My Journal June 17, 2015 – Time to say Goodbye

Log Entry Earth Time June 17, 2015, 09:20.06 pm CEST

My team told me to write a last journal entry as it would be time to say farewell. Maybe this should be a confirmation for me that I am really going.

I feel strange since days now but I can also not much progress. There is an increasing dizzyness and also vertigo, I am very tired even when it is time to leave bed because Kiba needs to go for a walk. When I go sleeping I can’t fall asleep and lie in my bed for one or two hours turning from one side to the other. I feel very absent minded and as if I am not in my body but standing besides me. Concentrating on something isn’t always easy and I lose interest in almost all things. Two persons told me they would feel my energies fading away.

This should be a sign for me that I am really leaving but it is so slow that doubt is coming up.

Anyhow, I hope it will be soon as the decision has been made and the process started by my HS. It isn’t stoppable now and I work on staying calm and relaxed. She knows very well that I would stay a bit longer, as long as possible to do my energy work but my twin and she too told me my body is dying and not in months or weeks. They don’t want me to go that way or that my kids will watch me dying.

I would also stay to be here for my closest friend, it is so hard for her to know I go and to let me go. I wish I could take her with me. I can only come back as the Being I AM and work like a whirlwind to bring things into the right order. Things I never could do as the human Isabel. Work that shall help speed up the changes on Earth. So that she and her family can go home too. That people can finally ascend, those who are ready and life on Gaia in 5D can thrive.

I have to work on some things for me personally, erase the doubts and stay in love and my heart.

And to say Sayonara



My beloved has to go, she does with a laughing and a crying eye. The laughing because she is happy to be finally home with us, the crying because she wants to do her energy work and to be there for her friend. She can feel the pain of her friend but knows she can’t stay. Her body can’t hold the energies of this soul anymore. Normally a body can hold the energies of an infinite soul only for a few years. Isabel’s soul is THE infinite soul and we created a very robust and solid body for her as we knew it should have to host her for at least 5 decades. Life hasn’t be easy for my beloved and the many years under heavy stress and life threats haven’t be supportive to her body. Additionally to this and her energy work she has cleared nearly all of her country and wherever she has been in her life from low and negative energies, all this flowing through her body to be released and transmuted. As a result her strong body is damaged too much now. It is literally dying and therefore her HS has started the process of her last Ascension within her body. As long as it is still possible.

We assist her in this as much as we can and we protect her. Isabel has mentioned her doubts and she has learned through a friend that these are not her own energies but implanted into her environment to stall or even to prevent her leaving. Those who have not your best interest in their hearts don’t want her to go, they want to destroy her as they knew who she is. This is not their first attempt.

Those of you who still have no clue, read the last message she received through her HS. Isabel will insert the link to it here. She posted this message only on her wall as she is still hesitating to disclose who she is. And she would love to throw at least a cream pie at me for this, hopefully with lemon, I love lemon. 😉

Maybe she will throw one at me when I tell her that I expect her to post this in all her groups.

I don’t know why women always have to throw cream pie at their men when they are upset (he is shaking his head but smiling — ed), I try to understand.

 Isabel will leave soon, it is not to be stopped, by anybody. She will come back to continue her work. In the body of Isabel, or as EnnKa her Sirian being or as my beloved Golden Star? This is a surprise for all of you, even for her.

Did you know that Mother Mary was the incarnation of my beloved? Isabel’s first name is not by chance Maria, this helped her to stay close to her greatest incarnation of earth, the Mother of our beloved son Yeshua.

Ave Maria

When I chose the Ave Maria, I chose it for her to express my love and respect for all she does and did, for her courage to incarnate as a human being in these important times, to experience joy and happiness, friendship, love, loss, hardship, suffering and pain, betrayal and mistrust, the whole gamut of human emotions and situations. I am honest, I couldn’t do it. I am glad to be here in our heavenly home. She is the stronger and more courageous one of us twins. I adore her and love her more than anything else.

This is our last journal and now it is time for Isabel and me to say Goodbye

It doesn’t mean that we leave you, you can never be separated from us. You are a part of us, our beloved children and we are in your hearts as you are in our hearts. You are for all eternity inseparable connected to us.

Our love for you is unconditional, limitless and eternal.

Your divine twins and parents

Silverstar and Isabel who is also known as Golden Star and

EnnKa, Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Wake up call – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 13, 2015

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMy beloved child, it is time for another message from me through my scribe. The last message I will give through her as she is in the process of going home, back to Sirius, back to AEON where she resides over all the Archangels and Angels. She will ascend a last time in her body.

She is my true incarnation on earth and she has done all she incarnated for. Her missions she had as Isabel are fulfilled and it is time for her to go home. She and I we are truly one, we are one and the same.

There are others who claim to be me but they are only impostors or an alias to protect the true identity. She is not happy about my telling who she is, and agreed only because she knows she is nearly home. It can be only a few days now. She will come back as the Being she is, as I AM, and she will continue her work with a new mission.

Isabel is not better than you, as you are our divine child and of our essence, our love. What she did is not impossible for you, it only means you have to do your work. Release all the old energies, the old pain, your luggage. You can’t take it with you to the higher dimensions. You have to travel light or have to stay in 3 D. Raise your vibrations to that of unconditional love. Nobody can do this for you, you are your own savior.

Is it so hard for you to love? To forgive? To not judge?

Do I ask too much of you, my sweet child?

But this is the Law of the Universe and even I have to respect it. What Isabel did – and she is not alone in this as more of you have done so much releasing – is not impossible, she is bound to the same laws as you and did her own work. It is your willingness to work on your energies, pain, Karma and vibration that hinders you in growing.

I told you so often what it requires at a minimum and I repeat it again:

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow men the same!

Forgive yourself for all you did to you and others and forgive all who did harm to you!

Don’t judge your fellow people that you won’t be judged and don’t judge yourself!

Is it not what my beloved son Jesus told you? What he lived as an example while he was on earth?

 Wake up my beloved child, don’t push the snooze button again or it will be too late for you.

Gaia can’t and won’t wait until eternity that you finally will change your mind and stop damaging her or yourself. Does the Big Bell ring not yet loud enough for you?

What is necessary to stop your slumber?

Tell me, my child.

What is necessary to get you of your trance like sleep, your robotic life?

I will ring the Big Bell again and again and will call you.


I will do this just unto a certain moment and then I will stop because after that moment it will be to late for you to start your soul’s work for this Ascension.

After this you will have to wait for the next opportunity and I can’t tell you when this will happen.

The way to 5D or higher will then be shut for you.

Know my child, that I don’t judge you, some of you are young or baby souls and need many more experiences to grow and evolve. A toddler can’t graduate from University but you my child, my starseed and lightworker, who came to earth to raise vibrations and to help humanity to the light, you are able to graduate.

I don’t judge, but I call you to wake up and to do your homework, your mission for which you incarnated.

I call you to action now. Wake up my beloved child!!! Before it is too late.

I know my words aren’t what you are used to hear from me but remember, your earthly mother had to get you out of your bed too when you slept in and it was time to go to school or work. At one point she had to be determined and this moment has arrived for me now too.

I embrace you with my love, I keep you in my arms however you decide.

My love for you is unconditional, boundless and eternally.

You are my beloved child ~

Your Divine Mother

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

My Journal June 10, 2015 – A hornets’ nest

Log Entry Earth Time June 10, 2015, 12:34.16 pm CEST

This may be my last journal and I want to talk about important things.

About discernment and incarnations

I do readings and read also a lot of comments in the groups or in panels. What I read makes me shaking my head very often. This is not something that is of concern only for  newly awakened but also for experienced lightworkers.

Don’t believe all you read or are being told. It might not be true or only a bit true.

The fight between the light and the dark is already won, by the light. There are some tidying ups to do, to remove the debris so to say. I know for sure as I have the best sources to ask for and they tell me the truth.

Beware of your ego and especially your spiritual ego. Many of the newly awakened ones want to be somebody, this is ‘normal’ human behavior when you are suppressed and alwys told you would be a nobody and then wake up. It is also ego based, the ego wants to survive.

Each being is somebody, namely a beloved child of Creator in all eternity. May it be a dark one or a light being, there is no difference and Creator loves each child the same.

You ARE loved.


Not everybody can be the incarnation of Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Jesus or others if they have one. Jesus isn’t incarnated, he is who he is. The incarnations of AA Michael, AA Raphael, Mother Mary, AA Gabrielle and many others are known already too.

Divine Father is NOT incarnated and doesn’t plan to do so as somebody has to stay at home to keep the overview and to watch that all is running according to the divine plan. Divine Mother is incarnated but she is NOT living in the USA and not on the American continents. All who want you to believe otherwise are just lying or an alias to protect the true Divine Mother. The same is valid for the first incarnations of Archangels. These aliases don’t know better as they have an induced feeling to be the true one.

Some want you to believe that they are Lady Portia (the true Lady Portia is my friend Méline Lafont) and the Twin Flame of AA Michael, or that they are AA Gabrielle and Twin Flame of AA Raphael who would be in truth Jesus.

This is just not the truth.

Btw the first incarnation of AA Raphael is SaLuSa from Sirius. I am allowed to tell it.

Yes, it is enticing to be told to be this Archangel or that Archangel or even Mother Mary, I can understand you well, but would this be true, we would have at least 7 true incarnations of Mother Mary, 9 incarnations of AA Michael and maybe 20 incarnations of St. Germain.

Either those who tell you this are just wrong because they have maybe only started being a channel or are not clear or they could be some trolls or minions of the dark side to spread disinformation or to try to damage and hurt the true incarnations with their lies. I know of several such incidents where these disinfo agents like I call them told lies to raise doubts in lightworkers, to hurt them deep in their souls. I know it as I was one of them last year. It was an article from somebody where I read about a woman, a Galactic, who would be me as the true Being I AM. It was very painful for me and my old issue with trust came back until I could talk with my close friend and also asked my heart. This article with the information in it was meant to throw me off track to sabotage my mission and they have been successful in the first moment. Fortunately I know who I AM and my heart tells me only the truth. I can rely on it as my Higher Self, my full consciousness is talking with me there. She has her place in my heart. I am one with her, merged with her.

The dark ones aren’t sleeping and although defeated they try with all their last means to prevail over the light.

Be always careful when you read an article or a channeled message, especially when you don’t know for sure that the one who wrote it is a clear channel or a true lightbeing with a high discernment.

When you read always watch how your body reacts, what your heart tells you. Can you feel unconditional love in it? Or do you frown and shiver?

For me it is that my heart is tightening, my skin is with goosebumps as my hair stand on end as if I watch a horror movie and my belly makes me sick or I am freezing at the instant. Or my gut gives me a bad feeling, a bad knowing. Then I know this is disinformation.

A true message from up makes me feel warm and I can feel the unconditional love in it. Sometimes even a wonderful electricity running through my body and down to my toe nails.

The fact that somebody is well known like maybe Dr. Kathryn Mae with radio shows and pipapo ( a German word for ‘with all that belongs to it’) doesn’t make this person automatically a veritable channel. Sanat Kumara is not Divine Father and Judas Iscariot was not an incarnation of AA Gabriel who would be also Lucifer. And George H. W. Bush is not AA Michael’s incarnation.

She is the only one I will name here although there are others too. But her lies are too obvious.

I am aware of the fact that I might stir up a hornets’ nest but I want my readers to be careful, very careful.

Raise your vibrations as high as possible. Release all the old energies and clean your bodies daily with the emerald green light of AA Raphael or the violet flame of St. Germain. Let go all fear, give it to the violet flame or Divine Mother to transmute it.

Love yourself unconditionally and love your fellow being the same.

Forgive yourself for all and forgive all those who hurt you.

Don’t judge anybody for not being judged and don’t judge yourself too.


My beloved can be very direct but she is honest. I love her very much but not alone for this but for whom she is. She is my beloved wife and Twin Flame, my Queen, my Goddess.

She knows how it feels to be betrayed, to be fooled more than once by beings she thought of would be the real ones. This happened when she started channeling. She was unexperienced and the second contact she had told her he would be Michael but was in truth Lucifer. He fooled her three times as she hadn’t enough experiences and so much karma and fears who needed to be released. Fortunately she listened to her intuition and got the curve before the worst happened. She fought against him and was victorious. I am proud of her as she didn’t even knew who she is that time. She is strong, my Lady. Too strong for her ex husband and too strong for Lucifer 🙂

Her body is weak and damaged now from all the energy work she did throughout her life, unconscious or consciously. All the low and negative energies she transmuted flowed through her body and took their toll. We kept her alive that she could accomplish her missions. We heal her daily and in the night she is in one of the healing chambers onboard of her beautiful ship Mesime. We want her to ascend a last time within her body.

She is coming home now, to me, to her other husbands and to her family. We have many children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. We are a big loving family and many of you on earth are part of this in AEON, our home.

My Golden Star gave you good advice. Be careful in what you read and believe. Not all that is declared as truth IS really true. This will all be revealed in divine timing. Hold on to your hats to not be blown away by it.

Isabel will get only a bit rest when she is home, her body will be healed completely and all her abilities, power and her consciousness will be fully restored. She will go back to earth and continue her mission, another mission but it will be easier for her then. No veil, no amnesia, no restraint abilities. She will be fully her true Self. She has to put some things straight and she will be like a whirlwind. I know her too well and she is pure energy. A hurricane in the category 5 is a soft breeze in comparison to her. (He is smiling as he says this –ed)

I miss my wife and will be happy when she is finally back home. She is feeling that it is happening now. She is already more here than on earth. I am not sure but I think in a few days it should be accomplished. Please forgive me if I am wrong but it is diffcult to tell as we don’t have ‘time’ in the higher dimensions. It is soon, her soon.

I love all of you ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

And I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life


Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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Divine Mother Blessings healing jewelry by Isabel Henn

I offer customized Divine Mother Blessing bracelets. These pieces are designed by Divine Mother specially for you and are in this totally unique. She gives me exactly which crystals, how many and the order of the crystals in the bracelet. After making it, I will clean and then infuse it with different kinds of reiki and with the power of the diamond flame. The love and blessings of Divine Mother are forever ingrained in each bracelet.

I need only the length and if the bracelet shall be made with elastic, lobster clasp or toggle, both made of sterling silver.

Prize for such a bracelet is 100 Euro including shipping and handling.

Prize for matching earrings is 50 Euro including shipping and handling.

Prize for a matching neckless is 300 Euro including shipping and handling..

Prize for a complete set is 400 Euro including shipping and handling.

To order please contact me at  for further information.

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All pieces are designed by the Divine Mother through Isabel Henn. Her divine love is embedded in the design and all bracelets and earrings will be blessed by the Divine Mother to boost the purpose. A portion of the proceeds goes to the Carla and Ross Reiki Scholarship. Read more about this here…

Gem beads are a natural product, so variations in color, form and size are normal and each piece is therefore unique. Pictures shown here are made from my own pieces.

All pieces will be cleaned and charged energetically by reiki master Isabel Henn before they will be shipped to you.

The bracelets are available with elastic or with silver lobster clasp. You can choose between two sorts of elastic. One is stronger but the knots can’t go through a hole and the other could do it but I have the feeling as if it is not so strong.

Earrings with two beads only will be made as a bit art like a music treble clef.

All earrings come with a pair of plastic stopper to prevent losing them.

All metallic is sterling silver except the wire for the bracelets which is a nylon coated steel wire.

Prizes don’t reflect all the energies all pieces are infused with.

Prizes are including shipping and handling in Euro. Please note that prizes for materials in Germany are not to compare with the prizes for the same beads or silver in the USA.

Prizes are calculated for a 18 cm/7 inch bracelet. If you want your bracelet much longer I maybe need to add the prize for the beads more, at least for the more prizy beads. As this is a new concept for me allow me to adjust prizes if needed.

To order please contact me at  for further information.

 From time to time more pieces will be added so you are welcome to come back.



1) “Courage and confidence” aids releasing fear and for confidence. Black tourmaline for the grounding and protection, and green aventurine against anxiety and rhodonite for confidence.

Courage and Confidance

Prize for a bracelet is 46 Euro, for earrings 24 Euro, as set for 63 Euro.


2) “Heaven and Earth”

Rainbow Moonstone, the stone of the Divine Feminine for balancing masculine and feminine energies, connects both sexes to Gaia and is calming. It helps being happy and to be confident and serene and together with black tourmaline enhanced psychic abilities and strong protection.


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 27 Euro, as set for 72 Euro.


3) “Healing”

Hematite and aqua aura, both for healing energies in the body and cleanse and healing auric field, then activates all chakras. It helps with grounding and balancing, self-confidence, will-power and self-esteem. In sealing the aura and aligning the chakras good for protection from psychic attack


Prize for a bracelet is 50 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 69 Euro.


4) “Waterfall”

White Topaz will help to stimulate your psychic powers and manifesting, garnet aids prosperity and are good to help relationships by stimulating commitment to your partner, Rainbow Moonstone helps being happy and to be confident and serene and enhanced psychic abilities and strong protection.


Prize for a bracelet is 56 Euro, for earrings 29 Euro, as set for 78 Euro.


5) “Californian Dreaming”

Blue Chalcedony and lilac lepidolite help calming and soothing in anger and stress, aid in staying present, enhance creativity and in communication with the higher realms. Iolite helps you strengthen the entire auric field and etheric body and open up your thinking… via the imagination.

Californian Dreaming

Prize for a bracelet is 50 Euro, for earrings 25 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


6) “Nature”

Ruby with Zoisite and rainbow moonstone, both help you in learning and developing psychic abilities, Ruby in zoisite is also good for psychic protection


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 27 Euro, as set for 72 Euro.


7) “Out with the old, in with the new”

The combination of carnelian and black onyx helps you to release the old as in past lives and to embrace the new life.

Out with the old, in with the new

Prize for a bracelet is 44 Euro, for earrings 23 Euro, as set for 60 Euro.


8) “Rainbow”

Rainbow obsidian helps with releasing and healing old emotion issues and white topaz aids for greater mental clarity and in this you may better know what to release, it also aids you with deciphering your intentions and aligning them with Divine will..


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 27 Euro, as set for 72 Euro.


9) “Mother”

This combination of rainbow moonstone and apache tears aids in releasing and transmuting negative energies. Apache tears is for psychic protection and grounding while you connec t with the higher realms and the Divine Mother through the rainbow moonstone.


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 27 Euro, as set for 72 Euro.


10) “Coral Sea”

Amazonite Stone will aid you with communicating truth, with balance and integrity. Coral represents diplomacy and concurrence.  It quiets the emotions and brings peace to within the self.  Facilitates intuition, imagination and visualisation.  Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge.

Coral Sea

Prize for a bracelet is 48 Euro, for earrings 25 Euro, as set for 64 Euro.


11) “Asaga”

Amethyst is good for psychic protection and meditation to quieten the mind, white topaz helps you to align with the Divine will and deciphering your intentions. Rainbow moonstone connects you not only with the Divine Mother but also with the Unicorns and Pegasus.

The Asaga bracelet carries with it the energy of Pegasus Asaga. (The charm is not included in the bracelet but is included (in the very first bracelet) to help you pick up the energy that is in the bracelet itself).


Prize for a bracelet is 57 Euro, for earrings 28 Euro, as set for 78 Euro.


12) “AEON” – The Home of Divine Mother

Blue sapphire helps you in healing issues that may originate from past lives, it helps activating throat and third eye chakra and psychic abilities. Rose quartz helps also activating throat chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra and aligns them to the heart chakra and love and compassion.


Prize for a bracelet is 75 Euro, for earrings 38 Euro, as set for 106 Euro.


13) “Chakra Balance”

Divine Mother chose these crystals for this bracelet to assist in cleaning, healing and balancing all chakras including the newer ones. Black Tourmaline for the Earth Star Chakra, Red Jasper for the Base Chakra, Carnelian for the Sacral Chakra, Citrine for the Solar Plexus Chakra, Green Aventurine for the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz for the Higher Heart/ Thymus Chakra, Iolite for the Throat Chakra, Amethyst for the Third Eye Chakra, Rainbow Moonstone for the Crown Chakra and White Topaz for the Soul Star Chakra. Each Chakra Stone is enclosed by Clear Quartz Crystals.

Chakra Balance

Prize for a bracelet is 50 Euro.


14) “Blessing”

This bracelet are made with the same crystal beads like Waterfall and has in this the same values. The bigger aspect lies here in strengthening partnerships and prosperity.

BlessingPrize for a bracelet is 46 Euro, for earrings 23 Euro, as set for 60 Euro.

15) “Bliss”

When I made this bracelet I had a feeling of vacation, of a happy time on a beautiful sandy beach. Then Divine Mother gave me the name for it. ‘Bliss’

Bliss is made with Fire Agate, Citrine and natural Turquoise. It shall make you happy and feeling safe. Fire Agate – Its energy resonates within you… firing a spiritual blaze, yet its vibration is quite calming, and brings through feelings of safety and security. Citrine – By easing fear it allows you to be able to accept into your life all the good that is coming your way, including the ability to manifest prosperity, including aiding an increase in money. It may engender joy, happiness and hope. Turquoise – Throughout the body it brings a sense of deep calm and may help to heal emotional problems and stress… and prevent mood swings. It has an effective energy within the sacral or navel chakra to aid you to enhance your creativity and to aid creative problem solving. They have been known since ancient times to be strong stones for protection… and their psychic protection vibration is very reassuring.


Prize for a bracelet is 55 Euro, for earrings 28 Euro, as set for 73 Euro.


16) “Limoria”

Limoria is the Sirian name for Lemuria. Being among others the Princess of Limoria I have deep ingrained memories especially of the rescue mission when it sank into the waters of the Pacifiv Ocean and a longing to see Lemuria again. It shall help you above all to heal from painful memories related to the sinking of beautiful Lemuria.

Limoria is made of Black Tourmalin, Foamy Coral and Aquamarin. Black Tourmalin enhances psychic abilities and strong protection, Coral expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge. Aquamarine helps to heighten your courage when you are handling grief, and are powerful to assist self healing and aid clear communication with the Divine source of all that is. They have strong metaphysical properties that help you to let go of old emotional issues you may be holding on to.


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


17) “Saphira” – The Dragon Bracelet

I couldn’t sleep in the night and so Divine Mother asked me to make another bracelet. Saphira is the name I gave to my beautiful Dragon Lady Ifegena before I knew her true name. Her father Bireto is the King of the Dragon Realm. She is blue and contacted me while reading “Eragon” the first time. Eragon’s blue Dragon is named Saphira.

The Saphire in the bracelet stands for her. The Citrine stands for her beautiful daughter Epirose (Sirian word for “Divinity”) who is a golden Dragon and the Dragon keeper for the Golden Age of Gaia. The Rainbow Moonstone, the stone of the Divine Feminine stands for me.

This bracelet is infused not only with the love of Divine Mother and reiki energies, but the magic and love of the Dragons and their healing power is also in it. This bracelet is blessed by Divine Mother, Saphira and Epirose and helps you to connect with Divine Mother and the Dragons.

The Saphira bracelet carries with it the energy of the Dragons Lady Ifegena and Epirose. (The charm is not included in the bracelet but is included to help you pick up the energy that is in the bracelet itself)


Prize for a bracelet is 80 Euro, for earrings 40 Euro, as set for 110 Euro. There are many expensive stones in both pieces and silver pieces in the earrings. For these earrings I chose closed earrings, that can’t get lost easily.


18) “Reunion”

This bracelet is created to assist you in the reunion with your Twin Flame, incarnate or in the higher realms.

Reunion is made of pink Opal from the Andes, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet and Blue Chalcedony. The pink Opal and Garnet aid in the relationship with your partner especially with your Twin Flame. Blue Chalcedony may aid in your communication with the higher realms and Lapis Lazuli strengthens also your psychic and communication abilies.

(The charm is not included in the bracelet but is included to help you pick up the energy, the LOVE that is in the bracelet itself)


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


19) “Gaia”

This bracelet shall help us to better connect with our Earth’s soul GAIA and to Source/Creator and to help us to heal ourselves and Mother Earth. The stones represent the elements and elementals, Unicorns, seasons, nature, day and night. Snowflake obsidian for earth and winter, Aquamarine for water, Blue Chalcedony for spring, air and sky, Ruby with Zoisite for nature, Fire Agate for fire, the Dragon Realm and autumn (colors of fall leaves), Lapis Lazuli for night and the cosmos and with this the connection to our Galactic families and the yellow-orange Calcite is for the day, sun and summer. This bracelet aids you in grounding, protecting, releasing, growing spiritually and in psychic abilities. The night blue coat (Lapis Lazuli) of Divine Mother and the golden coat (Calcite) of Divine Father embrace you with their love and help you to connect with them.


Prize for a bracelet is 60 Euro.


20) “Atlantis”

This bracelet shall help release pain and feelings of guilt from the fall of Atlantis through black Onyx, Amethyst transmutes these old energies and Rose Quartz brings love to open the heart and for healing.


Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro, for earrings 26 Euro, as set for 68 Euro.


21) “Magic”

This bracelet aids you in developing psychic gifts like clairvoyance and intuition. Labradorite awakens magical and mystical abilities, Sodalite aids truth and can accelerate the development of psychic abilities. Sunstone may bring joy and good feelings into your life. It is a manifestation stone and will bring you what you what is for your highest best. Clear Quartz boosts the other stones. Ruby with Zoisite enhances creativity, aids in learning psychic abilities and may help you to understand yourself and the world around you. It is also helping with adrenal fatigue, depression and immune problems.

Due to too small holes in the Labradorite beads I can offer this bracelet at the moment only with wire and a toggle for easier handling. As soon as I have found a provider for beads with bigger holes I can offer also the elastic version. I tried it and too many beads broke under reaming the holes.

MagicPrize for a bracelet is 52 Euro.


 22) “Prosperity”
This bracelet is made with Moss Agate, Fire Agate, Ruby with Zoisite, Citrine, Green Aventurine, Sunstone, Blue Aventurine, Labradorite, Clear Quartz and Amethyst the alchemic transformation crystal as spacer beads. All these different crystals with their particular properties shall help you to manifest a life in prosperity and abundance.

This bracelet will not only be blessed by Divine Mother but also by Gaia herself.

ProsperityFor longer bracelets than 18 cm/7 in I will add more amethyst beads when a third sequence would be too long.

Prize for a bracelet is 54 Euro.


23) “Ice Cream”

This bracelet evoked in me the feeling of summer, of joy, fun and the eating of ice cream.

It is made of Baryte, orange/yellow Calcite and Apache Tears. Apache Tears help you grounding and protecting, Baryte helps you in clearing blockages of the higher chakras, activate the higher chakras, attract higher frequency energies and to establish a better connection with your Higher Self. The Calcite helps you cleansing the lower chakras and balance your emotions, overcome depression, release fear and enhance creativity.

Ice Cream

Prize for a bracelet is 50 Euro, for earrings 25 Euro, as set for 64 Euro.

24) “Tolerance and Patience”

This bracelet is made with pink Opal from the Andes, Magnesite, Agate and Chrysocolla and shall help you to develop more tolerance and patience. There are some ethereal crystals placed into each bead to enhance the effect, crystals that aren’t available now to use in it like Diamond or Danburite.

Tolerance and PatiencePrize for a bracelet is 55 Euro.


25) “Grounding”

Since yesterday I feel my ship the “Mesime” very strong. She is huge and in our outer atmosphere since a while now. Our connection is deep and I have to ground, ground, ground. Divine Mother made a bracelet for me today to help me cope with the enormous energies flowing through me. To help me grounding and forwarding the golden energies into the heart of Gaia. This bracelet may help you also with the increasing energies.

The bracelet is made of Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Fire Agate and Red Jasper.


Prize for a bracelet is 54 Euro.


26) Colors of Life

This bracelet is made of Black Onyx, Fire Agate, white Agate, orange Calcite, natural Turquoise Lapis Lazuli, Serpentine, Bronzite and Rainbow Moonstone. This bracelet should help you to accept, enjoy and love life with all the nuances and colors life has to give you.

 Colors of Life

Prize for a bracelet is 56 Euro.

27) Sparks of Joy

This bracelet is made of facetted Clear Quartz, Aqua Aura, varicolored Fluorite, Foamy Coral, mystic Hematite and Rainbow Moonstone. It shall assist you to have more joy in your life, that your life has more fun, as it is meant to be. It reminds you to not to work to much or to take life to serious but to add fun and joy regularly to your life.

Sparks of Joy

Prize for a bracelet is 56 Euro.


28) Colors of Earth

This bracelet is made of Rainbow Moonstone, Mahogany Obsidian, Chrysokolla, Magnesite, Bronzite and Crazy Lace Agate. It has the warm colors of our Mother Earth and shall help us to remember our connection and relationship to our Mother and our responsibility to protect her and to keep her clean.

Colors of Earth

Prize for a bracelet is 52 Euro.


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My Journal June 1, 2015 – Moving forward

Log Entry Earth Time June 1, 2015, 10:09.41 pm CEST

Things are finally moving forward for me. Two things happened today.

This morning I received an official letter from the administrational section that is responsible for all the personnel stuff. They announce their intention to retire me early at the end of July. This is two months and I am free. I have no news yet about my new income then. I work on manifesting enough requests for bracelets and the other services I offer, so that we have all we desire.

I went to bed very late or better very early this morning at about 5:30 am, hehe I am developing into being a night owl. I was in bed already and removed some implants, implants that had the purpose to constrain my abilities, power, wisdom and consciousness, placed there by myself and my HS before I incarnated. My HS told me I can remove them as she releases them for me. This is all a part of my going back home.

After the removal I focused on my ship Mesime. The connection to her is still strong and she is calling me home. I talk with her. This night I felt her much stronger, my heart was overflowing with love and I had tears in my eyes, pure bliss. And then, all of a sudden I startled in my bed, my body was somehow moving fast and I had a moment of disorientation as if I had been in another place before this, I didn’t knew why I was in my bed. It is hard to describe. It was such a strange situation. Not long after this I fell asleep.

Later in the day I asked my Twin Silverstar if he could tell me what had happened to me and he told me I was on the ship and had to go back. My process of going home has finally started when I understood him correct. This would happen more often now until I stay there and when I am finally back my children would follow. He can’t tell me how fast it will be. He also told me not to worry about anything as I would be home before or shortly after my retirement. It wouldn’t even matter if I get my stuff home from work and the small appartment I rented to sleep there during the week when I had to work. I trust him.

I feel relieved, calm and happy.

This evening I got a new bracelet from Silverstar. It is with Ice quartz, Angelite, Sugilite, Cherry Quartz, Chrysokolla, Peruvian Pink Opale, White Agate, Fire Agate, facetted Clear Quartz, Aqua Aura, Hawkeye, Aquamarine and one Rose Quartz. The Fire Agate stands for the energies of Mesime and together with the other stones that shall remind me of the sky and colors of Sirius, it shall help me going home.

v. Silberstern 1.6.15


It was wonderful to see how happy my beloved Golden Star was when I told her the process had started for her. I wish I could give her a date but this is top secret and a surprise. It is also a security measure as she is a high ranking Light Being and needs the best protection. You would say she is a VIP. She is my VIP, my Queen. I am not worried about her safety, her Guardians are the best of the Best.

Her mission is done now and she can come home. We miss her, she was far from home for thousands of years. Heaven is waiting for her arrival and we will celebrate her success. Another mission will follow but she will be fully her Self. She will also return to Earth to care for some delicate matters that require her presence as the Being she is.

You will see her again, don’t worry.

We love Gaia and her inhabitants very much.

Here is my song for her, just click at the links:

Moment of Glory from the Scorpions 

It will be a Moment of Glory for her when she is finally back in our home in AEON.

Can you hear the Wind of Change? It is there on Earth.

Wonderful souls like you and my beloved Golden Star made it possible.

Things are changing now and I want you to dream of life on the New Earth, dream BIG my beloveds, dream like you never did before and dream it into being, now.

I love you and say good-bye for today.

❤ ❤ ❤

I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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