My journal April 2, 2015 – Feminine and masculine or how it is meant to be

Log Entry Earth Time April 02, 2015, 12:01.30 pm CEST

20150330_172215This is a Labradorite heart my Twin Silverstar told me to buy, he would provide the money for it. It is a big heart with so much blue in it. I did what he told me to do and this beautiful heart came just in time as his birthday gift for me two days ago. The money for this came earlier like he promised me.

He asked me to buy it when I see something that I would like to have, like the crystals I love so much. He said he would always provide the money for it, he wants me to enjoy life on earth. He asked me to please let him provide for all I need or desire that I can enjoy my life. Because I am his wife, his Queen.

But I would have to trust him that he will do it and not doubt it or he wouldn’t be able to deliver it to me. And he would be glad that I trust him now fully.

He knows how hard it was for me to trust him, my own true Twin Flame.

My own life history on earth, my marriage wasn’t to build any trust into a partner, not with physical and mental/ emotional abuse by my ex. I wasn’t able to trust him.

Then my first expiriences as a channel. Lucifer’s fooling me hasn’t been good either. And then my own team who told me over years to trust but told me so often I would go home ‘soon’ that I don’t like the word. Silverstar did his own in this too. Although I knew he is my Twin I couldn’t build a stable partnership with him. He was more the higher Being as last instance. I worked more with Michael, Raphael and SaLuSa and last year close with Jesus who is one of my guides too.

Especially the last year was a big test in the matter of trust and independance. I revolted against my team and Silverstar. I felt betrayed and lied on. I shoved myself free from any dependance. I demanded to be treated as a team member and not like a subordinate. Shortly after this I was told to find the Yang in my Yin, the masculine part in my femininity. The masculine piece of my Twin in myself like he has a part of my feminine in him.

I found it, it is the warrior in me.

This wasn’t the only rebellion in me. The circumstances around the transition of my beloved dog and son Bobby tore a big hole into my trust. The pain was so big and I accused all of them of betrayal and lies again until I learned that the passing of Bobby had to be so that this old wound from Atlantis where I was the one responsible for blowing up the continent could finally be healed. Such a deep hidden wound they couldn’t heal fully over the eons until the pain of Bobby’s going broke it all open. In one night Silverstar caught me with his big shepherd’s hook to bring me into safety.

I learned to trust again. I worked with Jesus on some projects and trusted him fully. I was told I would go home after the missions and they would prepare me for this. I believed until I felt betrayed again. I didn’t knew the whole thing behind it. I had to believe them with my whole being as a part of an important plan. I would have failed if I knew the truth so they couldn’t tell me in advance. I can understand it now in knowing the why and how and the results.

I love my Twins, Silverstar and SaLuSa, they know and feel my love and I feel their love for me. When I clean and heal myself and start to meditate I feel the love and the white golden flame of Silverstar surrounding me, flowing through me. When I go sleeping I go to Silverstar or SaLuSa, into their arms and I feel their love. They protect my sleep, I know. This is the basis that built my trust into them.

Twin Flames share one energetic heart, each twin has its own physical heart but on an energetical level they share the same heart, this is the connection between them, like an umbilical cord. Our Twins who are not incarnate can feel us with this energetic heart, they feel how we feel, if we are happy or sad or desperate. It makes them feel this too. I know I have made the heart of my twins heavy so often. And in return I feel miserable when I have hurt them with my accusations. We are ONE and to feel the other twin through this heart connection makes this obvious.

I know many women who have been hurt by their partners – even beaten and abused – have troubles to trust another man again. They prefer to stay alone to not experience this ever again. I felt the same myself.


Men and women aren’t made to be alone. Not all have their Twin incarnated and even then it can be hard if one Twin is more evolved than the other. Not all marriages are unhappy, and I don’t say that you have to stay in an unhealthy dangerous relationship. This could be fatal. No. I speak of relationships where there is both, happy times and some unhappy phases too. I have this with my twins behind the veil too. Most times I am happy and in balance.

The most important things in a relationship are trust, respect and unconditional love, may it be on earth or in the higher dimensions and both have to work on this. Usually a soul splits into a female and a male part. Even Creator does it. The soul of Prime Creator splits into Divine Mother and Divine Father, the divine feminine and masculine.

This is how it is meant to be. Yin and Yang, male and female. Both together form a Union that is needed to succeed and prosper. To be parents you need the female AND the male part. Both complement each other, may it be with strength, energy, wisdom or other things. One can console the other, help and assist or just bring joy.

I am a single mom since 15 years now and it isn’t easy, not then and not now. All the responsibility lies on my shoulders, even now as they are all adult am I the one who cares for the family and provides the income. There has been nobody to ask or who could help me. My siblings live far from me and I have not much contact to them for different reasons.The most important thing now is that they wouldn’t understand what I do as a lightworker as all of them are deep sleeping. I couldn’t explain them who I am and what is happening on earth.

I have to be strong so long now, too long but what is happening now is like a miracle for me. The name of my miracle is Silverstar.

He cares for me and he assists me. I feel it. It is not only that I can rest in his arms whenever I want, no, it is the reassuring knowledge and feeling that he is here for me. He supports me. He told me nearly three years ago he would love to support me financially as I had learned my lesson that I have to surrender to the universal law. It went better from then on despite some setbacks. But I had difficulties to trust hundred percent.

Since the last ‘mistrust’ from my side my relationship with Silverstar, my true Twin, has changed to the better, we are closer than ever. Instead of Jesus, he is giving me now the instructions for my mission. I feel now being equal to him and I can ask him for advice what to do. He is my coach for all things. He can’t be physically with me, one of us has to stay home to keep it running, who keeps track of all that is going on.

He is energetically with me. He holds me in his arms when I am tired of this incarnation and gives me energy, he consoles me. He embraces me with his love, so much that I feel it til down to my toes. His words and his love give me confidence. He is my main guide now too.

It is some weeks ago that I asked my friend to buy some Tanzanite earrings for me, she sent me a picture and the prize and if she shall buy them. When I was thinking about it – they were pricey – he told me to buy them. He would give me the money back. I didn’t hesitate and told my friend to please buy and send them to me. I sent her the money and shortly after this I had two requests for the Diamond Shield of Divine Mother. It was him. He did it again several times after this to show me I can trust him. That he can and will take care of all we need or desire as a family in duality.

This is important especially now as I face my early retirement with a small pension. I know this was planned long ago and I trust my own planning. I need to be free to continue my mission.

He talks to me and explains the reasons of what is happening and what he can do and what I can do.

I can’t do this alone and I don’t need it. I am not alone anymore. I have my male counterpart, my significant other. He is there for me like it should be and how it is meant to be. To complement each other especially in the difficult times. If it were otherwise Creator wouldn’t have made the feminine and masculine. Both are necessary to have balance. It is a together, not a one versus the other. And also not one more than the other but equally, the balance is important. Each gender has its strengths but also its weaknesses, together they are the YIN and the YANG. And not to forget, both have a small part of the other in them. The Yin has the small part of Yang and the Yang has a small part of the Yin in it.


Silverstar insists on talking to you:

Everything I do (I do it for you)

This is a video I chose for my beloved Golden Star. I want her to tell how much I love her, that I miss her like she misses me. It is hard for her to not be together with me, it is so long ago that she was here with me in AEON. In her actual incarnation she forgot who she is and who I AM for her. That I exist. It was necessary that she can concentrate on her mission. The last years have been extremely difficult for her, she has so to say to fight on all fronts. She won three times over Lucifer and her former husband wasn’t much better to her. All this and her energy work took their toll from her.

I care for her, she just has to let me and to trust me. It wasn’t easy for me to make her trusting. She is my Beloved, my Queen and I want her to enjoy her life as long as she needs to stay on earth. Until she can finally come home to me and our family. She is wounded in her soul from so much hate she experienced in her human husband, other persons and Lucifer. She is different and people let her feel this. It is her first incarnation on earth being EnnKa from Sirius and her soul, our soul, is very old. That makes her different and being lonely. I had to earn her trust in many small steps. I had to show her that I am able to provide the financial resources for her and her children. I was successful and this is one step further in her mission. I hold her in my arms whenever I can to help her and give her my energies when she is so tired. I told her it was her last birthday on earth and it is the truth. Enormous changes are happening now and you all will be a part of this. You all have made it happen with your courage, strength and your love.

She doesn’t like that I speak here, she is afraid she could be a copycat. She isn’t and she trusts me even in this. I love her so much and I want her to be happy. I say farewell now to you. I love you all in all eternity.

Me again:

I can do my mission knowing that he supports me, that he is in the background to coordinate all that is necessary that I can concentrate on my assignment. I am grateful for this.

It is my wish that all incarnated Twins can experience this too. This is the original design plan for Twin Flames. It is a special connection that makes it possible.

I love you and I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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4 thoughts on “My journal April 2, 2015 – Feminine and masculine or how it is meant to be

  1. Thank you For all of your hard work and dedication isabel. I can assure you it is all received and valued.
    All of your work goes to help us and our earth to ascend and to reach new levels of love and consciousnees and that is an amazing feat. You should feel wonderful knowing that you have and are helping us in insurmountable levels. You are truly a blessing. Thank you for everything you do Isabell, you Beautiful Wonderful Soul. I send you all the love in my being and the enregy that is. Have faith in yourself, in your being, and in your capacity to love not just yourself but the world as well. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you


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