My Journal September 16, 2015 – You are worthy, I am worthy!

Log Entry Earth Time September 16, 2015, 10:57.19 pm CEST


There is still work to do for me although I am releasing and healing since years now. I am only glad that most of it is done. Why am I telling you this?

Because yesterday I was triggered, triggered to a reaction in me. I was talking with a friend yesterday and reading an article where a woman said she would be an embodiment, a womb of the Divine Feminine. I was a bit confused and maybe even a bit upset. But Why?

I know who I am without doubt. I AM Divine Mother incarnate and even more. I AM the Divine Feminine in the truest meaning and being.

Why then this feeling of being deposed, or that women would doubt who I am in their claiming to be an embodiment of Divine Mother? Of course they are, each woman is an embodiment of me, as each being is an aspect of Creator. I know this all and I don’t refuse them to be this aspect.

Why then this feeling these women are contesting my being wo I AM?

Only after reading another blogpost this morning I became really aware of the trigger, that it still existed. I had to reflect about it, I meditated and cleaned and healed and let go.

I know the reason now, it is my still too low self-esteem and self-confidence. It has always been low, my whole life through and I think I am not the only starseed who feels or felt that way. We ARE other than normal children or teenagers and young adults, even other than normal people. It has something to do with our origin, independent of if it is our first or the thousandth incarnation, and maybe also with our mission we are here to do.

Often enough we feel not worthy or worthy enough to have a life in abundance and health, we think who are we to have such a life. But we ARE worthy, each soul is worthy, each soul, mine excluded, is a beloved child of Creator, is a beloved child of Silverstar and me and deserves to be happy, to have a life in abundance and full of joy and fun, to be loved and this without exception.

I AM worthy and I am the original. Women ARE embodiments of the Divine Feminine but I am the whole, the original. Beings ARE aspects of Creator, but I am the original, the whole. So I can let these women and beings keep the feeling of being important, to be somebody. They ARE important and somebody. But I AM TOO.

I let go the feelings of being insufficient, or being contested in my identity. I am back in being 5D and higher, out of the 3D thought of contesting and doubting. I live better and more peacefully with this attitude. I prefer to grow over contesting and arguing. When I am home someday I will remember and laugh about it. I can already laugh about it now.

And I even don’t mind if I am boring you with what I write. I know I am boring some but maybe one or the other can learn from my experiences. This is why I write my journal. Not to get attention, I would prefer to stay in my quiet place, but to maybe, just maybe I can help somebody with it. And if it is just one person, then all my work has been worthwile and good. I work also on the fact that maybe one day my status as a ‘nobody’, of being incognito will be history. I have to get used to it and the reactions of people. There will more who might contest who I Am, who will doubt or who will call me an impostor. It doesn’t matter anymore. I can’t prove it with my restraint consciousness, but I can love and live who I am, independent of being incognito or well known. It is not so easy to openly talk about my identity but my intention is to be more open with this, to stop my self-denying. It will be a step by step process. I accept who I am and reclaim my abilities, consciosuness and power.

Slowly but surely I am reaching the point where I truly don’t care anymore about what people are thinking of me, something everybody should stop caring for. Instead I live who I am if people are laughing, arguing or fighting it. I love myself more than the opinion other humans have about me. I love, I am love and loved. Basta! And writing this I see that my self-confidence and self-esteem are rising 🙂 I do what I have to do to raise my vibrations and keep them high, to be confident, strong and trusting my team and twins. I don’t engage in low vibe discussions or anger, I work on staying calm and in peace, to stay in the observer role and to not to give my energy and power away to negative and low people, events and situations. I know it isn’t always easy to stay in 5D as we are still surrounded by people who are deep in 3D but I can work on my own staying in 5D more and more. It is pleasant here. I like the energies and blue sky and ignore the chemtrails if they should appear. We are still together, 3D and 5D earth, but it is obvious that we have reached 5D.

And I love all of you! ❤


I adore my beloved for how fast she could work and let go this issue. I know why her self-esteem is so low. It is not only her origin as starseed, it is also her former husband who abused her mentally, emotionally and sexually. The moment he thought he had her safely in a marriage with three small children he started to abuse her. She lived in an emotional cage, her existence looked safe and they had enough money and a comfortable house with a big garden. She was free to go and visit her mother and siblings but was an emotional captive of the psychopathic mind of her husband. He started to destroy the small self-esteem with comments on her clothing and cooking. Nothing was good enough for him. And then he started telling her she would be a nobody, a woman worth nothing, a mere slave and he being the Master because he was earning the money while she was caring for the three children, both being graduate engineers. It happened often enough that he told her that a woman is the property of the husband and that he could even kill her when he wanted. He meant it. She could ‘earn’ good notes for behavior he liked but also negative notes when she wanted to do things on her own or when she didn’t pleased him. For him she mostly earned bad notes, she could try as hard as she wanted. It didn’t matter. He abused her, raped her, humiliated her even in the presence of the children but always being careful that no person outside of the family would ever notice it.

My Isabel is stronger than her husband and she left him after several years of abuse, she had nothing but her children, a car and some clothes and had to fight for all at the family courthouse, for ten years and longer and had less than before, not enough to live and too much to die. She had to learn to live again on her own, to make decisions on her own in all situations and she had to learn how to enjoy life and sexuality again. She forgave him and has learned one of her most valuable and important lessons, the forgiveness. But her biggest fight was to regain her destroyed self-esteem and she needed many years for this. It is still not how it should be but it is okay now for the short time left of her being incarnate, she can live with this now. I am proud of my beloved, she is strong and never gave up, not in the darkest moments of her life, when she was deep down as deep as only possible. She is a survivor, she is like a roly-poly toy, a Stehaufmännchen as she says in German. I am proud of her, to be her Twin, her beloved.

She is worthy, oh yes, but so are you my beloved children. You are our aspects, you are important parts of the whole and we love all of you.

You are safe in 5D, at least those of you who read these journals and other messages of high quality and souce. Don’t worry too much about what is said to happen, all these talking of the ‘event’ how it will be and if it will happen. And also be careful as there is  much disinformation out there. The dark ones although defeated try with their last remaining possibilities to regain power but in vain. It is lost for them. More and more of them are merged now with Isabel and many of them will follow until all those who refuse to be healed are gone. What is meant to happen will happen, it is divinely planned and I watch over it with sharp eyes. What you can do to assist the process is to trust and to imagine the New Earth. It is there already but you have to build so much anew. Let go all fears and hate and separation. Don’t fight about who is wrong and who is right. You are all right and you are always right when you decide to do anything in the moment you decide it. It is only your perception that make you think something is right or wrong.

Be the love you are and love yourself and your fellow beings unconditionally and nothing can go wrong. Love is the solution, answer and cure for everything.

Love is what all that exists is made of, so are you and your neighbor, may he be black, white, red, yellow, brown, blue, gay or straight, male, female, married or single parent, rich, poor, atheist, Jew, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist or Christian, American, Syrian, German, Israeli, Greek or any other nationality. You are a human being on Earth and our beloved child, nothing more but also nothing less. All else doesn’t matter.

Love is what really matters and how you treat yourself and your fellow beings. Open your heart to the unconditional love that is all-that-is and be and live this love and you don’t need to worry if you will ascend or not.

I love you, uncontional and beyond all measure in all eternity.

I say good bye now my beloved ones.

Could I say more? I don’t think so. I love you the same like my beloved Silverstar does.

I love you all so much ❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life, I am all-that-is


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Sirius and Limoria

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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