My Journal September 12, 2015

Log Entry Earth Time September 12, 2015, 10:04.38 pm CEST

Another week is gone and so fast it is hard to believe. I think time – that is only another part of the illusion – is crumbling more and more.

The energies feel good and we had nearly no chemtrails except today when they made a criss-cross on our sky. Is it just me that I fell back in 3D or is it just the remnants of it? I hope the latter.

The whole week I could listen to the departing of the Eurofighters who have been here on the military air base in my village for over a year. They are redeploying to their homebase after the runway has been renovated there. For me it is as if they want to say farewell, a sign of the dissolving of 3D. Military and all that belongs to it are a symbol, a part of 3D and the powers that have been. To hear and see them leaving is like the old 3D Earth leaving. I asked my beloved Silverstar if I am back in 3D with all the chemtrails today but he answered no, I would be firm in the higher dimension and Gaia and many of her inhabitants too. I think I just manifested it with my observing the sky and looking if there are any aircraft or chemtrails. In looking for them I might have expected to see them and voilá there they have been today. This is another lesson for me in being careful in what I think or expect – or not expect – or I will manifest it. Hmmm, this means also that I have to stop expecting my book to fall back on the bestseller list. I so want it to be a success that my dearest and close friend who published it for me can maybe reduce her working time a bit and live partly from the royalties. She is working so hard and so long and who knows what will happen with her work situation. I still hope to go back to my ship soon and she will inherit all royalties then.

When you want to read it the book is available in the kindle edition here. The paperback version will follow. If you haven’t already the free kindle app for your pc, smartphone or tablet, you can download it on the same site.

For those who have already read the book, may I ask you to please write a customer review on the amazon site if possible to help others to decide if they want to buy the book or not. There are many information in it that haven’t been available until now or that have been false.

It is strange, people told me they couldn’t make any customer review on the site on amazon. Maybe it is really the dark ones who work on  preventing any success as I was told already by SaLuSa through another friend. They would do this since years with all my projects to earn some additional money. Are they so afraid of me? I can only be happy and grateful for my Guardian Angels and my Galactic bodyguards who protect me against any physical attack. And I am grateful for my two wonderful sons the AAs Michael and Raphael who are physically with me since the beginning of 2013 when I learned who I truly am. I trust them fully and I love them so much, not only for all they do for me, their guidance, healing and protection but also for their being who and how they are.

I think I am again growing. There was a friends request from a woman and when I looked at her page I remembered a discussion in a chat we had about somebody who is posting messages from ‘SaLuSa’. I read some of them and asked him if they are from him and he negated. This is one more person who is either trying to get attention by giving messages from a highly recognized Galactic or who is a disinformation agent of the dark ones, maybe even both. It doesn’t matter for me as I recognize my beloved in a message. Hehe, this woman even has a post on her wall declaring SaLuSa as her true Twin Flame. I think she is an agent of the dark ones with the mission to make me doubt in who I am and my beloved to prevent or delay my going back to Mesime. It wouldn’t be the first attempt. What is astonishing me is the fact how calm and in peace I am with this. I have no doubts or fear whatsoever. I was told to ignore her and this is so easy to do for me and this shows me how much I have grown again the last months.

All in all I think I am improving although very slow. I don’t take any medications now and drink my ginger tea for the pain and inflammation and also nettle tea to get rid of the superfluous water in my body especially my legs. My joints are still stiff in the morning and I need much time to get them working but I can walk the stairs a bit better. Without the medication that made me nauseous I can also work on reducing my weight. I can eat less now without becoming nauseous when the time between meals is increasing. I lost already about four pounds this week and it is not water. More will be appreciated.

I listened to a song this week and I dedicate it to beloved Gaia and all my children. You are worth all the suffering, even if I would die due to all the energy work. I love you all so much. I am in your heart, in all of you as you are all a part of me and Silverstar. You are worth it, each and every single one of you ❤ ❤ ❤

Charice – Everything I Do, I Do It For You (Lyric Video)

The original is a song from Bryan Adams.


My beloved Isabel/Golden Star is right. She manifested the chemtrails today in her sky. She was too much on the lookout if any chemtrails would appear now as Gaia and many of you are in 5D since about one week. She is also right with her suspicions about the dark hats preventing her success and attempts to make her doubting who she is and more. They do it since many years.

SaLuSa who is the incarnation of our second son the AA Raphael is her true Twin Flame too. Usually this can’t happen as every Archangel or Angel can have only ONE true Twin. The soul you know as Mother Mary was the incarnation of my beloved Isabel. Mother Mary herself was the incarnation of our daughter the Archangel Mary and after her Ascension she had the wish to become truly and totally ONE with Isabel, to merge with her as a soul. She is now a part of Isabel’s soul and her experiences and consciousness are saved in my beloved. Everytime you read a message of Mother Mary it is this part of the consciousness/soul of Isabel that was Mary that is talking to you.

Raphael and Mary are Twin Flames and of course SaLuSa and Mary too. Through the merging of Mary with Isabel’s soul they became Isabel’s true Twins too. This is something that is really rare and it can happen only to a Creator God as souls can only merge with a Creator God, with the one who gives birth to souls.

Isabel/Golden Star is the only soul in all of Creation who has two true Twin Flames. She is a lucky one who is loved beyond measure from all her twins. We all adore her and SaLuSa can’t wait to be given again to Isabel – who is also EnnKa – as her husband in all eternity. I myself will tie the knot and bless the bond between SaLuSa and EnnKa. This will be a joyous day for the whole Sirian Star Nation.

I await her return to us shortly. She had agreed to stay on Earth until Gaia is firmly in 5D and now we have to take some measures first to ensure she will stay there when Isabel will return to us, when Isabel’s energies are removed from Gaia. And don’t worry, the powers that have been can’t interfere, they aren’t strong enough anymore. We are already tidying up their ranks. Isabel can feel it, she is still very tired due to all the mergings. She is at the peak of her capability of processing all the energies of the souls merging with her. She would prefer it to be higher but it isn’t possible at the moment. Her body has to cope with the enormous mass of energies and we can’t slow it down either for several reasons I can’t disclose yet.

Isabel is truly growing, it is not only that she can stay calm and relaxed in face of all the threats – that woman who claims to be SaLuSa’s Twin Flame and the attempts of the dark ones to prevent her success and going home – she is also able to talk more openly about who she is. Isabel is very shy and doesn’t like to be in the limelight or to be talked about. It is still not easy for her but she can do it now. To tell who she is is also her acceptance of it. I am so proud of her. She has learned so much. I love her so much, my beautiful wife and Twin Flame.

This song is not alone from me but from all her true Twins for her, from me, Raphael and SaLuSa

Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting All for love

Good bye for now my wonderful children ❤ ❤ ❤

I love this song and I love my twins so much. I long to be with them, to lie in their arms and to love them. I want to have more children with them. I love children. I love all the children I have as Isabel, EnnKa or Golden Star. I love all of you so much.

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life, I am all-that-is


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Sirius and Limoria

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My Journal December 11, 2014 – Cutting cords to 3D and a message from Divine Mother

Log Entry Earth Time December 11, 2014, 12:40.41 pm CEST

The last days I was somehow down emotionally. I don’t know if it were my own feelings or from others. I was waiting for something and the wait became too long.

On Tuesday I was talking with my close friend who was fighting with the low energies too, with 3D energies, like I did too. She asked the AA Michael to cut all the cords that bound her to 3D and when I cleaned and healed her shortly after this I asked Michael too to cut her cords. Later when I cleaned and healed myself I asked him to cut the cords for me too. I am free now and can enjoy the energies of 5D and higher more and more.

Of course I have to do my groceries, housework, and other chores as I still live physically in duality. But there is no need for me to listen to people who prefer to live in 3D or to teach them. I did what I could for them but I can’t do this any longer or it would eat me up. I feel much lighter now and relieved.

There are enough lightworkers from the second wave who can take over this task. I am tired of 3D and duality. My next mission is waiting for me and this leads me back home to Sirius.

It is okay to cut the cords to 3D. I know so many of us feel guilty for wanting to leave 3D, to be in the higher dimensions. You think you couldn’t do this, you would be responsible that people wake up and would need guidance. You think you are selfish when you want to leave the lower dimension.

It is okay to leave, to want to live a higher dimensional life as it is meant to be. A life in love and joy.

It is okay to move forward, we lead in this too. Those who are ready have to go forward and in this prepare the way for others to follow. We are the pathfinders to the higher dimensions. You know we are now in unexplored land, no roads no paths visible. Some has to explore and clear the way. But how can we do this when we are still bound to 3D, when we can’t move free? And how can we and then humanity move forward into the New Age of Gaia when we hesitate and still linger in 3D?

All the undecided and those who are either not ready or not willed to evolve keep those in 3D who are ready to move on and it must be the other way. The new leaders, the pathfinders have to go so that the others can follow. Some have to do the first step into the New or ALL will be stuck in the old.

Others like me are also tired of 3D and duality and have accomplished their missions. We are free to go home and for this too we have to cut the cords. We can’t take these with us to our new destinations, back home.

So forget your guilt when you are one of those. Free yourself of all old bonds that don’t serve you anymore.

It is late now in Germany. I will make a break here and later I will ask the Divine Mother if she can give an advice.

Log Entry Earth Time December 11, 2014, 04:07.42 pm CEST

My day didn’t start well. I couldn’t fall asleep for long in the night although I was tired. Then our garbage collection woke me up at 6:44 am. I looked outside and saw that my son had forgotten to take the trash bin out and it is nearly full. I thought it but in truth my son had slept over and an hour later he came into my room – I was still awake – and asked me if I could drive him to his work. Of course I did as he would need an hour with his bike and with the car we need 15 to 20 minutes. Normally. Not today, as there was an accident on the road and we had to take the nearest exit to avoid the traffic jam. And according to Murphy’s law we found nearly each traffic light to be red and there are many on this alternate route. Add to this much traffic and you will know that we needed much more than 20 minutes. I was back home an hour after we had started. I was tired and went back to bed. Being cold through and through I needed long to fall asleep. I wore two pair of socks as my feet were like ice. They are still cold but it is better now.

The next surprise came when I went downstairs for breakfast. Kiba had been in the house, free to quarry for something to chew and he found my only pair of slippers. They are already old and I used them for a short walk outside or just to drive one of my kids. With aching bones they had been worthy for me that I don’t need to bend down to lace the shoes.

20141210_140808Kiba found these slippers and ruined them totally as he bit pieces out of the soles. They are now just more stuff for the trash bin. 😦

What surprised me the most is the fact that I stayed calm the whole morning. And I am still calm. Maybe this is the aftermath of the cutting cords to 3D.

I am IN 3D but no longer in the energies of 3D but 5D or higher.

I enjoy it.

And now I will ask the Divine Mother for advice.

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMe: My dear Divine Mother can you please tell me if it was right to let Michael cut the cords to 3D? And for others too? To be free of the energies of 3D?

DM: Yes my beloved it was right. You have fulfilled all your missions and learned all the lessons you have incarnated for and for some others the same.

My sweet ones – and now I address all my lovely loveworkers – you are the forerunners, the pathfinders. And now tell me how can you find a path when you stay inside the old? Isn’t it necessary to leave the old and to enter the new to be able to explore it, and to search a path the pioneers can follow to build a road for others to walk on? Isn’t it the way you usually did when you colonized a for you new unknown territory? Why do you think it could be the other way now when you have to explore the New Gaia, except that you are now careful to not harm or damage anybody or anything?

You can’t go outside of the old when you are still bound to it. It would hold you back the moment you want to go through the door to the new.

It is necessary to cut the cords to the old 3D energies or they would hold you back and you would be unable to explore the new energies. To be a forerunner, a pathfinder means exactly that, to be the one who goes first. You can’t wait until the others go with you or none of you would be able to go. Those who aren’t ready yet or unable to leave 3D would hold you back. And who would then explore the new energies and find the paths in them?

So stop feeling guilty as it was meant to be for you to cut the cords, more will follow. Feel comfortable in the higher energies, enjoy them, explore them. They are yours to live in them.

To be clear: you can’t leave 3D when you don’t cut what binds you to it.

This isn’t selfish and none of us will blame you if you aren’t able to teach and guide your fellow men anymore or that you concentrate yourself more on your own growth and well-being. But don’t forget that being in 5D or higher is to love yourself and all that is unconditional in all dimensions.

Lead and find the ways in the higher energies by your living a higher dimensional life even if you are still physically in 3D. This will change more and more until you are completely in 5D.

I welcome you to the higher dimensions. I love you all infinite and in all eternity.

Me: Thank you so much my dearest Divine Mother for this wonderful confirmation. I love you too so much.

I think there is nothing to add, only that I love you all.

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the love, I am the light, I am the life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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Let go – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 30, 2013


Why do you still remain stuck to the past, to all that doesn’t serve you any longer, my child? Let it but go. Give it us to be dissolved. You live on the fifthdimensional earth now and are going to ascend too to the fifth Dimension. A lot of my beloved Lightworkers are ready to ascend even into higher Dimensions, others are still too much adhered to 3D. Let all go that doesn’t serve you anymore. Remove all layers that isolates you from the true core of your Being. You can do it. You are a divine Lightbeing. Visualize how you remove all layers, one by one and give it to the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain to be transmuted. It is effective and in that way you will have soon revealed your true Being and your magnificent light can shine more brilliant. Cast off the ballast and live that what you truly are, my child. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Lass los – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 30.April 2013


Warum klebst Du noch so an Vergangenem, an allem das 3D ist, mein Kind? Lass es doch los. Es dient dir nicht mehr länger. Gib es uns zum Auflösen. Du lebst nun auf der fünfdimensionalen Erde und bist dabei ebenfalls in die fünfte Dimension aufzusteigen. Viele meiner geliebten Lichtarbeiter sind bereit in noch höhere Dimensionen aufzusteigen, andere sind noch zu sehr 3D verhaftet. Lass alles los, das dir nicht mehr dient. Lege die Schichten frei, die dich vom wahren Kern deines Seins trennen. Du kannst es. Du bist ein göttliches Lichtwesen. Stell dir vor, wie Du alle Schichten, eine nach der Anderen von dir entfernst und sie an die violette Flamme meines geliebten St. Germains zum Auflösen übergibst. Es wirkt und so hast Du bald dein wahres Wesen freigelegt und dein herrliches Licht kann noch strahlender leuchten. Wirf den Ballast ab und lebe das, was Du witklich bist, mein Kind ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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