Remain in Hope – Divine Mother through Isabel Henn, January 7, 2021

My dearest child, I feel your desperation, your pain and confusion over what happened yesterday in the United States of America. You think all is lost now but let me comfort you.

This is all part of my plan to help free your planet and all that is on it. My beloved twin and I we could have end this evil game of what you call the deep state in a blink of the eye but what sense would it make for your future, what effect would it have?

You need to see why all this has happened in these present times and in your past. With your past I mean the last ten thousands of years. Your world and your planet is in the hands of beings that are not benevolent for you but only have their own interest in mind. Those in their highest ranks aren’t even human by nature. Many of those you believe to be royals, politician or bankers to just name a few are of reptilian nature, they are shapeshifters or those you believe to be dinosaurs. Are you shocked now? Some of you know this already but not all.

Their agenda is their own power and wealth, they nourish from your fears and low energies, your anger, pain and hate. They indulge in dark rituals where they abuse and sacrifice my innocent children, and they really are children, often enough newborns and babies. All their crimes lead you to their rituals and abuse of children, they are pedophiles at heart. All their crimes are to hide their dark pursuits, their dark agenda and serve also to organise the finances for all the logistics they need to obtain this, the human trafficking, the breeding of children that are nowhere registered and I could carry on with this.

These beings are exposed by the President of the USA Donald Trump. He worked hard the last four years to save as many children as possible and also many women that were used for breeding. He has still a job to do and he has the blessings of my twin and me. He is what you call it ‘our man’ and it is our will that he will continue and finish his work.

There are many people, politicians and others, you call traitors and traitors they are, traitors on humanity and traitors on your planet Gaia. They are being exposed now and then to be removed from the power they hold.

Don’t lose hope my child, this story is still not at its end but we are close. The coming times, days and maybe weeks can become very turbulent and confusing when you don’t know who is who, who is alive or who is already gone, but you are so needed now. Your presence on Earth is necessary, your light and your energy is necessary to calm the masses when they woke to the lies and deceit that has happened these thousands of years and you can go back to Atlantis and beyond.

You still can’t comprehend the depths of the lies, crimes and programming that were forced on you. I said earlier that we could have stopped this already but you need to see what and why it happened to know what to prevent in your future. You have to see with your own eyes to learn and understand, or history will repeat itself. Neither you nor us want this to happen, it must be a lesson learned for all of us.

I am with you in this and all my Angels and Archangels are helping wherever and whenever possible, the Galactic Federation of Star Nations, this is the correct name, is working tirelessly from our side to prevent the worst case. An atomic war will not happen, it is their duty to take care of this and also of other things. Our ships are since years and decades in your atmosphere, every Star Nation has at least a few ships stationed around your beautiful planet. I know you are asking they might finally land but at this moment it is still not advisable. Not for their safety but for yours. The day will arrive that we can give the green light for them to land but not yet.

Please remain in hope and in love. There is much to be cleared and cleaned up in the coming days and it might become a ‘bit’ ugly when you learn the truths. You incarnated to let your light and love shine for all especially for those who are still sleeping. It will be a very hard awakening for many and I trust that you are there for them.

You have a saying: shit is about to hit the fan. Delete the ‘about’ now. You know exactly what it means!

For those who are ready, get your popcorn, lean back in your seat and enjoy the show. (She is smiling and giggling).

Be assured that it is all under our full control. Nothing is lost. Relax and stay in your beautiful love. The time for celebrations after this final battle will arrive. I know already that we won it. All is well.

I love you so much

your Divine Mother


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