My Journal November 07, 2015 – Releasing and healing

Log Entry Earth Time November 07, 2015, 11:30.33 pm CET

SaphiraSource unknown or I would give credit.

This evening I had a wonderful vision, memories coming up. Since mid October I do attunements, Kundalini Reiki, Unicorn Energy Healing System, Cry of the Phoenix, Power of the Dragon Empowerment and more will follow. I work on an attunement to the Lion Griffin energies with my beautiful friend the Lion Griffin Akami; the name means ‘She sees and hears’.

Today I did my first attunements to the Power of Dragon. Before I offered it my beloved Dragon Lady Ifegena from Sirius told me she would assist me and attune the receivers together with me. When I connected with her this evening she told me to come to her, to Sirius, to the mountains where she is living with her Twin Flame Unegar, the green Dragon of my twin SaLuSa. I did and she was waiting for me. She is blue, sapphire blue, and she is one of the most gentle and lovely being I know. She reconnected with me when I read the book Eragon from Christopher Paolini in August 2008. It was her voice when she spoke in the book as the Dragon Saphira from the young man Eragon. When I finished the book she continued to speak to me and we so enjoyed our conversations. Unfortunately my mind made me believe it was only my imagination and slowly I stopped talking with her until 2012 when I learned that Saphira, this is how I call her, is real and a very old friend of me.

When I was with her today we talked and then suddenly I was in Lemuria as Divine Mother incarnate in these times. I was sitting somewhere and then Bireto the King of the Dragon Realm came and laid a sapphire blue egg into my lap. It was the egg of his daughter who hatched in my lap. She was such a beautiful dragon baby, sapphire blue like her egg and I carried her with me everywhere until she was big enough to follow me on her four legs. Her name: Ifegena and it means Sapphira. I had tears of joy in my eyes and I was so happy to have these memories back. Now I know why she always reassured me I could call her Saphira as it is the same name just in different languages. Since I know her I have never heard a harsh or unfriendly word from her. Never!

Saphira (Saphira is how I spell the name in German) is a powerful Dragon and her special shield for me is still intact since she made it for me three years ago. She is amazing and I can’t wait to be reunited with her and to fly on her back like I did on Sirius and in Lemurian times. Saphira, her family, other Dragons and some eggs could be rescued before the sinking of Lemuria, they went onboard Sirian scoutships and have been transported to Sirius where most of them live until today. Their population has recovered and now it is seldom that a baby Dragon is hatching.

Regarding my health I am okay, my lower back is aching since one week now for several reasons. I am releasing and healing and doing exercises and it is improving now. I drink my daily ginger tea with much turmeric and I feel it is good for me together with other things. The damage is there but I work and ignore the pain as much as possible. I don’t want the pain to dictate my life.

What is new for me is that I can feel the energies running through a person when I clean and heal them as if it would be mine. I think this is my expanding consciousness, I feel the oneness and connection with my children more and more. This is a good sign for me as it shows me that I am a step nearer to my last ascension. I work on keeping my ego small and I say the karma release prayer every night before I go sleeping.

In my last journal I wrote that all I need is to be and do love and I add some more to this. I bless and accept all beings, thoughts, deeds, words and happenings as being perfect. It is all as it is meant to be. We are all here to make experiences of all sorts, really all sorts without exception, together with learning our lessons and to grow and eventually ascend to the next dimension or when we are starseeds back to the dimension we came from originally. So how could anything be wrong? The dark ones have their own agenda but help us to grow and evolve with what they do or did. They show us how we shouldn’t live if we want to ascend and they awaken the desire for changes in us. How could I not love all of you, the dark ones included when we are all here for making the most different and versatile experiences? I just can’t. I hold no grudges and am not angry but in love with all my children.

I am in love, peace, balance and content. I am happy and find joy in even small things like my coffee, bracelet making, my kids and our animals. I see the perfection of all that is more and more in my daily life. I trust that there is enough money until the end of the month and that all is developing as it is planned. Life is good. And now Silverstar wants to talk. I love you all ❤ ❤ ❤


I am proud of my beloved, she is growing more and more and releasing what is not her true Self. I test her if she has learned her lessons and help her as much as I can together with the rest of her team and her other twins. We want her home as we long to be with her like she longs to be with us. Each day brings her nearer to us especially with her loving and accepting of all that is. It is her nature to love as she is pure love and when she has released all that she is not, then there is nothing left than love. Her back pain are partly from releasing old energies, old karma and partly from stuck energies as she doesn’t move enough with her aching joints and muscles. She knows now that she must exercise and move more. Another reason is that her soul took over pain from other people that they can do their daily work and chores, that they can function as a parent, co-worker or caretaker. Isabel’s soul agreed to help our children during this ascension process in taking over some pain. My beloved is okay with this decision but has also stated her own decision, that it is enough now until she feels better. She is learning to love herself more and she too has to function as a single mom. This was a test and she passed. Isabel loves all of you so much but she loves herself too. She knows that she has to take care of herself too.

Since her last journal she has made a big leap forward, a big step towards home. She is reflecting and contemplating about what she has to release and what is okay. She is digging deep and works on releasing all that doesn’t serve her anymore. The deeper she goes the more painful it is but I can tell you, she is nearly there. It isn’t much anymore, only a bit and she is squeaky clean. (he is smiling — ed.)

She wants nothing more than finally going back home to me and SaLuSa, but she also wants nothing more than going back to help cleaning up and to heal. Not to save but to help. She knows that only you can save yourself like she is saving herself. Isabel is cleansing her aura everyday and this is helping her to heal and to keep her vibration so beautifully high. In cleansing her auric field she is also releasing old energies from her bodies.

Her consciousness is expanding more and more although she has to wait for having her full consciousness back, it is too vast for her brain to work with now. Feeling the energies running through the bodies of other persons while she is cleaning them is a true sign of her expanding consciousness. She can feel the connection and the oneness.

She is coming home to me, she is near. I love her so much.

And we love all of you so much, forever and ever and there is nothing you could do to stop it. Nothing. We bless, accept and love you as you are.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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