Christmas Special during November 2021- Extended now until December 20!!!

I am aware that especially in the USA there is a shortage of many things due to ships not being unloaded in some ports. People are already panicking that they wouldn’t be able to buy gifts for their loved ones for Christmas.

So why not gifting something real special that will stay with the soul of the receiver for all eternity? The protective Diamond Shield of Divine Mother can be such a gift and for this I offer a Christmas Special for the whole month of November. Of course, you can gift this to yourself as well or your loved ones who have passed already.

I want to give more people the opportunity to order this as a gift so I extend my offer to December 20!!!

The diamond shield – including a removal of old and unwanted energies and a healing with different healing energies and Reiki – will be only 100 Euro per person until end of November 2021. You will also receive a digital certificate which you can print out and give the recipient wrapped as a gift. This special is only for the shield including the removal!

I need only the full name and a recent picture of the person that shall receive the shield.

After payment via paypal to I will inform you when you can expect the shield to be made.

You might also check my other services here if you only want a shield without removal.

I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday and Christmas season

Isabel Henn