Divine Mother Blessings made by Linda Dunn

All pieces are designed by the Divine Mother through Isabel Henn. Her divine love is embedded in the design and all bracelets and earrings will be blessed by the Divine Mother to boost the purpose. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship. Read more about this here…

Gem beads are a natural product, so variations in color, form and size are normal and each piece is therefore unique. Pictures shown here are made from my own pieces.

Bracelets and matching earrings are made by reiki master Linda Dunn.

The bracelets are available with elastic or with silver lobster clasp. All metallic is sterling silver except the wire for the bracelets. Prizes are including handling and shipping in USA, shipping to Europe is around 4 USD more.

To order, please contact Linda at angelvision2006@yahoo.com

1) “Balance” is with black tourmaline, lapis lazuli and amazonite. It is for balancing of male and female energies, grounding, protection against psychic attacks and developing of psychic gifts.


Prize for a bracelet is 46 USD, for earrings 23 USD, as set for 63 USD.


2) “Sirian Sky” is made of clear quartz, amethyst and aqua aura quartz. It is for activation of all chakras especially the higher ones like the third eye, protection against psychic attacks, aids in connecting with Spirit and spiritual growth and also in healing.

Sirian Sky

Prize for a bracelet 50 USD, for earrings 25 USD, for a set 69 USD.


3) “Love” is made of rose quartz and garnet. It is for healing of relationships and also emotional healing, it assists the heart chakra and higher ones and rose quartz resonates with the Goddess Energy ‘LOVE’. It also aids in prosperity and relationships and the garnet is for the lower chakras and grounding. The earrings for this is a bit art like a music treble clef.

LovePrize for a bracelet 42 USD, for earrings 23 USD, for a set 59 USD


4) “Born anew” is made of rose quartz, amazonite and aquamarin, as an aid for honest and loving communication and for (self-)healing of grief and anger emotions, the left bracelet

Earrings will be like the ones from “Sirian Sky”

Born anewIt is the bracelet on the left.

Prize for a bracelet 42 USD, for earrings 21 USD, for a set 57 USD.


5) “Vibration” is made of black tourmaline and rose quartz to help raising vibrations to love and to let go of stress and grounding and protection against psychic attacks and to help keeping vibes high

Earrings will be like the ones from “Love”Vibration

Prize for a bracelet 45 USD, for earrings 22 USD, for a set 61 USD.


Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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