My Will is LAW and my Will be done – Divine Mother through Isabel Henn, January 14, 2021

My beloved child, I know you feel more desperate now that the impeachment process on President Trump has started. Trust my child. All is well. Trump is our man and he is doing important work for us fighting the deep state on your planet. He will be successful because my husband and I, we are behind him. We have his back.

It is my Divine Will that your planet Earth, my beautiful daughter Gaia, will be free. It is my Divine Will that the deep state and its members will be removed from the planet and that all of you will be free to live a wonderful life full of love, freedom, peace, health and prosperity, a life that was always meant and planned for you from the beginning.

My Divine Will as Source, Creator of all that is, is LAW. Nothing can prevent my Will from being done. Nothing. Not your deep state nor any other power/fraction/being in my whole creation can prevent my Will from being done. My Will is LAW and my Will be done.

So trust that nothing is lost. There is still a lot of work to be done and it might be a rough path you have to walk but at the end when all is done a beautiful wonderful world is waiting for you and you will help building it. You can’t build a new house on the old broken one. You have to tear down the old one first and clean the ground for the bedrock of the new one.

The country you call the United States of America is the first one to be rebuild and after this the world will follow swift. Tearing down a building involves lot of dust, rumble, shockwaves, rubble but when the dust has settled and the dirt has been removed you can start building the new house.

All is well, nothing is lost but a beautiful future waiting for you.

I am with you in this no matter what as you are all one with me.

I love you



P.s. a little warning for those who falsely claim to be me. I see you and I know who you are and you know whom I think of. Love Has Won and is winning.

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