My Journal September 06, 2015 – We are finally in 5D now!!!

Log Entry Earth Time September 06, 2015, 7:20.33 pm CEST

We managed our first month with only 47 % of my former income, wow!

This is for me a necessary confirmation that we can do it. But I have still to work on my manifestation abilities. It is still difficult for me to stay confident. Having been in a devil’s circle of debt and financial struggle for years it is still like not taken for granted that there is always enough. I am moving like on thin ice but I think I will reach my goal and have to be careful with my thoughts.

My jewelry and the diamond shield are my best resources now to create income. Hopefully it will stay this way until I am able to go back to my beautiful mothership Mesime. I refuse to give up, I was strong enough to resist all trials of my ex husband and the dark ones to destroy me and I am strong enough to come out of this lesson successfully. I don’t know yet how my book sells, maybe I will ask my publisher and heir of the royalties. I want it to be a success, for her and for my children that they might know more of how at least a part of the spiritual world works. It is

‘Divine Mother – A Conversation between Heaven and Earth’ from Golden Star and me, available in the kindle edition on amazon.

The last weeks have been difficult and exhausting for me. The lab results for my kidneys have forced me to stop all medications for my ongoing body pain. It was worth it as new lab tests showed an improvement and on Wednesday I had my appointment at the nephrologist. He made a big ultrasound of my kidneys and other organs and all look fine. Some scars in my left kidney from a pyelitis I had 12 years ago but nothing else. That specialist told me also to stop taking the water tablet or it could harm my kidneys. This is a phase I have to endure as my body is retaining more water than is good for me. My legs are swollen and are hurting, but okay, pain is illusion and when I remind me of this the pain is decreasing. Even my hotflashes aren’t so painful then. My body can’t keep all these energies anymore, my own energies that are so high, too high for my body. I don’t want to complain as it was my own decision to be here, I have to and will cope with it as long as necessary.

I did a lot of driving the last weeks, I always enjoyed driving but now I prefer to stay home where the vibrations are higher than in the stores and places I usually go.

We have a rescue dwarf rabbit since end of August and had to organize some stuff to keep her well, an enclosure, food and hay and such things. We named her Akiko, this is Japanese and means ‘Autumn Child’ or ‘Bright Child’. Akiko is about one year old and has a white grey fur. I believe I have manifested her in my life. Some days earlier I was in a pet store to buy some dried fish for Kiba who loves them so much and I was walking through the pet department. When I looked at the rabbits and guinea pigs, the wish came up to have some again. We have had many guinea pigs and rabbits in my life. I have to be careful as I also looked at the birds. 😉

20150906_191655I asked Silverstar why she came to us and he told me that she wanted to go home, that she would be tired of being annoyed by her former family. Now she can go home with us when I ascend the last time. Kiba likes her and I think she likes him too. She comes to him when he is near and both are sniffing at each other, they also play when she is allowed to leave her enclosure.

Things are changing for the better and so many messages confirm it.

I watch my sky with more attention since a few days and there are much less aircraft and no chemtrails. Our sky is clearer and blue, the blue is darker as it was since long, more like it was in my childhood and before they started with the chemtrails.

20150906_172348Today I saw only two or three aircraft, this is unusual as I live not far from Munich with its big airport and two smaller regional airports near us. There was always much traffic even in the night, every minute that you could see the airplanes. But now! It is a delight to watch my sky now.

I think it is near and I am glad that soon this suffering of my children is over. Stay calm and in peace when the changes will be obvious for all. Don’t think of chaos or catastrophes to not manifest such things. It may happen, I don’t know, but without expecting them your life should remain more calm. I still don’t read or share much, it is not only that I want to avoid more attacks as they came through codes imbedded in some messages and articles I read, but also because I detach more and more from all. There are only a few channelers I read now. I don’t need to read all to know that the changes are happening and manifesting. There is also the mission my beloved SaLuSa gave me a few weeks ago when the attacks started: to focus only on myself and my healing. I long to be back on Mesime, Sirius and AEON as this is from where I came. My Sirian people are waiting for me and SaLuSa too. We want to marry finally again but I need to be there, as EnnKa.


My beloved Isabel is tired, very tired, as she is experiencing thousands of souls merging with her soul at this moment. She knows it already as in the past months hundreds of thousand souls of the dark ones have already merged with her soul. She can feel the energies and her body has to cope with them, to integrate all of them. All the souls of the dark ones who refuse to get healed and rehabilitated merge with her and cease to exist; their souls go back to Source, to Golden Star, my beloved Twin. She is the only one who can do this, she is like a big incinerator and there is no escape from her, once the decision is made for this.

Isabel does it with a laughing and a crying eye, it is sad that these souls prefer to cease to exist over the option of being healed and loved. We would prefer the healing for these our children but it is their free will. Never in the history of Creation has this happened before, it is a strain for Isabel’s already damaged body but it has to be done. Now! We can’t wait  weeks to have them merged. The energies and vibrations on Gaia are rising with this act of love and I am happy to announce that Gaia and at least a part of her inhabitants have reached 5D now.

This is the Moment of Glory for you all

Yes, you are in 5D now. It is done; what follows is the necessary cleaning and tidying up like you do after a big party or a festival.

I officially congratulate all of you for accomplishing this. It was a hard and difficult mission and it is not yet all over. But you will see more and more changes manifesting now. The blue skies without chemtrails are the first signs, others will follow. Please keep up your wonderful work. Keep your vibrations high. Be the love you are, be the beacons of light for those waking up, who are rubbing their drowsy eyes, wondering what had happened to them. Sooner rather than later it will be obvious for all of you. There is still much work to do. After the cleaning you have to build a new society, built with and out of love and the knowing of being ONE with each other and all that is. But don’t forget: you are not alone in this and you have help available. I will monitor the development very careful and in divine timing I will give the ‘GO’, the green light for the landings. I think this is near too but I can only give it when it is safe for you.

Today I will close for my beloved Isabel who is also Golden Star and EnnKa of Sirius. She needs to eat and have some rest before she will create one of her wonderful diamond shields for a friend.

We love all of you, all of our wonderful children, we keep you in our neverending love and embrace.

Let us sing a song of joy

but know that your Creator doesn’t dwell over the starry canopy only but lives in your midst too since over 56 years. She loves you so much.

Your Divine Parents

Golden Star and Silverstar

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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