Cosmic Blue Energy Flush attunement available now!

sternenhimmel-ueber-afrika-f96415cc-7830-463d-b6ef-9a0c9227137ePicture source unknown or I would give credit to the artist.

This attunement was channeled by Sarah Shepard

It is not long that I was attuned by Sarah to this wonderful system. I use it every other day and I feel much lighter with each flush. I can only recommend this for everybody.

The Cosmic Blue Energy Flush is a very strong clearing energy that will help you to flush out any negativity from yourself and any negative emotions from others that have been directed at you. It can help you clear your body and aura with Cosmic Blue energy. This will also help to restore and re-balance your Chakras and can be used frequently to help you with any clearing you are going through or if you just need a quick cleanse! It can also help you if you are going through heavy clearing from other energy systems.

We all have people in our lives that may be a bit negative in their thoughts, feelings or emotions, which are not always directed at us, but if we are in a person’s company who has a lower vibration than ours and we do not yet know how to block these emotions, then we can come away from spending time with them feeling drained and very tired as we take on these lower vibrations. The Cosmic Blue Energy Flush can help clear any negative energy or feelings we may have picked up during our daily lives.

Energy exchange for this attunement is 20 Euro.

Payment is via paypal (directly at paypal or via the donation button on the main page right column above). My paypal address is

When the payment is made I will send you the manual for your own preparation and further use.

There are no prerequisites for the attunement into this system.
Knowledge about energy working is beneficial, of course.
You will be able to attune others then too.

The attunement into the Cosmic Blue Energy Flush is done by one attunement session, the quality is as if it is done ‘per hand’.

My preferred method to do these attunements is to do them as an energy ball (chi ball) that is then waiting for you to be received. This is due to the timezone differences as I live in Germany (UTC +1).

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