My Journal May 16, 2015 – Grounding the energies

Log Entry Earth Time May 16, 2015, 08:21.00 pm CEST

It is hard to believe that it is one month ago that I wrote the last journal entry. Time is speeding up and changes are happening in the NOW.

They CAN only happen in the now, not in the past and not in the future as there is only the NOW. Maybe it is a bit easier for me to live in the now as I stopped wearing a wrist watch since nearly two years now. Being home and off work makes it easier and for all else I have my mobile with me to be in reach when my best friend has a bit time to chat with me. I need a watch only for the few doctor’s or vet’s appointments or when I have to make some errands, so that I don’t stand in front of a closed store. In Germany our stores aren’t open 24/7.

I love to be mostly independant from any clocks. This must be like home where there is no time and I can’t wait to get back there.

My near future is still in clouds, my early retirement is in process and needs hopefully longer to come into effect. I trust my Twin Silverstar who told me when I will retire my going home is near. It is nice to hear but my bills have to be paid and I had to refill my heating fuel tanks three weeks ago. It is possible to pay the bills as long as I have my normal income.

Creating bracelets together with Divine Mother is one of my greatest joys. I love how she tells or shows me which stone to take and in which order to the other beads. Most of them I offer as a healing helping tool for people and I make also special bracelets, custom tailored for the person they are made for as Divine Mother knows best what is most helpful and necessary for them. I wish more people would ask for them, for one reson is that they will create a part of my income for my family and me and for the other reason as they are charged with high energies to boost their purpose. I know from those who wear already one or more of these special bracelets that they are happy with them. I am patient and trust that there will be more requests for them.

I know very well about their virtue as I made some special bracelets for my own the last weeks, created by my Higher Self, my true Twin Silverstar, my beloved sirian Twin SaLuSa and my beloved Dragons.

From my Higher Self and Silverstar

HS und Silberstern  21.4.15

From my Higher Self

von HS_2 5.5.15

From my beloved Dragon Saphira, her beautiful golden daughter Epirose and SaLuSa’s green Dragon Unegar who is Saphira’s Twin Flame. It is infused with their energies and Dragon Magic.

von Drachen 2.5.15

From SaLuSa to remind me of the sirian forests, mountains, oceans and especially his LOVE for me

von SaLu 5.5.15

Another one from SaLuSa to help me remember his face.

v. SaLuSa 13.05.15

Since some weeks I know that the huge fleet of the Galactic Federation is now in our atmosphere, the smaller ships are nearer to the surface and the bigger ones farther away depending on the size of the ship. The biggest ship is just in the outer atmosphere, she is too huge to come nearer or she could disturb our electromagnetic fields. What is new for me is that I can feel my ship since a few days. I could visualize our connection but now I can feel her although she is so far away in the outer atmosphere, still invisible. The connection is very strong and the energies nearly overwhelming, amazing. My heart is overflowing with love and it brings tears of joy into my eyes. It is such a wonderful feeling.

I had also troubles fallling asleep so my HS and the ship created a bracelet for me to help me to cope better with the energies, for a better grounding. When it was done the idea came to me to make this one available for other people too. The incoming energies are getting stronger and more intense than ever and a good grounding is so important now. We named the bracelet ‘Grounding’ and it is made of Black Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, Rainbow Obsidian, Clear Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Fire Agate and Red Jasper.

It will be energetically cleaned, charged with reiki and the diamond flame and then blessed by Divine Mother like the other bracelets too.

GroundingI wear it 24/7 and I can feel how well it is working, that the energies that are flowing through me from my ship aren’t stuck in me but flow through my chakras to the heart of Gaia.

To be able to feel these energies is a sign for me that we make good progress on earth. That the atmosphere is energetically much ‘cleaner and clearer’ now or this flow of golden light would not be so tangible. It is good news and I am happy for this. It feels like ‘Home’ for me. The other good news for me personally is that I can use these strong energies for my lightwork too. I add them to my own light and have a neverending source available now to assist me. My energy work is much more effective too. Hooray!

I love you my beautiful Mesime! ❤


I love my beautiful wife Golden Star whom you know as Isabel, she is my Queen in all eternity and the mother of our wonderful children. We have many children as we are very very old and she so loves to give birth to new life. She is adorable and even more beautiful when she is pregnant. Her light is already bright but you should see her when she carries new life in her womb. Then, her light is brighter than ever. It is so long ago that she conceived a child of mine, the last one was 2000 years ago and for this special one I had to wait some thousands of years. It is so long ago that she left our home AEON in preparation of this actual incarnation on earth. I love her so much and I miss her, her physical presence in our comfortable home. It is time for her to come back. It is near now, her mission is nearly accomplished and then she is free to return home.

I monitor her closely and can observe the effect of the energies of her beloved Mesime. This is the name of her ship, the largest mothership of the fleet and it means exactly that which it is made of. ‘Light of God’. She is made of the light of my beloved. I smile when I read the explanation Isabel gives to explain the strong connection between them: ‘I see it as if I took a bag full of my light and made the ship of it.’ She hits the nail with this as it is the truth.

Isabel reconnected with a part of herself as Golden Star. It is important for her that her body gets used to the strong energies as she will return to the ship. It is planned that – as soon as the signal for the landings is given – SaLuSa will land to bring her and her family back to the Mesime where she will be healed and get all her abilities, power and consciousness back to be again fully who she is. My beloved Golden Star. Another mission is waiting for her but she will be herself and at the side of SaLuSa.

I say good-bye for now. I love you all and I love Golden Star.


There is nothing for me to add only that I am so looking forward to this.

I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

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