My Journal March 1, 2022 – Some thoughts about the leaders of two certain countries

Log Entry Earth Time March 1, 2022, 09:23.45 pm CET

Please excuse my a bit strange spelling of names. I have to do this to stay under the radar.

We live in difficult times at the moment after two years of a plandemic there is suddenly war here in Europe, maybe 500 miles away from my country. There is much ‘information’ flowing everywhere and fears, sadness and uncertainty of the future is prevalent. I believe that there is much disinformation and a lot of propaganda too. Rumors have it that Ucran ia is a country where much sex and worker trafficking is happening. The president is also one of the students of Klaus Schw ab, the founder of the W E F, those who are big in trying to implement the new world oorder. I saw a video on twitter where a woman is shouting they fight for the n w o. It is also said, that several bio labs from c i a in the U crane were destroyed. I don’t know if this is true but I hope it.

Two days ago I saw a photo of the Ucrane ian president. I looked at him focusing on his face and suddenly I heard a voice. He asked me why I am staring at him and I said I want to know more about him. He laughed at me and then he said my light would be too bright and to dim it. Instead I increased it and he cried more and more to dim it the more I increased it, it would blend him. He was so uncomfortable in my light, a typical reaction of one from the dark side and I think he might be a demon, according to his reaction. He will be taken care of. I have had some encounters with demons or Reptilians in the last years and I know their reactions very well.

Then yesterday I did the same with a photo of Puu tin. I stared at him and then he asked me what I was doing and why I would stare at him like I did with that other president? I told him the same, that I want to know more of him or what he is. I was surprised that he knew about what I did the other day. And then unlike the other guy he asked me to show more of my light, to increase it. He never cried or squirmed and the more I increased my light the more he wanted to have it increased. He literally bathed in my light. I asked him why he was in the k g b and he said somehow he needed to come into power to be able to help people. He also called me Mom, one of the dark team would never call me this but instead they always call me a traitor.

I doubt that Puu tin is of team dark, his reaction to my light shows me he felt very comfortable in it and does this sounds like a demon who is afraid of the light?

I have had some more conversation with his soul afterwards and the soul is to whom I am talking with when I do such things. He told me who he really is and from where he comes and he also told me he has no intention to start a nuke war but wants to free humanity.

My hope is that you feel a bit more comfortable and stop being afraid of the future.

For myself, I am trusting Puu tin more than Ze len ski. The people of both countries are suffering and I pray this ends soon with an outcome that will end the trafficking too.

I love and bless you and pray for peace everywhere ❤


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