My Journal March 29, 2015 – Golden Star

Log Entry Earth Time March 29, 2015, 11:21.45 pm CEST

I feel good, although in pain, I feel good.

On Tuesday I had my medical examination in Munich to see if I am still able to do my duty or not. The doctor was kind and listened. She wrote down what I answered to her questions about my education and work. She listened also what I told her about the bullying in former workplaces and the conditions on my current one. The neverending immense stress, the bad atmosphere there and that this stress and atmosphere made me so sick. She sees that I can’t go back to there even if I would be healed, it would come back faster than I could think.

She examined me and we discussed my options, what I could expect financially.

My pension will be small, too small for a living with my kids. Being at home eight years for my kids wasn’t good for my pension, but I can’t go back to this special workplace. She will tell the administrational part that is responsible for all the personal stuff that I am not able to work, she will suggest another examination in two years. I could be reactivated when my health would be better then. We will see. I have no date yet when I will be retired early.

I trust my Twin Flame Silverstar who tells me that he will take care of all we need for a living, that he will see that all financial needs are met. He asked me to trust him, only then he can care for this. I trust and I know it is true. He and my HS send me customers for bracelets, shields and readings. I manifest what I desire. More will come as all jewelry I make is special, designed by Divine Mother and blessed by her, some additionally by the Pegasus Asaga, the Dragons Lady Ifegena and her daughter Epirose and one by Gaia.

All jewelry is cleaned energetically and then charged with the Diamond Flame and Reiki energies. I am a Reiki Master myself.

He gave me also an advice to reduce my weight gain due to all the cortisone and other medication. I should stop thinking that what I eat and drink make me fat. I shall visualize myself being lean again like I was some years ago before all my health problems started. To think and act as having my dream weight (back). I eat healthy and do my exercises and especially in meditation I see myself like I was earlier. The Universe can’t differ if it is real or imagination. It delivers what we send out. This simple.

What I send out I get back, also called the Law of Attraction.

A week ago he designed a bracelet for me with matching earrings. It has Garnet, Blue Sapphire, Citrine, Aquamarine and silver. He told me to take wire and a silver toggle and to insert one of the hummingbird charms I got as a gift. And he told me this to it.

He says he loves me day and night under the Sirian sky and the hummingbird shall whisper this into my ears.

20150322_014253I wear it every day and I feel his love in it.

I got another bracelet yesterday, from my Higher Self.

I ask her since long to give me my full consciousness back and all my powers and abilities that are mine since eternity. She always repeats that she can give it back only slowly. Then yesterday I read a blogpost of my close friend where she talks about the bracelet a former incarnation gave her and that she wants her full energies back too, to be whole again.

During some exercises on my cross trainer I asked my HS again to give me my energies and consciousness back with all that is related with this. She explained again, that she is already giving me back but also that I have to consciously accept it on a regular basis. I did and then she said that she can’t release it too fast. She could do this maybe with a normal human who is already high evolved, but MY consciousness is vast, so vast that I can’t fathom it completely at the moment. She HAS to be careful and slow enough to not let my bodies and auric field explode when all the energies would flow in an instant through me. I understand her better now and I can’t do my mission when my body explodes. It would bring me back home, but my mission…. 😦

I accept it.

Then she told me she would design a bracelet for me and she gave me exactly the bead and how many of them. It has one Lapis Lazuli bead, then Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Aqua Aura, Ruby with Zoisite, Apache Tears and many silver rings. She told me to make it with elastic and to wear it 24/7 except for the shower and exercises.

20150329_011612This is ‘Golden Star’, as this is the name of my HS and this is who I truly AM. We are ONE and she has merged completely with me.

Later last night Silverstar and my HS activated the bracelet for me. It works.

This is what a friend told me this evening what happened to her.

“I don’t know the significance, but you were in my dream last night. In the dream, you received a major upgrade in vibrations. When that occurred, you were surrounded with bright golden light, which filled the whole area, and shot straight through me, and gave me such an impact, it startled me even in my sleep. The feeling was immense – even in my sleeping state.

Whatever was going on, it was major!

It was quite an impact on my senses even being in the same room with you in my dream when that occurred.”

I asked Silverstar and he confirmed, the Golden Light is his light, the white golden ray.

It is the bracelet from my HS.

Later when I did my healings, energy work and my meditation I could feel it very strong, stronger than ever. My palms were so warm during the healings – my healing abilities seem to be stronger – and I feel as if my whole being is expanded. I feel the connection to my ship stronger now, my beautiful Mesime, my ‘Light of God’. SaLuSa told me she is in position in the outer atmosphere as she is so big – bigger than two earths – she could disturb the fields of Earth if she would come closer to us. She is still cloaked but she is here and I feel her. And with her is a huge fleet of motherships, scoutships and other lightships.

They don’t rescue us but they help us and secure our atmosphere that no negative being can go through to us.

Silverstar asks me to tell you that the end of all suffering is near, very near. He chose this video, The Great Bell Chant (The End Of Suffering)with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh for you.

The Great Bell Chant

He loves all of our children like I do, each and everyone of you, without measure and in all eternity.

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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