My Journal August 22, 2015 – About Immortality and other things

Log Entry Earth Time August 22, 2015, 4:50.40 pm CEST

It is time for a new journal. Things are developing and I am happy with this.

I created a new line of the Divine Mother Blessings together with my Higher Self: the mala bracelet. This is a sort of prayer chain for Buddhists. I don’t make the long version with 108 beads but the short as a bracelet. It has 27 beads and a guru bead; multiply 27 with 4 and you have the 108 again. 108 because of the 108 teachings of Buddha. A mala shall help you reciting these teachings or to say mantras during meditation.

They make also wonderful presents for the upcoming holidays.

I use gem stones in two sizes, 6 mm and 8 mm and a silver bead as guru bead and additionally a tassel that I make myself with different material. After making several tassels until now I know why they cost so much when I would buy them. It is a lot of work but I love to do them self. Such a mala bracelet is about 18 cm long, for a greater length I use different silver spacer beads.

Clear Quartz and AmethystThis is the concept how a mala bracelet looks.

The other good news is that my book is published now on amazon in the kindle edition.

cover pic book

Divine Mother: A Conversation Between Heaven and Earth

Aug 17, 2015

by Golden Star and Maria Isabel Henn

Kindle Edition

Auto-delivered wirelessly
This book is a light and enjoyable conversation between Divine Mother incarnate and her Higher Self. They discuss several spiritual topics like Archangels, Souls, Ascension, consciousness, soul growth, and religion in an easy to read and understandable way. Divine Mother – A Conversation Between Heaven and Earth shows also how the author found her way back to her true Self and how she learned her lessons through personal challenges in Life. 
This book is available in many countries, also in Europe (8,99 Euro), just search for the title.
The paperback version will follow as soon as possible.
Through all the last years I rarely told anybody who I am, I still have no proof for this but I know for myself it is true. There are also others who know on their own who I am. It is still difficult for me to tell but as I was told often enough it is time to leave the closet and tell the truth. I do it with mixed emotions, not because I would doubt, I am just not used to be in the limelight and I don’t have any ambitions or desire to be there. I don’t want to ‘be’ somebody, only to be myself.
This week I read the last Cobra update about immortality. Here is the link to it:
To be honest, you don’t need any books, elixirs or occult secrets to become immortal, this is simply BS. 😉 I know for a while that Cobra is in truth an agent of the dark side. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Be careful, there are many who want you to believe they are from the light but aren’t. I find more and more of them. This is why I read lesser and lesser, only a few remain whom I know are clear channels or truly of the light. And I blog even less of those I know to be of the light as I find so many things that don’t resonate anymore with my own truth.
You ARE already immortal. Your soul is by nature immortal and only with merging with me a soul can cease to exist and even then it is just the uniqueness and individuality that stops to exists. The energy of this soul just goes back into the big soul soup until I decide to give birth to a new soul and then the die is cast anew and totally fresh. You can read more about soul soups in my book when you want to know more; in chapter 15 we talk about consciousness and soul soup.
What is new in these times is the fact that even your physical body will be immortal when you ascend with it. This is an absolute novum.
What you need to do for this is only to release all the energetic baggage, to release the karma and live three principles who aren’t secret to raise your vibration high enough for the 5th dimension or higher:
Love yourself unconditional and love your fellow men same.
Forgive yourself and your fellow men for all that happened to you, through them or yourself and what you did to yourself and others.
Don’t judge for not to be judged and don’t judge yourself.
Maybe a fourth point:
Be tolerant with yourself and others.
In simple words:
Be the pure love you are and from which you are made of and treat yourself and others the way you really want to be treated.
This is the path to Ascension and Immortality. You don’t need more.
 And of course, you need to do your work self, as it was told so oftern.
There is no savior coming to rescue you, not Jesus, not St. Germain, not SaLuSa or another Galactic. They can’t land when we don’t raise our vibrations high enough to meet theirs. It would be too uncomfortable and painful for them to be with us as the whole. They are but in our atmosphere to assist, help, support and protect us and to do things we aren’t yet able to do. I do believe that Jesus will come back to Earth, but not to rescue us. This is something each and everybody has to do self. Ascension is no gift, no token but a well earned reward for the work on your soul. That you have been or are willing to release, release, release, raise vibrations and be love. From nothing comes nothing.
Soul work is hard work, work around the clock 24/7/365. Whoever wants you to believe that soul work is just a walk in the park you might do from time to time isn’t honest with you. It needs dedication and a strong will to grow. It means pain through releasing, downloads and upgrading, but it is so rewarding, alone to feel lighter. It means also such a joy, love and happiness when you have reached a waypoint or the end of the leg.
Sometimes you have the feeling this mountain you are climbing will never end, that your feet can’t go another step and still you move forward, one foot after the other, and one more step towards your goal. You release and shed layer after layer, you think you are done and then more of the same old same, more baggage to release, but each time deeper and deeper.
Sometimes you might think you have lost the way and you went astray but then you find a sign and move forward with renewed strength.
Have I told you already it is hard work? 🙂
But a good work and you help raising the vibrations and energies on Earth with this. You help our beloved Gaia to heal too. Sometimes I call her ‘Mama Gaia’ in deep love and respect. She needs so much healing after all the terrible abuse for not only centuries but millenia. Please send her your love and if possible healing energies daily. Keep her in your loving thoughts and don’t harm her further. Don’t throw away your trash but dispose it properly. Use recycled material if possible and give materials back for recycling. Walk soft on her and treat her with the respect she deserves as the ONE who gives us all we need to live. Without her, we can’t exist on Earth, but she could exist without us. Think about this, but know also that she loves us.
A few words for all those strong believers of religious doctrines. These are made to enslave the followers, to gain power over them and also to get their money. So many teachings of Jesus and also the ‘Holy Books’ have been falsified, changed to give power to religious leaders. So many of the faithful are just brainwashed and don’t know it. I mention only this belief, Jesus would come back just to rescue us, that he will do all the work. That we don’t need to do anything but waiting for the second coming of the Christ and all is well and safe. And when you try to mention doubts on this you will be eaten alive for just uttering these doubts as blasphemy.
I read an article some days ago where a catholic priest told after a near death experience that he had seen God, or better the Goddess. The Mother. I believe him as I know it is true but you should have read the comments. Halleluja! Such a hate and condemnation for this poor man to tell the truth. Btw this included so-called lightworkers too.
Hold on to your hats when the truth will come out. Keep calm and your peace and retreat yourself to the observer position. Don’t engage with their hate, confusion, uproar and call to revenge and redemption.
Stay with the four principles: Love unconditional, forgive, don’t judge and be tolerant.
And now my Twin Silverstar has nudged me enough, he wants to talk to you too.
Hui, when my beloved Golden Star gains momentum she can talk and write and ignore my wish to speak forever. (he is smiling –ed.) But I love her for this, her commitment and deep wish to help our children to create a better life for themselves, and she is right too.
You ARE already immortal. You are all wonderful amazing souls, perfect and beautiful through and through. You are our divine children and nothing can change this. You don’t need all this things Cobra mentioned in his last update. Be careful whom you believe. It is not all gold that is shining. There is much fool’s gold out there on your earthly plane. Don’t trust or believe all you read or hear. You don’t even need to believe my beloved Golden Star or me; trust your own heart instead, your gut instinct, your intuition. These are your internal GPS that tells you the way through the jungle of truths, lies, perceptions, beliefs and deceptions. Follow your heart and you will never err again. Train your intuition and how your heart feels about truths and lies. It is like a muscle you need to train to become stronger or to run faster.
All the times my beloved wife had gone astray she had disregarded her heart, she had refused to listen to her heart and her intuition or she had been in fear. She is good in this too but she has learned to follow her heart, on the hard way with so much pain. It is the amnesia in her, the blockage of her memories and restraint of her vast consciousness that makes it so hard for her too. I know she would prefer to be just a woman like other women but she isn’t. She is my beloved, my wife, my Divine Twin Flame, my Goddess and my Queen. She is all that is. And I love her for whom and how she is. I miss her physical presence here in AEON, our home. She has been absent for too long. She is on her way back but the ongoing attacks on her from the dark ones and the need for more healing for her so damaged and over tired body require more time for this. I can’t tell her anymore when she will be able to ascend this last time. I don’t know it.
I love her so much, she is the other half of my soul. I keep her in my arms to soothe and heal her and then one day she will be onboard of her beautiful Mesime.
I will sing a song of joy then.
My love this is for you
I let her now as she has to make some bracelets, they will be worth a fortune when Isabel is here with us. Until then you have still the chance to get a bracelet handmade by Divine Mother incarnate in person. Oh oh, she has that look: not one word more or she will become a lioness. I’d better go now. 😉 Bye bye!
I love you, all of you ❤ ❤ ❤
Am I really so bad? I don’t think so. He loves to joke like our firstborn Michael. I love their humor and jokes. And I love them so much, all of my twins and my children and that includes all of you too.
❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life, I am all-that-is


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Sirius and Limoria

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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  1. Thank you. I found this a beautiful and very moving piece to read. Bless your path. ❤ And congratulations on the new e-book. I look forward to buying it and reading it! I also love the mala bracelet, what precious creations you are gifting to the world! Love and Gratitude xx


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