Earth will not be destroyed – Divine Mother through Isabel Henn – Equinox edition September 23, 2015

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, this is planned to be the last message I give through my beloved incarnation, or I should better say the soul that is Divine Mother incarnate.

You are nearing an important point in your history. As you are already told Gaia is firm in 5D now and at least a part of her population too. I don’t give you any date but the day is near that 3D and 5D Earth will be separated. The last mergings of souls with Isabel are happening now, souls who chose the end of their existence over healing. It is sad but they too have free will. After this Gaia, my beloved daughter who is the soul of your planet, will be free to move on. It is her right as she too has her free will. She has waited so long for this moment and she had agreed to wait longer than originally planned, she had agreed to wait that more of our children will wake up and prepare themselves for Ascension.

Not all have heard our call and she can’t wait much longer. It is time for her that she can be healed completely. To stay much longer in her current state is consuming too much of her energies.

I give the last wake up call now. My child wake up out of your slumber, stop using the snooze button or it will be too late for you for this Ascension period.

For all my wonderful children who ARE awake or awakening please don’t worry. Your loved ones will always be reachable for you. They aren’t lost. Those who aren’t willing, ready or able to ascend now will have another chance in the next ascension process. These are younger souls who need more lessons and experiences and have to mature and grow first before they can ascend. No soul is lost, this can’t be as every soul is connected with me, is a part of me. Every soul will have eternity to learn and grow. Eventually all will come back to me but there is absolutely no need to rush. Life in every soul stage is meant to be joyous and lived in love and with fun.

Like a first grader that can’t graduate for university, a young or baby soul can’t graduate for the higher dimension. I am the last to refuse these souls the opportunity to learn. Your whole existence is to make experiences, wonderful experiences of all kinds and to enjoy life.

One day you will wake up and find yourself in the higher dimension, the veil will be lifted and your amnesia will be gone. This day is very near for some of you, not all yet but those who are ready will physically ascend during a certain period until this ascension process is finished. This will not happen within days but over some weeks, maybe months. It will be easier for you once 3D Earth has moved to another place. I don’t want to go into details how this is happening, Isabel is tired from the mergings and has to focus on her own process. The other reason is that I don’t want to spoil it for you or to raise any expectations howsoever. Let yourself be surprised.

But let me be clear.

We will not wait for the last soul to wake up, there will be no more call and you have to do your homework. Ascension is a goal that has to be earned by releasing your energetic baggage, raising your vibrations and being the love you are made of. If you are willing to do this, you will have all help that is available but I repeat, nobody will rescue you. I have told it often enough. It is hard work, no visit at the fair and not always fun. All those who want to tell you it is just like a game and easy playing aren’t telling you the truth. It is not always sunshine and celebration. It IS work, it can be very painful and you have to do it now.

There are many articles and messages out there in your internet and the various blogs and groups. Some predict massive geological changes and even catastrophes. Don’t believe it. Earth will NOT be destroyed. It is all well planned, there is no coincidence happening or destruction planned. Know that there are still agents of the dark side active who want to mislead you to create fear and prevent your ascension. Don’t believe all you read, you don’t even need to believe what I tell you. But! Where is your discernment? I can see so many of you who believe all you read be it uplifting or destructive and creating fear. Have we not so often told you to read all articles or messages through and with your heart? Would we really allow Earth to be destroyed on September 28 in 2015? No.

Be steadfast in your hearts and trust my plan. We are monitoring all very carefully and will interfere all plans of the dark side to instigate a new war or to destroy your planet. All is well, keep your vibrations high and love.

Isabel will come back to Earth, in the body of Isabel but as the one she truly is, as Golden Star. She will help you clean up the mess and she will also bring much healing. She can do so only as her true self, as Divine Mother with all her abilities, knowledge, wisdom, power and consciousness back. Her body will be healed onboard of her beautiful ship Mesime after she ascended and then she will go back to Earth. It is soon and this is the reason why this is my last message through her. I don’t expect any further delays or problems with this.

I love all of you, I am in your heart and when you listen you can hear me there.

I wish you a wonderful equinox and eclipse. Enjoy it.

Good bye for now. ~

Your divine Mother

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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