My Journal March 24, 2015 – Why let God this happen today?

Log Entry Earth Time March 24, 2015, 09:19.35 pm CEST

I pray for the 150 persons who died in the German Wings airplane that crashed at about 9:53 UTC in the French Alps on their way from Spain to Germany. Spanish, French and German women, men and children, even 2 babies. I pray also for their families and friends and send love to all.

I heard about this when I drove to Munich today for my medicinal examination to see if I am able to do my work or not. It was shortly after it happened and at first they said the plane was missing. Not long after it they knew it had crashed.


This is a tragic end for these people. I heard voices on radio how it could be possible that God let this happen. And why?

There are no random concidences in life. What happens in our lives, it is meant to be and it is pre-planned to be. Before we incarnated. With this I don’t mean the toast that lands on the floor after you made it or that your key falls down. But especially these life changing things.

We all have our Guardian Angels who protect us. Some have one or two, others have more. I know of at least seven Guardian Angels for me and three of them are Archangels. Two are incarnations of Archangels. They do a perfect job and I know of so many moments they saved my life and often enough also the life of my son who was with me.

So many accidents they prevented from happening as they weren’t meant to be.

Before we incarnate we plan our life together with our guides; which people we will meet, our profession, where we live, our family members, even our pets who live with us for a time. If we will be sick or have accidents. Nothing happens by chance. We plan our life lessons we want to learn in this incarnation. For some souls it will be a severe illness that shall help them to learn a specific lesson. Other souls want to experience death in an accident. It has all a certain purpose. Most often there is more than one soul involved, family members or friends or even a stranger will be ignitor for a lesson or an event will ignite a lesson for them. In this case maybe to work with loss and grief, to overcome it or to help others.

Such accidents and the people involved, the ‘victims’ are often catalysts for growing, for developments in many ways.

Like my best friend said:

They are awakeners.

The international part of it to show we are One in grief and loss…

She is right, this is one aspect. If there is more? I can’t tell.

So, this maybe explains a bit how and why God let this happen.

She/He love their children so deep and without measure. They would never prevent a soul from learning a valid lesson. They send Angels to protect people from what is not a lesson, so how could they ‘steal’ a possibility to learn a necessary lesson from them?

God doesn’t interfere with the lessons, development, growth of her children.

Would you keep your toddler from learning how to walk to prevent it from falling?


You know that this is part of the lesson how to walk. You love your children and want it to learn this and other lessons in life even if it is sometimes a painful lesson like falling from a bike when they are older.

And God who loves us all unconditional and in all eternity wants You to be able to learn Your lesson, to make Your individual experiences however they may be, even if it is a fatal accident.

God knows that no soul dies, that living beings (humans and also animals too) just change dimensions. They are always there for their loved ones. Only in an other dimension.

We are here for a mission and for growing, evolving. Sometimes this implies fatal accidents or catastrophes, or a passing after severe illness.

It is hard for the families and friends, for those left behind and this is a lesson, an experience for them too.

If you are confronted with such things and may it be only as a ‘bystander’, be there for your fellow men who go through such a loss. Hold them in your arms and let them cry. You don’t need to say a word, just be there for them, that they don’t have to go through this alone. Be compassionate. Send them your love or hold them in your love.

Here is a wonderful facebook page from an amazing woman who had to go through enough of it. She wants to assist those who experience loss too. To help in the transformation of grief and loss.

I bow in reverance, tribute and gratitude for the brave souls who are catalysts today, who awaken people with their passing. Who unite countries in their collective grief and loss.

Who agreed to this before they incarnated.

I know Divine Mother and Divine Father do this too.

Not one of them today suffered, this is what Divine Father tells me.

And maybe there is a lesson for each of us in this.

To love more, our families and friends as we can’t know what their or our lessons may be or if we will see them in the evening or the other day.

And not only our loved ones but each and every living being on earth, including our Mother Earth, Gaia, who suffers so much through our doing and making or not doing and making.

To be there for others. In good times and sad times.

To help and support our fellow men especially in tragic moments.

I see with joy that more and more people don’t pass beings in need, but stop and offer help.

And in case you are in such a situation, know, that you are never alone. There are myriads of Archangels and Angels waiting to help you. Just call them and you don’t need any rituals or special prayers. Just call them and if it is only an ‘Angels help’. They hear you.

You can even ask your Divine parents/God. They love to help their children when it doesn’t interfere with their lessons. But give all possible help to master the lesson.

Silverstar wants me to include this video, the one I repeated endlessly the day I reconnected with him over three years ago. When he helped me to release pain and old Karma from past lives. He is always there for us, if we know it and call him or not.

And this to reassure you, to let you know You’ll never walk alone

Silverstar and I, we love you all, we embrace you, we envelop you with our unconditional love, each and everyone of you, without measure and in all eternity.

I love all that is!

❤ ❤ ❤

I AM the I AM

I am the Love, I am the Light, I am the Life

Golden Star

EnnKa Princess of Lyra, Limoria and Sirius

Copyright © 2012 – 2015 by Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

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