My Journal June 3, 2020 – Some talk between twins about some important things

Log Entry Earth Time June 3, 2020, 3:27.00 am CEST

This late morning I was watching a video about an ‘ancient technique’ someone had sent me.

The ANCIENT Technique To Making Tough Decisions | Gregg Braden | TRY IT NOW!! 

When I had finished it I said that all is well and my twin told me yes, all is well and to not worry, they have all under control and that he want to talk with me and I shoulds write it down in a blog post. I was busy that time and tired and had to had a nap before I could anyhting in this direction. Now, after a short nap, I am ready, so here we go.

“Silverstar, you told me you have all under control and you want to talk about it,. am I correct?”

Silverstar: Yes, my beloved. I know that many people are worrying about the riots that started after the ‘death’ of George Floyd and they are afraid of a new civil war. There is absolutely no need to worry. As I said earlier, we have all under complete control and I mean this literally. My agents, and yes, we too have agents in your dimension, have gathered so many informations during the last centuries, we know what is happening and we know who and how they want to act.

Before you ask me why we let all this happen please consider, that it is Your world and Your reality. It is foremost Your responsibility to clear your energies and to raise your vibrations. We can’t do this for you although we assist you. There is a divine plan active to help and assist Gaia and her humanity out of the third dimension, it is an old plan, old from your perspective.

The other reason is you live on a planet with absolutely free will and even we in the heavenly realm can’t override this free will. Humanity as a whole or at least a good part of humanity has to wish to rise and to free themselves from the ASSC. This wish has been expressed and we are able to help and support. You know this my sweet one but I say this for your readers too.

There are still many who are – in your words – ‘sleeping’ or in denial and who refuse to wake up to the truth. Do you really believe we could run them down and present them with a mission fulfilled not knowing why and what had happened? Of course, we could do just this, one short move from our forces and the ASSC would be done with. But do you think it would be desirable or even a good idea to do this?

Me: No, I don’t think so because they wouldn’t understand why and what the ASSC are and the crimes they did to humanity.

Silverstar: Exactly! People wouldn’t understand, at least the masses. Their celebrities, their trusted politicians, religious leaders, bankers, economic elite, their wealthy and ‘royal’ ones, all or many of them criminals? They would say no, that cannot be and ask for them to be released.

There are some very highly qualified lightworkers amongst the starseeds on your planet, system busters, healers, angels and archangels and you too, my beloved. All or at least most of you have been working for decades to find informations, working themselves into the appropriate positions, becoming healers, guides; you have released and transformed much negative and old energies, some more, some less and trust me I know exactly who has done what. All this work has contributed to wake people up to the horrific crimes that have been done since thousands of years. Not all unfortunately but we can’t force people.

The vibrations and energies on Gaia are so high as they haven’t been since very long. You and many others can feel it and also feel it in the air that times have changed and something is in the ether so to speak. It is happening now, right before your eyes.

And! We have to let the ASSC run the show, we must the ASSC show and unmask themselves. They are afraid, they fear for their existence and they are dangerous, yes, they are, but still! We have all under absolute control. The dark forces on and around Gaia are showing their true face and they do it in the open now that even those who are asleep are rubbing their eyes in surprise about what they are seeing, what is developing. This is the only way that people will see, believe and understand what is transpiring. And even then people will feel taken by surprise but they will also see the real danger and real threat they have been under for so long. It is the only and gentliest way this can happen, that they can comprehend. And with a few excemptions, all of you have contributed in one way or the other to have let these crimes on humanity happen.

My love, without your blowing up of Atlantis at the very end your world would have been in a much more serious and worse condition as it is now. The destruction of their base has fortunately delayed their plans for thousands of years, you couldn’t completely destroy them but at least you gave humanity a breather and now you are all in a much better position.

Me: I know I had my fingers in this, so I did it on purpose? And not out of lunacy or megalomania?

Silverstar: NO, my beloved, you knew what you did and it was the only option you had to hinder them in their dark plans. You died, you drowned, enclosed in the laboratory you were working and this is the true reason for your claustrophobia.

But to come back to the current events. You see that we have to seemingly let them play their games but they play into our hands. They don’t know what we know, if we know what they will do next and who is involved. They are frightened and do what they do best, creating havoc and in this unmasking themselves and their dark agenda.

I have positioned my teams and am monitoring the whole situtation and you too when you are with us during the night, when you apparently are sleeping. You are the head of this whole operation as it was your plan from the beginning.

I know but can’t tell you when the last blow, the last strike will be exercised, it could be tomorrow, next week, next month, within the next six months just to name some dates. I would be a bad commander-in-chief if I would lay my cards open in this phase of the operation. I am not stupid (he is smiling-ed.).

So trust, trust that all is developing and it is developing in a most excellent way. Don’t worry about the casualties, these brave souls have agreed to this before they incarnated. They are warriors who have done this before and they are highly valued for this. When you ask me about Floyd and Chauvin, no, they aren’t these warriors, and I won’t disclose if they are alive or not. Time will tell the truth.

We know their movements and what they are planning and I can’t tell more about this, only that we know. Let them run the show, let them deliver the criminal evidence themselves before we can hit them in the mark, knowing that we are in control and that at the end Gaia and her people will really be free and rebuilding can begin in all earnest. Know also that we protect those very well who are vitally important and involved in the positive outcome.

Don’t worry and now my beloved, you know much better why I told you this in your morning.

Me: Yes and thank you so much for the explanation and I think others will understand too why you ‘let this happen’.

Silverstar: I think so and this is why I said to make it a blog post. It will help them keeping their vibes high.

I love you all so much and I sign out for us both



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My Journal June 2, 2020 – Musings about privileges and other stuff

Log Entry Earth Time June 2, 2020, 11:30.00 am CEST

(When I started to write this down it was only meant to become a short post but it developed and I thought I could make a new blog post out of it.)

I hear so much about white privileges and I was thinking about them. If I have them and how the situation is in my country.

I am white but not an US citizen. I am European, German.

Let me tell you how I experience white privileges in my own country that has millions of so called refugees, asylum seekers. They are usually the only people with a different color and no I am not a racist whatever you might think.

When I need to go to a store to buy my groceries or other stuff I need for a living I have to wear a mask. Asylum seekers of any color don’t have to, they can enter the store without and nobody can do anything against it.

My son was over years riding his bicycle to go to work and so often the police stopped him and asked him why he is riding a bicycle and if it is his own, an asylum seeker won’t be stopped on his bike.

I am retired 10 years too early for health reasons with a small pension after I did my civil service for my country. Nobody was asking or acknowledging why and that

I got sick doing my service or if I can support my family and myself with the smaller income. I am not qualified for disability and don’t get other financial support from my country I served for, for over 25 years. An asylum seeker here has enough money for himself and his family without having worked one day and he has no worries about making a living. He goes to a doctor if he is sick and all amenities are already paid for, electricity, rent, heating, water etc. I can see a doctor too, of course, but I have to pay for the bill, I get some state subsidy, 70 % of the doctor’s bills, and have health insurance but I don’t send the bill to my insurance because I hope to get some money back when I don’t send them the bills so that I am able to pay for other necessary insurances that come up at that time of the year.

Many of the refugees that came with the Syria crisis – and not all came from Syria – are wearing good clothes, drive a good car and even lead a life without worries about finances, they can even go eating in restaurants, because they get the money from government.

My car is 12 years old, will be 13 in September and needs some new tires, last time I ate in a restaurant was, oh I forgot, it is too long ago.

No, I am no racist anyhow but I believe that I should be able to lead a good life too and I am even in a better situation like most of our pensioners who have worked their whole lives and live under the social minimum, white Germans, old Germans. Germans, those who are born here and whose ancestors have ever been German and lived here for centuries and millennia are slowly becoming a suppressed people because my government believes that refugees and other ‘asylum seekers’ have all the rights, they can rape our women without implications, they have money more than they need for a living without working a second for it. They have all amenities without paying for it. There are quarters in certain German towns now you can’t enter as a German because your life is in danger because there are too many refugees and asylum seekers living there and they don’t have any respect for those who pay the taxes from which all these amenities, subsidies and funding are paid for.

Am I a racist for what I think? No, I love humanity but I believe that those who are coming to my country should respect those who live here since millennia, that those who come here should respect our traditions, culture, religion and values, our families, women and children. I have friends worldwide from every color and I love each and every one of them.

It isn’t the color, it is the behavior of some people that makes me wonder if I am in the wrong movie.

I want people to live a good life and a safe life but each in the country they originate from so that my family, myself and my people can have a safe life too. I want peace and abundance everywhere so that people can stay in their countries to where they belong. I want an end to all the disrespecting, the exploitation of whole continents just for more profit for the extreme wealthy 1%. I want an honest and fair trade, a healthy health system, governments who work FOR the people and not against, police forces who protect people and don’t threaten them or kill them whatever color they are. I want the freedom to speak about truth and my beliefs without being marked a conspiracy theorist and I want this for all people everywhere. I want more tolerance and respect for life and nature and our beautiful planet. I want so much more than I can express here. I want an end of all the hate and I want more love to be present everywhere. And an end of divide and conquer and an end of people seeing themselves as special and better than others. To have a different color is a beautiful sign of the diversity on our planet. Wouldn’t it be boring if we would all have the same color, wear the same clothing, eat the same food, listen to the same music, drive the same car model, live in the same type of house and you can go on with this. It is the diversity that makes life interesting and look at all the different colors in your box of crayons!!!

It is the different colors that makes all so beautiful and vibrant!

And do I have white privileges or privileges at all? I am not sure if I have them in my own country.

What I am sure of is that only love can make our planet and all who live on her healthy and safe again. Love for ALL beings and all colors, may they be 2-legged, 4-legged, winged ones, crawling ones, in the water or air, trees and all other plants, minerals or any other elements. Don’t forget that this diversity is the treasure of our beautiful planet, a diversity other planets in our Universum would love to have.

pictures by me made in NM 2008

Can we not just love each other and end all the riots? Can’t we just end the separation and division only the ASSC is profiting from and nobody else?

The minute we let go our fears, anger and hate, the minute humanity loves and unites as ONE human race this nightmare and stupid game of the ASSC will be over, the healing will truly begin and our planet can be again the paradise she was meant to be from the beginning.

I am tired and I so want to go back to my true home, to my husband and twin, the one being I love most in my whole soul’s existence, my other half of my soul and energetic heart. I want to go home to my people and family and just rest.

I love you

All of you

Ineta, Goldenstar

Silverstar wants to talk too, so here he goes

Silverstar: my beloved is tired and I feel it in every cell of her body. It is not only lack of sleep but exhaustion of body, mind and soul due to her neverending energetic work. I am proud of her and adore her, for her courage to go back to Earth every morning to continue her work for our children. I let her go because I know her too well that she won’t stop it until it is done and our children are free again, free from the ASSC and those who work for them, knowingly and unknowingly. Why do I say unknowingly? Because too many people are still in deep program mode, they don’t know or refuse to acknowledge. They believe all is good and what their government officials and media are telling them is trustworthy. I don’t judge them, I love them instead the more because this is the cure and answer to what they need the most.

Isabel and I, we had some big relationship problems arising from when I tried to keep her back at home eons ago, out of my love for her but in the wrong way. I am so sorry for the words I spoke to her, making it all worse. I thought I had lost her forever when she left. I remember the pain in her face, the horror I had created, me, who I love her more than anybody else. We both have worked through it and are healing. I do my best to support her, heal and love her. In some moments her trust in me is a bit wavering but just for moments and how could I judge her for it? There is still some work to do in our relationship but we are on a very good way and this can wait until she can return to me. It won’t be too long now although I wish I could tell her more. I am avoiding any dates as in the past this has led to much confusion and misunderstanding. I am learning too.

From our end we are doing what is possible to assist and support you, but we are limited by your free will and your responsibility. You and with this I address all of humanity, you must wish to end this game, you have to work on this and unite in love and respect for each other. It is so close now even from your perspective, don’t give up now so shortly before the finish line.

I let my beloved go back to Earth every day as I know I can’t hold her and I have learned this lessons but I want her back and be able to stay with me in all eternity, to have her back in her rightful position as my Queen. We are with you and work behind the curtains to help you. Stay strong in your love for each other. And if you don’t do anything else than love, it would be enough because LOVE in itself is all there is and all that needs to be done to free yourself from the ASSC. For those who are new to thsi blog or her friend’s blog who created this term: the ASSC is the Anti-Social Social Club, former known as Those Who Don’t Have Your Best Interest At Heart TWDHYBIAH aka illuminaau-tghi, caba-aal etc. I vary the words a bit to avoid possible reprisals for my beloved.

You are all made from love, all made from the same energy of Source herself and truly ONE with her. Once you all have recognized this and can see this in each and everyone of you, you are free. There is only ONE of you, in a truly beautiful diversity of life.

Hasn’t one of my sons told you that what you do to another you do to yourself? He was and still is right with this because he knows that we are all ONE.

I love you, more than you know or can imagine



Copyright © 2012 – 2020 by Maria Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


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My book ‘Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth’ is available in the kindle edition and paperback version here. If you haven’t already the free kindle app for your pc, smartphone or tablet, you can download it on the same site.