My Journal June 10, 2015 – A hornets’ nest

Log Entry Earth Time June 10, 2015, 12:34.16 pm CEST

This may be my last journal and I want to talk about important things.

About discernment and incarnations

I do readings and read also a lot of comments in the groups or in panels. What I read makes me shaking my head very often. This is not something that is of concern only for  newly awakened but also for experienced lightworkers.

Don’t believe all you read or are being told. It might not be true or only a bit true.

The fight between the light and the dark is already won, by the light. There are some tidying ups to do, to remove the debris so to say. I know for sure as I have the best sources to ask for and they tell me the truth.

Beware of your ego and especially your spiritual ego. Many of the newly awakened ones want to be somebody, this is ‘normal’ human behavior when you are suppressed and alwys told you would be a nobody and then wake up. It is also ego based, the ego wants to survive.

Each being is somebody, namely a beloved child of Creator in all eternity. May it be a dark one or a light being, there is no difference and Creator loves each child the same.

You ARE loved.


Not everybody can be the incarnation of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Jesus or others if they have one. Jesus isn’t incarnated, he is who he is. The incarnations of AA Michael, AA Raphael, Mother Mary, AA Gabrielle and many others are known already too.

Divine Father is NOT incarnated and doesn’t plan to do so as somebody has to stay at home to keep the overview and to watch that all is running according to the divine plan. Divine Mother is incarnated but she is NOT living in the USA and not on the American continents. All who want you to believe otherwise are just lying or an alias to protect the true Divine Mother. The same is valid for the first incarnations of Archangels. These aliases don’t know better as they have an induced feeling to be the true one.

Some want you to believe that they are Lady Portia (the true Lady Portia is my friend Méline Lafont) and the Twin Flame of AA Michael, or that they are AA Gabrielle and Twin Flame of AA Raphael who would be in truth Jesus.

This is just not the truth.

Btw the first incarnation of AA Raphael is SaLuSa from Sirius. I am allowed to tell it.

Yes, it is enticing to be told to be this Archangel or that Archangel or even Mother Mary, I can understand you well, but would this be true, we would have at least 7 true incarnations of Mother Mary, 9 incarnations of AA Michael and maybe 20 incarnations of St. Germain.

Either those who tell you this are just wrong because they have maybe only started being a channel or are not clear or they could be some trolls or minions of the dark side to spread disinformation or to try to damage and hurt the true incarnations with their lies. I know of several such incidents where these disinfo agents like I call them told lies to raise doubts in lightworkers, to hurt them deep in their souls. I know it as I was one of them last year. It was an article from somebody where I read about a woman, a Galactic, who would be me as the true Being I AM. It was very painful for me and my old issue with trust came back until I could talk with my close friend and also asked my heart. This article with the information in it was meant to throw me off track to sabotage my mission and they have been successful in the first moment. Fortunately I know who I AM and my heart tells me only the truth. I can rely on it as my Higher Self, my full consciousness is talking with me there. She has her place in my heart. I am one with her, merged with her.

The dark ones aren’t sleeping and although defeated they try with all their last means to prevail over the light.

Be always careful when you read an article or a channeled message, especially when you don’t know for sure that the one who wrote it is a clear channel or a true lightbeing with a high discernment.

When you read always watch how your body reacts, what your heart tells you. Can you feel unconditional love in it? Or do you frown and shiver?

For me it is that my heart is tightening, my skin is with goosebumps as my hair stand on end as if I watch a horror movie and my belly makes me sick or I am freezing at the instant. Or my gut gives me a bad feeling, a bad knowing. Then I know this is disinformation.

A true message from up makes me feel warm and I can feel the unconditional love in it. Sometimes even a wonderful electricity running through my body and down to my toe nails.

The fact that somebody is well known like maybe Dr. Kathryn Mae with radio shows and pipapo ( a German word for ‘with all that belongs to it’) doesn’t make this person automatically a veritable channel. Sanat Kumara is not Divine Father and Judas Iscariot was not an incarnation of AA Gabriel who would be also Lucifer. And George H. W. Bush is not AA Michael’s incarnation.

She is the only one I will name here although there are others too. But her lies are too obvious.

I am aware of the fact that I might stir up a hornets’ nest but I want my readers to be careful, very careful.

Raise your vibrations as high as possible. Release all the old energies and clean your bodies daily with the emerald green light of AA Raphael or the violet flame of St. Germain. Let go all fear, give it to the violet flame or Divine Mother to transmute it.

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow being the same.

Forgive yourself for all and forgive all those who hurt you.

Don’t judge anybody for not being judged and don’t judge yourself too.


My beloved can be very direct but she is honest. I love her very much but not alone for this but for whom she is. She is my beloved wife and Twin Flame, my Queen, my Goddess.

She knows how it feels to be betrayed, to be fooled more than once by beings she thought of would be the real ones. This happened when she started channeling. She was unexperienced and the second contact she had told her he would be Michael but was in truth Lucifer. He fooled her three times as she hadn’t enough experiences and so much karma and fears who needed to be released. Fortunately she listened to her intuition and got the curve before the worst happened. She fought against him and was victorious. I am proud of her as she didn’t even knew who she is that time. She is strong, my Lady. Too strong for her ex husband and too strong for Lucifer 🙂

Her body is weak and damaged now from all the energy work she did throughout her life, unconscious or consciously. All the low and negative energies she transmuted flowed through her body and took their toll. We kept her alive that she could accomplish her missions. We heal her daily and in the night she is in one of the healing chambers onboard of her beautiful ship Mesime. We want her to ascend a last time within her body.

She is coming home now, to me, to her other husbands and to her family. We have many children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. We are a big loving family and many of you on earth are part of this in AEON, our home.

My Golden Star gave you good advice. Be careful in what you read and believe. Not all that is declared as truth IS really true. This will all be revealed in divine timing. Hold on to your hats to not be blown away by it.

Isabel will get only a bit rest when she is home, her body will be healed completely and all her abilities, power and her consciousness will be fully restored. She will go back to earth and continue her mission, another mission but it will be easier for her then. No veil, no amnesia, no restraint abilities. She will be fully her true Self. She has to put some things straight and she will be like a whirlwind. I know her too well and she is pure energy. A hurricane in the category 5 is a soft breeze in comparison to her. (He is smiling as he says this –ed)

I miss my wife and will be happy when she is finally back home. She is feeling that it is happening now. She is already more here than on earth. I am not sure but I think in a few days it should be accomplished. Please forgive me if I am wrong but it is diffcult to tell as we don’t have ‘time’ in the higher dimensions. It is soon, her soon.

I love all of you ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

And I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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