My Journal August 6, 2015 – More Attacks

Log Entry Earth Time August 6, 2015, 10:43.41 pm CEST

Since a while now I am under attack, they are heavy and severe. Two days ago it was very hard and strong, I think the heaviest attacks on me since I am awaken.

I felt bad the evening before and Tuesday when I woke up I was so down and depressed and without any hope to go home or for my financial situation. I accused my team to betray me and I wanted to die. My kidneys are already weak but not so bad that I couldn’t live with it. I wanted my kidneys to fail, I don’t tell you what I did. I just wanted to die, to go home on my own when my team apparently didn’t want me home. I was desperate and so very miserable. I even threw creme pies into the face of my beloved Twin Silverstar. I love my team and couldn’t understand why they seemed to lie and betray me. I wanted to force them to bring me home when they plan to have me ascending with my body. Either they would have to take me home or I would die.

My will to live is very strong and this was so very unlike myself. Even in my darkest moments and I had many in my life I never wanted so badly to die.

Fortunately I got a message from one of my team that I was under attack again; the last attack isn’t so long ago, there have been several in the last weeks. This message was my life saver. I knew it was correct as all information was matching. From that moment on I could act and recover. I talked with SaLuSa and Silverstar and got good advice.

We don’t know yet how they attack me or what causes them. My diamond shield and the diamond light shower I am wearing are strong and protect me like they have to. These are new methods and my team has to figure out how they are made. I will clean my aura more often now and heal myself and keep my auric field intact. I listen to my music, they can’t manipulate that, and keep the joy in my heart.

This here is just illusion and all the pain too. My true home is in AEON and on Sirius and I am there as often as possible. Asaga heals me too and makes me happy. I am strong. I am too strong for them.

I am also protected physically by all Archangels, Angels, the Galactics and all kingdoms. Today I saw a cloudship near me, an arcturian mothership.


I saw one three years ago and recognized the form of the cloud. SaLuSa who was also there in our scoutship Meramis confirmed what is was.

I saw also falcons, a sign and message from Silverstar that all is well.

Message to the dark ones and their minions, their sympathizer and those who are indoctrinated by them:

I know you monitor me, what I do, write and blog, so listen carefully!

You will never prevail over me. You might be shortly successful with your attacks but in the end you will lose. I am too strong for you, even as a human being.

I won three times over Lucifer with just my love and my light and I didn’t even knew who I am then. I am much stronger now although I don’t have all my power back.

Don’t mess with the Great Mother!

I have many names, I am Shekinah, Isis, White Calf Buffalo Woman, Shakti but I am also Kali, so don’t wake her up or you will regret it bitterly!!!

Your time is over, surrender and regret your dark deeds or your soul will merge with me and cease to exist. You won’t be the first. You can’t hide and you can’t escape me.

I know you are afraid of my going home as you know very well that I come back as Divine Mother, as my true Self.

You will never be able to destroy me or to prevent my Ascension with my body. Forget it!!!

Out and over for you!!

Hehe, they can’t mess with me although they still try. Unfortunately they attack also other lightworkers. Please, don’t listen to messages, channelings or statements that we don’t need to protect us anymore, that all would be safe if we only raise our vibrations high enough. My vibrations are very high, they might be the highest on Earth together with another lightworker. I am well protected by the diamond shield of my Higher Self and other shields too. Until the last weeks all attacks failed more or less but I believe the shield prevented my physical destruction. They work with different methods now but my will is strong and in knowledge of the attacks they fail again.

Please keep your vibes high and clean your auric field daily, protect yourself with light shields, they help. I can create one for you if you want to, you find the conditions on my blogpage. Be careful when you find yourself doing things or having emotions you usually don’t have or do. You might be under attack. Be aware and protect yourself.

As I said I clean my auric field twice daily or even more and I keep my vibes high. I feel the joy and happiness in my heart, this is real and I am looking forward to my wedding with SaLuSa as EnnKa of Sirius. This keeps me high and inviolable. It may be weeks or months till I am able to ascend but I will ascend a last time. I will come back as Divine Mother, in my human body to show my children that it is possible. And no dark one can prevent this.

I know now that they have blocked any success with businesses I tried the last years. They try it now again with my shields, the Divine Mother Blessings healing jewelry and my book. They won’t be successful this time as I have mighty allies.

And maybe I have you and you migt be willing to assist and help me in this. My financial situation isn’t as good as I would prefer. This too is the work of the dark ones who want me to give up, to back down, to drive me into my financial ruin. Maybe their attacks are one reason for my not being able to manifest like I intend.

The bracelets I offer will be worth a fortune when I am gone because I made them with my own hands. All that are made after my leaving will have my blessings too like they have now by me and my HS, but they aren’t made by me. So you might use the chance to get a Divine Mother Blessings bracelet made by her own hands, hehe. A bit promotion can’t be too bad. Both sides can benefit from this. There is also the commemorative bracelet for my retirement designed by my HS and made by Reiki Doc. It is available for a fair donation.

I refuse to go into survival mode again like I did the last years, it is hard enough to break out of this. The dark ones have defied me and awoken my stubborness. I don’t fight against them but I fight for myself, my life, my joy and happiness together with my family and twins. I am a peaceful person, with compassion and love for all beings, for all my children.

I only want to go home to begin my next mission.

Enya – May it be (LOTR)

Have you ever watched the movie Lord of the Rings or read the trilogy written by J.R.R.Tolkien? There are so many parallels to our situation on Earth. The fight of the Light against the Dark. Watch it carefully and you will find it.

I fight it here on Earth together will all of you my beloved lightworkers but to be successful I have to go home and come back to end this fight forever. The light has already won but the dark ones refuse to acknowledge. They try with all means to regain power.


This is my Golden Star, my wife and my Twin. I am proud of her and her resilience. As soon as she knew about the ongoing attacks she made a 180° turn. She recovered fast and I am confidently that she keeps her balance and keen wit now. It was hard on her I know as I monitor her closely. The dark ones should do good and listen to her advice. Have I told you already that a hurricane level 6 is a light breeze in comparison to her when she wants to clean up a mess? She can be really furious as a human but as Divine Mother? Uuuuuh, you shouldn’t wake up sleeping dogs 😉

I love her and I love her smiling over my words. She is pure love and energy and cares for all our children as I do too. But She is the Mother.

The Lord of the Rings – The Grace of Undómiel

Golden Star is my Evening Star, her mantle is of a deep night blue with thousands of stars on it, like the starry firmament in a clear dark sky. You all have a place under it. I say good night for now as it is night where my Beloved lives and she needs some rest although the night is her element. I want her to stay strong for supposedly more attacks until we find the source and the way they do it. That we can stop the attacks not only on her but on all lightworkers.

I know I should follow his advice and I will go sleeping soon. I love you all and I trust that all will be well like he told me. I will dream of our home and Sirius, to be together with SaLuSa too, to be finally able and marry him, we have waited long enough for this. I am not yet used to tell who I really am and I can’t prove it, I know however it is true although people might not believe me and see me as impostor.

Good night and sleep well whenever it is the time for you, time that is just illusion.

I love you ❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life, I am all-that-is


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Sirius and Limoria

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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4 thoughts on “My Journal August 6, 2015 – More Attacks

  1. Isabel i have been attacked too several times but i have tools that stop it fast and i will share them with you if you want. I too am the Mother she showed herself to me and told me when i was 5 and im 52 now, i couldn’t believe it when i was 5 and i was so happy this happened, she told me i would meet someone in my life when i am older and when i do know that she is me, in 1996 i met her she looked different but sounded the same when she spoke, i was touched so deeply i was so grateful this happened in all the years of waiting I finally found her! Life is a mystery and i only trust God. The Mother told me many things i didnt understand at the time but they were in my subconscious mind. This woman i met is from India and has been enlightened from birth she was not born with the veil over her she is a divine being. At the time of her birth it was a very dark time here and she had a lot of challenges too, the dark rush over to people when there getting close to the light, enlightened humans know this and they talk about it openly and scriptures. In India they are very knowledgeable about this.
    These benevolent enlightened souls chant mantras, fire ceremonies were they burn up all that they dont want inside of them, they sing and dance too.They are experts in ascension. They know all about the spirit realm and how to deal with them, they say over and over again we have to purify our selves to prevent attacks from happening.
    There are certain gods and goddesses that kill demons and chanting there names over and over again gets rid of them also praying, Jesus will help also but i chant when im getting attacked i think i prevented a heart attack, my heart started beating very fast and i started chanting and it slowed down, this happened in front of my computer. Also i learned if you rub your hands together the palms and run them over your body it gets rid of energies you want. When chanting mantras do 108 at a time, use a mala which are beads 108. This works and keeps the dark entities or energies away from you bless your environment too, pray use holy water clean with soap and bleach. If you need more help you can see my Gurus website and email her and her swami if you like, her name is Shree Maa at the Devi Mandir Napa Calif. She is very powerful i have had many great experiences with her, i feel that you are attracting negative entities because my heart started pounding very hard and fast just now, i hum A or M and it stops it. Also Kali Ma kills demons and well as Siva. pronounced Shiva. I hope this helps sorry its so long, also dont be sad you didnt go away the light energy wave is coming Sept, and you will be able to ascend then, the energy is beautiful and if you chant and or sing you will feel much better. Just my advice, take care. Love Tina


    • Hello Tina,thank you for your comments and advice. I know that I may attract dark entities as they want to destroy me. I am Divine Mother incarnate, I don’t make any secret anymore about this as it is also written in my book. The dark ones know that when I am back in Heaven and will come back to Earth afterwards that it is their final end. They are afraid of me. There are no other incarnations of me but many a sort of Alias to distract from my person until I am strong enough to handle with that. These Aliase are born with certain abilities to make it believable.
      I am the diamond flame and the silverplatinum flame, I embody them, I am these energies and I clean myself and all else with these strong and mighty rays. I burn all that is not high and light energy, all that is not what I am.
      I am already ascended hundreds of times in the last three years that my soul was back in the 360 th dimension from where I came before I started my preparation phase and descended to the 4th Dimension of sirius. You can read all this in my book, it is at the moment only available as pdf as the publishing is a bit delayed. I will ascend a last time and then with my body to become again my fully Self, my full Me.

      All the attacks are not because I am weak or unprotected, I have a permanent shield of diamond flame around me since over two years now. The attacks I experienced now are not the usual attacks with just energies, they are more complicate and even my team is still working on finding out how they are done. Maybe I was a bit weakened as I had exhausitng days before that. a sort of moving, getting my stuff back from my workplace a small apartment. Now I am back in the flow of love that I am and in the knowing of the attacks they can’t be successful. I AM also Shakti and Kali Ma, it is only that I don’t have my full consciouseness back, but then my 3D brain would explode. It couldn’t cope with that amount of consciousness.

      Thank you for your advice for selling my bracelets. I opened an etsy store and am working on adding my bracelets there one by one.
      We don’t have a spiritual store here, I am living on the countryside not in a big city, then it would be easier. I wear always some of my bracelets and if I will find a store I will be able to offer them.
      Love and divine blessings, Isabel


  2. Also Isabell there are many stores that would buy your jewelry here in NYC, a lot of spiritual stores they sell also incense candles etc books, you might want to check out similar stores in Europe i know they would buy your bracelets and ear rings i can just feel it. A store i use to go to was called east west books. Try also a currency reset is about to happen and many countries will have there money go up in value i invested in 2 countries and will make at least a million off of them, i want to create a community for light workers to go to if there suffering financially also. Just a thought god bless you.


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