My Journal April 16, 2015 – About life contracts and creating

Log Entry Earth Time April 16, 2015, 09:16.14 pm CEST

Today I was chatting with a friend when she asked me a question:

 “I’m lost or don’t fully understand this : We are souls, came here to learn lesson/ s. Every soul has contract with Creator and this contract must to be fulfill. We are also “creators” of our lives. If there is contract already in the place ( before we came here ), then what can we possibly create more, or something else? And I do understand we do create, but those two – contract and creation –  is confusing me ….. a lot. Please do help”

I tried to find the right answer. Here is how I understand it.

Our life contract is our construction plan for our life. Before we incarnate we work together with our friends, family and guides about how our life should be, like you talk with an architect when you want to build a house. You tell him how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want, if you want a cellar and a garage and how the heating should be.

Your life contract is similar. In it you write which life lessons you want to learn or have to learn to evolve. You record your family members, parents, partner, kids and professions you need for this. Also where you will live, people you will meet and who will help you or whom you will help on their path.

And what is most important: your goals, that what you want to reach in your life.

You talk with other souls who want to help you or teach you lessons, this is all recorded and when all is done you are ready to incarnate. You bow to duality and have amnesia, this makes it harder but also possible to learn your lessons and reach your goal more successful. Without the amnesia you would remember and know all from your past lives and your being not incarnate and you wouldn’t have a true success.

And how is it with creating?

You always create, from your first breath until the last. The question is here if you create conscious or unconscious. In every moment when you think, dream or do, you create.

Most people do it unconscious and wonder maybe why they have so much bad luck or other unhappy events in their lives.

With each imagination, thought, word or deed you create!!!

You create your life so that you can reach your goal, learn your lessons and fulfill your life contract. You create all the things you need for this, your environment and how your life looks.

When you are poor it may be your lesson to overcome this and to learn how to create a life in abundance. It is hard to get out of this circle when you don’t know how to get food or shelter, your thoughts circle around all the same things and you create more of this, you have to have faith and trust into the universal law and surrender. And slowly with each positive thought step by step your life will improve and you trust more and then you are able to manifest abundance because you don’t worry anymore.

When we worry we create a life with worries.

When we think happy thoughts and am grateful we create more to be grateful and happy.

We create with our emotions and the energies we send out, the vibrations that are in our thoughts or words and most of it with our imaginations. The Universe can’t differ if what we experience and see in our dreams is true or just our imagination, it is the energies behind it to what it responds. This is the Law of Attraction, what you send out you get back. It is this simple.

When you send out vibrations of lack and bad luck, the Universe will send you more of this and when you send out vibes of abundance and if it is ‘only’ in your dreams, the Universe will send you abundance back. But you have to stop thinking of lack in your life or you give conflicting messages and the Universe doesn’t know what you want and may send both. And don’t forget to be open to receive.

Unfortunately most people don’t know about this law or don’t understand it. I have been one of them too.

We can’t learn this in our schools and those who don’t want our best do all they can to keep this away from us. They try to hide the truth about creating and how to do.

So in summary: you create your life so that you are able to fulfill your life contract, it is up to you how you reach your goals and how you learn your lessons. You have of course all the help and guidance you need and want.

You have your life contract – the construction plan of your life – and in creating your life you build the walls of your house, the different materials and the interior decoration, your garden and cellar. How it looks depends on your imagination, your creational skills and if you create consciously or unconsciously.


Your creating skills are your tools to reach your goal, to fulfill your life contract.

Not to forget to create a wonderful life with love, joy, fun and happiness.

 I love you!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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