Compassionate Vibration available now!

picture source unknown or I would give credit

This attunement was channeled by Hari Winarso.

“… As compassion awakens within you it brings a light of understanding which nurtures your inner being at a level which then allows you to go foreth into the world and see it with different eyes. These new eyes allow you to feel the needs in others. As you learn to feel the needs in others it gives you a new perception of the pain which holds people prisoner within their own lives. As a result of this inner knowledge it becomes easier to help and guide those around you into a higher form of existence by teaching them how to release themselves of their pain and their shackles which manacle them to their present interpretation of their existence…” excerpt from the manual by Hari Winarso.

With all the changes happening and the possible turmoil that might arise when the truth will finally come to the light I feel the need to offer this attunement. Our world needs more compassion especially for the coming weeks and months and I hope it will help us all moving to a better future for all mankind. …read more here