My journal April 13/14, 2015 – Love is the cure and answer to all!!!

Log Entry Earth Time April 13, 2015, 07:52.40 pm CEST

20150410_170340Kiba had a lot of fun the last days. Last Friday afternoon we decided to go with him to a big meadow where we put him on a long 15 m (about 45 ft) leash so that he could run, play and catch a small ball we threw for him. The long leash is needed as he has still problems to follow our orders but he is learning. And all those mouseholes, what a pleasure for him to sniff at all of them. Hihi, this dog was so happy, content and tired afterwards, he was calm for the whole night. We do this more often now and train him certain things like coming back to us or let the ball free. His leg is totally healed and makes no problems while running and jumping.

For myself, I don’t feel well since the last big upgrade for me. I have too much water in my body and my legs especially had been swollen like never before. I tried with tea and natural remedies but that didn’t work and I had to switch to a medicine I had already one year ago. Slowly I lose the water now but the side-effects aren’t pretty. I am nauseous and bloated. There is much work and patience necessary to overcome this. I know my team who are all excellent healers assist me where they can. Hopefully in a few days I can stop with the tablet and I should feel better then. I am so grateful for their assistance and healing and the coaching of Silverstar, my beloved Twin Flame. He is always here for me and gives good advice.

Today I read some posts on FB in several groups. One was a video about the ravage of Nimrod by the IS. I don’t know if it is true or just another fake video. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that it reaches the desired effect.

To spread fear and hatred. They create the wishes to react to this, to answer with violence not with love. Somebody even said to kill them.

Comments to other posts have been to stop war by petitions and to fight back.

Can’t these people see that they just add more energies to what they dislike? It is so sad to see how deep they are still in 3D and duality, in the lower vibrations. And these are lightworkers. Don’t they read the messages from Jesus or other Ascended Masters or from the Archangels? Have they never heard that hate creates more hate? Violence creates more violence?

People, that doesn’t work. You want peace and cry out that you want to kill people.

You only give your energies away to feed what you don’t like.

What you resist persists!!!

You may look at what happens but never from the point of being involved. Look at it and then send your unconditional love to those situations.

Love is the cure and answer to all!!!

You can never heal or stop a war with more hate and violence, only with love, because Love is the strongest force in all of Creation.

Learn to be an observer and then send your love into what you see. Don’t judge, because you are not in this situation and even if you are, don’t judge because you only judge yourself as we are all connected and all ONE with Creator of all that is.

We are all ONE with HER who creates everything. The Divine Mother is the life giving and creating force and SHE is love, unconditional love and all that exists is made out of her energies, her substance, her love. She loves each and every single child of her no matter what race, color, sexe, religion, human or non human.

Log Entry Earth Time April 14, 2015, 10:44.14 pm CEST

This is a journal in two pieces. I was done with it and wanted to reread and I don’t know why the saving didn’t work and half of the text was gone. I was too tired to reconstruct it and have to do it now.

Today there have been so many cloudships in my sky, so beautiful. Most of them are Sirian scoutships but also Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Star Nations have ships here, to protect me and my family.

20150412_161021 20150414_174258

When you sign a petition you only give away your power like you do since decades. You think you have changed that situation but in truth nothing will change for real.

The only way you can bring changes forward is in changing yourself. You have to start with yourself, with your attitudes, your beliefs, in raising your vibrations and in clearing your old stuff. The old energies, the luggage from past lives and this life. Clean your auric field daily and heal yourself. Release the negative and low energies and give them to the violet flame for transmuting. Or give them to Divine Mother. Live, love, have fun and joy but never on the expenses of your fellow people. Be in balance and peace in your heart. Your consciousness will expand and with this the common consciousness of people will expand and the vibrations on Earth will raise.

This is the way you bring changes but not with hate or more violence.

It starts within self, with me and you but never with the others first.


My beloved Golden Star is right. Changes can only begin with you, within you. Some years ago my beloved planned to buy a new car. She was searching the internet for the options she had, which possibilities for a more ecological car that is not dependant only on gasoline. She found a Hybrid car and discussed it also with co-workers and her neighbor. He couldn’t understand her point and said that with all these new technologies the others had to take the first steps. He couldn’t do anything to protect the environment when he would buy such a car. Isabel answered that nothing would happen when all people would think this way. Someone would have to make the first move and why not her. Others would maybe follow but she would know that her decision would be the right one.

It is the 100 th monkey effect in this too. One person has to start in changing their way of life. Others will follow her example and when enough people have changed their life, attitudes and perceptions suddenly the whole thing moves, knocks over and the consciousness and behavior of humankind will change.

This and this alone is the only way to bring the changes to Earth. No war, no violence or hate but LOVE alone.

Unconditional love is the strongest force and it will always be victorious as Love is the substance that holds all together, your Universe and all of Creation.

Love is the only thing that is.

I embrace you with my neverending unlimited love for you. I hold you tight in my arms.

Call for me whenever you want or need help and assistance.

Just call ‘Silverstar I need your help’.

I am there for you, together with ‘IZ’ Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, here

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Here is a longer video:

Concert Full Live Album

You may listen and enjoy and be in peace.

Like I do when I listen to him while he sings and plays his ukulele, here with us in AEON. He was one of my ambassadors on earth.

I love IZ’ music too.


I love you like Silverstar loves you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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3 thoughts on “My journal April 13/14, 2015 – Love is the cure and answer to all!!!

  1. My dearest,

    I am very grateful with you being on Mother Earth. I am sorry about your pain and wáter retention. With all due respect I want to ask you if you have tried Acupuncture to help you heal.

    My best wishes to you! I love your journal, Thank you for your generosity!!

    Sending love to you x0x0x0

    PS. Please I apologize my english grammar mistakes. Spanish is my mother tongue 😊

    Pilar Zarate Soto


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