calm and in peace when the changes will be obvious for all. Don’t think of chaos or catastrophes to not manifest such things. It may happen, I don’t know, but without expecting them your life should remain more calm. I still don’t read or share much, it is not only that I want to avoid more attacks as they came through codes imbedded in some messages and articles I read, but also because I detach more and more from all. There are only a few channelers I read now. I don’t need to read all to know that the changes are happening and manifesting. There is also the mission my beloved SaLuSa gave me a few weeks ago when the attacks started: to focus only on myself and my healing. I long to be back on Mesime, Sirius and AEON as this is from where I came. My Sirian people are waiting for me and SaLuSa too. We want to marry finally again but I need to be there, as EnnKa.


My beloved Isabel is tired, very tired, as she is experiencing thousands of souls merging with her soul at this moment. She knows it already as in the past months hundreds of thousand souls of the dark ones have already merged with her soul. She can feel the energies and her body has to cope with them, to integrate all of them. All the souls of the dark ones who refuse to get healed and rehabilitated merge with her and cease to exist; their souls go back to Source, to Golden Star, my beloved Twin. She is the only one who can do this, she is like a big incinerator and there is no escape from her, once the decision is made for this.

Isabel does it with a laughing and a crying eye, it is sad that these souls prefer to cease to exist over the option of being healed and loved. We would prefer the healing for these our children but it is their free will. Never in the history of Creation has this happened before, it is a strain for Isabel’s already damaged body but it has to be done. Now! We can’t wait  weeks to have them merged. The energies and vibrations on Gaia are rising with this act of love and I am happy to announce that Gaia and at least a part of her inhabitants have reached 5D now.

This is the Moment of Glory for you all

Yes, you are in 5D now. It is done; what follows is the necessary cleaning and tidying up like you do after a big party or a festival.

I officially congratulate all of you for accomplishing this. It was a hard and difficult mission and it is not yet all over. But you will see more and more changes manifesting now. The blue skies without chemtrails are the first signs, others will follow. Please keep up your wonderful work. Keep your vibrations high. Be the love you are, be the beacons of light for those waking up, who are rubbing their drowsy eyes, wondering what had happened to them. Sooner rather than later it will be obvious for all of you. There is still much work to do. After the cleaning you have to build a new society, built with and out of love and the knowing of being ONE with each other and all that is. But don’t forget: you are not alone in this and you have help available. I will monitor the development very careful and in divine timing I will give the ‘GO’, the green light for the landings. I think this is near too but I can only give it when it is safe for you.

Today I will close for my beloved Isabel who is also Golden Star and EnnKa of Sirius. She needs to eat and have some rest before she will create one of her wonderful diamond shields for a friend.

We love all of you, all of our wonderful children, we keep you in our neverending love and embrace.

Let us sing a song of joy

but know that your Creator doesn’t dwell over the starry canopy only but lives in your midst too since over 56 years. She loves you so much.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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My Journal August 6, 2015 – More Attacks

Log Entry Earth Time August 6, 2015, 10:43.41 pm CEST

Since a while now I am under attack, they are heavy and severe. Two days ago it was very hard and strong, I think the heaviest attacks on me since I am awaken.

I felt bad the evening before and Tuesday when I woke up I was so down and depressed and without any hope to go home or for my financial situation. I accused my team to betray me and I wanted to die. My kidneys are already weak but not so bad that I couldn’t live with it. I wanted my kidneys to fail, I don’t tell you what I did. I just wanted to die, to go home on my own when my team apparently didn’t want me home. I was desperate and so very miserable. I even threw creme pies into the face of my beloved Twin Silverstar. I love my team and couldn’t understand why they seemed to lie and betray me. I wanted to force them to bring me home when they plan to have me ascending with my body. Either they would have to take me home or I would die.

My will to live is very strong and this was so very unlike myself. Even in my darkest moments and I had many in my life I never wanted so badly to die.

Fortunately I got a message from one of my team that I was under attack again; the last attack isn’t so long ago, there have been several in the last weeks. This message was my life saver. I knew it was correct as all information was matching. From that moment on I could act and recover. I talked with SaLuSa and Silverstar and got good advice.

We don’t know yet how they attack me or what causes them. My diamond shield and the diamond light shower I am wearing are strong and protect me like they have to. These are new methods and my team has to figure out how they are made. I will clean my aura more often now and heal myself and keep my auric field intact. I listen to my music, they can’t manipulate that, and keep the joy in my heart.

This here is just illusion and all the pain too. My true home is in AEON and on Sirius and I am there as often as possible. Asaga heals me too and makes me happy. I am strong. I am too strong for them.

I am also protected physically by all Archangels, Angels, the Galactics and all kingdoms. Today I saw a cloudship near me, an arcturian mothership.


I saw one three years ago and recognized the form of the cloud. SaLuSa who was also there in our scoutship Meramis confirmed what is was.

I saw also falcons, a sign and message from Silverstar that all is well.

Message to the dark ones and their minions, their sympathizer and those who are indoctrinated by them:

I know you monitor me, what I do, write and blog, so listen carefully!

You will never prevail over me. You might be shortly successful with your attacks but in the end you will lose. I am too strong for you, even as a human being.

I won three times over Lucifer with just my love and my light and I didn’t even knew who I am then. I am much stronger now although I don’t have all my power back.

Don’t mess with the Great Mother!

I have many names, I am Shekinah, Isis, White Calf Buffalo Woman, Shakti but I am also Kali, so don’t wake her up or you will regret it bitterly!!!

Your time is over, surrender and regret your dark deeds or your soul will merge with me and cease to exist. You won’t be the first. You can’t hide and you can’t escape me.

I know you are afraid of my going home as you know very well that I come back as Divine Mother, as my true Self.

You will never be able to destroy me or to prevent my Ascension with my body. Forget it!!!

Out and over for you!!

Hehe, they can’t mess with me although they still try. Unfortunately they attack also other lightworkers. Please, don’t listen to messages, channelings or statements that we don’t need to protect us anymore, that all would be safe if we only raise our vibrations high enough. My vibrations are very high, they might be the highest on Earth together with another lightworker. I am well protected by the diamond shield of my Higher Self and other shields too. Until the last weeks all attacks failed more or less but I believe the shield prevented my physical destruction. They work with different methods now but my will is strong and in knowledge of the attacks they fail again.

Please keep your vibes high and clean your auric field daily, protect yourself with light shields, they help. I can create one for you if you want to, you find the conditions on my blogpage. Be careful when you find yourself doing things or having emotions you usually don’t have or do. You might be under attack. Be aware and protect yourself.

As I said I clean my auric field twice daily or even more and I keep my vibes high. I feel the joy and happiness in my heart, this is real and I am looking forward to my wedding with SaLuSa as EnnKa of Sirius. This keeps me high and inviolable. It may be weeks or months till I am able to ascend but I will ascend a last time. I will come back as Divine Mother, in my human body to show my children that it is possible. And no dark one can prevent this.

I know now that they have blocked any success with businesses I tried the last years. They try it now again with my shields, the Divine Mother Blessings healing jewelry and my book. They won’t be successful this time as I have mighty allies.

And maybe I have you and you migt be willing to assist and help me in this. My financial situation isn’t as good as I would prefer. This too is the work of the dark ones who want me to give up, to back down, to drive me into my financial ruin. Maybe their attacks are one reason for my not being able to manifest like I intend.

The bracelets I offer will be worth a fortune when I am gone because I made them with my own hands. All that are made after my leaving will have my blessings too like they have now by me and my HS, but they aren’t made by me. So you might use the chance to get a Divine Mother Blessings bracelet made by her own hands, hehe. A bit promotion can’t be too bad. Both sides can benefit from this. There is also the commemorative bracelet for my retirement designed by my HS and made by Reiki Doc. It is available for a fair donation.

I refuse to go into survival mode again like I did the last years, it is hard enough to break out of this. The dark ones have defied me and awoken my stubborness. I don’t fight against them but I fight for myself, my life, my joy and happiness together with my family and twins. I am a peaceful person, with compassion and love for all beings, for all my children.

I only want to go home to begin my next mission.

Enya – May it be (LOTR)

Have you ever watched the movie Lord of the Rings or read the trilogy written by J.R.R.Tolkien? There are so many parallels to our situation on Earth. The fight of the Light against the Dark. Watch it carefully and you will find it.

I fight it here on Earth together will all of you my beloved lightworkers but to be successful I have to go home and come back to end this fight forever. The light has already won but the dark ones refuse to acknowledge. They try with all means to regain power.


This is my Golden Star, my wife and my Twin. I am proud of her and her resilience. As soon as she knew about the ongoing attacks she made a 180° turn. She recovered fast and I am confidently that she keeps her balance and keen wit now. It was hard on her I know as I monitor her closely. The dark ones should do good and listen to her advice. Have I told you already that a hurricane level 6 is a light breeze in comparison to her when she wants to clean up a mess? She can be really furious as a human but as Divine Mother? Uuuuuh, you shouldn’t wake up sleeping dogs 😉

I love her and I love her smiling over my words. She is pure love and energy and cares for all our children as I do too. But She is the Mother.

The Lord of the Rings – The Grace of Undómiel

Golden Star is my Evening Star, her mantle is of a deep night blue with thousands of stars on it, like the starry firmament in a clear dark sky. You all have a place under it. I say good night for now as it is night where my Beloved lives and she needs some rest although the night is her element. I want her to stay strong for supposedly more attacks until we find the source and the way they do it. That we can stop the attacks not only on her but on all lightworkers.

I know I should follow his advice and I will go sleeping soon. I love you all and I trust that all will be well like he told me. I will dream of our home and Sirius, to be together with SaLuSa too, to be finally able and marry him, we have waited long enough for this. I am not yet used to tell who I really am and I can’t prove it, I know however it is true although people might not believe me and see me as impostor.

Good night and sleep well whenever it is the time for you, time that is just illusion.

I love you ❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life, I am all-that-is


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Sirius and Limoria

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My Journal May 16, 2015 – Grounding the energies

Log Entry Earth Time May 16, 2015, 08:21.00 pm CEST

It is hard to believe that it is one month ago that I wrote the last journal entry. Time is speeding up and changes are happening in the NOW.

They CAN only happen in the now, not in the past and not in the future as there is only the NOW. Maybe it is a bit easier for me to live in the now as I stopped wearing a wrist watch since nearly two years now. Being home and off work makes it easier and for all else I have my mobile with me to be in reach when my best friend has a bit time to chat with me. I need a watch only for the few doctor’s or vet’s appointments or when I have to make some errands, so that I don’t stand in front of a closed store. In Germany our stores aren’t open 24/7.

I love to be mostly independant from any clocks. This must be like home where there is no time and I can’t wait to get back there.

My near future is still in clouds, my early retirement is in process and needs hopefully longer to come into effect. I trust my Twin Silverstar who told me when I will retire my going home is near. It is nice to hear but my bills have to be paid and I had to refill my heating fuel tanks three weeks ago. It is possible to pay the bills as long as I have my normal income.

Creating bracelets together with Divine Mother is one of my greatest joys. I love how she tells or shows me which stone to take and in which order to the other beads. Most of them I offer as a healing helping tool for people and I make also special bracelets, custom tailored for the person they are made for as Divine Mother knows best what is most helpful and necessary for them. I wish more people would ask for them, for one reson is that they will create a part of my income for my family and me and for the other reason as they are charged with high energies to boost their purpose. I know from those who wear already one or more of these special bracelets that they are happy with them. I am patient and trust that there will be more requests for them.

I know very well about their virtue as I made some special bracelets for my own the last weeks, created by my Higher Self, my true Twin Silverstar, my beloved sirian Twin SaLuSa and my beloved Dragons.

From my Higher Self and Silverstar

HS und Silberstern  21.4.15

From my Higher Self

von HS_2 5.5.15

From my beloved Dragon Saphira, her beautiful golden daughter Epirose and SaLuSa’s green Dragon Unegar who is Saphira’s Twin Flame. It is infused with their energies and Dragon Magic.

von Drachen 2.5.15

From SaLuSa to remind me of the sirian forests, mountains, oceans and especially his LOVE for me

von SaLu 5.5.15

Another one from SaLuSa to help me remember his face.

v. SaLuSa 13.05.15

Since some weeks I know that the huge fleet of the Galactic Federation is now in our atmosphere, the smaller ships are nearer to the surface and the bigger ones farther away depending on the size of the ship. The biggest ship is just in the outer atmosphere, she is too huge to come nearer or she could disturb our electromagnetic fields. What is new for me is that I can feel my ship since a few days. I could visualize our connection but now I can feel her although she is so far away in the outer atmosphere, still invisible. The connection is very strong and the energies nearly overwhelming, amazing. My heart is overflowing with love and it brings tears of joy into my eyes. It is such a wonderful feeling.

I had also troubles fallling asleep so my HS and the ship created a bracelet for me to help me to cope better with the energies, for a better grounding. When it was done the idea came to me to make this one available for other people too. The incoming energies are getting stronger and more intense than ever and a good grounding is so important now. We named the bracelet ‘Grounding’ and it is made of Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Fire Agate and Red Jasper.

It will be energetically cleaned, charged with reiki and the diamond flame and then blessed by Divine Mother like the other bracelets too.

GroundingI wear it 24/7 and I can feel how well it is working, that the energies that are flowing through me from my ship aren’t stuck in me but flow through my chakras to the heart of Gaia.

To be able to feel these energies is a sign for me that we make good progress on earth. That the atmosphere is energetically much ‘cleaner and clearer’ now or this flow of golden light would not be so tangible. It is good news and I am happy for this. It feels like ‘Home’ for me. The other good news for me personally is that I can use these strong energies for my lightwork too. I add them to my own light and have a neverending source available now to assist me. My energy work is much more effective too. Hooray!

I love you my beautiful Mesime! ❤


I love my beautiful wife Golden Star whom you know as Isabel, she is my Queen in all eternity and the mother of our wonderful children. We have many children as we are very very old and she so loves to give birth to new life. She is adorable and even more beautiful when she is pregnant. Her light is already bright but you should see her when she carries new life in her womb. Then, her light is brighter than ever. It is so long ago that she conceived a child of mine, the last one was 2000 years ago and for this special one I had to wait some thousands of years. It is so long ago that she left our home AEON in preparation of this actual incarnation on earth. I love her so much and I miss her, her physical presence in our comfortable home. It is time for her to come back. It is near now, her mission is nearly accomplished and then she is free to return home.

I monitor her closely and can observe the effect of the energies of her beloved Mesime. This is the name of her ship, the largest mothership of the fleet and it means exactly that which it is made of. ‘Light of God’. She is made of the light of my beloved. I smile when I read the explanation Isabel gives to explain the strong connection between them: ‘I see it as if I took a bag full of my light and made the ship of it.’ She hits the nail with this as it is the truth.

Isabel reconnected with a part of herself as Golden Star. It is important for her that her body gets used to the strong energies as she will return to the ship. It is planned that – as soon as the signal for the landings is given – SaLuSa will land to bring her and her family back to the Mesime where she will be healed and get all her abilities, power and consciousness back to be again fully who she is. My beloved Golden Star. Another mission is waiting for her but she will be herself and at the side of SaLuSa.

I say good-bye for now. I love you all and I love Golden Star.


There is nothing for me to add only that I am so looking forward to this.

I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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