Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth – About fear

From chapter 14 ‘Fear is only illusion’

DM…Fear is one of the biggest problems in your world. Fear of not having enough, fear of illness and death, fear of war, fear of betrayal, fear of hell, fear of being not worthy enough, fear of being unloved, there are so many fears, too many in my opinion.cover pic book

Fear is together with shame one of the lowest possible vibrations. It can kill you when you can’t let it go.

Fear is the energy, the vibration that is used as nourishment for dark and negative beings. These negative beings can’t live from or with love. The more afraid of something you are the more food do you deliver to them.

Fear my sweet one, is the absence of love and it is only an illusion. It isn’t real and it isn’t good to live in fear. Don’t mistake this with being in real danger, like walking in a den full of lions. In that case it is better you respect your instincts and be cautious and to remove yourself as fast as you can out of the dangerous situation.

To let go fear can be very difficult as you have experienced my beloved…


When you want to read more the book is available in the kindle edition here. The paperback version will follow.

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