The cat T talked with me about energetic attacks – August 4, 2020

Since a few days I am healing a sick cat, his name is T(only the initials to keep his privacy). He has diabetes and also kidney problems. His owner told me that T was so sick he was afraid he would have to let him sleep forever and that he believes it comes from energy attacks. I know that this man loves his cat and I told him to please let me work on T. I did and started talking with T too, I cleaned his auric field carefully and gave him healing together with the Diamond Flame Healing Flush. When I was creating his shield T asked me if I could attune him to the Diamond Flame Healing Flush and I did. Since then I am healing him three times daily and he is spending some time with me, cuddling with me and also talking. Yes, this is possible although he lives in the USA and me in Germany, he is visiting me energetically. Two nights ago when we were talking and visiting my ship Mesime together he showed me his true nature, he is a Sirian Elf and Asaga the Pegasus who knows him well told me T is a crewmember on my ship. She healed him last night too.

This morning I asked him why his kidneys got sick and he told me it comes from the energetic attacks. He tries to protect my friend and his wife from the demons who come to his house and they also attack him as they know who he is, a brave and strong Sirian warrior. He tolds me also that the female cat of my friend’s wife who died on cancer was his sister and she got attacked too for protecting the family. Her body wasn’t strong enough anymore and so she didn’t survive the attacks.

T wants me to tell people that their pets especially the dogs and cats are under attack too. Dogs and cats can see the invisible beings, the demons and negative beings and they work hard to protect their families or owners. Some people don’t even know their pets give their health and lives to keep their families safe and that people please learn about this and that their pets can be protected/shielded too like he and his family is now. Even their house is now shielded. His work will be easier now and he can conentrate on his healing. I love this wonderful soul ❤

This is no story to just make people order my shield although I would be happy to create shields to protect them, their families, pets and houses. There is more behind the attacks than is visible. Our world is run by a dark elite who tries with all they can to stay in power. They are off world and here on our planet. They run dark programs on people and even children, they abuse and kill in satanic lucifee ri an rituals.

One method is to give their victims pets, a dog or a cat, and then after the victim – mostly a child – has bonded with the pet they kill this animal brutally in front of their victim to show them what would happen if the person isn’t complying with their instructions.

They also attack the animals to create pain and fear in their owners or to get rid of those who are protecting their owners and families. People who are in pain over the loss of a beloved pet are more easily to control and be manipulated than people who are happy and protected by their pets and/or shields. The energies of pain and fear are food for the evil and negative beings. I want them to starve. And I want that no beloved pet or other animal has to die because they are being attacked. And also not harmed and no people too.

These beings will eventually have to take full responsibility for their evil deeds. Until then protect yourself and protect your family, your pets, your house, your car. It is possible.

I give the links to the shields I offer, they are permanent and will stay with those who have it until eternity or as long as a house or a car exists. You can find all information there. The more people and animals are protected the less energy the evil beings can consume.

Take good care of yourself and others. Stay safe!

Love and blessings

Isabel and T