Attunement event on June 21, 2021 – Free Fairy Realms Reiki as a Solstice Special

For June 21, 2021, 7 pm CEST (check your timezone here.) I chose the Fairy Realms Reiki as a special event for the Solstice.

Picture by Isabel Henn

I was asked by a friend if I could offer this again but even before he asked I was already strongly guided to offer this attunement for this Solstice; the Fairies might help you cope better with the energies that are ever increasing on our beautiful planet.

This attunement came to us through Keith Zang and can help you to: click the link for more information.

This is in itself a free attunement and there is no donation needed to participate. Due to the main attunement event on June 23 the same week there will be no certificates for this free event.

Please check your documents if you have received this attunement already in the past.

You can tell me if you want to participate by Monday June 21, 2021, 6:30 pm CEST, at the latest – so that I can send the manual and guidelines how to call in the energies in time for the event – to my emailaddress

Please don’t worry if you can’t participate at the time of the event, the energy will be sent to you in a chi ball and you can call it in when you are ready.

Love and blessings

Isabel Henn