Divine Mother Blessings ‘Bracelet of the Month’ – made by Isabel Henn

All pieces are designed by the Divine Mother through Divine Mother incarnate Isabel Henn. Her divine love is embedded in the design and all bracelets and earrings will be blessed by the Divine Mother to boost the purpose.

Gem beads are a natural product, so variations in color, form and size are normal and each piece is therefore unique. Pictures shown here are made from my own pieces.

All pieces will be cleaned and charged energetically by reiki master Isabel Henn before they will be shipped to you.

The bracelets are available with elastic only.

Prices don’t reflect all the energies all pieces are infused with.

Prices are including shipping and handling in Euro. Please note that prices for materials in Germany are not to compare with the prices for the same beads or silver in the USA.

Prices are calculated for an about 19 cm/about 7,5 inch bracelet. If you want your bracelet much longer I maybe need to add the price for the beads more, at least for the more pricy beads. As this is a new concept for me allow me to adjust prices if needed.

To order please contact me at isabelhenn@gmx.de  for further information.

 I plan to add a new bracelet every month, so you are welcome to come back.

1) ‘Bracelet of the Month’ January 2017

This bracelet is made of Lava and Chrysocolla beads. Lava is good for healing and represents all four elements in it, Chrysocolla helps with verbal expression and communication.

bracelet-of-the-month-january-2017Special offer for a bracelet is during the whole January 40 €, after this month the price will be 45 €.


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My reference for the healing properties is this page: http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/