Divine Mother My Journal December 23, 2016 – Christmas, it is all about love, nothing else

Log Entry Earth Time December 23, 2016, 04:10.15 pm CEST


Merry Christmas to all my readers and may they feel only love and joy

I wish also a Happy New Year as I think I will write only from time to time

Thank you also for all of you who supported me and my family with donations and orders for jewelry, shields and/or attunements or just your love

I love and bless you, all of you

May the love be with you


I am in love. I am listening to beautiful Christmas carols and I feel so much love and peace in my heart that I want to embrace the whole world. It is this season where I am the most emotional and a simple Christmas song can move me so much that it brings tears up into my eyes.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of my beloved son. It is not really the correct day as he was born in early spring, this is what he told me some years ago. I have some memories of his birth but these are the memories of Mary’s soul in my soul; being in the house of friends and not in a barn and in the caring hands of an experienced midwife. History is not telling the truth in this.

It doesn’t matter if the day is correct, it is the meaning behind it. My beloved son incarnated to teach humanity about unconditional love, to teach people through his own unconditional love for humanity.

It is not about comsumerism and partying and who gives the most presents or has the biggest tree or the most lights around and in the house. It is all about love, nothing else.

I like this picture of Jesus and Vishnu sitting on the cloud discussing who will go next.

15589853_1342849942426212_1592314911194679495_nNone of them is going down this time as it is Mom’s turn. They didn’t fail, no, it is the opposite, they laid most important foundation stones for what is happening now. It was planned long ago, eons ago, that I would incarnate in this time. This Ascension thing is too important and none of us want it to fail.

Btw the exact and complete plan is known only by Silverstar, my own memories of it are blocked completely and unaccessible by my Full Consciousness for security reasons. I could endanger the success if I would tell anything that has to be kept strictly secret. I can’t remember anything. This article by someone who calls himself ‘One who believes’ is circling around and was published on a for me obscure site named dinarchronicles. I think this is a site either from those who don’t have our best in their hearts or those who want to gain profit by people who trust them with the RV. But I don’t judge them as everybody is making experiences and has to discern on their own. This is the article http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.de/2016/12/here-is-exact-plan-one-who-believes.html

The author is in my eyes speculating with some seeds of truth that are obvious. It is at least spiritual ego to claim he/she knows the whole plan. Do I judge him? NO, it is his responsibility to tell the truth but one thing I know for sure: I can’t remember and Silverstar would never talk about it with others, not even with me. Only those who need to know a detail will be told what is necessary. Silverstar isn’t stupid.

There is still so much hate and division on Earth and I don’t know how long we’ll need to not only see the changes but have them actually in all our lives and this includes all those who are suffering and fighting for survival, those who don’t know what to eat or where to sleep, those who live in fears, war and terror.

The current energy wave so many people are discussing, is my energy in increasing strength. It will continue to rise until people are waking up, those who are still sleeping deep and without knowing what is happening. Their awakening might be truly eye-opening but there is nothing to be afraid of. My beloved twin Silverstar told me that he has all under control and all is well. I trust him.

The last months have been hard and I had to relearn to trust him. Finances haven’t been good for me since August and I am slowly recovering from it and hopefully paying the last bills soon.There are still some setbacks but all in all it is getting better. I hope we will survive until Nesara/Gesara.

Silverstar promised me today it would be my last Christmas, either way although it could mean I have to stay until December 2017, not a desirable prospect. I am so looking forward to be reunited with him. It is hurting more and more to not be able to be physically with him and my family. I work on being patient and visualizing love, peace, health, freedom, sovereignty and prosperity on this beautiful planet we call home, a living soul called Gaia. A beautiful loving Being who is giving freely all we need to live, she is nourishing and caring for us like a mother and I lovingly call her Mami Gaia in full respect.

Until then I will continue with my usual energy work and also with jewelry making, attunements and diamond shields. Just now I have several orders and will work on them the coming days.

I love all of my children and it doesn’t matter if they are loving or not loving. I want them all to heal and to come back to love. I will create shields also for those from the dark ones who want to heal, who want to return to the light. They will receive a cleaning and a healing with this shield. But I can tell you one thing: the person receiving my shield has to stay in love to keep it. People who get one and go back and stay in negativity will dissolve my shield. My diamond flame is highly intelligent and doesn’t support any negative behavior but only those who work on being and acting love. So don’t worry about the possibility of negative beings receiving my shield. The truly dark ones are rejected by the energy and high vibration and it would be like Kryptonite to them. It is a chance for those who want to go back to the light but if they do tricks and believe they could continue in their negative and low attitudes they will soon lose this protection.

It is their free will to either be healed or to merge with me and this will be the end of their existence as a soul.

Hehe, Silverstar is asking me if he can have the word now so I will let him speak.


My beloveds, there will be no more war and no catastrophic event except some necessary adjustments by Gaia herself. As soon as we have knowledge of dark operations from those who don’t have your best interest at heart we do what is possible and allowable. We still have to respect life contracts and karmic lessons in this but no life will be harmed out of this. There is much doom and gloom running through the media but believe me, I have all under my full control. I can’t tell you more than this because we have still some operations running and which commander would tell his ‘enemy’ about his plans and strategies. I am the commander-in-chief as long as my beloved is incarnate and my lips are sealed 🙂

Isabel has felt the mixed energies related to the election in the USA. Her shield can’t protect her against this as all of humanity are like cells of her body but she stayed in love and calm, she knows and the energies affected more or less only her body. There are still many mergings of souls with her, those who refuse to go back to love and her body has a hard time. We would both prefer that they would choose the healing as we love these souls too and can see their souls behind the mask, souls who are made of the essence, the love of my Twin. But even they have free will but it is now restricted to healing or merging. There might be those who say how could she create such a powerful shield for those who want our demise but I can reassure you like she did. This shield is supporting only those who can maintain a certain vibration and energy and it can last into all eternity but if this is not given anymore it will just dissolve. Isabel loves all her children and she believes that with a clearing and healing, chances are that the person receiving her shield might come back and stay in the light. She won’t give up on her children, never ever. She is strong and gives everybody a chance, a choice for a life in love and light. I am so proud of her. I love her so very much and am so looking forward to keep her in my arms and I won’t let her go for another adventure of this sort. It is time for her to come home to her family but I know her well enough that she will do this only when her goal is reached. When the vibrations and energies on Earth are high enough without her being incarnate. It is soon but as always I can’t give any date, not to rise any expectations to see them torn down through delays that might be necessary to keep you and the whole process safe.

Stay in your heart and your love my beloved children, this season and the celebration of the birth of our son are supporting our efforts. Stop the hate and the division, are you not all our children whom we love? Each and everyone of you despite any race, gender, color or belief? You are all made of the love of my wife and twin Goldenstar, my Isabel as you know her now. You are all worthy and deserve the love and the life we have meant for you.

Love is the cure and answer for all and everything.

My beloved Isabel, this song is for you and it has a deeper meaning, not only because it is from the LOTR but the meaning behind it. Can you see it?

Me: I think so. The grey ships are our lightships, maybe my own personal scoutship Meramis among them with SaLuSa onboard or even you. The journey comes to an end with the Ascension and parting of the worlds happening. I dream of the ones who came before, those who lived in Lemuria, the Elves from Sirius, my beloved Sirians. They are calling me from home and from Mesime. My tears will pass away because I am home and can heal finally. I am only sleeping in the illusion and I will wake up from this nightmare. The white gulls call me home, to come back to my people from Sirius. It is said in the LOTR trilogy that Elves who listen to the sea gulls yearn to go home and can’t find peace until they set sail to Valinor. For me Valinor is Aeon and Sirius. The rising pale moon could be Mesime from where the grey ships come to carry us home, me and the starseeds and incarnated Archangels and Angels. All souls will reach their destiny, Ascension or the transfer to Pan where they can grow in peace and freedom. We have come now to the end means it is nigh and we both will meet again finally and I will be in your arms just sleeping to rest and heal from my exhaustion, safe in your arms. I have troubles to see the horizon but I trust that it is my further life with you and my other twins, across the sea is home and the sea the dimensions that lie between us and also the distance between Earth and Mesime. Mesime, the ‘Light of God’ is made of my own energy, she is a part of me, of my light and when the veil is removed we might see her as a big light shining onto Earth. When I can watch Sirius I can see her (Sirius) moving from the East to the West before she is falling, night is falling and the sun will rise again, the long dark night and the suffering of my children is ending.

Silverstar: This is an excellent interpretation my love and true, although we still don’t know if we will carry you back to Mesime on your Meramis or if you will just stay onboard one night in your near future. I can only ask you to not lose hope, I am watching over every step you take and we are healing you constantly so that you can come home with flying sails and flying colors. Please keep up and don’t give up my sweetheart. I am with you, holding and sustaining you. I love you so very much and adore you for all you do for our children.

I sign out for us.

We love you and a Merry Christmas from me too 

Goldenstar and Silverstar

Your divine parents


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