Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth – About our different incarnations/Selves

note: This is not true for me alone but for all starseeds and incarnated Archangels and Angels.

…..Me: What happens when I am back? Do I vanish or dissolve? What happens with past incarnations of me when I am back?

DM: You are the original. How could you dissolve? When you are back home you will get cover pic bookyour full consciousness back and exist as Divine Mother and EnnKa. Gabrielle will exist too as she has her own soul. You will know completely that you are Mary too as her soul is part of your soul and all her experiences, memories and her consciousness is a part of you too. Then you decide self if you want to speak as yourself or as Mary. You will have full control back. This is the same for your closest friend. She is your precious daughter and her past incarnation will be a part of her as it is now and she will have full control over her. She can decide as who she will speak, she can even let her rest in all eternity. She too won’t disappear but will have her full consciousness back. There will also be no difference between the Higher Self and the being as they are one. You can’t differentiate anymore if you speak to yourself or to your Higher Self and who is answering. As you ARE One, even now, it is only the illusion that you are two different beings, you and your Higher Self. We can’t be separated, never ever, it is simply impossible. Without the soul no consciousness. Can you understand it more now? I think so.

Me: Yes and I hope my friends will understand too. There are some fears or worries that they will dissolve when they ascend.

Another question. How is it that our Twins miss us when we are here but our HS is still home? They are still together. Is it because it is only the energy of us that is there and not the body? When I am with Silverstar and SaLuSa I can feel their embrace and I can see their body, blurred but they have a body. And I can also feel their longing for me, that they miss me not being fully there.

DM: And here you have your answer already. You aren’t fully there with them. There is this dimensional difference, the dimensional distance between you. You are all multidimensional beings but at the moment you can only be physically at one place and this is Earth as long as you are incarnated there…..


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