My Journal August 25, 2021 – Merlin, the shield and the jab

Log Entry Earth Time June 20, 2021, 07:10.20 pm CEST

A Lego figure of The Wizard Merlin

Much has happened since my last journal and Merlin played a big part of it. If you have watched the LOTR trilogy, I find there is much similarity between Merlin and Gandalf. Maybe Tolkien hat Merlin in mind when he created the character of Gandalf. Merlin is no fictitious figure but real.

It is years that I visited Merlin in his cave, I knew already that we are married but always thought it would be because Joseph, Mother Mary’s husband and Merlin are one and the same. Joseph was a good husband and I loved him when this part of my soul was incarnated as Mary.

At the beginning of May I was called to the cave by Merlin. I have some memories of the cave being a warm and comfortable place to live. This time I learned so much more. I really was married with Merlin himself, we met when Arthur was already King of Britannia. I don’t remember the circumstances yet but Merlin told me I had to flee my family and maybe there was an unwanted marriage I wanted to avoid. We fell in love with each other and Merlin told me that Arthur himself put us together legally.

Years ago I bought a book about Merlin and Arthur and the lessons Arthur had to learn and master to finally become the Druid-King Arthur. I started reading it again and at one point Merlin told Arthur that a Druid doesn’t marry because being married would lower the vibrations of a Druid, that it would tear him down. I asked Merlin how it could be that we were married then and he answered that he knew who I was. The Soul of Mary had merged with my own soul not long after her Ascension, she couldn’t bear the memories of the cruel crucifixion of her son anymore and being one of my second incarnations she had the only wish to become fully one with me. This is why I have memories of her pain but also of giving birth to her son who is also my own son. Merlin knew who I was, that I was his wife Mary from a few hundred years ago but also my true identity. He says I am the only one he could marry who wouldn’t tear him down. It must have been a happy marriage and a happy life. He told me that I died of old age, peacefully in his arms surrounded by our children – a son and a daughter – and our grandchildren. When I remember other past lives this was a good one in comparison with my lives in Atlantis, the stone age and another one later in times when St.Germain had his incarnation.

Merlin is helping me tremendously coping with all the problems and challenges I face now. I can still feel his love and when I visit him now it is not his cave but our cave, our home. I finished the book two days ago and reading about the 3 Holy High Quests Arthur had to go through I know I had similar ones in my life.

The 3 Holy Quests: The first was what made him fears, the second to find out his true origin he didn’t knew before this, to be the Prince of Britannia, the third was to learn about his future.

Mine were without studying to become a Druid. The second I mastered first, 9 years ago, to find out who I am, being Divine Mother incarnate; the first was what makes me fear, to be not loved or wanted by my twin, to be rejected and not able to go back home to them and to be hurt more and more when I trust; the last is that the restrictions I set for myself ARE my restrictions, besides those my HS has to do due to me being incarnate in a human body and to be fully aware of all might just blow up my mind and body. But my very own ones these are restricting me. I know now I CAN do what I am doing, that I am a powerful being and my future is to help here as long as I can and my body is able to come back to here every morning and then to go home and work from there. The last Quests I realized only two days ago and my twin told me that I mastered all three.

Merlin is a wise man and I know who his soul is back home. We aren’t twins but we are family. I had another incarnation together with him but it ended brutally, being burned at the stake because I had watched some dark satanic rituals in a forest. St.Germain wasn’t in town or he would have been able to save me. They knew if I was alive when he came back I would have told him, but I did anyway, from the other dimensions and he was able to hear me. He knew then too who I was, Mary Joseph’s wife and Mary Merlin’s wife. We were close in that incarnation too.

One sentence is important for me, one sentence he said to Arthur during his first quest: When there is no imagination there is no fear. I have a strong imagination and this will help me very much and I believe it can help others too.

Log Entry Earth Time August 25, 2021, 07:45.10 pm CEST

Over two months have gone and I didn’t finish this blog post but hopefully I will today.

Much has happened, not all worthy to talk about. All my sons have their jab and I am not happy about it but learning to accept that they are grown up and self responsible for their life and decisions. I talked with them, at least with the ones who live with me but they did it anyway. To keep their work and studies, it makes it also easier for them without the need to get tested so often and I know that my older one just wanted to follow his hobbies again. My older one had what looked like an allergic reaction with the first jab and landed in ER, the second went well.

What did I do for them to help them cope with the jab?

All my sons have their diamond shield although they don’t know. The moment I knew that my older one had his jab I started the diamond flame healing flush and his healing. I think this prevented the worst with the reaction. He was fine in the evening and the second jab didn’t affect him at all. The same for my younger son who got his second one a few days ago. I do the diamond flame healing flush every day for us and none of us has shown any side effect of the jabbing.

None of us has been sick with the virus either since it made its appearance in Germany in February last year. I don’t know anybody either who has the diamond shield that got sick.

The diamond flame healing flush in combination with the diamond shield seems to really work against the virus and the jab and the side effects. It was worth all the energy and time I invested in shielding myself and my family.

If you have the diamond shield you can get attuned to the diamond flame healing flush for your own personal use as your body is used to the energy of the diamond flame. I can work with it and also use the flush for others but it is my own energy and I am able to handle it for others too. If you are attuned to the diamond flame healing flush you can use it once a day to remove all the negative and harming energies that come with the jab, if you have it or not. You don’t always know if the people you meet have the shot or not.

The diamond shield protects you from negative energies and stays with you in all eternity as it is made for your soul. It is permanent and a one time investment that is worth every cent.

Here is the link to the shield.

And here is the link to the diamond flush:

If you have any question regarding the shield or the attunement contact me at or on fb.

We are in a spiritual war and one team is desperate because they know they are losing and do what they can to take as many with them as possible and to wreak havoc as much as they can or to even get back at the steering wheel. They don’t shy away from all nasty things possible just to harm people especially lightworkers, starseeds and incarnated angels. Protect yourself and your loved ones from energetic attacks and other stuff and make it hard for team dark. They don’t fight fair!

I am glad I could finally finish my blog post today and I wish you always good luck and health. I love and bless all of you ❤


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