Diamond Shield of Divine Mother for protection of flights

note: Ich arbeite gerade an der deutschen Version, sie wird in den nächsten Tagen zur Verfügung stehen.

I started to create shields for my car, house or even aircrafts when I know I am flying to another place. Since 2014 I am able to create the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother and uses it also to create non permanent shields when my friend is flying. I know it is very protective and I had never a bad flight, turbulences or other problems. Neither had my friend. The Diamond Flame is repelling all negativity, low energies and more. This shield can’t interfere with life lessons but it will provide a safe flight within the scope of your life contract.

If you should experience turbulences during a flight protected by a shield remember: without shield it would have been so much the worse or most fatal.

For this reason I offer now the same shield for a flight for everybody who wants or needs one.

The shield is entirely made of the diamond flame and has the love and blessing of Divine Mother. It will last the whole flight one way including layovers, from your departure until you land safely on your destination airport. If there should be a change in your flight data it will automatically protect the new flight.

You will need another shield when you fly back.

Energy exchange for this type of non permanent shield is 20 Euro.

The shield is also including family members or fellow passengers of that flight.

I will need your name and the flight data – that is name of the airline, flight number, date and time, departure and destination airport. All information are kept strictly confidential of course. These data are needed 24 hours prior to the planned departure.

For very urgent cases within the timeframe there will be an extra charge of 5 Euro.

Please regard the different timezone as I live in Germany (UTC +1). You will understand that I can’t create a shield when I am already sleeping.

You will receive a confirmation via email that the Diamond Shield is created.

Payment is made in advance via paypal to my address hillybilly1@gmx.de


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For those who want a strong permanent protective shield:


My book ‘Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth’ is available in the kindle edition here. The paperback version will follow. If you haven’t already the free kindle app for your pc, smartphone or tablet, you can download it on the same site.

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