Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth – What is the Higher Self?

…..DM: I am glad you don’t doubt anymore as you did at the beginning and that you can accept yourself. This is paramount for all of you to accept who you are. Not the ‘small’ insignificant human being you have been told to be but a beloved child of God. Okay for you my sweet one it is the other way, to accept that you ARE the Goddess and all beings are your children.

Me: I accept as I feel it is true and my heart is telling me the same. The problem in all this cover pic bookis that I can’t see, hear and feel you all with my physical senses. Ok, I can’t see, hear or feel You with my physical senses as you are in my heart and more. You are so huge, so vast and alone this is hard to grasp. Our 3D brains aren’t able to understand it. I have inklings, perceptions how it is but so much is just like a fog for me. I don’t like this stupid veil and amnesia. I know I wouldn’t be able to do my missions and live my life without it, but it is still stupid.

DM: But you are getting nearer.

Me: Thank you. And you know also how much I struggle to understand the concept of the Higher Self. You said the Higher Self of an ascendant is descending into the heart of that person. But the same time the Higher Self is much bigger. How can it fit in such a small heart? The same time I know that the HS is not only in the heart alone. That our soul is also not in the body alone. That the body is the vessel for our soul but the soul is so much more.

I was told we both have merged and I believe it. But the whole concept is so vague. This is why I don’t call you HS but Full Consciousness as I believe that the Higher Self is exactly that, the full consciousness of a person. You are so much more than I can understand at the moment. For me you are like a huge, vast library but I have access only to one room of the whole. Sometimes I can glimpse into another room. I know you are releasing more and more of it. I know I am the whole but so much is still ‘access denied’. And in my case, there is so much more, it goes so deep, it is all there is. I think for me it is that I have access to all the consciousnesses of all of Creation when I am back home. Yes, I know it would be too much for my brain to cope with such masses of different consciousnesses, it wouldn’t be able to process all the information. I understand that you can’t give me back the all of it while I am here. It is hard to imagine how it is in truth.

DM: Your perception and image about the Higher Self is wonderful and very near the truth, so near as you can get as a human being….

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