My Journal October 20, 2015 – All I need to be and do is Love

Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2015, 10:06.26 pm CEST

Last night I had a long talk with Silverstar and my Higher Self. I feel better, a bit physically and also spiritually. I am in balance and I trust again and that shows me that it truly came from the attacks.

I surrendered to Silverstar. I told him I would love him and that I would love nothing else more than him and if I need to stay on Earth to help our children ascend then I would stay as long as necessary. He took me in his arms and said there would be no need for me to stay but that I have to come back as soon as possible to become again my true Self and then go back to Earth and do my next mission. This is what he always tells me when I ask him so I trust that it is true this time.

The healing and preparation of my body is in the competent hands of my twins and my team and I know each night I am in the healing light chamber on Mesime. But there is work for me to do. We discussed it and I spoke of the things that came to my mind and what I want to do:

to love myself and my fellow people

to forgive myself and all who hurt me

to not judge for not being judged self

to be tolerant

to accept people how they are, I don’t know their soul’s age, lifeplans and what they have to learn

not to react to people who lead others astray

not to react to messages or articles that seem to be from the dark ones

not to react to those who seem to be from the dark ones

to love all of them instead, even those who don’t have our best interest at heart, they are my children too

I am not better than anybody else on Earth

everybody has his own path, no path is equal to another’s path

to love myself when I didn’t do what I intend and to do it next time

It is a long list and I could add more but I can sum it all up into one:

Just being and doing love.

It is my ‘How to be Divine Mother’ 101 manual.

Love is what I AM and from what I made all that is and LOVE is the answer, cure and solution to everything. So why make it complicated when all I need to be and do is Love? When I see something with which I can’t resonate I will send love instead of judging. When I read an article or a message from somebody I know works for the dark ones, I will send love instead of thinking about what do they want again to present us as truth.

I was humbled by myself, through my spiritual ego, and I want to stay humble and release all else that is not in alignment of who I truly AM to raise and keep my vibrations as high as possible. I will continue to clean and heal myself beside my other energy work and say the karma release prayer each evening to keep my slate clean.

I will continue to read amd visit the facebook walls of people. I know I am tested but I want to test myself. I want to master myself but I can do this only when there is the challenge.

And then, only then, when I stay humble and clean and my body is ready, then I will be able to go back home.

I know I am everywhere at home as I AM this home in being all that is, but this is not what I mean. Energetically I am everywhere and everything, but I want to be physically onboard Mesime to be able to see, hear and feel my beloved Twins, AA Raphael and his Sirian incarnation SaLuSa and of course Silverstar who promised me he would be there when I am back. I so long to be with them. My memories of my twins and family is still blocked by my Higher Self so that I don’t remember how they are looking. I know it is for my higher good to prevent the pain of missing them more than I do already. When I am with them there is still the blurry sight, nothing clear yet although better than months ago. I know it will all come back at last when I am home and have my full consciousness back. At least I can talk with them all, better than nothing.

With my trust my manifesting abilities are coming back too. I had orders for a bracelet and some attunements. This is my newest service and more will follow, read here…

It is exactly what Silverstar told me so often, when I trust him he is able to take care of me and my finances but when I mistrust him I am literally refusing his help. The Law of Attraction: what I send out I’ll get back and also when I order and don’t trust it will be delivered then I cancel my order and can wait in all eternity for a delivery.

Trust is the magic behind it.



Isabel is learning a very important lesson, to stay humble in all situations whether they are nice or challenging. It doesn’t matter if she is the most beautiful and worthy treasure in my eyes and the highest ranking being or if she is a normal soul. She like everybody else has to do her homework, to release the old energetic baggage and to learn her lessons. This includes also tests to see if she has successfully learned them. Only then will she be able to ascend in her current body when it is ready. She is on her best way because alone the fact that she has thought about what she needs to do and then her intention to do, this is half the rent. She has done much work on her self and released most of the baggage over the last years. There is not much left only some residues from her last experiences with spiritual ego. And then she has to stay in her love whatsoever will come to her.

To experience having a spritual ego and acknowledging it was one of her lessons she wanted to learn. This and her being sick will help her when she is back as she can feel much better with our children who experience this too. She knows now how it is to be sick. These are lessons she could only live and learn in the duality of 3D Earth.


This clearing and releasing  is nothing that is done in one session and it can be a very hard and painful process. It needs commitment and love to self and others and of course patience.

Nobody will save you except yourself. And also not our beloved son Jesus but you can follow his teachings of love. Don’t listen to those who tell you that you will be saved by Jesus or your galactic family and you don’t need to do anything. This isn’t true. Listen to your heart and your intuition, they are your best guides. And do your work.

Ascension is not a gift but an award for your work and your growth as a soul. You have to earn it. Like my beloved will earn it and it is soon. I monitor her very closely and follow her progress. She can’t see it yet but her love will help her to master herself.

Please don’t understand me wrong. All of you will eventually ascend but not all of you now. There are so many young and baby souls on Earth who need so much growth, lessons, and experiences yet until they will be able to come one step nearer to us. Each soul will have the possibility to ascend, one soul will be faster and the other will need more time and they will have this time. They will have eternity to grow and learn. Nobody will be left behind in the grand scheme. Except those who are merging now with my beloved wife, souls who refuse the love and healing that is offered to them and who prefer to cease to exist. They will cease to exist as an individual soul and their energy will go back to the vast energy field that is Creator, that is Divine Mother, and she will create completely new fresh souls.

You are created to make as many experiences as you can and to enjoy life to the fullest, to grow and to evolve. This doesn’t mean that you have to rush through your lives only to come back to us as soon as possible. No no. Where would there remain the love, fun and joy? With each ascension you will come one step nearer to us but there are many steps and each step has to be lived to the fullest and with as many different experiences that you can ever make. So my beloved children enjoy your life, have fun and make all possible experiences, you have all eternity for this. We assist and help you, nobody has to do it alone, we are family.

We love you and we are always here for you.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

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