There is nothing you need to know from external sources, you have it all inside of you – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn November 09, 2015

SaLuSa (1)

I want to share a conversation I had today with SaLuSa concerning seemingly new messages from him and that developed into a message.

Me: My beloved SaLuSa, I have a question, would you please answer them for me?

SaLuSa: Of course my love, it is long ago that I gave you a message.

Me: Yes, I looked for this and saw it was in November 2012, three years ago. I started to receive messages from my Higher Self in April 2013 and since then I had to stop chenneling you and the others. I miss it somehow.

SaLuSa: I know my beloved but it would have been too much for you. You had already so much stress with your job and channeling us too would have created more stress for your body as it means more energy work for you. You know this is the reason why you aren’t allowed to do readings now. I want you to focus on your healing and spiritual growth. I want you to be able to come back into my arms as soon as possible. I and all our Sirian people are waiting for our wedding (he is smiling–ed). How can I help you my love?

Me: Okay. This morning I read a message that claims to be from you but it didn’t feel like your energies. It is this one read more here… I can’t believe that you should have said these words. And there is another one, a woman who calls herself NaNiYa. Read here… She says she is your twin Flame and that she receives messages from you but when I read them I am shivering from dark energies. Please can you tell me more about them my beloved heart?

SaLuSa: Yes, my love. Both channelers are not channeling me but are agents from the dark side. They try to convince you that it is me but it isn’t true. And you know exactly who my true twin Flame is, it is You my heart. I have no other Twin.

The cabal is happy that Mike Quinsey my channel since long years had to stop his work. Unfortunately for us he was under heavy attack and it was better for Mike and his health that he stopped. He has to recover first before he can maybe channel me again. The cabal want to introduce to you new ‘SaLuSa’ channels to spread their lies and disinformation. You are all so used to my messages through Mike that many people just grasp for any message that seems to come from me. Please be very careful, there are only a very few persons who are or have been my channels besides Mike. These are at the moment Gabriel Raio Lunar and you. Laura (Laura Multidimensional Ocean — ed) received many messages from me too but she has other tasks at the moment. You know also that I am training our Sirian daughter Sanarta – together with Raphael – to become my new channel but it will be some time until she is fully ready. She has to get used to this work first and will receive only short messages at the moment.

My heart, what I tell you now is for our readers, you know this already and are good in detecting false messages.

Please be very careful in what you read. At the moment there are many ‘channelers’ who spread false messages to keep you in fear and misinformed. Read all messages and articles through your heart, feel what your heart and your body is telling you. Look at the words and the energies behind them. Are they about fear, chaos and destruction or are they of love? You don’t need to know about energies but you have to watch and observe your body, how it reacts when you read a text, be it a message or an article.

Keep in mind that the dark ones are desperate and try with all they can to gain some power back. They know they have lost but like small overtired children they do what they can to avoid their ‘sleeptime’. They throw tantrums again and again.

Be aware that there may be more and more sources of misinformation growing in all places. They mix truth with lies to make it more appealing and acceptable for you and some are just channeling their ego. But, and here I will give you an important tool to work with:

There is nothing you need to know from external sources, you have it all inside of you. Your most important source is your heart. Why do you think do we stress so much the importance of meditation and I don’t think of the classic version of meditation. I speak of your necessary quiet time, your ‘me-time’ where you can focus solely on what you do – not your job – but being creative, being with your beloved pets, cuddling your cats or dogs, watching children play, listening to relaxing and calming music, or just watching the clouds. Of course you can meditate the classic way but don’t concentrate too much on having a perfect meditation. Important is that you are quiet and go into your heart. Feel what moves you, where there is pain, injuries and thoughts and attitudes that don’t serve you anymore. Release all these energies, give it to the violet flame for transmutation and then let it go. Establish a daily cleaning and healing procedure for yourself. Some do this already and for others I give you this advice:

Close your eyes and visualize green light flowing into your body and auric field through your crown chakra, let it flow counterclockwise through your body and leaving it through your hands and feet. At first it will be leaving in a much darker color, but after a while you can see it becoming lighter until the color leaving your body is the same color as it enters your crown chakra. You can also use the violet flame, but the emerald green light of Archangel Raphael and me is also a healing light.

After that visualize white light entering your body clockwise through your crown chakra and filling your body and your auric field. This will give you energies.

If you want you can smoke your body and your auric field with a smoking material of your choice. It will help cleaning and strengthening your body.

The more you go into your heart and listen to what you can find there – it might come through a soft gentle voice – the more you will learn. In your heart is a hidden library and you have the key to this, it is unconditional love. In your heart you will find all you need to know about ascension. Reflect and contemplate about your thoughts and attitudes.

Be and do love and accept and love all you can see, feel, do in yourself and others. There is no need to fight against anything or you give energies to these situations or people.

Love is the cure and answer to all questions and illness. The only one.

Let go the ‘importance’ of having to know when and how things and events will happen. They will happen, but more important and necessary is that you release all your energetic baggage as you can’t take it with you into the higher dimensions and you can’t go to the higher dimensions with them. This is your mission on Earth. Release your baggage and heal yourself as nobody else can do this for you, as nobody can rescue you than you yourself. This is my message to you today through my beloved Isabel, through EnnKa how she is called on Sirius our home. She is my beloved heart of my heart and other half of my soul. It is the part in her soul that is Mother Mary who is my true Twin Flame. She is also my Twin as I am an incarnation of her true Twin Soul Silverstar as she is Golden Star. EnnKa/Isabel is my Queen in all eternity and I love her more than anybody else. Nothing can change this.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I send you my love and the love of the Sirian Star Nation. The cloudships you could see yesterday over the Table Mountain in South Africa were some of our Sirian scoutships. We are in your atmosphere with a part of the fleet of the Galactic Federation of Star Nations, what you know better as the Galactic Federation of Light. The ships are millions, big ones and small ones from all Star Nations represented in the Federation, they are scoutships, research ships, motherships and other kind of lightships. We will land but we haven’t got the signal yet, the green light and we will only land when it is safe for you. We can handle all attempts to attack our ships but it is your safety that has to be ensured. Don’t fall for any attempts to instigate a third World War. This will not happen as it is the will of Gaia and Creator.

I say good bye now to all of you in my deep love for all living beings on Gaia and Gaia herself.

Me: Thank you so much for this reassurance my beloved SaLuSa, my heart. ❤ ❤ ❤

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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My Journal October 20, 2014 – Some thoughts about disinformation, sun and unity

Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2014, 09:45.05 pm CEST

It is again time for a new update.

Kiba who is still wild and bold learns to behave. Slowly but he does. After biting me in my left wrist that it was bleeding over two weeks ago I followed the advice of a dog trainer. I bought a long leash (2 m) for the house only. Everywhere he goes he has to drag the leash behind him. He is still fast but we can stop him now just in treading on the leash, no more running after him to catch him when he has stolen something or when he chases the cats. This leash is priceless.

20141018_004503He realizes now that he isn’t the Boss here. Since some days he reduces the biting and increases the licking part. Kiba is much kinder now and teething too as he is four and a half months old.

My body is still aching and full of pain but I am able to reduce the cortisone in small amounts each week. I am so glad when I can go home finally, no more pain, this will be wonderful besides all the Beings and things that are waiting for me.

I envy a bit Dolores Cannon and Dr. Masaru Emoto two great and wonderful loveworker souls who both passed only a few days ago but I know my ‘time’ is coming soon too. And like them I will continue to work from the other side for the ascension process. I am eager to start my new assignments.

Tonight I was talking with a close friend and also reading a message together. We found out that it is mostly disinfo like some others too. I don’t tell names but they are wellknown ‘sources’. Truth, facts and lies are mixed deliberate to make it appear true. Some are so long and complicated, twisted without end, that you have to look closely and read carefully to see if it is true or not. Discernment is highly recommended. Go into your hearts when you read channeled material. Read it through your heart and give notice to how your body and your heart reacts. They tell you if it is true or not. Your heart knows. Do you feel joy and love or does your heart cramps or do you feel cold? Cramps and cold is the true sign for disinformation. And see what your intuition tells you.

Disinformartion seems to increase and this shows me how near we must be. The dark side or Cabal or however you want to name them is desperately fighting with all means to regain power. They give us dates about maybe that Ascension is happening only in 10 years or longer. And also that the plan to rescue Gaia would be made in the not so distant past, like the last century after the world wars, after the nuclear bombings. I read this in two different messages.

This is not true. The divine plan to rescue Gaia and to help her ascending together with her inhabitants is old. If my information is correct than it was made around 100.000 years ago. Before Lemuria and Atlantis, not after their sinking. The plan came also not from a council but through the Divine Mother. Her deep love to Gaia and her children made her coming up with the plan to rescue both. And she even prepared herself to incarnate in the crucial phase to assist and help as a starseed. To share her love and light and to cleanse, heal and finally send out the Tsunami of Love, her love waves to all of her children and Gaia. The Divine Mother IS incarnated but NOT the Divine Father. One of them has to stay home to overlook the whole process and to authorize or adjust when needed.

Meanwhile I trust only my own sources anymore or those I know are pure channels.

The Cabal want us to think in longterms, to delay all when we think of Ascension happening in the far future. They want to confuse espcially the newly awakened or the just awakening. They go for the undecided and weak, like my friend said. We will manifest exactly this when we accept their dates.

This is brainwashing, mind control and it works but it hasn’t to. We can stop this!!!

Go out in nature, ground yourself, drink lots of water and go into the sun. The sun is our friend not enemy. Don’t fall for the lies they tell you. They want us to be tanned, to be ‘IN’. It is chic to be tanned and people follow it, most want to be chic and ‘in’. So they let themselves be roasted on the beach in one or two weeks vacation, from sunrise to sunset. To prevent sunburn you must use sunscreen, sunblocker that contains nano particles and other chemicals that are poisonous.

Sunlight is good for you, it is necessary for your body to build Vitamine D, and it also carries lightcodes and nourishes too. Our crystalline bodies can be nourished with sunlight. You don’t need to use sunscreen. You only have to start slowly with maybe only 10 minutes or less daily, this is depending on your skin type and then you can increase it slowly without sunburn. My skin allows me 15 to 30 minutes at the beginning and I go without sunburn. Stop following the masses. Why do you need to be suntanned, nearly black, only to show you can afford vacation? Isn’t it better to enjoy the free time, the sun and to relax? And this with all the profit of the sunlight?

The Cabal want to prevent this, they don’t want us to get the lightcodes, instead they want us to get poisoned. The nano particles get in your body and affect your DNA and make you sick. If they tell you something is ‘good for you’ you can bet it is the exactly opposite, that it makes you sick or poisons you.


We are in the end phase now. The end game, the finale. The Cabal know they have lost but are desperate to work with all means to regain the power they had. They use false flags like Ebola, ISIS and false dates and predictions in ‘channelings’.

We don’t need any delays. We can have it in an instant.


We as the human race need only to decide as ONE that we have enough!

That we all want to awaken NOW!

And to be and live as ONE humankind!

As soon as we all intend to wake up and ascend, that we want all the changes now, when we act as ONE human race and raise our vibrations enough, we will manifest it. We only need to act in concert, in unity.

We can do it, if only…

There are so many souls who do nothing. It is sad to see how even the lightworker community is split with so much dispute. When the lightworkers don’t act as ONE how can we expect that the ‘normal’ humans will act as ONE? I observe this now since years, how they argue with others about truths and right paths. They are fighting against each other. There is still so much spiritual ego. Lightworkers who act as Gurus or self-proclaimed teachers.

“Me me me, my truth is the only truth and so on and on!
You need to follow my truth as it is THE truth and only when you follow this you will ascend!
And ‘you must believe as me’ or you will end in hell!
There is only ONE messenger for God and he says the only truth and you need to follow him or you will be destroyed!”

In continuing this behavior we only work for the Cabal, without intention. Is this what you want??? We need to be more tolerant to each other. Live and let the others live too how they want to live.

You don’t need any Guru. You have all the knowledge and wisdom inside. You have an implemented library inside of you. Everybody has it. It is in your heart. Why do do think that you are always recommended to meditate? To go inside? Because in your heart lies all you need to know, there is all teaching, all tools, all wisdom you need to be able to ascend. Your guides, your Higher Self, your Angels and the Divine are talking there to you and waiting for a repsonse. There is this small soft voice talking to you with so much love for you. It doesn’t command and it isn’t loud and aggressive like the voice of your mind. In this you can differentiate between them.

Each human being is different from another and has also a different path, a different development than any other human being. Sometimes you walk together for a while but then you part to follow your own way. The truth of another human is not your truth, maybe only a part of it seems to be the same. You can’t compare yourself with another.

So stop telling others that they have to follow your truth. Live by example, give advice only when asked and don’t mind if they follow or not. Everybody has free will and this is to be respected. Yours too, but act only without harming another Being.

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow men the same!

Forgive yourself and forgive all others!

Don’t judge as you judge only yourself with this!

Be tolerant to yourself and your fellow men!

We are all ONE with All-That-IS!

When we all live these principles we will change our world in the twinkling of an eye.

I love you all, infinite, without measure and in all eternity!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the IAM

I am love, I am light, I am life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2014 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.