Divine Mother Blessings – Charms

Divine Mother designed charms, small ones for bracelets and bigger ones for key chains and soon a variation for your car rear view mirror. They have no special purpose but assist you in healing. They shall enjoy you and in this bring light and healing to your life and body.

All pieces are designed by the Divine Mother through Isabel Henn. Her divine love is embedded in the design and all charms will be blessed by the Divine Mother to boost the general healing purpose. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship. Read more about this here…

Gem beads and sweetwater pearls are a natural product, so variations in color, form and size are normal and each piece is therefore unique. Pictures shown here are made from my own pieces.

All pieces will be cleaned and charged energetically by reiki master Isabel Henn before they will be shipped to you.

The small charms are designed for wearing on bracelets and are made entirely out of gem beads, sweetwater pearls and pure silver.

All metallic is pure silver except for the bigger charms where key rings, toggles and chains are silver plated.

Bigger charms as key chains can be ordered with silver lobster clasp or key ring. Those with silver lobster clasp are a bit more expensive as silver plated pieces are cheaper.

Prizes don’t reflect all the energies all pieces are infused with.

Prizes are including shipping and handling in Euro. Please note that prizes for materials in Germany are not to compare with the prizes for the same beads or silver in the USA.

To order please contact me at isabelhenn@gmx.de  for further information.

 From time to time more pieces will be added so you are welcome to come back.


Small charms for bracelets:

1) Garnet with sweetwater pearl and silver bead

Garnet-PearlPrize is 25 Euro.


2) Amethyst with sweetwater pearl and silver bead

Amethyst-PearlPrize is 25 Euro.

3) Amethyst with amazonit, lapis lazuli and silver bead

Amazonit-Amethyst-LapisPrize is 25 Euro.

4) Amethyst with mystic hematite and silver bead. Mystic hematite is hematite treated with titan, it shines in all rainbow colors.

Amethyst-Mystic HematitePrize is 25 Euro.

5) Garnet with clear quartz, amazonite and silver ring and sparkly silver star.

Garnet-silver- clear quartz-amazonit-silver starPrize is 25 Euro.

6) Amazonite with red jasper and silver.

amazonite-silver-red jasperPrize is 25 Euro.

7) Charm bracelet pure silver length 18 cm, each ring is 5,5×3,5 mm, custommade

Charm braceletPrize is 25 Euro, each cm more is 0,50 Euro more.

Bracelet with charmsWhen you order one of the small charms to this, each charm is 20 €

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. https://thesilverplatinumflame.wordpress.com/

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