Paleia speaks: We love to have fun – through Isabel Henn, July 19, 2021

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Today I commented to a post on fb that says Dolphins would come from the Pleiades. I said they come from Sirius like all cetaceans do and then I heard a voice in my head that said yes, we come from Sirius and not from the Pleiades. She introduced herself as being a Dolphin living on Sirius, an old one. We talked a bit and then she tolds me she would give me a message. Here we go!

Hello my beloved humans on Earth or shall I better say Gaia as this is her true name. I am Paleia from Sirius and from Aeon to be precise. I am a Dolphin and I am the oldest there. Mother named me Paleia after she gave birth to me and it means: She who is swimming in joy. Mother can take all forms and when she gives birth to the first of a new species she turns in this form first so that she is the Mother of all in the true meaning. Of course she is already our Mother because she is the Mother of our souls. Do you wonder that we animals have souls too? We have, all of us at least those Mother created. There are some ‘beings created’ by dark ones but they have no souls, they are in this lifeless. Only Mother can create souls.

Here in Aeon I am an angelic being but I have an incarnation on Sirius too and there I have the same name. In this form I am talking with Mother.

I asked her to receive a message and she happily agreed. I know she loves us and we love her too. She can feel our love for all human beings when she is doing the Dolphin attunements. And she can feel our joy of being here on your beautiful planet. Not me personally but my brothers and sisters, children and grandchildren.

This is why we are on Gaia, to bring our joy and love to you and also to help heal you. Don’t worry for those of us who live in aquariums like Sea World. We have agreed to have that life as we are bringing our love, joy and healing to those who can’t swim with us in the ocean. Those of you who can’t afford to rent a boat or do a Whale and Dolphin watch tour or those who are handicapped and sick. We love to heal you by our vibrations, sounds and play if you visit us in an aquarium or meet us in the open water.

We are on your planet to assist you and help wherever and whenever possible. I am sure most of you have read or heard about dolphins who saved swimmers or castaways be it from dying of exhaustion or from shark attacks. We are your friends and siblings as we all come from Mother.

None of us will ever harm you so don’t be afraid of us but please don’t do harm to us! Don’t catch us in your nets on purpose and if you do accidentally get us back into the water. We are sentient intelligent beings full of joy and love. We love to play, with the member of our pods or with you. In our playful swirling in the water and the air, in jumping and riding on our fins we create vortexes full of light and love. You see that even our play has a purpose. We clean the energies of your oceans and rivers – when we come up on them from the ocean – and we raise the vibrations of these waters. Please help us in not throwing your trash into the water, this helps keeping the waters physically clean, tidy up the places you are at the beach and take your trash home with you for a proper disposal. You do not help only those living in the water but you help yourself too as clean water is absolutely necessary for life.

Mother talked with a friend about me and he told her that the dolphins have disappeared from where he lives. I told Mother to tell him to call us from his heart. Send us your thoughts and wishes for us to return to your waters. We will come back to you if it is safe for us and you. There might be reasons why we left the waters but we will consider a return to you if you really want us back.

Come visit us in the oceans if you can or in one of those aquariums; let us bring some joy, love and fun back into your lives. Your lives are so hard and often enough without any joy now. These are difficult times you live in and it might get even harder until all the changes will manifest. Yes, we know of your problems and the circumstances and this is one reason why Dolphins and also Whales are on Gaia, not only because she is so beautiful but also to help you through these times of change. Whales have their own missions but it is similar to ours. They are our cousins and from Sirius too.

Call on us and we might visit you in your dreams and swim with you and have fun. We love to have fun.

I send you the love and blessings of the Sirian Dolphins and maybe even I will visit you in your dreams. I love Mother and I am looking forward to have her back on Sirius and Aeon. We all miss her.

With joyful greetings, have fun!

Yours sincerely, haha, joyfully! (edit: I can hear her giggling with this)

Paleia from Sirius

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